The Big Tease Ch. 01

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For K.

I’m there on time, wearing the cologne you picked out for me. You greet me at the door in that pink dress you’ve been telling me about, and the anticipation that has been building in me since we saw each other last goes from butterflies in my stomach to lust someplace a little bit lower. You are more beautiful than ever, and I want you so bad. But first – I have a surprise.

We hug, and hold each other for a long time. The wonderful smell of your hair, the press of your body against mine, the feel of your body as I run my hands down your back to your hips and back up: suddenly it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been apart or how hard the months have been. I’m just so glad to be with you.

We kiss. Hungry, reaching, tasting kisses. Your eyes closed, I murmur how beautiful you are. You smile, and a thrill goes all the way through me. The loveliest woman in the world is in my arms.

“Come here,” I say. “Come.”

Taking your hand, I lead you to the bedroom and have you lie on the bed. You reach up for me, but I laugh and shake my head. “Let’s take these glasses off,” I say, and set them on the nightstand.

“Now let’s take off that dress”. You move to let me, and I set it on a nearby chair.

You are naked underneath. As always, I catch my breath at the sight of your gorgeous body.

“Come on, sweetie,” you say. “Come here.”

“Sssh,” I tell you. “Lie on your stomach. Close your eyes”. You do, but I can tell it isn’t what you want to do. (You always like to get right down to business!)

I begin to rub your shoulders and back, a nice gentle massage. I can’t help leaning down to inhale the scent of your beautiful, sexy hair. (I could spend hours üsküdar escort in your hair!) I find knots in your shoulders and back and try my best to work them out gently.

“You are so beautiful, sweetheart,” I tell you. “So wonderful and sweet. I love touching your beautiful body. I want you to feel so good.” You moan a little, a sound I am glad to hear.

I gradually move down to your hips and lovely ass, caressing and massaging you. I am entranced by that ass (as you know!). I want nothing more than to finger you there, to hear you moan as you always do. But I have bigger plans…and have to satisfy myself with mere caresses.

(Going this slow, not jumping on you, is hard for me too!)

“Mmmmhhh, that’s nice,” you say.

(How lucky I am! I think, being with this beautiful woman!)

I massage your thighs and ankles, moving down towards your feet. You let out a long sigh.

I say, “Time to roll over, babe.” And you do, your eyes still closed.

(I get to look up, between your parted legs, and see that smile. God, what a view!)

I start rubbing the balls of your feet. And then, tentatively, I take one of your toes in my mouth. I have told you I wanted to do this, and you always told me you would giggle if I did.

Which you do, but I can’t help it. I love every inch of your body.

And, while you are still giggling, I am suddenly between your thighs. Not your pussy, which I can tell is soaking wet with anticipation, but next to it.

Kissing and licking the area around it, inhaling your aroma, dying to dive into you. You inhale suddenly, because you love it when I lick your beautiful pussy. şerfali escort And I do too.

But not yet.

The massage is over, but I am not done teasing you. With my fingertips I trace lines up your thighs and up around your breasts, tracing each nipple (but not touching them), listening to you gasp. And then back down again. And back up. And again. And again, each time a bit closer to your nipples and pussy.

“Hey, baby?” I tell you.

Your eyes open and you smile at me.

I take your hands and lift them over your head, hold them down with my hand.

I kiss each of your eyes, and then your lips.

“You are so beautiful. I absolutely adore you.”

Your eyes open and you look at me.

“Thank you, sweetie. But I really need you to fuck me now.”

“Sure. Do you want it in your ass or pussy?”


“Yeah, OK. But not yet”, I say.

I kiss you again, on your soft neck (looking for that spot I know makes you wet!), down towards your breasts, and circle your nipples with my tongue.

“God, suck them for me, baby!” you say.

I smile, and remember the first time I ever sucked your nipples.

You had told me that they were sensitive,

and I was scared to death of hurting you. I

was as gentle as I could be that first

time. I flicked one with my tongue, and

eventually worked up the courage to suck on

it, and then to nibble it with my teeth.

When you began to moan, I realized

‘sensitive’ was a good thing. Since then,

sucking on your luscious nipples has been

one of my favorite pastimes. Along with

everything else involving your body.

But now I don’t say anything.

“God, I need to get fucked hard,” you say. “Quit teasing me!”

“Hmmmm,” I say.

“This is so unfair!” (How I love the pleading tone in your voice!)

“Okay,” I say. “Why don’t you get on all fours.”

(You do this gladly, because we both know doggy-style is your favorite position. And mine. So many possibilities!)

And then that hot ass I love so much is in my face. But I don’t go there, much as I want to. I go back to your shoulders, rub my hands down your back and to your ass and then back up. Another mini-massage while you moan your impatience.

I spread your legs a bit, and let you wait in anticipation while I undress behind you. I grab your hips.

Then I put my tongue against your clit. You cry out in surprise, and moan as I begin to lick up and down your sweet pussy, only stopping to give attention to your clit. “God, yes!” you say.

I fuck your pussy with my tongue, tasting your wetness. God, I love the way you taste! And I love how wet you get when you are turned on. I want every drop of your juices in my mouth.

“Rub your clit, sweetheart,” I tell you. “I want you to cum for me.”

But you are already doing that. You are somewhere between a moan and a scream, and I love hearing you in ecstasy. I love the smell of you, and the taste of you, the sight of you, and can’t believe how lucky I am, to be with such a perfectly beautiful woman.

And then you are cumming. Your whole body locks up, shudders, and vibrates again and again. I watch in awe as your orgasm consumes you, takes over, sends you someplace else. After a while you are back with me, smiling at me over your shoulder and breathing hard.

We lie down next to each other, face to face. I place a finger in your pussy and taste your essence again. You taste like heaven.

I wrap my arms around you.

“Wow,” I say.

We smile at each other.

(Happy birthday, sweetie!)

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