The Beat

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-|- Prologue -|-

The beat surged through my body, adrenaline turning the room red with the sweat and heat of female bodies pressed up against mine. The pungent high of human flesh exhilarated my senses and my heart beat ever faster. My arms encircled Tarra and we pressed our bodies hard against each other, my aching pelvis grinding her round, soft ass. I whispered in her ear and she breathed into mine, unable to draw breath enough to mutter her ecstasy. The beat continued on as the mass Rave moved in a sea of coloured humanity. Lights flashed and the Trance music blared, fog filled the room and the speakers boomed their never ceasing beat . I turned her around and her perfect face met mine, our breaths interchanging and hot, her lips so wet and so inviting, the tangy sweetness of mango urging my tongue to search for deeper pleasure. I moved my hand down and grasped her wonderful, soft breast and she gasped into my mouth and giggled. I drew back and kissed her briefly once more, and then she smiled at me, her red and purple hair outlined briefly in rainbow light. She turned around and smashed her sweet ass once more into my groin as the music grew more intense, our breath increasing in pitch and urgency. I could feel the intense heat sliding up and down my hard, concealed cock, painfully but ravishingly pressed firmly against my jeans. The breath of everyone around us could almost be heard over the deep bass rumblings of the DJ’s output. We lost ourselves in the feeling as my hands caressed her tight form ever more intimately. My fingers playfully lingered over her nipples and my lips caressed her hot and sweaty cheek. I grasped her inner thigh and her gasp sent a shock through us both. Her knees buckling I fell with her and grunted when I hit the floor, her sexy form landing on top of mine with a complimentary groan of pleasure.

-|- Daydreams -|-

“Huh?” He leaped suddenly from his stupor, annoyed at the intrusion into his wonderful memory. It was Lance that did it.

“What the hell did you do that for?” he glared annoyingly and sleepily in Lance’s direction.

“Mr. Peterson, do you have anything to add to our little discussion, or are you still busy researching the sleeping patterns of the teenage male?” Everyone in the class seemed to smirk and giggle at once.

“No, Mr. Marks” Jace sighed.

What a geek. He thought. Jace looked around the biology classroom and yawned. Serves them right for putting me in Bio 30 first thing in the morning. His eyes focused on Tarra, halfway across the classroom. She looked over at him and smiled sheepishly. How can she not be tired? We must have stayed up till-

“Jace!” Lance whispered urgently

“What?” He was beyond annoyed now.

“Sorry about punching you in the head man, Marks was about to chew you out for sure” Lance looked genuinely concerned .

“Yeah, ok whatever” Jace murmured distractedly. I’d rather remember eating her out than worry about my Geek-face-Bio teacher having a turn at me. Jace remembered the natural, pungent taste of Tarra’s pussy, her hot juices running down his throat, her moans of pleasure..

Everyone in the class stared at him as he smiled blankly in the direction of a diagram of the human reproductive system placed innocently on the far wall. Suddenly the class erupted in laughter and Jace was pulled back into reality once more with a punch to the head.

“What the fuck, man?” Lance said harshly. “Are you sick or something?”

Jace wiped a bead of drool from the corner of his mouth. “No.. Sorry, I’m just a little tired today. I’ll tell you about it later.”

“Yeah, ok.” Lance leaned over his binder and began writing furiously.

Poor kid. He thought. Doesn’t even know what pussy feels like. A smirk planted itself firmly on Jace’s 18 year old lips. Well.. then again, neither did I.

-|-The Drive -|-

11 hours earlier

“Ohhh, uhhhh, oh yess, yea baby unhh yes…” Jace sat on the edge of his seat as the pair approached orgasm.

” Yeah OHH yesss Oh my god yEAaaa!” He rapidly stroked his smooth cock to the rhythm of the onscreen actors. Oh man I can just imagine slipping into that tight pussy. His stokes were approaching a fever pitch when the phone jumped to life beside him.

“Fuck. ME” He shouted angrily into the small confines of his room.

Jace paused the Porn flick and picked up the busily ringing receiver. He never jacked off while anyone was home, so it was up to him to answer any phone calls, lest his parents bitch him out.

“Hello, Peterson residence” Jace’s voice was strained from both anger and a burning desire to finish what he started.

“Hi! İbradi Escort Umm.. is Jace there?” A cute sounding female voice greeted him from the other line.

“This is him.” The fire suddenly jumped up a notch and soon enough he was sweating bullets.

“Oh hi Jace.. ” He heard giggles in the background “You sound so.. mature on the phone.” Jace could almost see her cute, oh so sexy smile “This is Tarra.. Umm.. Are you busy tonight?”

“Umm.. Phaa.. No.. Not really no”. Jace made up his mind quickly, despite the dire warnings of his parents not to leave the house. Plus, he would take any chance to be with a girl like Her.

“Good. There is a party tonight.. Well..” She giggled. “A really big party.. Are you up for it?”

Jace’s immediate thoughts were as follows: Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit.

“Uh, yeah sure, where is it at?” Jace replied calmly.

Jace Peterson could be called a geek by many , and indeed was called a geek by many, including quite a few girls at his school. He didn’t really look or act like a geek, but he hung around with guys that did, and it seemed to rub off on him. He hadn’t had much luck with girls as a result, but surprisingly he could act quite calm while around them if he wanted to.

“Oh, really? So you’ll pick me up then? Wow ok.. I guess I’ll meet you outside..”

Tarra Small had always been someone Jace had always admired, not only for her very sexy body, but also her rebellious personality and her willingness to actually give him the time of day. She always seemed more mature than the other girls in his grade, which I guess should have been a given, since she was a little older than him.

“Ha haaa… yes. You’ll love it Jace, I know you will!” Tarra raved.

“Ya, ya. I’ll see you in a few minutes then.” Jace said with a huge grin.

“Ok bye.”

Jace sighed and hung up the phone, his mind racing with possibilities. What does she mean.. a big party? Why did she call me? Mabye she.. No it cant be..

Jace laid on his bed for a few minutes, getting progressively more and more exited. Out of nowhere he heard a honk outside his window. Shit they’re here! He quickly put on some pants and grabbed his wallet. Mabye I’ll actually use these condoms.. Heh. He raced downstairs and out the door and stopped for a sec when he saw the car. Ice gripped his chest when he saw Tommy Matheson in the divers seat. That mother fucker.. Oh well I guess I’ll have to put up with him. He glanced around and saw a girl he didn’t recognize in the passenger seat, and two more in the back. He opened the rear door and shoved in by the two girls.

“Hi Jace.”

He jumped a little as Tarra put her chin on his shoulder and whispered the phrase. He looked over and suddenly their faces were only an inch apart. They stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity in half a second. Tarra laughed and settled back into her seat in the middle, grinning mischievously. Jace shook his head and grinned for a sec and then put his seatbelt on with a sigh. Tommy turned to me and grunted in his too-deep voice:

“So are you ready for a little fun, ya shrimp?” Tommy’s smile said If you aren’t, get the fuck out.

“Yea, so where are we going?” Jace tried to sound unshaken and cool.

“A place where little boys like you shouldn’t go.” He snorted and faced the road once more.

“Were going to a Rave, Jace. Its going to kick ass , you’ll see.” Tarra grinned again at him and he suddenly had a fire burning in his chest.

“Were off then!” Tommy grunted as he jammed his foot down on the accelerator. Jace’s head was thrown back as the tires squealed in protest. As he turned down the street at full speed Tarra squished into him with a far too pleasant sensation. Once again they were face to face.

“Hi.” He said

“Hi” She said back with a grin. She pecked him on the lips and shuffled back over to talk with her friend. Jace was in a bit of a daze and he thought nothing of it. How could this be happening? It cant. I’m dreaming. He looked out the window at the gleaming city streets flashing by with glazed eyes, not daring to get his hopes up. He felt a soft hand on his back, and it creeped up to his neck and down to the right side of his chest. Suddenly she yanked him up out of his thoughts and sat him straight up.

“Whats up with him?” Said the girl behind Tarra.

“I dunno Shelly, what’s up with you Jace?” Tarra eyed me conspicuously.

“Oh nothing. Are we almost at wherever-we’re-going?” He said hopefully, rubbing his right side.

Jace noticed the girl in the front seat had unzipped Tommy’s pants and was İbradi Escort Bayan giving him a blowjob. Jace blushed and turned to Tarra.

“Oh sure, its just around the block.” She looked at him again, deeper this time, like she was trying to see inside his head. The flame jumped up in his chest again as he moved closer to her. She closed her eyes and moved closer to him, her delicate hands making their way to his chest. Jace moved in and their lips just touched. Tommy slammed on the brakes and his head slammed into the passenger seat headrest. He caught Tarra just as she was about to fly in between the two seats, and brought her close. She squirmed out of his grip and punched Tommy in the head.

“What the fuck, asshole!” Tarra yelled angrily ” I could have been though the windshield!” She turned and looked at Jace apologetically.

The Girl that was sucking Tommy’s cock looked up and swallowed the remainder of the cum dripping down her lips. She sat up and started breathing heavily. Jace figured she was probably rubbing herself.

“Whaat. We made it didn’t we?” He laughed and received another blow to the head. “Oww, bitch. Sit down. This is my car I can drive how I want to. You didn’t have to be macking with that little wuss over there, its not my fault.” Tommy rubbed his head and turned into a large parking lot. Tarra sat down and moved close to Jace.

“Thanks, wuss.” She said playfully as she smiled and turned to look outside the car. “Were here. Finally.”

Jace opened the car door and was greeted with the smell of booze, sweat and the city. He heard the steady beat of a DJ pulsing through the doors of a large, new looking building. A sign proclaiming : “The Beat” stood out in sharp neon that mimicked its namesake inside, flashing on and off with the pulse of the music. The excitement that held him down before now rose to new heights, along with the euphoria of having Tarra by his side.

“So this is a Rave…. Huh.”

-|-The Beat -|-


A daydream


A kiss


Her face in-mine and a tight-sweet-ass-you-just-cant-miss

Jace smiled as the lyrics pounded his temples and vibrated the hot, sweet air sweeping into his chest. The energy was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. He knew it was his. He knew she was his, in this place, tonight.

Jace turned to Tarra and led her into the mass of bodies. The Beat took hold of them as it had countless others, thrumming through their bodies like a tuning fork gone AWOL. Tarra looked at him, surprised with the beginnings of a cheeky grin forming on her gleaming lips. She leaned close and whispered as intimately as the music would allow, her warm breath sending pleasant chills down his spine.

“I want you.”

The gentle flame that had kept his core so warm that night blazed into a dazzling bonfire of want and desire. The lightshow around him seemed to explode with colour as their lips met, The Beat expanding and contracting with their laboured breaths. Jace drew back after several moments and gazed into her now-violet eyes, his vision of her now seeming beyond real. They meshed once more, and in their lust-filled stupor (the tangy sweetness of mango; fingers playfully lingered over her nipples and my lips caressed her hot and sweaty cheek.) they fell with knees buckled by their want (grasped her inner thigh and her gasp sent a shock) she looked at him and he grunted (her sexy form landing on top of mine) with a complementary groan of pleasure.

The bodies pressed in around them.

Jace caressed her form once more, savoring its soft give on his now hard and aching body, and lifted himself regretfully from under her and on his feet, helping her to stand by his side. They would be crushed if they stayed, moment of ecstasy or no. He turned to her, whispering his plan as she had whispered hers in that intimate moment. Her eyes lit up with excitement and a dreamy sort of gaze as her hand grasped his, leading them both to the edges of the colored sea of humanity.

His eyes fell upon a large grouping of neon couches and chairs, most of them already filled with lightly moaning occupants. Tarra looked at Jace with a sly grin and led him to an unoccupied section, slightly hidden for privacy. The music was quieter here, but it didn’t seem to quell the intensity of the atmosphere and the bass thumping through it. His heartbeat seemed one with the beat, only doubled, the trill high of expectation dominating his thoughts as she worked her way down his sweat-soaked chest, pushing him onto the bright neon-leather with a laugh and a grin. She unbuttoned Escort İbradi his jeans and moved up once again, delaying the oh-so blessed relief he had wanted so bad. She mounted his lap and silenced his grimace with a kiss.

“I’ve had a crush on you for ages, Jace.” She whispered in his ear after removing her soft tongue from his own. “I know you have too. I see the way you look at me sometimes, out of the corner of my eye..” She winked at him and placed his hand on her swelled breast.

“I got tired of waiting.”

She put his other hand between the hot join of her legs.

“And I want you to take me” Her breath came out in a harsh rush and she kissed him once again, his hands caressing her tender parts still clothed.

She withdrew and once again leaned between his now trembling legs, running a hand up his inner thigh and up onto the zipper of his bulging pants. She slipped it down and moved her hand onto the hard, underwear covered phallus, squeezing gently as if to test its worthiness. She giggled quietly and drew off the rest of his jeans. She left him in his boxers and began to unbutton her shirt. Jace watched intently, euphoric and dazed, when he finally managed to catch his breath enough to speak.

“Hey, let me..”

Jace got up, his boxers becoming an obvious tent of lust, and moved up behind her. Her hands dropped as he wrapped his arms under her tits and he undid the last button of her damp blouse. He slipped his hands up to her breasts and kissed her neck as she undid her bra. It slipped off and the deep red peaks stood out innocently, colored gently by the flashing lights of the Rave now muted by comparison. Jace pressed his cock into the soft of her jeans and she leaned in, uttering soft gasps as he tweaked her twin peaks. He moved his hands down, and with it his face, breathing in fragrant hints of perfume and sweat on his way down to her supple ass. She undid her button and zipper and soon she stood before him, nude except for a pair of panties soaked in her lustful juices. His hands glided down her hips and turned them around, her laced triangle of secrecy now before him.

He grinned up at her and she parted her thighs, falling casually onto the neon sofa. He plunged his face between her glowing thighs and inhaled the musky scent of her pussy, caressing and kissing the veiled lips with his own. He drew back, sliding with his palms her underwear, exposing the final glistening prize in all its glory as he prepared to descend once more.

Her gasps were plain to his ears as his tongue struck her engorged labia, unprofessionally licking and kissing her everywhere he could imagine. He felt warm fingers slide behind his ears and chin as she relaxed her legs even wider, her hands directing his warm mouth to the sensitive red lump she knew so well from her juvenile career pleasuring herself. Her hands tensed and Jace felt her back go rigid as he found her target. Her gasps became more urgent and quick as he concentrated on the little red button, his jaws aching and his desire to please her to great to care. Jace kissed her clit one last time, the whole world a muffled, damp, pungent daze between her tightly wrapped thighs, as she bucked fiercely against his face while she rocked in gasping orgasm. Jace withdrew and kissed her belly button, her sharp breaths becoming helpless laughter. She paused and looked into his eyes, their glazed expressions telling each other of a greater want.

Their breath came out in a heated rush as they came together in the spectral bliss of each others desperate want. Jace positioned himself perfectly between her thighs and he groaned as he felt the sweet melting heat spread down his cock. He took her gently at first, and then increasingly harder until they were fucking with near-animal ferocity. Jace opened his eyes, taking himself away from the pleasure for a brief moment, to enjoy the sweet look of far away submission on her face, a sweet smile occasionally opening in a tight grimace that matched her pussy’s spasms. He felt embarrassed for a brief moment and drew her face to his, letting her come at him as he did her. Tarra opened her eyes as they kissed, rolling on top of him with her breasts lightly jiggling, now exposed as she arched lustfully.

She rolled erotically on his erect penis, sending rolling waves of pleasure deep into Jakes groin. He could feel himself getting ready to come with this unbearable display of female sexuality. Tarra was there, exposed before him, her hands in her hair and her sweaty form undulating as if in a trance. He could take sitting still no longer and began humping her upright form. She collapsed playfully on top of him as he began to come, his breath becoming fever pitched and hers filled with little moans. Tarra felt her pussy become impossibly warm as the hot come spread inside her, barely hearing Jace’s hitched gasps as his thrusts slowed and then stopped.

The beat returned and they lay listening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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