The Big Beaver

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Big Tits

Finally, it was the big day. Earth Day. The float made its way down Main Street, where thousands of people lined the sidewalks to take in the annual parade. Clowns, floats of all descriptions, flatbed trailers with environmentally conscious products aboard — all were taking part.

In the Friends of the River float, Joe and Rebecca were in her Earth-friendly Toyota Prius, which they were using to pull the Friends float. Surrounding the car was a giant papier mache beaver, which had been constructed from environmentally-friendly products like recycled newsprint, non-toxic, recycled paint, and lumber, wire and hardware collected from a salvage yard.

Windows down to reduce air conditioning usage (Rebecca insisted), the two kept track of their parade progress during the event by looking out the front, through the beaver’s head and large front teeth. Visibility was poor but, moving at a crawl along the city streets, they could see enough of the road ahead and the unit in front of them to not cause a crash.

“Wow, I can only imagine the litigation if there was a crash here during the parade,” said Becky, a former corporate lawyer who had thrown her support behind Friends of the River after taking a green turn in her life. Having spent years in corporate law, she could imagine the suits and the suits they would launch. Then she reminded herself to shake off those thoughts and enjoy the day.

For his part, Joe was concentrating on his driving, not wanting to crash into anything himself over the several kilometres of slow moving ahead. Still, though, he couldn’t help but steal glances at Becky beside him. Becky, she had told him, was a name she’d never have allowed him to use when she an uptight lawyer. But, she’d told him over coffee once, Becky was more who she was in the present — more laid back, less worried about money and more about enjoying life.

Today, he couldn’t help but notice, she was wearing a long, hippy-ish tie dyed skirt, a sand-coloured hemp sleeveless top and her ever-present sandals. He could tell she was braless, as she usually appeared to be, and he couldn’t help but wonder if she had panties on under her skirt. With her seat back, her good looking legs were stretched out and she was gazing out the front of the beaver’s mouth… intent on the crowds watching the parade. Her bottom lip between her teeth, she had a thoughtful look on her face as they drove along, arms folded under her breasts.

Through the thin material, Joe could see her nipples and he smiled. Her brunette hair was pulled back in a ponytail, which he liked, and she looked tanned all over, having just arrived back in Canada from a holiday in Mexico.

As they rolled along, with the muffled sound of marching bands heard through the beaver, Becky also stole glances at Joe. Joe was likely the most down-to-earth man she’d ever met and a guy seemingly oblivious to how hot he was, she thought, so different from the ego maniacs in her former law office. His dark hair was cut short, as was his moustache and goatee that made him look a little like a biker. He was dressed in a loose muscle shirt that showed off his toned arms and chest nicely, baggy camouflage shorts and, even better, he was driving in bare feet.

As he’d told her over free trade coffee once, when he had grumbled about having to put on sandals to enter the shop, anything you can do in bare feet rocked. At the time, a flash of the two of them in bed had entered her thoughts; and the thought intrigued her.

Looking thoughtfully through the beaver’s mouth at the crowds outside, Becky reflected on how her life had changed in the past five years. Watching as the big teeth in front kept centred on the float ahead of them, she chuckled. “Ever been inside a beaver before?” she asked, as she turned to look at him.

Joe turned his head to look at her. “What?” he asked, blushing.

Seeing his blush even in the dimness of the car, she suddenly started, realizing what she’d just asked him. “Oh my God,” she laughed, blushing herself. “I’m sorry, of course you’ve been in a beaver. I meant, have you ever driven a beaver? I mean… Oh my God, how embarrassing.”

Joe laughed at her discomfort. “Relax,” he said. “I think I know what you mean. If you mean have I ever been inside a car covered by a fake beaver in a parade, then the answer is no.”

Her face warm, Becky laughed again. “Yes, that is what I meant. I assumed you’ve been in… I mean… Oh pooh, I’m going to shut up now.”

Feeling like her face was glowing with embarrassment, she settled back in her seat and looked at him as he drove.

At times in the weeks previous, Joe and Becky had worked alongside, chatted, shared cups of coffee. For dozens of Friends volunteers like themselves, everything was in a rush, as organizers of Friends of the River, which had only formed a short time earlier, thought the parade was an ideal opportunity to get the group’s name in front of the public. Volunteers had quickly swung into action to design and build güvenilir bahis a float which featured flora and fauna found in and along area rivers. Finding green building materials had proved a challenge and barely left them enough time to complete the float in time for the parade.

Long hours, though, resulted in everything being ready, though at the last moment someone’s Smart Car had broken down and a quick substitute was needed to pull the papier mache animal-laden float. Becky immediately volunteered her Prius, another favourably green car that all agreed would be suitable.

Joe offered to bolt a hitch onto her Prius for the task and, as he worked under her car in his garage, she’d had the opportunity to thoroughly check him out. With his head under the car as he worked beneath it, she’d gazed over his muscular legs, his bare feet and his firm torso. When he’d suddenly rolled out from under the car, she knew he’d caught her staring, but she simply smiled and had enquired if the work was done.

“You bet,” he said. “It’s all good to go.” While he’d been under her car, he’d taken the opportunity to surreptitiously check out her legs and gaze as far up as her fairly short skirt had allowed. Didn’t look like there was a panty line, he’d thought, and smiled, picturing long bare legs and…

In the car, thinking back to Joe’s obviously not minding the fact Becky had been checking him out while under her car, she blushed. “Umm, I’m thirsty,” she said, “care for a drink?”

“Sure,” he said. “What have you got?”

Squirming to get on her knees to reach into the back of the car, Becky stretched to reach for a bag she had stashed. As she moved to reach for the bag, a breast pressed against Joe’s bare shoulder and he smiled at the feeling of the warm, braless breast through the thin material of her top. She remained pressed against him as she fished around in a bag, before finally pulling out a bottle of mango juice.

“There,” she said, settling back in her seat. Taking the top off the bottle, she had a rather uncomfortable moment. As she had only the one bottle, should she first drink some herself… offer it to Joe first…

“Go ahead,” he said with a chuckle. “I don’t mind sharesies.”

Becky laughed herself and sipped the thick, sweet, organic juice, enjoying the fresh flavour. “Mmmm. That is good, want some now?”

“Sure.” He took the bottle from her and took a swig himself. Still peering out the front of the beaver, he drank again. Watching him, Becky noticed a drip at the side of his mouth. “Umm… you’ve got a drip there.

“Hey? I do?”

“Yes. It’s by your mouth there.”

Joe reached to wipe away the drip, but missed and Becky couldn’t resist. “Here,” she said. Reaching to his face, she wiped at the drip with her fingertips, then, without thinking, placed them in her mouth to lick off the juice.

Joe watched her and smiled. “Now that’s what I call sharesies.”

She smiled back at him, a finger lingering sensually between her lips.

Looking ahead again, he sipped at the drink. Again, a small trickle dripped from his mouth below his lip. “Ahhhh. Yes, that is very good. Very good.”

Becky looked at Joe as he looked down the road. He didn’t move to wipe the drip. She squirmed in her seat and made to wipe the drip again. Giving the idea a second thought, though, she instead faced him and, bending to him, moved in and licked the drip from below his lip. Pulling her head back, she looked into his eyes as he smiled at her.

“Thanks, I guess I needed that,” he said.

“No problem,” she said. “My pleasure.” Looking at his mouth, she had a sudden desire to kiss him. “And speaking of pleasure…” She pecked him lightly on the lips, noting the taste of mango still there. Bending to him again, she licked his chin below his mouth, again tasting the mango there. “Mmmm.” She then licked his bottom lip lightly, tasting the mango and feeling the warmth.

Joe, eyes ahead watching the parade route, bent to kiss her, pressing his lips against hers. As they kissed, mouths opened, tongues probed. Becky’s eyes closed while Joe’s were glued to the view of the road out the beaver’s mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Becky pulled away, looked into his eyes and smiled. “Can you believe this?”

“Actually, no,” Joe said and smiled back at her. “I definitely can’t.”

“Do you think it’s dangerous?” she whispered.

“How so?”

“I mean while you’re driving,” she giggled.

“I think I can deal with it.”

“That’s good, because I’m enjoying myself.” Not taking her eyes from Joe’s, Becky squirmed in her seat and moved to put a hip on the centre console between the seats. Moving a hand to the door’s armrest, she now fully faced him, although somewhat awkwardly. “Mmm, that’s better.”

She nuzzled into his neck, kissing him under his chin, along his neck, up under his ear. Nibbling a little on an earlobe, she giggled. As he she kissed him again and again, Joe drove with his left arm under her body and hand on türkçe bahis the wheel while moving his right hand to her bum. Caressing her bottom, he noted with his fingers that indeed there were no panties beneath her skirt.

I was right, he thought, and smiled into her kiss. Feeling his grin, she pulled back. “What’s so funny?”

“No panties, I notice. I’d been wondering about that.”

Becky giggled. “Nope. Bare there today.” She kissed him again, touched his tongue with hers, then pulled back again and looked him in the eyes. “All bare there.”


They continued French kissing, exploring each other’s mouth, tasting each other’s tongue. Joe’s free hand roamed over her bottom, tracing her contours through the skirt, finding her cheek crack, fondling a cheek. Reaching a little, he ran a hand down the back of her thigh, sending a shiver through her body. Reaching down her leg, he ran his hand under the hem of her skirt and touched bare skin.

He slowly ran his hand up and down the back of her thigh, lightly brushing her skin and sending tingles through her body as they kissed. Moving his hand over the curve of a cheek, Becky moaned into his mouth. She could feel herself becoming damp at his touch.

Dropping her right arm from the door’s handrest onto Joe’s leg, she reached with her left hand to pull aside his loose fitting muscle shirt. Baring a pec, she kissed his chest, feeling his chest hair and warm skin against her lips. Feeling Joe’s hand squeeze a cheek firmly at her kiss, she moved to suck on his nipple. Sucking while teasing with her tongue, she felt his nipple firm up in her mouth as he moaned.

Taking his eyes from the road for a moment, Joe reached again to the hem of her skirt, grabbed a handful of the material and pulled it up until she was bare from sandals to bum; legs bent in her seat to fit across the narrow confines of the car. Quickly glimpsing a tattoo of a butterfly on her left cheek, he moved his eyes back to the road as he caressed her.

Still sucking and kissing Joe’s nipple and chest, Becky reached up to his neck, caressing him, feeling his warm skin and a hint of stubble. As he continued to caress her bottom and thigh, which were now goosebumpy from the air, she moved her hand to reach under his shirt and ran her fingers over his belly and chest.

As she did so, Joe moved his hand to the front of her leg, running his fingertips from knee to thigh. She shivered again and, as his fingers moved from her thigh to the skin above her pussy, she shuddered with pleasure. Moving his fingers lower, Joe felt a hint of stubble and remembered her saying she was all bare there. He smiled and ran his fingers lightly over what he could touch of her pubic area.

With Joe’s fingers straying near her pussy, Becky moaned and pushed against his hand, such as she could in her cramped position. She quit kissing his chest and raised herself onto her right arm again, placing it on the door’s armrest.

She kissed him again, deeply, tongue pushing into his mouth with her hand behind his neck pulling him tightly to her. They kissed for long moments. Breaking the kiss, Becky moved her head away from his and looked into eyes as she felt his fingers still caressing near her pussy. She smiled as she looked at him, then lifted her leg so that her sandaled foot was resting on the passenger side windowsill, knee up, opening herself to him. “Touch me,” she whispered.

Again taking his eyes from the road momentarily, Joe looked down at her as she balanced herself on the centre console. She followed his eyes with hers as he gazed at her. He noted she was, as promised, shaved smooth. Smiling, he ran his hand up and down her inner thigh. After a quick flick of his eyes back to the road, he looked down again, and placed his hand over her mound, feeling her lips against his palm.

Becky closed her eyes at his touch. “Oh… gawd.” Moving his eyes back to the parade, Joe slipped the tip of his middle finger between her lips, feeling her moistness and gloriously smooth skin. As he ran his fingertip back and forth between her lips, Becky threw her arm around his neck and collapsed against his chest, nuzzling into him.

With his finger exploring Becky’s warm, moist pussy, Joe had to shake his head at the incredibly unlikely situation they were in — in car in a parade, surrounded by marching bands, with people waving and cheering on the sidewalks as the parade moved past them. But as he pressed his finger into her and she moaned with pleasure, he smiled and also marveled at the situation. He continued driving carefully while gently fingering her.

With Joe’s finger gently moving in and out of her, Becky threw her head back in pleasure and smiled up at him. “Gawd, that is good,” she whispered, ignoring the pain in her hip that was growing from being on the hard plastic console. When he lightly touched her clit, she gasped, “Ohhhh” and reached down to his crotch. Feeling the hardness in his shorts, she smiled and rubbed him.

Now güvenilir bahis siteleri it was Joe’s turn to moan as she squeezed his cock through the shorts. He put his hand over her pussy once again and spread his legs as far as he could in the somewhat cramped driver’s space and she reached down to try and feel them. Disappointed with feeling him through his shorts, and now with a real pain in her hip from the console, Becky pulled away from Joe’s finger, dropped her foot from the windowsill and squirmed around to be on her knees in the passenger seat, head ducked under the roof panel. Her skirt fell to cover her.

Settling back on her knees, she looked at Joe, seeing a bit of a pout on his face. “Wow,” she breathed.

“I know.”


“I guess…”

She smiled at him and laughed. “Don’t be.” Taking a quick look out the beaver’s mouth and seeing the parade continuing on, she looked back at him and smiled again. Then, bending over the console now, she reached for the waist of his shorts. Looking at him, she saw the pout quickly leave. Chuckling because he had to continue watching the road, she undid the button on his shorts. She kissed him, then, looking down, slowly undid his zipper. Smiling as his cock popped free to point at her, she pulled his shorts away and admired him for a moment. Rising out of dark pubic hair, veins stood out on his shaft and his head pointed right at her, foreskin back.

“Hmmm. Also no underwear, I see.” He was about to say something, but she bent to kiss him again, enjoying the feel of his lips on hers. As they kissed, she reached down and wrapped her fingers around him. He moaned into her mouth as she began stroking him; she kissing and stroking him while he looked over her head out the windshield.

Joe stretched his neck a bit to see over Becky’s head. Noticing, she pulled away from his mouth. “I’m sorry, I’ve been in your way all this time, haven’t I?” she said, with a squeeze of his cock.

“Mmmmm. It’s not a problem, really.”

Reaching lower into his shorts, she cupped his balls in her fingers and squeezed them ever so gently. She smiled as he moaned again and closed his eyes momentarily. “Keep your eyes open, Joe. We don’t want to be in a crash here.”

Opening them, he looked down at his crotch, where her fingers were securely wrapped around him again, stroking and squeezing. “Keep your eyes on the road, Joe,” she said, as she swirled some pre-cum around his head with her thumb. On her knees in the passenger seat, she put her left hand on his shoulder for balance as she continued stroking him with her right.

His cock warm in her hand, she stroked and bent to nibble his earlobe. She quickened her pace, up and down his shaft, fingers tight around him, stroking and squeezing simultaneously. She sensed him clenching his ass to thrust up into her hand. With a nice rhythm going, she whispered into his ear, “Isn’t this great?”

“Mmpf,” he grunted as he pushed into her hand, his eyes on the road. “It’s so fucking great, but I kinda hate to say this…”

“What?” she asked. “You need to cum?”

“Well, that’d be great, but what I meant is that I think we’re just a few block from the parade finish now.”

Stopping her stroking, but holding him tightly, she again looked out the windshield. “How can you tell?

“See that bank?” he said, relaxing a bit and peeking down at her hand around him again. “We go about four blocks past that, then we take a right and pull into the arena for parking and the big barbecue that follows.”

“Oh pooh,” she said, stroking him again. “It won’t take long to get there?”

“Umm, no. Likely just a few more minutes.” He looked at her and smiled. “I guess I just lost track of time, for some unknown reason.”

Looking at him while gripping him tightly, she smiled. “Me too. Maybe for the same unknown reason. What do we do then?”

“I don’t know,” he said.

Putting a hand on his shoulder and the other on his knee, she said, “That’s okay, I do.” At that, she lowered her face into his lap and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Taking him into her mouth, she felt him warm on her lips and tongue. Breathing deeply through her nose and keeping his head between her lips, she swirled her tongue around his head, feeling the skin smooth against her tongue while probing into his pee hole.

Joe gasped as she went down on him. Looking down, he could see nothing but the back of her head, her ponytail moving as she twisted her head. As she started taking him deeper into her mouth and bobbing up and down, he put his eyes back on the road. Clenching his ass, he tried to press up toward her, to clear his cock from his shorts so she had full access.

Meanwhile, Becky, now in an up and down rhythm on his shaft that had her soaking wet, cleared her mind and concentrated only the taste and feel of his cock. Bobbing up and down on him, slurping noisily occasionally and sometimes stopping to suck his head, she felt carried away.

Looking down again at her bobbing head, Joe reached for Becky’s skirt once again and pulled it up and over her bum, baring her cheeks. Running his hands over her cheeks, he groaned as she continued mouthing him… up and down… slurping.

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