The Betrayal Ch. 03

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Finn carried me over to the couch and set me down on the floor while the two giants sat down and turned on the TV. Next, Connor took off his shoes and socks. A strong foot odor hurt my nostrils, tremendously amplified by the colossal size of those feet. With his thunderous voice Connor ordered me:

-Now you’re going to massage my feet. And you better do it right or there will be consequences…

I stood still. I was in shock, looking at my couch, now occupied by those huge bodies while I didn’t even reach the height of its legs. It was all so unbelievable that I seemed to be dreaming. Connor became impatient:


I came to, but I still didn’t move. If they were going to kill me anyway, I wasn’t going to do their bidding. Then Finn’s huge hand appeared out of nowhere and lifted me up to his face, at the same time he said to me in a soft but threatening tone:

-If you don’t do what we order you are going to die, it is true, but we will do it in a way that you will suffer as much as possible. First, I will tear off one of your arms… -he took my arm between his two gigantic fingers and exerted a slight threatening pressure-, then the other one. I’ll let you bleed to death while I keep tearing off your legs, your hair, your ears…

Such was my terror at hearing this that I shook my head in affirmation. I was surrendering, I would do all his bidding. Finn caught my gesture, smiled and set me down again, between Connor’s feet, as he himself removed his sneakers and socks. In the midst of my surrender, I wondered how I had ever loved someone capable of such cruelty. Without hesitation I began to rub my tiny body on Connor’s immense sole, which towered over me the size of a bus. The sweat and smell of that gigantic foot enveloped me. I made an effort not to vomit as I moved my arms and hands in a desperate attempt to please my giant co-worker. I must have succeeded, because he groaned with delight and said to me:

-Use your tongue! Lick them!

I was forced to run my tongue over the plant, savoring the incredible salty taste of man sweat. Despite the humiliation of the situation, I felt aroused by that overwhelming greatness and virility. I continued for quite a while licking and massaging Connor’s feet until he ordered me to do the same with Finn’s, and I found myself working on my boyfriend’s huge feet, with all my might. Before long I realized that I wasn’t the only one aroused. The giants had started kissing and touching each other. At one point they got up and headed for the bedroom, but not before Connor taking me in his huge hand. Upon arrival he released me onto the bed as the two giants quickly undressed. I contemplated my bed, bigger now than a soccer field, thinking how everything had changed for me since I had slept in it the day before.

Soon they climbed onto the bed. The immense nakedness of those bodies gave me overwhelming feelings. Finn handed Connor the bottle of lube and Connor began to apply it to Finn’s ass. When I thought he was going to start fucking him, instead he took me in his hand and led me to my boyfriend’s hole. I screamed in horror, as my head pushed çankaya escort into the gaping anus. Connor continued to slowly insert me into Finn’s asshole until, once dilated, he began a continuous thrusting in and out, using me as a human dildo. You can imagine how I felt, the terrible choking sensation that came over me every time I was inside the hole, coupled with the fact that, although Finn was a very clean guy, I kept encountering some dirt and its corresponding smell. The back and forth was, on the other hand, making me intensely dizzy. Connor was subjecting me to that torture for quite a while, while Finn moaned with pleasure, until at last his cock replaced me in my boyfriend’s hole, and he passed me to his lover, who took me in his hand and placed me on his huge cock, already harder than a rock, while saying to me with acrimony:

-Work on that cock! I want to feel your body on it giving me pleasure, otherwise you know what will happen…!

I embraced the huge organ and tried to rub myself on it as best I could. The wild sex between those colossal men continued for a while, as Finn put his hand on his cock and began to masturbate, with me in the middle. I thought all my bones would break against that immense hardness. My head was spinning, I felt like I was dying. Just as I was about to lose consciousness, Finn announced:

-Uffff, I’m cumming, I’m cummiiiiing…

He let go of me and his huge cock started spurting gallons and gallons of hot cum all over the bed and over my poor body. A second later Connor said:

-I’m cumming too…mmmmmmmm….

-Throw it on him -Finn said as he took me in his hand. Connor pulled his cock out of my boyfriend’s ass and pointed it at my body, on which he released an immense amount of viscous cum, even more than Finn. My boyfriend released my tiny body, totally drenched in the two giants’ cum, onto the bed and they both collapsed, exhausted, on it.

They stayed like that, for a few minutes, panting and recovering. You can’t imagine my feelings there, lying on the bed, dripping with cum, shattered and terrified, but at the same time fascinated by the incredible virility and heat given off by those giant sweaty bodies. It was like being in the presence of two mythological gods. Finally, Connor looked at me, laughed at my appearance and said:

-Look at you. We’ll have to wash you up a bit, won’t we?

He took me in his hand and headed for the bathroom. I thought he was going to take me to the sink but no, terrified I saw that he was going to the toilet. He unceremoniously dropped me violently into the water. The icy water hurt my body, as I came to the surface gasping and trying to hold on to something. Then I saw, with infinite terror, Connor pointing his huge cock at me. It couldn’t be, that couldn’t be happening! Immediately an immense and extremely powerful, foul-smelling jet slammed into my body. I tried to escape, but I couldn’t. Connor was wisely directing his piss to have maximum impact on me, smirking all the time. I found myself swallowing the filthy liquid helplessly as I shook from side to side, trying to keçiören escort pull away. After what seemed like hours, the stream languished and I stopped receiving liquid. The break didn’t last long, however, as immediately Finn’s giant cock took over and showered my body with an even stronger and smellier piss than the previous one.

When Finn finished both giants just stared at me smiling, with their hands on their hips, until Connor spoke:

-You’re finally where a piece of shit like you belongs. And that’s where you’re going to die, with all the shit, your proper place…

His huge hand went to the flush button. In desperation I screamed, I begged not to be killed in such a terrible way. I don’t think they even heard me. I prepared once again to die, but at the last moment, just before the huge waterfall of water was unleashed, Finn’s hand pulled me out. I breathed with infinite relief, amidst laughter from the giants, as I was carried back into the living room, where Finn put me in the cage and locked it. Connor then said:

-We’d love to keep you forever as a pet, humiliating you every day until we get tired of it, but we have other plans for you…

-I’m going to sell you -Finn announced, crouching down until his face was level with the cage-. You little guys are in high demand, didn’t you know that? With your savings in the bank and the money I’m going to make selling you, I hope I can live for a long time without having to work, hahaha…

And getting up, both giants returned to the bedroom. There I stayed, soaked in piss, locked up like a small animal and trembling with fear for what destiny had in store for me…

You can imagine that I did not sleep much that night, overwhelmed by the fear of the future and by the terrible feelings that the abuse of the giants had produced in me. However, the experience had been so exhausting that fatigue got the better of me and at some point sleep overcame me. I was awakened by noises that would be normal in a house, but which at my size were much louder, and then I saw the huge figure of Connor, already dressed in a suit, approaching the table at which I was sitting. As he arrived, he bent down, opened the cage and two of his gigantic fingers pulled me out.

-Well, little one, it’s time to say goodbye. I hope your life is as miserable as I’ve wished for so many times when I’ve seen you in the office. I am leaving you a little present to remember me….

And without releasing me from between his fingers, he cleared his throat loudly, thoroughly made a good spit and let it fall slowly from his huge lips. I tried to pull away, but I didn’t stand a chance against the immense force of the giant fingers and felt my whole body soaking in the disgusting, foul-smelling goo. When it was over, Connor shoved me back into the cage, dripping with spit and sputum, and walked away laughing:

-Good trip, worm!

I fell to the ground and, unable to help myself, burst into bitter tears. I felt so deeply humiliated that I only wished I could die at that moment. I stayed like that for a long time, until I heard noises etimesgut escort again and this time it was the huge figure of Finn who appeared, also dressed in his casual style, T-shirt and jeans, and headed towards me. When he reached the table, he opened the cage and extended his huge hand towards me. I backed away terrified and cowered at the bottom of the cage, but he then said to me in a soft voice:

-Hey, take it easy, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to clean you up a bit.

I let myself be taken in his giant hand and he led me to the sink, where he washed me thoroughly for a couple of minutes. Then he dried me off and took me back to the cage. I started begging him then, screaming at the top of my lungs, asking him to please not do this, not to sell me, to bring me back to my size, that I would get out of his life and not do anything against him… I don’t think he even heard me, but I noticed that he was more serious than the night before and clearly avoiding my gaze. It was clear that it was not so true what he had said about not feeling any guilt for what he was doing to me. Now, just the two of us, the regret on his face was evident. In the same vein he brought me some pieces of cracker and bread, and a tiny flask of water, and said:

-Eat something. I don’t know how you are going to be treated from now on…

I redoubled my pleas, but he walked away. Desolate, I ate what he had brought me (I had not eaten for many hours) and, shortly afterwards, Finn returned and, again without looking at me, took the cage and went to the car. When we arrived, I saw that it was the same store I had been in. We were greeted by the same big man from the other time, who I then learned was named Lou. I remembered when two days ago we had spoken as equals. Now I was an insect and he was a colossal giant. He looked through the bars to inspect me and then recognized me:

-Wow, wow… -he said with a devilish grin and a voice of thunder, deeper than my young boyfriend’s-. If it isn’t the young executive from last time. It turns out you’re one of those perverts who want to know what it’s like to be a toy in the hands of a giant, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a good tour of my body, so you know what a real man is, hahaha…

I shuddered hearing this and started shaking helplessly. However, Finn, perhaps in a last burst of pity, said to the man:

-Well… the truth is that he is not exactly here of his own free will…

-Well, so much the worse for him then, hahaha… -laughed the gigantic shopkeeper, as he lifted my cage and set it down on a shelf of the displays. “At least he didn’t put me in the window display,” I thought. I would have been too embarrassed to be in full view of everyone in that state. He and Finn talked for a while, finalizing the transaction, until my ex-boyfriend handed him a document, I guess the one that credited him as my owner, and Lou wrote him a check, I didn’t know for what amount. Then they shook hands and Finn prepared to leave. However, he turned to my cage first and stood still for a few moments watching me, with a clear expression of regret and — perhaps? – guilt. I tried again to speak to him, to beg him not to leave me there, but he then looked at the check Lou had just given him, turned and walked away without looking back.

There I stayed, dejected, lying in the cage and cursing again and again the naivety that had made me fall into the trap that had led me to that terrible situation…

To be continued…

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