The Birthday part 1

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This happens to me last year on one of my last 5 stars luxury hotel security position. I was already looking to get out of the field and get into some more. I am all about raising the bar and open to new possibilities. While I was working there, I had the most interesting and most unforgettable experience ever in mid August. It was one August Friday night, I was around doing my rounds. I stand at 5’2 and about give or take 130 to 140 very lean. I have long hair on top and shaved off on the sides but you wouldn’t notice it unless I pull my hair up. I have brown eyes, tan white with a few inks here n there in my back and arm mostly from when I was in the services. Most of my ink is undercover you wouldn’t see unless I removed my clothing. I try to keep a dull or none attention grabbing look, it is best when no one notices me ( I can get away with doing things like that).
At this moment I am out and about walking somewhere in between the floors hitting my points and checking all the common areas. A few times on and off I see Ms.Aubrey,(mental picture think of TS Aubrey Kate I know she gorgeous) shes a tall slender but nicely curved blonde hair to mid back nice and long, with hazel green eyes, think but thick red lipstick that makes her skin shine. She has snow like skin barely brush by the sun, like she went to the beach a few times got slightly tan but not too deep, pretty much the perfect suntan for her complexion. She is a very stunning woman, and whenever she comes in and out of the building or just about anywhere else, she has her admirers and her lookers. She is a very captivating woman. I myself have caught myself looking at her (and drooling) a few times but I snap out of it. She is high league and I be a fool to even try. Either way, will not deny that she Is an eye candy. She knows how to dress to perfection to lure someone or to tease or leave little to the imagination but not in a sultry way. Last time I saw her which was a few minutes ago, as I was leaving the primary common area and making my way to the guest luncheon room. She was dress in an all tight blue dress with the heels to match and a small lighter shade hand purse with a small silver like link chain that matches her silver bracelet around her neck and her anklet. Like I said she knows how to dress to perfection. Rumor is she has something to do with that fashion, designs, and interiors but here no one really knows much about her. Shes very popular a lot of people coming in and out of the building know her or know of her but don’t really know her. In the whole time she’s been here I think I have seen her engage in a real deep conversation maybe only once and it was with her sister. With me she is always nice, smiles and is very polite and respectful. I have never had any problems with her and neither have anyone else from the staff. In fact a few of them adore her. At the end of the year, she has been known to give random bonus and a few token of her appetition for those that go way out of their way she makes sure to let them know she does appreciate them.
I am walking over to the luncheon taking my time to check over my listing and making sure all is where it should be and taking the time to correct anything that needs to be corrected. I am dress in your class royal blue uniform with a gold nameplate and a gold badge and a few other things here and there but all that is to make the uniform look good, which it does. I am often mistaken for an actual police officer al the time. I do point out the Security Officer and tap on my badge to make sure they understand especial that I am not an actual police officer. Tourists are often the easiest and gullible to take advantage of. As I am about the luncheon and looking over, Aubrey walks in and makes her way slightly off to the side almost as if trying to get behind me. I immediately spot her and scent her she has an amazing perfume her scent is one of a kind not too strong not weak it leaves a mark.
“Good day MsAubrey, how are you today,” I say as I turn around to look at her

She smiles and looks back at me “Vanessa, I am very well thank you, how are you” she said looking me over.
I am good, thank you” I say writing some notes down on my clipboard and slightly making my way to the glass door exiting the circular style art deco luncheon in blue and jade colors all even spread thru out the whole space. Suddenly, she slights steps off the side somewhat stepping in my way, causing me to slightly bump into her.
“Ms. Aubrey,” I say loudly about to scream at her to question her what she is doing only to hit me like a flash of lighting who she is and how well influences she is around the hotel and tourism business. Also, thinking to myself I am sure she did not mean to do that.
Ms.Aubrey, I soften my voice, please forgive me, I should have been watching where I was going instead of writing my notes.” I explain while looking her over, making sure she is ok and I didn’t bump into her too strongly.
She smiles flipping her hair over her left shoulders. She smiling with somewhat of a playful smile, but to be real honest, I really don’t know I haven’t been able to read her. She is not easy to read even her most slightly hand gesture can throw you off. Is almost as if she knows what I am trying to do and quickly changes it to throw me off track. At times I think she likes toying with some of the staff members and from the looks of it I am one of those.
“no my apologies, I was trying to rush out I should have waited” she tries to explain.
“please, after you,’ I say reaching over and opening the door for her and I hold it in place and let her walk in front of me. I do love the view from the back! WOW, that is a very very very nice view. Maybe one day I should toy with her and smack that ass of hers, accidentally as she walks past me, spank her a few times, God I would love to have her bending over my leg spanking her with my firm hands all night long making her scream’ Oh sorry got carried away in thought. Its best to let that go I can’t afford to risk losing my job. I have a few months still left and that is not the way I want to leave this place. I walk off slightly away but aware of her, she commands presences is hard not to notice her and let your eyes follow her where ever ever she goes. I walk off and go on about my rounds and checking in and out with some of the other staff members as well as the officers that are in the middle of their lock up and transferring procedures. We have a very good group they all know what to do and when to do which frees up my time to do other things that may be needed to be done throughout the night like reports and documentations and emails. A lot of emails. A whole bunch of fucking emails.
Surprisingly, everything I needed to do didn’t take as long as I thought it would, so I wander off doing another round. This time I head up to the all exclusive penthouse suit. This is one of a kind suit that only the very VIP of the whole building has access to it. Very rarely, have I seen or found anyone in here. It is breathtaking, like ballroom gala type from a million dollar mansion that you would often see in one of those archives maganizes. The back wall is all glass, reflecting glass into you walk up to it and you can see the most beautiful skyline view from almost 60 floors high. It is very very impressive and many will pay top dollars just to have this. Here I am standing admiring it for free. I am walking about observing everything and taking notes, I reframe from touching anything since that is not my department that is housekeeping. I am only there to advise and yes you guessed it take notes. As I am carefully walking about the penthouse taking my time, I will confess I do enjoy being here it is really nice, not because of the luxury but because it is quiet, there a peaceful tranquil you find here compare to nowhere else in the building. I take a moment to enjoy the moment. Suddenly, as I am there in the middle of the penthouse of the corner of my eyes I see,

Ms.Aubrey!! I’m surprised I didn’t know anyone was up here I didn’t even know she had access to enter inside here.
“Hello Vanessa, beautiful, isn’t it,” she said looking around slightly her eyes soon matching mines, she can tell him’ a little shock to find her here.
“yes it is, my apologies MsAubrey I was unaware anyone was in here, please excuse me, I will show myself out,” I say to her taking a few steps off to the side.
“Vanessa’ I hear her call out
“YES’ I respond
She hesitated for a few and occasionally smiles like a nervous smile, but I am unable to read her still.
“MsAubrey, if there’s anything you may need please, ‘ I say waiting for her to give me her list of over the top orders that she probably been waiting to suck one of us to do. (guess it’s going to be me) well if it keeps her happy so be it.
“no, as well, just, my birthday is going to be in a few weeks and,” she said occasionally taking a few steps closer to me
“oh well, Happy. B, oh, please tell me when is it I’ll see if I can get u something” I say not sure why knowing well there is nothing I could possibly get that this woman can’t get on her own. I guess I am trying to be nice and break away from what feels a little bit of an odd conversation, I feel like its forced.
“no, no please,’ she begins to whispers
“well if there’s anything I can do please let me know,” I say to her smiling as I am about to turn and try and exit out. I feel uncomfortable I came in there unknowingly that she was in there. Feels like I intruded in her space.
“Vanessa, please’ she interrupts getting a little closer to me, she is slightly taller than me my forehead reaches her at her lips and I have to look up at her, it doesn’t bother me cuz I have a better view of her breast that is nicely perky erect in front of me. I try to balance without really glancing but my eyes betray or so I feel.
“Yes, Ms. Aubrey” I respond looking up at her slightly,
She looks at me walking up within a few steps right in front of me, ‘
“there is something you can give me?’ she said or ask, states not sure but that’s what she told me
“’ before I could even answer or speak a word she lunges forward to me grabbing me her left hand at my hip her right over my right shoulder holding my neck as she leans forward and kisses me

SHE kisses ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her perfect cloud-like lips kissing upon mines, her hair flipping down over my left shoulder caressing my skin as I feel her body up against me. Her skin flush and her scent that perfume of her. I feel her tongue slowly guiding itself inside my lips as our bodies start to press against each other. Whatever guard I may have drop and very little did I try to fight or resist. I was entrapped captive by her kiss the passion filled moment that to this day I can’t even express in words even if I wanted to. I felt her flush skins pressing upon mines, the feel of her body in between my arms as I begin to reach for her and pull her towards wanting our bodies to press together. As all this is going I have a million thoughts rushing and running thru my mind I can’t believe we are kissing OMG this is a PERFECT KISS!!!! GOOD LORD shes a good kisser. I feel her hands caressing me. After what seems like it was a lifetime she pulls away looking at me her eyes filled with lust desire passion and a thousand other words I can’t think off but her eye reveals just how much she wanted longing for that kiss. I looked at her totally completely confused and stunned but willing, the hell I am willing let’s do this!!!!
She takes a few steps back caressing my face and my neck her left hand still at my hip barely touching my gloss double leather belt form my uniform trousers.
“God, you have no idea how long I have been wanting to do that” she suddenly said I look at her confused as I look her over suddenly at her skirt something catches my eyes a budgle like
WHAT THE???!! Suddenly it hits me
She slightly moves her hand covering or trying to cover herself but it was already exposed. I look at her completely totally STUN SHOCKED, like someone drop a bucket of ice cold water on me after they lid me on fire.
“I’m sorry, I can’t control that’ she said taking a few steps over and excuses herself,
“thank you for my early birthday gift” and she walks away as I stand there stun frozen in my feet unable to move, think I am paralyzed. I don’t know how long I stood there but for the rest of my night, I was pretty much out of it. My mind was long gone. I can’t believe shes he, or his she, shes a ts. DAMN, THAT IS ONE FINE TS! FUCK!!!!!
WOW, my motherfucking WOW. I suddenly screaming out of the blue not realizing I am surrounded by a few of the officers that are looking at me strangely, and ranking on me for my suddenly totally out of the norm outbursts. I rolled my eyes at them excused myself and left.
The rest of the night I was in a total daze, captivated by her. I must admit I always found her attractive, she is fucking gorgeous like DAMN. I saw it with my eyes and I just can’t believe it, well I kind of saw it, partially it, it was there it was more than obvious. I spend at least 2 days thinking about that moment. THAT KISS, it makes my knees weak and my body awakens with emotions I haven’t felt in a long long time, I’m getting goosebump thinking of it. My body awakens in ways I never knew it would or could. WOW. Just WOW that’s all I can think or say.

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