The Bathroom Incident

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Hey. This is my first story. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

It had been a long time since my mother had seen me naked. I seriously doubt she would have seen me with an erection. But i know one thing for certain. She had never seen me naked, hard as a rock and furiously wanking my cock like a man possessed. I could tell that by the strange noise she made in her throat. The way she turned a bright shade of red and then disappeared faster than a speeding bullet. I’m no detective but I have a hunch when it comes to these kind of things. Sit back. Relax. Do whatever feels natural at this point in time and Ill tell the wonderful tale of the strangest and most amazing day of my life.

It was a Friday. I’d got home early. For some reason I had a compulsion to shave my cock and balls. Weird? I totally agree but compulsions can be quite insistent. How the thought popped into my head I don’t know. It certainly was powerful enough to make me think about nothing else all the way home. Luckily I had a rucksack on my lap to hide my unrelenting thoughts. Otherwise the old lady sitting next to me would have got a sneak preview of the main feature awaiting my mother. I stared out of the window. The boring bus route I took everyday from university could banish any type of erection.

I knew mother would be at work for a few hours. Dad was away with work as usual so I knew I could take my time and do a good job. Upon arriving home I dropped the rucksack at the front door. I flew up the stairs two at a time and was naked two seconds after my curtains were snapped shut. To be honest, I was as curious as I was horny. I wanted to see the end product. Yet having something sharp so close to something so sensitive was rather sobering. Still, there was no turning back. I trimmed the bulk of hair with a pair of scissors then lathered my parts in foam and shaved. It took a while. I had to be extra careful around my balls. I didn’t want a trip to casualty although I don’t know which would be worse. The pain or the humiliation? I don’t think Ill ever be bored enough to find out which.

Eventually I was as smooth as the day I was born. I had a quick shower to rinse the affected area and to wash away any stray hairs off my legs. Drying thoroughly, I tipped a large amount of post shaving balm directly onto my cock. I then proceeded to massage the cooling elixir into the skin. This had an effect equivalent to a viagra overdose. My cock became a solid rod. I admired the size in the mirror. The lack of hair made my cock appear much larger than usual. With my left hand I cupped my balls. With my right I slowly pumped my fist up and down my prick breathing heavily. I squirted more balm onto my dick then quickened the pace. I wanked faster and harder. Squeezing my cock tighter and harder. I grunted in ecstasy. My orgasm coming closer with each tingling repetition.

Through clenched teeth I noticed movement to the side of my vision. I looked up and saw my mother as she turned red, squawked a strange noise and vanished downstairs. Shit. I felt sick. Consequences ran through my mind faster than she had disappeared. What if she kicked me out. What if she told everybody. Many more thoughts whizzed through my mind. Some believable, some crazy. I could even see the the headlines in the local newspaper : Nineteen years old caught masturbating by horrified mother. Strange how panic can alter your thoughts. Panic can also kill a hard-on stone dead. I washed the rest of the balm off my cock in the sink. Then I sneaked across the landing and into the confines of my bedroom. I grabbed a pair of tracksuit bottoms and put on a t-shirt. Half of me wanted to know what was going to happen next. The other half didn’t want to confront my mother. Not now. Not ever. Whilst in my own private purgatory I gathered my thoughts. Whilst planning my next move I heard Mum shouting to come downstairs as my dinner would be getting cold. Fantastic. Humiliation and cold food. I always thought it was supposed to be revenge being best served cold. I replied that I would be down in a minute. My voice seemed so small. I doubted that she would have heard me. Still I was an adult and sometimes you have to face the music. Even if you hate the record thats playing.

I entered the kitchen in a humble pose. Head bowed low. Awaiting the feel of a sharp axe biting into the back of my neck. I looked at the table. Lasagne. My favourite. güvenilir bahis My last meal perhaps? Mum smiled at me as I sat down. My head hung even lower.

“Hey,” I replied

“Are you OK?” she enquired

“I’m sorry, Mum” as I looked into my lasagne

“Don’t be. If anything its me who should be sorry for barging in on you.”

I lurched my head upwards in surprise. I had no memory of whether the door was open or closed.

“Eh?” was all I could muster

“I’m sorry for invading your privacy. I shouted and you didn’t answer. So I came to see if you was OK.”

This was one thing I had not expected.

“Oh.” still unable to construct a coherent sentence

“I’m also sorry for making a noise like someone standing on a chicken! I bet that scared you, didn’t it?”

Mum was laughing. It was infectious. From a straight face to giggles, then full on crying with laughter within a few moments. After the outburst I carried on with my lasagne and Mum tucked into her salad.

My Mum is a health food fanatic. She cook anything for me yet always have a different healthy dish for herself. To be honest it has really paid off. She is just the right side of forty and looks a good ten years younger. I would say she has the Bo Derek gene and will look good well past forty. She is an avid swimmer and one of those people who can rarely sit back and relax. With my father away so often she is always out and doing something.

During the meal we talked as if nothing had happened. I helped load up the dishwasher afterwards. I was about to go to my room to attend to some unfinished business when she asked me to follow her into the conservatory. I agreed and we sat facing each other in silence.

“Can I ask you something?”

“You just did,” I smirked back at her. I was gradually regaining my confidence.

“A serious question. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“OK,” I replied. I wasn’t sure what she was going to ask me. I was praying to gods I don’t believe in that it wouldn’t be about earlier

She looked unsure of herself but curiosity got the better of her. There was a slight pause before she asked “Do you shave your penis?”

Another pause. This one noticeably longer. “Erm, well this was the first time, actually.”

I was turning red. Mum placed her hand on my knee and smiled.

“I know its common for girls to do nowadays. I didn’t realise men did the same.”

“I don’t know about other guys. I just wandered what it would look like.” I answered truthfully

I could see her processing the information. I was caught completely off guard by the follow up question.

“May I have a look?”


“I’m you’re mother. I’ve seen your penis many times as you were growing up. Now you are grown up, I would like to see it again,” there was an subtle hint of pleading in her tone.

“Haven’t you already seen me naked today already?”

“This is different,” she replied

“How is it different,” I countered

“Earlier on was by accident. This time I’m asking for your permission.”

“I don’t know, Mum. Wouldn’t it be weird?”

“Hmm I suppose it would be unfair. OK. How about you show me yours…and I’ll show you mine?”

It was a good job I was already sitting down or I would have been picking myself up off the floor. Mum was waiting patiently for an answer. She had a smirk on her face like I’d never seen before. How she could appear innocent and wanton at the same time is a mystery to me. I stammered something unintelligible. I think she took it as a negative reply.

“OK. Let me sweeten the deal. To prove how much I am intrigued by seeing your cock…” She said cock. My mother said cock. I felt weak. My cock heard its name mentioned and began to take interest in the conversation. The weakness I felt was probably due to all the blood in my body racing to engorge my prick.

“…Show it to me and Ill stay naked all weekend. What do you say to that? Who knows. I may even let you watch me shave my most private, intimate areas.”

I have thought about my mother sexually before but nothing like this. This was unreal. I had sometimes caught glimpses of her bum as she dashed from the bathroom to her bedroom. I had walked into her room once as she was taking her bra off but a whole weekend with her naked was too much.

“OK. OK. I agree.” I yelped and türkçe bahis tugged down my pants releasing my hard cock from its prison. I felt a flush of pride as she let out a slight gasp in admiration.

“Your cock, its beautiful.” she said

Not sure of what to do with my hands. I pulled my t-shirt off and stepped out of my tracksuit bottoms. I now stood in fully erect naked glory before my own mother. And I was loving every second.

“Can I touch it?” she whispered. I could feel her breath on my cock.

“Of course” I replied. I could see her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. Her finger tips gently tapered along my freshly shorn pubis. I could hardly breathe. Mum moved her hand slowly along the side of my cock then lower. She began cupping my balls. Gently massaging them. I thought I was going to erupt. Using her index finger Mum made circles at the bottom of my balls. Then, still moving so slowly, she moved her finger up the my ass crack. Backwards and forwards. Backwards and forwards. Her breath on my cock was intoxicating. Mothers index finger pressed gentle pressure on my ass hole. I groaned submissively. My own mother took my prick in her right hand. Her left cupped my balls.

“Would you like Mummy to masturbate her big boy?” there was no look of innocence now, just pure lust.

“Please Mummy” I replied eager to play the game “Please masturbate me.”

The feeling was fantastic. Knowing that my own mother was pleasuring me in a such a way took it to a whole new level. I felt dirty but so very alive. Mother purposefully wanked my cock whilst talking like a experienced whore. She was so hot.

“Do you like it when Mummy wanks your gorgeous cock? “

“Huh huh”

“Are you going to be a big boy and cum for Mummy?”

This was too much. I came harder than I ever had before. I spurted my load all over her blouse.

“Good boy!” she said. Her smile reflected her happiness at a job well done.

“But you got Mummy’s work blouse all dirty. I’d better go wash it off.

“OK.” I replied. Unsure of what to do I reached for my bottoms.

“Hey. You don’t need those. Would you like to come and watch me get cleaned up instead?” Mum looked straight in my eyes as she as she began unbuttoning her blouse.

I followed her into the kitchen where she removed her blouse. With her back to me she washed the the garment under the hot tap.

“Thats better. Now, next time you ejaculate please aim somewhere else…Personally I’d go for flesh.”

She pointed to her left bra covered breast “Here.”

Mum then moved her finger to the right breast “Or here. I guess you can use your imagination to find an even better place…”

Mum proceeded to unfasten her skirt. She let it drop and stood there

“So. Do you like what you see?”

My mother was stunning. Dressed in a black bra and white shorties, she was a vision from heaven. She had a full womanly figure. Curvaceous. Beautiful. Sensual. My cock was becoming aroused again. Before I had a chance to answer she said “Hmm. I’m getting rather hot. Perhaps I should remove all of my clothes and lay upon my bed”

She turned her back to me and removed her bra. I couldn’t believe the change in my mother.

“Perhaps you’d like to accompany me?” she said as turned to face me.

“Ss sure.” I stuttered. Her arms were folded over her chest. Her hands obscuring the full beauty of her full breasts. My throbbing cock was now back to full hardness. I could tell this pleased her although I knew she was going to tease me and make it last as long as possible.

Mother took hold of my prick. Not as gently as before. Pulling me towards the stairs. I caught a glimpse of her nipple. It was heavenly. Dark pink and fully erect with a gorgeously shaped areola. Mother stopped me at the bottom of the stairs while she climbed three steps.

“Baby boy. Please be a dear and help your Mother out of her underwear. I stood peering at her panty clad ass. It was more than just cute. It was awe inspiring. Her ass was angelic and it would look even better as soon as I removed these shorties. I put both hands either side of her hips and slowly dragged them down her legs. And then she was naked. I noticed there were no tan lines on her sun kissed body.

“Mother. You have been naughty. You must have been sun bathing in the back garden naked!”

“Oh yes. You wont believe güvenilir bahis siteleri how bad I’ve been… Or how much more naughtier I’m going to be.

I wouldn’t have thought my cock could get any harder but my Mother demonstrated the full power of female sexuality. She spread her ravishing legs as far as the stairs would allow. Bending forwards then straightening her legs, she thrust her shapely ass outwards towards me. She rocked her hips from side to side. This was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I had a full view of my mothers tiny ass hole and moist pussy. I stood completely in awe as she finished her display. Turning around to face me I found I wasn’t the only one with shaved private parts. Mother was completely hairless. Smooth and exotic. If I was a religious person I would say she was sent from heaven. A gift from the gods. But seeing as we had already broken some commandments and hopefully we were going to break a few more all I could think of was how lucky I was.

She led me to her bedroom where she pushed me upon the bed. My mother climbed over me and positioned herself into the sixty nine position. From there she took my throbbing cock deep into her throat whilst manoeuvering her glistening pussy towards my face. The wetness and texture felt fantastic as Mother sucked my prick as if her life depended on it.

“You have eaten the food I have cooked you for so many years. Now eat my pussy. Eat it all up.”

I did not reply. My tongue was to busy licking her cunt. It was hard to concentrate due to being deep throated but I could tell Mother was enjoying it as much as I was. As I was breaking a taboo I thought I’d go further and started licking my Mothers tight little ass hole. Mother responded by slowly penetrating my hole with a wet digit. She didn’t stop sucking. I groaned as I came very near to orgasm. Mother sensed this. She withdrew my swollen cock from her mouth and her finger from my anus.

“I don’t want you to cum in my mouth Big Boy. Well not this time. Perhaps later. Right now I want you inside me. Inside my hot cunt. I want my son’s big cock inside me. Now!”

“If thats what my Mummy wants. I want to show her how much I love her.”

She knelt with her legs either side of my hips. I felt my cock become slowly engulfed by her smoldering pussy. She looked me straight in the eyes for a small eternity before grasping my hands and placing them on her breasts.

“Mummy would like it if you play rough with her boobies. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mummy,” I complied with her wishes and gently began caressing her. My gently touch gradually progressed into something just short of mauling. I pinched her erect nipples and kneaded her chest with passion.

As I continued touching her breasts, she began to fuck me. Beginning slowly as always but gradually building up speed.

“Mummy’s Big Boy!” she screamed as the crescendo grew within us. She was moving up and down on my dick like her life depended on it. I removed my right hand from her breast and placed it on her hip. I stretched out my thumb so her clit would collide with it as she fucked me. This sent her over the edge. Mother was now fucking with reckless abandon. The pair of us were sweating through the exertion of our lewd love making. The sheen of perspiration only added to mothers unearthly beauty.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock jerked spasmodically inside my Mother as I cum harder than ever before. Mother climaxed directly after I shot my load into her. We were both breathing heavily and she collapsed into my welcoming arms.

I awoke a few hours later. We were naked in her and my fathers bed. My chest was pressing into her back and my left hand cupped her breast. My cock was semi hard as it sat in the groove of my mothers ass cheeks. I nuzzled her neck. Breathing in, I smiled at her exotic scent. I’m not a hopeless romantic or anything but I don’t believe two people could lay in a more sensual position. My cock grew harder as I recalled the earlier events. I pinched her nipple and marvelled how it grew under my touch. Mother stirred awake.

“Hey Mummy. Did you sleep well?” I asked

“I sure did. And I like waking up next to my Big Boy. Especially when he is so pleased to be waking up next to me.”

I didn’t say anything. I just clung to her a bit tighter.

“I love you, Mum”

“I love you too. But you know what we did earlier was wrong don’t you?”

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. It didn’t feel wrong and we were both consenting adults.

“It was wrong. But lifes more fun when you are naughty. Want to do it again..?”


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