the birthday part 3ending

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She takes a moment to enjoy the moment or maybe she was reconsidering what she was going to say but she said anyways,

“I I like “ she hesitates,

“you like what, tell me, so I can do it” I respond back as I am caught up on the moment myself her skin felt some soft like silk, she was so dedicated so tender. I love the way her body responded to my every touch I felt a raise with everything.
“I too like oral, I like to be sucked slowly take your time, suck the tip tease it with the tip of your tongue” (well play, that little bitch…she was setting me up for this, I tell u ) “but you don’t have to…..’ I interrupted her placing my hand over her lips and guiding her face over to me gently caressing her hair back,
“I know I don’t have to, I want to,” I said licking my lips as I come close to her and her lips barely press upon mines and we lean forward as we kiss and finally there it is the perfect kiss!!!!!!!!!!!! She leans forward to me holding me gently giving herself to me as we both embrace in a kiss of a lifetime.
As we were engaged in the second most passionate kiss I have received the first one was being the one she gave me a few days back. As I was kissing her my left hand was rubbing her arm and lower back up and down slowly. Feeling her skin how dedicated and soft she felt on my hands. Her body was so soft like silk. We kiss embracing one another caught up on the moment. I reach over and undid her robe letting it fall down to her lap guiding it down with my hands as I began to caress her more and more feeling her body press up on mines. Her perfect size tit is revealed perfectly as I barely brush my hands on them gently squeezing them. Her body is shaking filled with excitement I can feel her heart beating as her t are pressed up against mines. Shes kissing back as I feel her tongue rolling up and over under mines as we keep our kiss perfectly interwind. I feel her hand rubbing up to my back gently as she begins to try and roll my top up and slowly rolling it up as if to take it off and rubbing her hands up on my skin making my body shiver as she sends shivers down my spin awaking my every sense. we gently slide up on the center of the bed as I lean forward up on her. I pull up as we lay across the center of the bed. I lean up and allow her to pull the top over my head taking it off she puts it off to the sits up and starts kissing me over my breast while reaching over to the back and unhooking the bra n bringing over the front of my shoulders and taking it off. As she buries her face in between my t kissing them and squeezing them than rubbing her hands up and down my back, caressing me. I look down at her and caress her face while tracing my hands over her lips and pop kissing her lips and down her neck.
“wow I thought about this so many times, I wonder if?” she said slowly caressing me.
As I lean down and slightly brush up against her kissing her one after the other as we roll back down to our sides. she leaning on her left and I am leaning on my right we both looking at one another. we are kissing and rubbing each other, gently caressing one another. Our bodies perfectly lap and inter-lap against one her her leg one under and over on mines and our hips slightly brushing against each other and our t nips touch each other her n pressed up against mines. i run my hands down to her and using her left hand i reach over as she leans back slightly I take her left hand and place it in between my legs in the opening of my p.
“like this,” first your fingers, one by one rub it finds my clit and flicks it rubbing it with your fingers massing it I like soft to deep massing. make me feel it but not too hard just hard enough. As I explain it I took her finger one by one and I flick it up and down my clit. Massing my clit and letting her play with it as she rubs it her hand learning its way in my p and learning how to rub and flick it with each and every one of her finger. Like a master typist typing away on a keyboard or a world renounces pianist playing on a pano. I was showing her how to play me every key and how to stroke my every note. She was a very quick learner and picked up on every single thing without skipping a beat. I let ago giving her full access to my pussy letting her have it. As I took my left hand and started rubbing and caressing her running my hand down hips.
“Aubrey, show me, please show me how to touch you,”I ask her she rolls back taking her right hand and takes mines and guides it down to her dick. From the feel of it was fully extend a nice 9inches or so from what I am feeling. its very very hard but at the same time is soft at my touch. She takes my hand with her right hand and strokes it up and down squeezing down at her balls, and pressing it holding the pressure there, only to stroke it back all the way up and roll the palm of my hand up and around the head and stroking it back down. After a few times, I picked up on it. The whole time she was doing this she was still working those fingers on my ps. Now she has them going inside stroking them inside me starting out with one and soon she put her two fingering me. we are kissing on and off. I feel her fingers going inside me rushing in and out faster and faster and faster as I too begin picking up the stroking of her d more and more and more. the more she strokes her fingers inside me the more I pick up the stroking of her d that is filled with lust waiting to explode out. I feel her whole body shivering next to me we embrace in a long kiss.
Suddenly, I pull back, as I am soaking in wetness from her fingers opening me apart inside.
I lean up sitting up slightly, as I look down at her I lean in for a kissing on her lips, and than I kiss her neck and work my way down one by one by one kissing every inch of her body as I come down to her hips and slowly work my way down to her d.
“Vanessa, you don’t…..” she starts to barely whisper with this sexy ass sex operator type of voice,
“SSSSSSSSSS” “I want to’ I want to make you happy” I want to give you a reason to smile, “I say as I start stroking the head, and I lean down rolling my tongue over her dick down her shaft and lowering my tongue down licking her balls playing with them.I suck the left one first and the right and I bounce between them while with my hands I am stroking her dick up and down pressing on it. I take her balls and suck them into I have them in my mouth and I suck them playing with them inside my mouth, you can say I have a mouth full (mouth full of nuts, nuts anyone? Lol). As I suck on her balls I feel like her dick extends longer. She is laying down all the way back on the bed resting up against the pillow. Looking down at me her eyes watching every part of me. She gently caresses my hair keeping it off to the side and at times gently caressing my face as I stroke up and suck on her head, playfully teasing it with my tongue flickering the tongue around and around and around the head. As I am devouring her dick I remember everything she told me earlier and I start to do it just like she explains. I hear her moaning and her breath is shallow. I feel the dick shaking inside my mouth as I feel a little bit her tasting it as some pre-cum starts to squirt. I was so caught up in the moment that I just kept sucking on it, also she tasted amazing. As I am stroking up and down her dick with my mouth letting her dick enter inside my throat as I push down pressing my face down her stomach and hips I reach over with my hands. Reaching for her tits as I squeeze them and start playing with her nipples. She immediately reaches down to me and rubs my hands and places her hands over my pressing more on her tits helping me to squeeze them tighter as she is moaning licking her lips glancing down at me. I feel her whole body filled with excitement. I give that dick of her’s a nice long long deep suck stroking it all the way up to the very tip of the head and flickering the tip of the head with my tongue and sucking the last little drips of her cum that was overflowing over the tip of her swallow head. I finish it by kissing it and roll my tongue back down dragging my tongue up her stomach and start kissing her back up sucking on her left breast for a few minutes to switch and suck on her right nipples flickering it with my tongue as I press up on it squeezing the tits off it. She reaches up to me and caresses my back and slowly pressing her nails up and down my back. She leans up meeting me halfway, as we engage in a long kiss and she leans more up as I start to lean back down and before I knew it I was lying down. She was over on top of me my legs spread open her hands were both down in my pussy one flickering my clit and the other one she was fingering me 3 fingers inside letting it stroke me. She kisses me down sucking on my tits just as I did her and she flickers that tongue over my nipples making them cold and tender. After a few she kisses me all the way down to where she is at my hips and with her hands she spreads open my pussy. She spreads it and soon she has her whole tongue deep inside me rolling her tongue inside my pussy with two of her fingers still stroking me. I feel the wetness and coldness of her tongue but yet I feel it warm. I feel the tip of her tongue slide inside me as she begins to suck, kiss and flicker so bad, it doesn’t take long before I start to drip as my pussy pre-fills with wetness from the over moisture of her tongue. I glance down at her and for a few seconds, she looks at me as we make eye contact the whole time she is sucking me. We make eye contact and I feel her tongue deeper inside me, her fingers are stroking me helping her tongue get a few more inches inside me. As she is sucking me I feel like she is sucking the life out of me and at the same time she’s giving me life. The more I feel her tongue inside me the more I seem to lose control of my body as my left leg starts to shake and my body starts to tremble uncontrollably. She soon buries her face deep inside my pussy taking it whole and devouring it in ways I have never have had before. By this time I am moaning slightly while trying to get a control of my body that is fighting my every single respond as her tongue becomes a puppetmaster and I am the puppet. Whatever her tongue does my body immediately responds to it even if it’s against my wishes. By this time I just let her have it and let her do as she wishes with me. I was the trap in a ball of ecasty and euphoria I lost track of time, space and place I think that by this point the hell I think I even forgot my name! (seriously what is my name?)
Suddenly, she licks her tongue all the way back down licking my left leg while caressing the other one and soon she caresses it up and licks it all the way to kiss me back literally kissing every inch of my body. Her hands rubbing down my tits and caressing my nipples. As she soon starts to work her way back down. Like someone going back for seconds at their favorite diner. She wanted more and was going back to take it. Suddenly,
“Aubrey?” I barely able to whisper her name. she smiles licking her lips and looks at me while kissing me neck and woking her way back down my tits and stomach.
Please flip around, let me have inside my mouth, please,” she stops looks at me surprised and she readjusts herself straddling over me and sitting on top of my face. Slowly guiding her dick inside the mouth as she looks down at me flipping her hair over to her back and her tits bouncing from her flipping her hair. She slowly guides her dick inside my mouth, while I take hold of her thigh and let her place her dick inside my mouth as she leans back down. Taking hold of my hips, she starts to gently give me a few strokes with her hips as I feel her dick sliding in and out of my mouth her dick is much deeper inside my throat(like did this thing grow in seconds? Wtf) I let it all go inside my mouth and soon I begin to suck on it while holding her thigh with one hand and with the other I squeeze and play with her balls massaging them. Soon I feel her face buried back deep inside my pussy rolling her tongue all over it and licking me over and over and over stroking me not just with her tongue but with dick sliding in and out of my mouth as she had my clit trap as her prisoner I can not escape. I suck hard on her dick milking it with my tongue. Like my favorite pop that I like to suck I will suck into I make it POP. She was so deep inside my pussy I felt her tongue rolling pass my belly button as she took my body hostage and I took her dick. We both got carried away to the point we both came inside of each others mouth. Her dick exploded with cum all over inside my throat and my pussy erupted with wetness all inside of her mouth and she swallowed it all and so did I as well enjoy and savory each other’s juices dripping into each other mouth. Finally after what seems forever, I started to gag and she was losing her breath I can’t remember when was it that she even took a breath soon she snap up letting my pussy go releasing her face and catching her breath as she pops up her hip pull up and I finally was able to swallow without choking and also caught my breath.
I seat up and she leans down placing herself in between my legs, we both embrace each other as we kiss barely trying to catch our breath huffing and puffing. Her face was cover with all my wetness and my tits were bathed with her cum some overflowed down to my tits. She looked at me waving her hair off to the side and licked my tits licking her juices and sucking on my tits.
I drop back down subcum with escasty. She leans up on top of me between my legs. Stroking her dick near my pussy rubbing the head near my clit as she presses down on top of me kissing me, with her left hand she flips her hair and caresses me gently kissing my neck. I can feel the head of her dick rubbing up and down my clit she digs the head of her dick up against my clit teasing it
She moans and lets out a small exhale
‘vanessa, I want to.” she barely said
I bring my legs up and spread me wade arching my hips towards.
I caress her face and flip her hair back,
Aubrey, I am not stopping you “ I say leaning up slightly and kissing her. Just as we kiss her tongue deep inside my her lips seals over mines. I feel her rub her dick down and slowly I feel her head sliding inside me. I moan sharply as I feel her dick sliding inside me. As wet as I was I still felt pressure from her over size swallow dick entering inside me. I feel her full on 9inches giving way inside my pussy as her dick perfectly fits. She starts to stroke in and out slowly and short but with her dick being fully erect like it was even short stroking felt like they were extra long I felt every inch of her dick sliding inside me. I felt the pressure of her dick and her body pressed up on top of me. Both our naked body perfectly fitted into one another. As I feel her tongue twisting and turning all over my mouth together with her dick drilling inside me sliding in and out and in thrusting deep inside me. Her massive head taking me hostage as her dick breaks every inch of me as she fucking me more and more having her way with me. Her dick pounding in and out of me and my pussy taking every inch of it. Our bodies both drained and covered in juices and sweat dripping. Our bodies other filled with escasty and overloaded with pleasure. Her skin rubbing up against mines and her tits pressed up against mines our body evenly match. We passionately kissing our tongue connected in an over the top twisting and turning while her dick is in a full on stroking that seems to never end. Finally, we both explode. Her dick rips my pussy open shooting a massive load of cum as my pussy opens wade taking her load and shooting back a full wave of wetness exploding dangerously. She collapsed on top of me with slow soft grinding we seem to just fade away into each other arms. Pre-exhausted and completely totally drained.
I wake up, what appears to be the next morning. My body feels extremely lightweight, like an out of body stated feeling. I slightly turn to my left and there she is looking at me caressing me smiling.
“Aubrey?” I whisper trying to move but my body still not responding as I wish it would.
“Vanessa, this was the best Birthday ever!!!! She said, kissing me and with that perfect kiss we start this whole cycle all over again! This woman’s kiss is deadly!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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