The Beach

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Special thanks to BDSM Bill for helping with the editing of this story. Bill Sir Your gift of inspiration, motivation, acceptance and friendship are appreciated more than i may ever say. Thank you for everything. niyah

* * * * *

Janet awakened startled. The phone was ringing. She turned over and stretched out pale flesh as soft fingers grabbed the receiver.

“Hello?” she said.

“What’s up?” The voice said.

“Hey baby. Good morning. How are you baby?” Janet said.

“Good morning. Busy day today. I am calling to see if you can get away on Friday. All day and possibly all night.” He said.

“Well Ben, I don’t know. What is my reason?” she purred back.

“I want you to come with me to the beach.” He replied.

“OH! Yes, Ben, of course. I will arrange it and go,” she practically squealed.

“Great. I cannot wait to hold you, sweet darlin’,” Ben said in a warm voice.

“I can’t wait either, baby.” She replied.

“Ok, I will meet you at the hotel parking lot, and we will travel together to the beach,” Ben said.

“Ok, baby, until then,” Janet said.

“Until then darlin’,” He said.

“Bye, hon,” Janet said softly.

“Bye bye. I will try to call you later,” Ben said.

The phones were hung up. Janet turned over in bed, grabbed a pillow and hugged it closely to her. Wow, she never thought in a million years he would actually go through with taking her somewhere. Not just somewhere, but taking her to the beach for an entire day, possibly a night. Janet’s green eyes sparkled as thoughts drifted toward the upcoming trip. She sat straight up in bed. “Oh my God, what will I wear?” she cried to no one.

Ben heard the excitement in Janet’s voice and he smiled. He was glad he would be able to get away and take her to a place where they could spend some unrushed time together. He chose the beach as it was his favorite and he wanted to share the happiness he always felt there. He had already told his wife he was going away on business and would probably have to spend the night. So as long as Janet was able to cover her end, they would have at least one night together.

Janet spent the day looking through her wardrobe, trying to find something to take with her. She arranged to take off work and then decided to go shopping. She wanted something special to wear for Ben, something sexy, slinky and teasing to his eyes. Ben liked her to wear nice things for him, even if they only had a couple of hours together. She would meet him at the door wearing something different each time. He enjoyed it very much. He would always compliment her and it would make her heart beat quicker.

Ben was busy at work but decided to call Janet, just to let her know he was thinking about her. His day was going to shit fast but he had Friday to look forward to and he would make love to her as many times as she could handle. He laughed to himself at that one. He looked out the window and noticed the sun bathing the sidewalk. The grass was so green today. The air was crisp and cool he had noted on the way inside. Ben picked up the phone and hit the speed dial and heard the ring.

“Hey baby,” Janet said first thing.

“Hey darlin’.” Ben said. “I thought I would give you a call and see how you were doing and let you know I was thinking about you.”

“Awww, thank you babe. You are so sweet,” Janet said. “I am out shopping. I need to find something new to wear for you Friday.”

“Don’t go through a lot of trouble baby. You won’t be in clothes for long. I had thought more along the lines of being naked the entire time. Is that OK with you?” He laughed as he said this.

“Laughs. Yes of course that is wonderful. I want you so badly that naked sounds beautiful and erotic to me,” Janet said.

“Me to darlin’.” Ben said.

“Well, baby, I am gonna buy something new anyway. Perhaps just a nightie and a swimsuit or something. I will find something to entice you with,” Janet said.

“Darlin’, you entice me. You don’t need clothes to do that. It is that beautiful smile and wonderful personality that do me in all the time,” Ben said in a caressing manner.

“OK, darlin’, I have to go. I have work to get done so we can spend that day together,” Ben said.

“OK, baby. I am heading into the shop now. Talk to you later, OK?” She asked.

“Yes, baby, later,” Ben said.

The phones were hung up again. Ben began doing the paperwork again. Janet went and began to shop, trying different lingerie on and frowning at almost every piece that touched her pale, freckle-covered flesh. Janet was getting weary with this expedition, and then finally found the perfect thing. It was a red teddy that was not form fitting. It covered her plush curves well and was very transparent. It had garter belts and red hose that she pulled on. The entire ensemble looked better than anything else she had tried on. She knew he would love it, or at least say he did.

Janet made her purchases and then headed home. She had to get everything ready before her house began to get busy. She packed Escort Ankara her suitcase and began to think of her reason for going out of town. She had already called into work for Friday, but she had to tell her family something. She also needed her mom to take her child for the weekend. Janet made the arrangements for her daughter. Finally, her husband was home. She explained to him that some of the girls were getting together for an overnight stay at the beach, friends from her hometown. She really wanted to go and asked if he was OK with this. John told her he was, so everything was set and ready to go.

Friday came, and Janet kissed her daughter goodbye. She told her husband she would call later that night. The day was cool, but clear. The air was so fresh that it felt like she was breathing it for the first time in life. Her nipples were hard as little pebbles. Her pussy ached and throbbed. The breeze blew through her hair, lifting it in the soft puffs of wind. The sun radiated the tresses, making her head seem like it was covered in a roaring fire. The smell of fall was in the air. She could not wait to get to the hotel. Janet climbed into her vehicle and headed for the meeting spot.

Ben had made excuses with his wife as well and made sure his kids were taken care of for the weekend. He told his wife he had a business conference and would be back Saturday or Sunday. He headed out the door and got into his car. He was having to rein himself in, as he wanted to be there right now. The anticipation was killing him. He sped down the highway, anxious to get there. Finally he pulled into the parking lot, and there she was. He stopped in the entrance and just looked at her. She had not seen him yet so he was able to just watch her. Janet was radiant today. The sun seemed to illuminate her body. She glowed with warmth and sensuality that Ben knew she had no idea she possessed.

Janet had a hard time accepting compliments. Ben, of course, knew this and he was working on it with her. Janet felt him before she saw him. She stopped what she was doing and looked toward the entrance. There he was, just staring at her. Jane felt the red hue begin to suffuse over her body. How in the world could he just watch her? What did he think about when he did, she wondered? She waved her hand to him. She had her bags out and ready to be loaded into the car. Ben pulled in beside her and got out. He loaded her bags and opened the passenger’s door for Janet. She bent and molded herself against the leather seat. The car was so comfortable. The drive would only be a couple of hours. There was lots she could do to cause mischief in that small amount of time. She laughed loudly then. Ben looked at her and saw that glint in her beautiful eyes and knew for certain he was in for lots of surprises.

He entered the car, looked around, and saw no one about, so he leaned over and captured her mouth with his. The kiss was brief, but the electricity in the car that resulted would power a hundred houses for hours. Ben could see that Janet was breathless from that brief kiss. He knew she was feeling nervous, excited, and emotional all at once. He loved how her body surrendered to his touch. The things she had let him do to her were just unexplainable to him.

He had spanked her hard a couple of times. He remembered the first time he lay her over his knees as he sat on the bed, so the bed supported them both. His hand rubbed the ivory moons. He noted every freckle there. Then, without warning, had brought his hand down with a loud SMACK! Janet had bit her lip then, and had not screamed. He repeated the smacks, noting her flesh turned red, then bright cherry-red, to where the heat was explosive from her cheeks. She was writhing on his lap then. He took his fingers and moved them through the cleft of her ass until he reached her pussy. He was surprised to find it sopping wet.

His cock was already hard, but damn, when he felt her so wet he went rigid. His fingers moved into her. Her walls were hot and slick. She was sweating as she began to beg. He added another finger, and then decided to spank her again. His hands would alternate. Fingers were shoved in, then SMACK as fingers withdrew. He did this for about 15 slaps to the ass when suddenly he felt the change. Janet exploded all over his hand and legs. She was like an ocean. He had never felt someone get so wet and let go so well. Her ass was on fire, though. He knew she would not sit for awhile.

Ben returned to the here-and-now and thought he would have to do the spanking thing again. Janet had been so hot that day. She had lost control, and that is what he wanted her to do. They rode to the beach talking about everything, work, play, home, family, friends, money and of course how things were going with them. He apologized for all the cancelled times, and hoped this trip would make up for it as he intended. Janet sat in the seat, stopped talking, and just watched him. He noticed that she had suddenly been quiet. Then he knew why.

“Baby, could you pull over a moment?” Ankara Escort Janet asked.

“Of course, darlin’, you OK?” He asked.

“Yes, I am well, hon.” She replied.

Ben pulled the car off the shoulder of the road, making sure to be far off the side as he did not wish to have his car door hit off or any other type of accident today. Janet leaned forward and whispered “You have a spot on your pants, Ben. I am just going to see if I can wash it out.” Sure enough, Janet leaned over and unbuttoned his trousers and an audible zip was heard following. Ben was rock hard after having remembered the spanking. He caught his breath when he heard her respond to his member.

Janet leaned forward and found that Ben was hard. She pulled his cock out of his boxers, and in one great lunge consumed his hard meat into her mouth. She took him deep until the head was pushing at the back of her throat. She was consumed with desire then. She knew that her petals were soaked, but she wanted to do this for him. She began to run her tongue up and down the shaft as she moved his cock in and out. Her fingers worked magic on his balls.

Ben was showing signs of being very aroused, to the point of being ready to beg her to hurry. Instead, his hands wrapped in her hair, and he began pushing her onto his cock. He made her keep his pace, not the other way around. Janet felt the change, and she cooed and whimpered. She loved it when he took control like this. She felt him her throat open more. He was almost gagging her with his thick girth. God, his cock was so smooth, and she could taste his pre-cum. Suddenly she heard his voice. He was going to cum. She knew it was happening when she felt the head seem to double in size, blocking her airway. Suddenly, she felt the warm, wet, salty fluid hit her mouth. She began swallowing quickly, as she could still feel him shove her head up and down, up and down.

Ben felt her mouth wrap around his cock, and it was like heaven, or what he perceived as heaven — so hot, so slick. He was so turned on, and that she would do this in the car on the highway was just exciting to him. She was relentless, keeping up with the pace he set. He was on fire as she moved her tongue around his shaft, sucking the head every chance he offered, but mostly just moving with him. He felt her fingers graze his balls and squeeze them. His balls were wet from her saliva and his fingers were gripping her hair so tightly. Suddenly, he felt her finger against his ass. He knew what she was about to do but was unsure about it until he felt her push gently into the sphincter. His ass tightened up worse than anything he had ever felt, but her mouth was moving like crazy, and as her finger moved in and out and her mouth up and down he suddenly felt his balls tighten and his body was so close.

“Oh God, I am going to explode, babe. Here it comes. Oh, yes!!” He yelled.

Janet felt her mouth fill with his essence and slide down her throat. She swallowed with no problem and continued sucking just the head. She felt his hands grip her head holding her still as he enjoyed the feeling and spasms that erupted more juice into her mouth. Finally he released her head. He was breathing heavily and she saw him sitting there in the seat with eyes closed.

Janet’s head came up and her eyes sparkled with lust for him. Her lips were swollen from the pressure of the blow job, and they looked more full and pouty. She kissed his ear and whispered, “Did you enjoy it, baby?”

“Yes! Darlin’ how could I not?” He said.

Things grew quiet then as he grasped her hand and returned to the highway. He wanted to hurry up and get there now. His thoughts wandered to the hotel room he had reserved, the hot tub and the large, king-sized bed. He also could hear the water hitting the beach as the breeze off the ocean would come through the room.

Janet rested her head against Ben’s shoulder and closed her eyes. She was tired now, which was to be expected. They both knew her energy came and went. The car lulled her like a baby. The warmth of his body kept her company in her dreams. It was not long before she felt the car stop. Ben kissed her softly. “Wake up, sleepy head. We are at the hotel, baby,” Ben said.

“Oh, wow. I am sorry, Ben. I did not mean to sleep the entire trip,” She said.

“It is OK, darlin’.” Ben replied.

Ben and Janet exited the car. They were both anxious to get checked in and spend the rest of the day and night together. Ben carried the bags and checked in while Janet waited at the car. He returned with the keys, and led the way to the room. There were pools indoors and outdoors. Janet heard the waves of the ocean crashing on the beach. She could smell the salt, and almost taste it from the breeze that blew past her. They rode the elevator up to the room. Janet was having very naughty thoughts about the elevator. Unbeknownst to her, so was Ben. He looked over at her and saw her flushed cheeks and knew she was thinking just what he was. He laughed out loud at that. Janet looked at him Ankara Escort Bayan oddly. He just winked. Janet blushed more.

Ben opened the door to the room and placed the bags at the makeshift closet. “Close you eyes, Janet,” He said. Janet closed her eyes like he asked and felt her heart flutter. Ben led Janet toward the in-ground hot tub that sat at the sliding glass doors of the room. “Open your eyes now, honey,” He said.

Janet was in awe. The ocean was slamming onto the beach. There was a hot tub in the room where they could open the doors and allow the ocean breeze to caress them as the tub delighted them. She smiled so bright that Ben thought it changed the color of her eyes. “It is lovely Ben. Thank you for this. It is so beautiful here,” Janet said.

Ben leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. Janet melted and melded her body to his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let him lead the way of things to come. Ben was hard already. He knew they needed to eat but that was what room service was for anyway. He also knew it would be dark soon, and he wanted to walk the beach with her. Ben decided he could not wait. He needed her now. His fingers began removing the buttons from the holes on her shirt. Janet’s fingers began tracing patterns on his back. The last button gave and her shirt fell open, revealing the red lace bra she had bought. His eyes lit up at the way her nipples were poking out through the lace. Janet’s fingers found the bottom of his shirt, and she pulled it over his head. She tossed it to the ground.

Ben found the buttons to her skirt and he released that as well. Janet felt the material as it fell down over her hips, with his hands following the slow movement. Janet’s fingers found his belt and she removed the buckle and unbuttoned the pants. As she moved down his body her lips found his nipple, then his side, belly, hip, and then, finally, his cock. It was already dripping some as her lips found the tip. Her hands continued removing the clothing as her mouth tasted the delicious flesh.

Ben knew if he did not stop her he was going to lose it quickly. He wanted her so badly that he was ready to explode with very little contact. Ben wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her away from his shaft. He tugged gently for her to come up to him. His mouth quickly devoured hers, as he removed her bra, and then her panties. He knew she was embarrassed, as she was always shy with him. Eventually, though, he hoped she would get over that. The breeze blew softly through the curtains that covered the sliding glass door. The beach was silent except for the waves crashing onto the surf.

He sat down on the bed and pulled her onto his lap. His lips found hers once more, and then he surprised her. He pointed to the top of the bed, where she saw something dangling. She crawled up there, and what she saw made her eyes pop wide open. There dangling was a silk tie. She wondered when he did this, but did not ask as she felt his hand on her shoulder. Janet complied with the pressure, turned over, and lay upon her back. Ben was on her quickly, his knee pushing her thighs apart as his hands lifted hers to the silk. Janet could feel the hard length of his shaft against her thigh. Her hips automatically moved, trying to caress that piece of him. Ben secured her wrists and made sure that it was not so tight as to cut off circulation. Then he proceeded to do as he had promised once before.

Janet began to struggle. She was strung as taut as a banjo string right now. She knew the moment his mouth left her lips and moved down toward her breasts what he was going to do now. Her mind was in a frenzy. She did not cum that way. She had once, maybe twice, but no more than twice. She got too uptight, too nervous to relax and allow it to just happen. She had shared this with Ben, and he had said he was going to do that to her one day to show her that she could relax, and she would cum. Janet’s eyes closed as she tried to relax. His mouth was biting her nipples over and over again. Janet was squirming beneath him as her hips still undulated, reaching for his thigh. He pressed his thigh down and felt her grind against it hard. Ben was glad he was able to turn her on like this. He continued to move his thigh rhythmically against her mound, his mouth wreaking havoc on the hard buds. Janet’s pussy was randy against his leg. He moved rapidly down her abdomen. His tongue drew traces and circles down her belly, until he reached her mound of shaved petals. His fingers parted the silky petals, and he dipped his tongue into that fountain like a pen to ink.

Janet arched off the bed the moment his tongue touched her there. She moaned and panted with each stroke of his tongue. Her heart raced, and she moved as much as she could on the bed. Her hands pulled at the silk ties. She yanked against it and cried out in total frustration. The pressure was building. It was getting autoerotic and so wet. She was beginning to sweat and panic. Ben was relentless. He would not let up. He kept the stroking up as his fingers entered her deep. He moved them in and out. She was soaked and drowning in her own essence. He could feel her walls shuddering and know she was close. “I know you are close, honey. Just relax. You can do this. I know you can, and you will,” Ben said.

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