The Bikini Competitor

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As a personal trainer at a large chain gym, part of my job was to prepare people for fitness shows and bodybuilding expositions. Trust me, it certainly wasn’t a difficult job at all, especially when dealing with the female members who wanted to get themselves ready to be on stage in front of about a thousand people wearing nothing but a very revealing outfit. The men were one thing to deal with, but the women were nothing to complain about. There were several times where it was hard not to cross the line between client and trainer, but it was easier since most often they had a supportive partner already. Now in my late 30’s my days of bedding clients were over and I had settled down quite a bit.

However, when one of my coworkers decided that she wanted to do it too, that presented a completely different situation. Carla and I had been working together for about six months, and she was in good shape already having been a former competitive athlete in university. She was 23, young and recently had broken up with a boyfriend so decided she wanted to train and compete in a local bikini show. This meant she didn’t have to be really ripped and muscular like a bodybuilder, but very lean with good proportions. She also had to have a nice firm muscular ass and a perfectly flat stomach. Since I had lots of experience doing this type of thing for my clients, she came to me for some advice and to do her measurements over the weeks leading up to the show. The first time we did them together it was a bit of an eye opener seeing her with most of her clothes off. When she stripped off her shirt and stood in front of my in only shorts and a tank top I gave her a frank appraisal. She had a lot of work to do in order to get there. Her stomach had a bit of a paunch and her legs were thick, while her chest and shoulders were very strong because of the sports she played. Her ass was nice and round, and I couldn’t help but take advantage of my vantage point doing her measurements to take a good solid look at it.

We set her workouts and diet and to her credit, she started to work very hard. She did an hour of cardio on an empty stomach every morning and then lifted heavy weights for another hour every day. Often I would stop by and talk to her on the stairclimber and she would be lightly soaked with sweat. It was nice to see light beads of it rolling down her chest in between her breasts while she worked, and watching her ass flex while she climbed was impressive. She went into the situation full throttle, and as her coach we also started to talk more often for motivation. I felt like a connection was growing between us even though she also felt like a client.

I still remember the day that my mind changed about the situation. After her first month she was nervously in front of me again for her bodyfat measurements. Her body had obviously changed even without removing any clothes, and she had been tanning as well, giving her skin a darker sheen. It made her bright eyes pop out a little bit more. She was also carrying herself with a bit more confidence around the gym and seeing her smiling and laughing more often (and sometimes being really grumpy because of her diet) made her a lot more attractive. Asking her to please strip down was a total pleasure this time. To my surprise she had worn underneath her usual clothes only a sports bra and a small pair of booty shorts. It made me appreciate the work she had done even more. Obviously her confidence was growing as well.

Her skin was darker and her breasts stood out from her chest and shoulders proudly. Moving down her body her stomach had become flat and tight, with just a hint of definition running down the middle of her abs. Her hips had become more defined as well, and she had that distinctive line that ran like an arrow on either side pointing straight to her crotch area, which was clearly outlined through her shorts. She had obviously shaved herself mostly bare and her legs had slimmed down as well, tapering down nicely. Her ass had lifted up and become rounder and firmer. Standing six inches away from her I actually caught my breath because suddenly she had turned from a slightly overweight girl into a toned, tanned picture straight out of a fitness magazine. Her nipples were obviously hard through her sports bra.

Quickly moving through her measurements, it was hard not to linger over each body part and caress some of the areas I knew would be sensitive to her. What I really wanted to do at that point was run my hands slowly up and down her stomach, ass and hips to feel the hardness of them. My cock rose to attention as I moved through my paces, and I had to catch myself from giving into my sudden lust. Here I had a nearly naked 23-year-old bikini model that was allowing me to put my hands all over her, and I was enjoying every second of it. I could sense that she was nervous too, not only because of the things that I was doing to her, but being in a room alone with me with barely any clothes on must have triggered something inside of her. She was breathing quickly and would not make eye contact with me at all while we chatted and I wrapped the tape around her body. When I measured her thigh she had to stick one leg forward, güvenilir bahis and it was impossible for me not to steal a look right at the crotch of her shorts. I’m sure she had to notice my eyes locked onto her pussy searching for a hint of wetness or arousal. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing any panties. So here I am, a very horny 37 year old man in a room alone with a 23 year old bikini model, my hands six inches away from her nearly naked pussy and all I really want to do is push her back onto the desk behind her and slide my tongue in between her legs to taste her.

The tension broke after a few seconds and we both went to the desk to calculate the results. After I sat down she leaned over behind me and I couldn’t help but notice her warm breath in my ear, which is one of my biggest weaknesses. I hoped that she didn’t notice my cock tenting in my pants before I had sat down, but if she hadn’t she had a good view of it right now looking over my shoulder. I started to wonder if she felt the same way that I did. After the results came through she had improved an absolutely incredible amount and was ecstatic. I stood up and she suddenly wrapped her arms around me and gave me a tight hug. If she didn’t know my cock was hard before, she certainly did now because it poked her right in the hip as she squeezed me. God I just wanted to kiss her right then, but I knew it wasn’t the right time. Her eyes locked with mine in a steady gaze and I knew that she had the thought running through her head as well. Stepping away quickly she looked down at the bulge in my pants and a flush crept over her face with a small smile as well.

A few weeks passed without incident although our text messages became friendlier. When I was away one weekend at a conference after a few drinks in me I confessed to her that I wished that she were there with me to see the city. She agreed, which was the first time she had ever shown any interest in spending time with me outside of the gym. I didn’t want to push the issue but I also was happy to know that she was interested in what I had to offer beyond my coaching services. The next step was going to be a crucial one if I ever wanted to fulfill my fantasy with her sleek, muscular body. That night in my hotel room I pulled up a recent picture of her posing in her workout clothes and stroked my cock until I exploded, imagining her hard body rippling underneath me while my hard cock plunged into her tight pussy and she cried out for more. Seeing her tight ass framed in booty shorts made me imagine how it would feel to grip her firm cheeks and plunge my tongue into her crack from behind, inhaling her scent while my tongue penetrated her.

Turns out that I didn’t have to wait very long before my fantasy became a reality. With about four weeks to go to her stepping on stage, we arranged to go into the gym on the weekend for some posing practice. This is where she would actually put on her suit and go through her mandatory stage poses that the judges would rate her on. The morning we were supposed to meet she texted me to say her car had broken down. I offered to pick her up to drive her into the gym and she suggested that we just do the session at her apartment. Of course the thought of being alone with her, especially now at her place in her posing suit got me incredibly excited. I think I actually flew there instead of driving because my car was going Mach speed thinking about the possibilities. The hardest part was telling myself that she was just a client, but I wanted her so badly I was ready to cross the line and have her become something completely different.

When I knocked on her door she answered dressed in a dark bathrobe, and her hair was down, flowing over her shoulders. She had put in extensions and put on makeup, and she looked beautiful. I could only imagine what was under the robe but my penis was already twitching in anticipation of what I’d finally get to see and hopefully touch, kiss and lick. We locked eyes when I walked in. It gave me all of the answers I wanted to have, because the way she looked at me and slightly bit her lower lip with nervous anticipation told me that she wanted to seduce me just as much as I wanted her to. There was nobody here to see us, nobody to knock on the door and maybe interrupt us. She said that she had one more thing to do to prepare and then she would be right out, but to have a seat in her living room on the couch. It was a small one bedroom apartment decorated sparely, with lots of fitness magazines and clothes scattered around. When she went into the bathroom I sat down on the couch, but couldn’t help but notice a pair of her gym shorts lying on the chair. I picked them up and couldn’t help bringing them to my nose for a strong smell of her to make my cock get even harder. Hopefully I would be tasting her sweet pussy tonight as well. Hearing the door open I threw the shorts down and turned around.

She walked into the room in four inch heels that were clear. However, that wasn’t what drew my eyes right away. What made my eyes widen with anticipation was the bikini suit she was wearing. Her hair was down and flowing over her tanned shoulders. The top was covered in sparkling rhinestones in türkçe bahis a deep purple colour and framed her small breasts perfectly with just the slightest hint of cleavage. Her shoulders were solid and her arms tapered down with the lines of her biceps and triceps standing out against her dark skin. Her tight, flat stomach had just the slightest hint of lines in it tapering down to a plum coloured set of bottoms that cut below her hip line and framed her crotch perfectly. Her legs were long and well muscled and her calves stood up proudly in her heels. From the front she looked great, but when she turned around to show me her tight, round ass in her bottoms my cock twitched even more than it already was. Her sculpted back tapered down to the top of her firm ass, each cheek being framed perfectly by a half bottom cut perfectly to show the roundness of each side. I was speechless and quickly knew I had to regain my composure. She smiled at me because I think she knew that the reaction I had was exactly what she wanted. She started to walk back and forth, playing up her movements, which is what she was going to have to do on stage. I couldn’t help it and moved my hand to my crotch area so that I could massage my cock, which was already rock hard in my pants. It was also a bit of a test to see how she would react. I saw her eyes move to my hand and then another embarrassed smile move onto her lips. She knew the effect she was having on me and was happy about it.

As she walked slowly across and back through the living room I knew I had to make my move, otherwise the moment would be lost. What she was doing now was like torture, but also every fantasy I had about her sprung to life ten feet in front of me. Suddenly standing up, I moved towards her under the guise of adjusting her position. As I got closer to her our eyes locked and all I wanted to do was grab her and hungrily kiss her, rip her suit off and enter her while she was bent over the nearest piece of furniture and just end this whole teasing charade. But I also knew that I wanted to enjoy every second of this, and make her body quiver with orgasm over and over again. She tensed when I moved to touch her. I adjusted her posture first by moving my hands onto her shoulders and then slowly slid my hands down her waist towards her hips, but I made sure to do it in a way that my fingers just grazed her skin lightly so she would feel a sensuality in my touch. I also made sure to have my head within easy distance of hers so that all she needed to do was turn it and we would be kissing, but also so my breath was gently blowing across her ear and neck. I knew I was having the right effect when she shivered and goosebumps broke out on her skin. Her hands flexed suddenly like she was trying to maintain control of something.

Upping the ante, I crouched in front of her and slowly started to run my hands up and down her solid legs. Now the pretense of anything not sexual was out the window so I started to enjoy myself. Stepping away, I had her do a couple of more poses back and forth across the room. She looked down and saw the tent in my pants. I was through hiding it at this point, I think she knew that I wanted her and I just wanted her to want me too. I told her to turn around, and she did, wiggling her tight ass in her bottoms at me with a smile over her shoulder. I knew it was time to move in and make my move, professionalism be damned. I stepped forward and grabbed her by the shoulders. Her knees bent a bit and she leaned back against me, finally allowing my hard cock to press against her hard ass in her suit. Wrapping my arms around her from behind, I leaned in and slid my mouth onto her neck. I also moved my hands down to touch her firm stomach, sliding down her breasts on the way. I felt the small lumps of her hard nipples through her top as I moved past her bra to her firm abs. I finally kissed her neck gently while running my hands up and down her stomach and across her hips. She arched her back into me and moaned lightly as her hands moved up to grab me around the neck. She turned, and finally our mouths met. Her tongue slid into my mouth and her arms wrapped around me. I felt her hard body against mine finally, and my lust almost exploded while our mouths stayed locked together in a deep kiss. I moved my hands into her long hair and kissed her harder, trying to show her how much I wanted her.

We kissed for a long time; our tongues moving softly in each other’s mouths and just gently letting our hands roam. My hands were feeling how strong her muscles felt and tracing the lines of her back, slowly moving down to feel her firm ass cheeks and back muscles. I could feel her solid hips pushing against me and I’m sure she could feel how hard I was poking against her stomach. Her hands were running down my chest and across my back, but then slowly moved down in order to touch my cock tenting the front of my shorts. I moaned when she finally touched me into her mouth while I pushed my tongue harder into hers. My hands finally moved to her breasts, which were encased in her tight bikini top and I started to trace around the edges and run my thumbs up and down her nipples. I knew because her breasts were small they were probably güvenilir bahis siteleri very sensitive, and the fact that she tightened her grip on my cock told me that I was right. I finally broke the kiss and started to undo the buttons of my shirt, keeping eye contact with her the whole time. She was breathing hard and watching me with a hungry look in her eyes. Her suit was still clinging to her hard body and I wanted to leave it on for a while and just take in her entire body that she had worked so hard to sculpt.

Giving me a smile she dropped to her knees and grabbed the fly of my shorts. I was so excited to feel what I could only suspect was her hot mouth on my already throbbing cock. It was ready to explode already and I didn’t even have my shorts off. She took care of that quite quickly as she unbuttoned my fly and pulled my shorts and boxers down, letting my hard cock almost hit her in the face. Without missing a beat she grabbed it in her hand and slid her mouth down as far as she could, wrapping her warm tongue around my throbbing cock. It felt like a glove encasing me down there and all I could do was just plunge my hands into her hair and hang on while her mouth literally attacked my cock. Watching this tanned beauty and her mouth working up and down my shaft made me last for about thirty seconds before I was ready to explode. I think she could tell that I was past the point of no return because she quickly removed her mouth and started jerking my cock hard while pushing the top of her bikini forward for her chest to receive my load. I couldn’t hold back and unleashed a huge jet out of the end of my cock all over her chest, pulsing three or four times to get all of it out. It slid down her toned shoulders and chest down the centre of her bikini top as my legs went weak and I almost fell down in front of her. Grabbing her by the shoulders I brought her up to my mouth for another hard kiss with our tongues mashing together. I wanted to take my time now that I was finally able to release myself and make her feel really good.

I turned her around and pushed her forward towards the couch, placing her hands on either side of the arm so that her tight ass was pushed back and her long, toned legs were bent. Her ass stuck out as the bottom of her bikini rode into the middle and I saw just the slightest hint of her ass and pussy beneath it. Her ass cheeks were round and solid with a line travelling down her legs tapering into her calves. Kneeling behind her I spread her ass with my hands and gently pulled her suit to one side. Her pussy was already damp and flowing with juices and she looked back at me while I slid my tongue forward and finally tasted her. My tongue slid up the crack of her pussy and across her ass and she squealed loudly while clenching the sides of the couch she was leaning on. Her heels put her ass up extra high in the air so I didn’t have to kneel down far in order to lap away at her pussy. I used my tongue like a brush and then occasionally slid it inside her hole. Kissing either cheek occasionally I watched her legs flex and her tight calves pulse. Her pussy was shaved bare in order to make sure no hair showed under her suit so it was smooth and tasted like honey. Licking and sucking for several minutes kept her moaning into the pillows in her couch which started to increase in volume as I knew that I could make her have a very hard orgasm if I just took my time. Once I thought she was ready I started to lick higher up on her pussy towards her clit while also finally sliding a finger inside her to feel how tight she was. I wasn’t disappointed to find that her pussy gripped just one finger tightly and I could feel even the muscles there pulsing while I started moving my tongue and lips faster on her clit. After about a minute I heard her start to scream out that she was coming and her pussy clenched tightly around my finger hard while she exploded. Her legs buckled and she fell forward on the couch, her bikini bottoms still askew and panting loudly.

My cock was rock hard again so I pulled her up after letting her recover for a second and kissed her hard again so she could taste her sweet pussy all over my face. I also took the sides of her bikini and pulled them down, while she removed her top and got a chance to finally see her incredible body naked in front of me. Her flushed dark skin showed off her tight muscles from top to bottom. Her abdominal area rippled as she was still breathing hard tracing down to her shaved pussy and her legs were rock solid. I took off the remainder of my clothes and we stood in front of each other naked together. I reached out and started to gently trace her muscles that she had worked so hard to sculpt and she laughed and grabbed my hand, bringing me in for another long kiss. She turned and led me to her bedroom, and turning me around, pushed me down on the bed on my back. My cock was hard again and stuck straight up. Knowing what she wanted I lay back on the bed and she quickly climbed on top of me, lowering her wet pussy down on my cock. The view was incredible. Her shoulders and arms reached down with their taut muscles to rest on my chest, while her stomach rippled with every movement. Her pussy was wet but gripped my cock like a glove and the position allowed her to sit all the way down to envelop me fully. We locked eyes and she leaned down to be able to kiss me while our bodies started to move together and get into a rhythm.

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