The Birthday part 2

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The days following were a little off for once I really didn’t see her and I was confuse as if to if I wanted to see her. Part of me wanted to see her and maybe talk to her, the other half of me wanted to dig a hole and hide never to be found. Sadly, for 2 days after not once did I see her or even saw her check in to the hotel. Finally, on the third day as I am hosting some of the new guest in the lobby and greeting everyone since I am now doing the floor work. Playing faces as we call it, she walks in shes dress in all(outfit she looks at me and we hold our stare for a few minutes. All I kept thinking of was that kiss. OH MYFG THAT KISS. I wanted so badly to walk up to her just like she did to me and kiss her just like she did and start the whole cycle again. Instead we both looked at each other deeply smile and she walked in the opposite direction from me. This happen at least 3 more time at the morning and day went.
For a few days, this pretty much went on like this where Aubrey and I would look at each other secretly or discreetly. I would be watching her and she would suddenly look at me and I would try and look away but it was obvious I was looking at her. Just like there were a few times where I caught her looking at me.
Like my Tuesday night while I was helping one of our VIP customer with a unrelated problems, yet it is within us to be helpful and help the guests whenever is possible. As I was walking over in my tight black trooper and the tight royal blue top with the belt to tuck in and the glossy black shoes lower quarter heels my long top hair slick back all the way the sides cut down smooth hair slicked back all the way. As I lean forward to pull the glass door open for our guest that was walking out with a few luggage to a waiting private chauffeur a few steps aways off on the distances I noticed Aubrey dressed in an all red passionate tight dress with a black belt at her mid hip locked in perfectly shaping her waist hence that perfect hourly bottle shape that looks perfect. That perfect blond hair overlapping over her should barely brush her mid back, she looked like a model taking a million dollar shot for high-class end magazines or something. There she was looking at me looking in my direction I followed her eyes and she was looking at me from bottom all the way up, up and down. I slightly glanced her way and we briefly make eye contact for a few second and I swear I made her blush, it was obvious I caught her looking at me she was licking her lips as if she was caught in the moment. I can relate that kind of happened to me a few times as well.
THAT KISS!! It lingers in my lips, like my favorite dessert that just stays there the sweetness the tenderness of it. How soft she felt the delicateness of her body pressed upon mines even if slightly brushed up. Even though I’m a little taken back by it I must admit I love that kiss it was perfect. Is like it made time stop the whole world stood still. It’s the kind of kiss that I just can not put into words. Those of you that know how passionate and deep and profound a kiss can be you understand what I mean.
Finally, it was my Friday nights and on most Friday nights I get off early. This was no differences. I got off early and swap out my uniforms and put on some regular clothing some black sweat pants and a black top over with a heavy red unhoodie sweater over and some heavy sunglasses. I looked like someone that came in from jogging in the snow. Which is not rare at all since there are a lot of the “boxer” type of runners that they often time run in layers of heavy clothing. Just as quickly as I left out of my building complex I was able to walk right thru without being noticed one bit. That’s the thing about working at a place long enough u learn all the weakness from the inside and easily implement them to the outside. Also the main thing is not to look suspicious if u look like your up to something you will draw attention the best thing is to look causal blend in. I make my up to the 28th floor and I stand by the door I don’t know what possessed me but I wanted to see her, I needed I wanted to have her by herself.
I knock on the door and by the second time she opens

“Hello?’ she answers the door dressed in a ruby red see-thru robe semi-nude but leaving enough to make me want to see more. She answers but slightly confused thinking I was room services but only to see I wasn’t

I walk in, as she steps off to the side slightly

“HEY?? WHAT THE??? She raises her voices slightly,

I walk in and snap the door behind me locking it and pulling down my hoodie looking towards her.
She is off to the side of me her left hand off by the wall near the door as soon as she realized is me she steps off to the side and pulls her hand back caressing her hair. Her whole temperament changed
“Vanessa!” Hi, how are you?” her voice soften
“I am good,” I chuckle of all the questions. She looks at me strangely, as I pull the hoodie completely off
“sorry, I can not be seen entering your apartment I can lose my job. If I am seen coming in here on or off work.” I explain to her.
“Well, maybe I can change that, I can add you to the visitor list, or maybe I can..” I interrupt as long as I work here in this property I can’t be seen socializing with the tenants is one of their primary rules.
“Oh, I understand, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone,” she said slightly stepping off to the side, that robe dangely right over her upper thigh, teasing me as if wanted to be lift up and ripped open. The idea of what she has there concerned me but very oddly it turned me on. I can’t really explain it, even I myself am confused by it. As we are kind of just standing there an awkward minute of silences goes by, suddenly she said,
“would you like something to drink, I have your favorite raspberry ice tea with lime and ginger” she said suddenly not in the little be curious to why am I in her apartment. I went along with it. Taking off my hoodie and placing it over the back of a set of black leather love seats she had in the center of the room. The whole apartment is a on and off of black and white with blue and light green in the kitchen. Black, white and silver in the living room. She has a art deco vintage feel to the place but some how it suits her. There are a few standing lamps off on the side and a full size mirror a few feet away from the back of the door. I guess she looks at herself before stepping outside the door. There’s a black white marble dresser off on the side with a few things over it but all very neatly placed. Her floor is marble shine sparingly white its beautifully wax like professionally waxed. She has the apartment a comfortable temperature not too cold not to hot and I smell a scent of violet and jasmine fuse together not to hard not too soft just enough that u can pick it as you walk in and walk thru out the room at certain points. She probably has it on a timer or some sort. I walk up a few steps over sitting down on her leather couch facing the other as I am facing the doorway, I go ahead and sit down relaxing, as I see her bring two wine glass and hands me one.

“here u go, nonalcohol, I know you don’t drink” I also have some of those melon and honey dew u like it may take me a few but I’ll cut them and slices them up for you if you like,” she said sip from her glass looking down at me. Her snow white body standing over me with her dark red robe lingering she looked like a goddess standing before me.
“how did u know this is my favorite or that I liked those types of fruits?’ her knowledge of my likings surprised me.
“I saw you, as I come in and out of the building complex during the mid-afternoon I saw u at the café down the street I overheard you a few times calling for it. As I come in and out of the building complex during my checking in I see you always eating the same fruit salad melon, cantaloupe, honeydew and you sprinkle some cinnamon and honey over it.” She explains in perfect detailed. As I sip some of the tea and DAMN THIS IS GOOD TEA, now I’m debating if to ask her for a second.
“wow,” you notice all that, what are you stalking me?” I say jokingly but slightly concern she could have been watching me this whole time and I would have never even noticed.
“no no no, I just notice a few times on and off, is easy to notice you I like you so I am attentive to details.” She said explaining not realizing what she just said. As she sips a few from her drink and me from mines.
She slight pulls away a few steps but never takes her eyes off me. I look her up suddenly looking at her up and down. She is gorgeous in every definition of the word, beautiful falls short.
“so do you wanna know why am I here?” I suddenly ask, not sure why the hell I don’t know why am I here, I rushed in here in an impulse, didn’t even noticed what I was doing, I can pledge a moment of temporary insanity.
“Vanessa, honestly, I don’t care, why you came here, I’m glad that you’re here, you know how many times I have thought about you being in my room” said sipping the last of her drink and places it down on the small glass table in front of use between the two couch as she sits on the couch in front of me her left leg crisscross over her right and her left hand resting on the armrest while her right is rubbing her thigh slightly brushing her robe up just enough, but not enough. (damnt I want to see!! The anticipation is driving ya crazy ain’t ?)
A moment of awkward silences passes by but the looks we were giving each other were intense. I felt her stair upon me her eyes undressing me as I am sure she felt the same cause my eyes kept rolling down to her legs and up her inner thing, but on my defense, she kept rubbing that hand up her thigh every time she did that my eyes followed it.

“that kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!” suddenly I say “I want that kiss, the way you kissed me a few days ago I just “
“can’t forget it, it lingers on your lips and you can only think about it getting caught up in the moment” she interrupts practically finishing my sentences. I look at her and nodded I guess she too felt the same way.

We somewhat glanced at each other but neither one of us moved. The way I felt I wanted to jump over the table and lunge at her and devour her inch by inch but instead I kind of frozen. She kept rubbing her leg I suddenly realized it was a nervous tick, she must be just as nervous as I am.
As I was looking at her suddenly it hit me what she said earlier
Wait a minute! I say suddenly, she looks at me oddly
I chuckle, thinking about what she said earlier (scrolling back now I got to find it lols)
“Vanessa?” she calls out to me a little confused
“take me to your room,” I say suddenly standing up and reaching her with my left hand
She blushes terribly a bright red and looks at me very curiously, but she stands up reaching for my hand caressing it as she takes it holding me
“come on take me to your room” is what you want isn’t it
She looks at me filled with excitement but very confused and turning all types of red not sure how to answer me as she struggles to answer me
“earlier you said, ‘Vanessa, honestly, I don’t care, why you came here, I’m glad that you’re here,” while asking me “ you know how many times I have thought about you being in my room
“so you want me in your room, so take me to your room,” I say to her pulling her slightly to me go on take me,” I say she looks at me blushing.
“ok sure, I love to take you to my room” she replies pulling me by the hand as I follow her and her fips her hair over her shoulder slightly brushing me with it. She guides me is right in front of you to the left and a side door that blends into the wall opens up.
Her bedroom is a huge master bedroom, all in silverfish grey color her bed is a kingsize big custom made and dark red stain spread bed sheets. A huge view of the ocean from a back side window that is the wall of the bedroom all you can see is dark sky and ocean for miles away, you can’t tell where the ocean finish and the sky begins and the moon looks magical. Beautiful it is. She has it totally uncover and exposed but with that view, it needs to be open. Two dressers over to the right and one to the left that matches one another each one rose on top of it the left is red roses and the right is white roses. A medium size mirror off to the center in a small table that looks like one of that professional makeup station. She guides me in and as I come in I let the door close behind me. She takes a stand on the center of the room and flips her hair gently over her left shoulder looking at me, she had this perfect angelic like Aurora. I wanted to kiss her right there…

Instead, we both walk to the bed her on the top part of the bed closer to the pillow area she had beautiful red stain pillow her bed was so soft lace soft the type that caresses your skin. She sits gently slightly taking off some flip-flop she had on, her feet were perfect with a dark red shade painted on the toes and a toe ring that fits perfectly on her feet(yes yes I I have a kink for feet). I seat up and back on the bed my legs dangly off the floor (what I am 5’2 my legs dangle off anything if I sit back on) I slip off my shoes letting them fall to the floor, revealing my dark blue-green toenails.

‘Aubrey, what do you like?” I ask suddenly

She looks at me “I like whatever you like, I like you” she said without skipping a beat.

“ok, let me try this way, I’ll tell you what I like, I like kissing like how u kissed me that day that alone will turn me on, I like caressing soft and deep I like being touched. Kiss me down my neck rubbing my back with the tips of your nail send shivers down my back. “ I’m looking at her and she has a very attentive look on her face like paying very close attention to everything I was telling her. She was rubbing the outside of her thigh lightly with a soft gently caress.

“I like oral, I like m cut to play with tip of your tongue, flick and sucked take your time to let your tongue roll on, I liked to be fingered slowly and caressed from the inside, touch me let me feel your touch” I say as I am telling her this I slowly move up closer to her and she moves closer down to me meeting me center of the bed her legs interwinding over mines. After oral whatever goes, goes there are very few things I will say no to”
“now tell me what you like?” I ask her as I take the time to see how perfect her body is yet how to dedicate, gentle, tender it is.
“Vanessa I like whatever you wanna do, is fine with me”
Aubrey,, I want to know, ok think of me as a casual one night stand that you just picked up at the bar, and we agreed upon it, tell me what you like me to do what would you want?”
“I like to be kissed, both tongue and softly up and down my neck while caressing me”,
As she said this, I caressed her arm going up and slowly got closer and closer to her into I started kissing her left side of her neck soft slowly just like she explained.
I like to be held, hug me, let me feel your touch on me I like my body pressing up against your skin to skin’ as she said that I pull the robe and spread it open on top with my left hand slowly letting it slide down of her shoulders and exposing her perfectly round even size t.and rose pinkish nipple that was perfect. She moans slight breathing in deeply and with her left hand she meets my hand caressing it as she guides me to squeeze her breast. Her hair waving slowly forward brushing up against my arms the whole time I am kissing her neck slowly licking her and nibbling on her neck just enough to make her skin filled with goosebumps as her tiny body hair stand up from my touch. Her body shivering as I move my body closer to her.
She takes a moment to enjoy the moment or maybe she was reconsidering what she was going to say but she said anyways,

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