The Birthday Party

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Thanks to Cyonis for editing


To say my boy Andy was unpopular would be a huge understatement. He had an IQ of 142, and played chess and backgammon for fun. Although he always said he was cool with his life and the way his classmates and so-called friends treated him, I knew deep down he was unhappy. A few months before his 18th birthday our family suffered a couple of financial setbacks, which were going to take at least a few years to bounce back from. As a result, we couldn’t give him the car we had intended for him as he was going off to college next school year. We talked to him and as usual he ‘understood’ and was very reasonable about it, but I knew he had been counting on that car to finally be part of the cool kids and hopefully get his social life on track.

I decided then and there that I was going to give him an unforgettable birthday party. I put some money aside and started planning weeks in advance. I booked a local, popular rock band to perform in our garden and ordered his three favorite cakes, along with enough drinks and snacks to survive a nuclear holocaust. I made him send out the invitations three weeks in advance to lift his spirits. Unfortunately, a few days later, there were already 2 refusals in the mailbox. Since he had only invited 4 guys and 2 girls, he had already lost a third of his guests. This was going the wrong way. I hid them from Andy and thought of what I could do.

I looked at the refusals… one of them was from Garry. From what I’d been told, he was one of the most popular guys in school. He’d always treated Andy fair, but inviting him seemed like a long shot. I am sure a guy like that had other opportunities. Still, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed that Garry was the solution. If I could convince him to attend, I am sure it would significantly increase the chance of other people attending as well.

I drove up to his house that same evening and rang the doorbell. His mother answered the door. Not wanting to come across as a desperate mother begging for attendance at her son’s birthday party, I fibbed as to the real reason I was there and told her I was on the school committee, looking for volunteers for the school BBQ.

“Good luck with that,” she laughed before turning around and calling down Garry on her way back into the living room.

Garry came down the stairs and looked me up and down as soon as I was within range.

“I am Andy’s mom,” I said, “I am here to talk about his birthday party.”

“Yeah, I don’t know if you’ve gotten my rsvp yet, but I won’t be able to attend,” he said.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” I replied, “Is there any way you could change your mind, it would mean the world to Andy.”

“Look, no offense, but your son and I aren’t even that close, we say hello to each other in the hallway, that’s it…” he said, blatantly staring at my big tits. To be fair, I am a 34C and I was showing a lot of cleavage, so I let it go.

“But you’re too cool to come to his birthday party, is that it?” I blurted out.

“Wow, hey, look lady… I am one of the good guys here okay, do you know how much crap your son has to take from all the other kids… at least I don’t bully him!” he retorted.

Realizing I had lost my cool, I said, “You’re right, I am sorry, but this whole party kind of stands or falls with you… I am betting a lot of kids will follow your example, if you attend and come, I am sure they will too.”

“Yeah well, I am not so sure… this could easily backfire, I am sorry for Andy, he seems like an okay guy, but there’s no way in hell I’ll risk social exile for him,” he said as his gaze wandered up and down my curvy body, from my knees all the way to my blond weaving hair.

“So, there’s nothing I can say to change your mind?” I asked.

Hesitantly he shook his head.

“Ok, thanks for your time then… sorry to have bothered you,” I said as I headed back to the car.

“You know…” he said, apparently only now realizing the potential of this situation, “There’s nothing you can say, but maybe there’s something you can do.”

Before I even turned around, I realized what he meant…under any other circumstances, I likely would have ignored his comment and gone home, but I was determined to do whatever I could to make this birthday party succeed.

I turned around, walked up to Garry again and said, “And just what might that be?”

“You could show me your tits,” he said unabashed, cocking his eyebrow with a smirk.

“Right here?! Are you crazy?” I asked, letting him know I was open to bargaining.

“No, not here, in the shed out back,” he replied.

“And then you’ll come to Andy’s party?” I asked, wheedling him to give me his word.

“I’ll certainly be more inclined to say yes,” he said.

“Not good enough Garry, what will it take for you to say yes?” I asked him bluntly.

“Well,” he thought for a few moments, “I’ll need to see you naked, all of you… and a handjob, maybe…”

“Woah Garry, slow down,” I said, trying güvenilir bahis to get the upper hand in the conversation, even though I was actually at his mercy, “I am not a big fan of paying in advance, delivery first or no deal.”

“Look, I haven’t gotten laid in like a week, I am going to need a down payment or something,” he said, clearly aroused. His crotch was bulging.

“How’s this; I’ll show you my tits, you make sure everyone knows you’ll attend the party and when I’ve gotten at least five confirmations, I’ll come back and give you that hand job.”

He thought for a few seconds, then said, “You show me your tits AND cunt right now, you give me a blowjob as a show of good faith, and I’ll make sure there’s at least ten people at the party and after you’ve gotten ten confirmations, you let me fuck you.”

I too took a few moments to think about his offer, then said, “I’ll show you my tits and cunt right now, I’ll give you a handjob as a sign of good faith, and when I get fifteen confirmations, I’ll come back and suck your balls dry, how’s that?” I deliberately started using fouler language to pull him over the line.

He seemed to be thinking a little longer than before, so to sweeten the deal, I added “And if you can get that number up to twenty, I’ll let you fuck me… with a condom.”

“Done!” he blurted out.

“OK,” I said, “I am going to have to see your ID, I need to know you’re 18… I’m not going to jail over this.”

“I’ll go grab my driver’s license,” he said, “I’ll meet you in the shed, it’s open.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, but I kept telling myself it was the only way to make a success out of Andy’s party.

I snuck around the house and headed for the shed, which was indeed open. After waiting for a few minutes, he reappeared and flicked on the light, handing me his ID.

“Won’t your parents get curious about the light?” I asked, as I looked over his ID.

“Our living room is in the front; they won’t see the light unless they come up, which they never do,” he said, already unzipping his pants. Well, he was 18 years and three months from the looks of it, so I handed it back to him and slowly took off my coat. As he gawked at me and started jacking his dick in front of me, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, took it off and then unclasped my bra. He moaned as my big tits came into view. After dropping my bra, I unzipped my skirt in the back and slowly let it slide down my legs. His cock was rock hard and pulsating from jacking it. Down to my panties, I took a deep breath, gathered my courage and slowly started pushing them down.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he said as he gawked at my bare cunt.

Not knowing what to do next – I was wearing nothing but my high heels and some jewelry at this point – I extended my hand and slowly replaced his hand around his fat dick with my own. God, it was so incredibly hard… I could feel the veins against my skin. I began jacking him off as he couldn’t pry his eyes away from my body. I jacked and I jacked for several minutes as he stood there drooling and trembling on his legs. Suddenly he arched his back, wheezed and began shooting cum on the floor. The first jet caught me off guard and splattered against my right leg, but the rest of his cum ended up splattering on the concrete floor. Once his balls were empty, I let go of his dick and rushed to start getting dressed again, not even bothering to clean up as he just stood there panting and catching his breath.

“So,” I said as I flung my hair over my coat again, “I’ll send out the invitations to his whole class tonight. I’ll be keeping an eye on the mailbox.”

On my way back to the car and in the car ride home, I kind of felt like a slut, but I reminded myself that it was worth the trouble.

I wrote another 26 invitations and put them in the mail that very night.

Several days passed, but then suddenly there was 5 positive responses and only 2 negative. The next day, another 4 positive and 3 negative. The third day, 7 positive and only 2 negative. Well, Garry delivered, I thought. That made 16 positive responses. So, after dinner, I drove up to Garry’s house… he had held up his end of the deal, now it was my turn. After fibbing to his mother again, I ended up in the shed, on my knees, sucking Garry’s swollen cock. I gave him one hell of a blowjob and even swallowed his cum, something – judging from his reaction – none of the sluts he usually fucked did.

“See you Saturday then?” I said, as I got up and rearranged my clothes a little bit.

“What about our fuck?” he asked, still catching his breath.

“Well Garry,” prepared for this question, “I’ve gotten 7 refusals, so we won’t be able to get to 20 anymore, but thank you nevertheless, you did an amazing job.”

The following evening, the phone rang. I picked up – as I usually do. It was Garry.

“I’ve got someone here for you,” he said.

“Hi Mrs. Smith,” a girl’s voice said, “It’s Kelly MayWeather here, I was wondering if I could still attend, I know I’ve sent you a refusal, but türkçe bahis I would like to change my mind if the offer is still valid.”

I browsed through the refusals and found her name. Shit, I thought. I knew what he was doing.

“Ok, no problem. I’ll put you on the YES list then,”

“Ok Mrs. Smith, see you Saturday,” she said.

“Hello, Mrs. Smith, this is Chloe, Chloe Masters,” a second voice said, “I’ll be attending too if that’s okay.”

“Very good Chloe,” I said, realizing this addition put the number of guests over twenty.

“Ok Mrs. Smith, see you Saturday.”

I could tell the whole thing was well rehearsed, but hey, a guest is a guest… especially two more girls was going to make a big difference.

“So…” Garry said as he came back to the phone.

“So… I guess we’ll have to meet one more time then,” I said.

“Guess so,” he said cockily.

“Same place, around ten?” I asked, involuntarily feeling a flirty smile creep over my face.

“See you then,” he said. I could practically see the grin on his face through the phone.

Once again I made my way over to Garry’s house and snuck into the shed; to my surprise, he was already waiting for me. He had laid down blankets and lit a few some candles. Not in the mood for romantics, I blew out the candles and asked, “Would you mind if we do this in the dark?”

“Not at all, the candles were for your benefit,” he stated as he whipped out his cock.

“Yeah, well I am good thanks,” I said dryly as I began undressing. I couldn’t believe how much I sounded and acted like a slut. I was actually pressing him to fuck me.

“Do you mind if I keep my stockings on?” I asked.

“Fuck no,” he said as he was naked and started jacking his dick.

With just my stockings and high heels on, I got on my back on the blankets and spread my legs. The darkness offered some refuge, but when he put his condom-cladded dick against my cunt, I could no longer pretend. I was about to let some stranger, less than half my age fuck me for a service rendered.

To make matters worse, Garry seemed quite adept at fucking and gave me a good drilling. His cock was big, fat and hard as an iron bar and he had me panting in less than two minutes… he really slammed into me and I even started moaning… I was actually pretty close to an orgasm when he eventually climaxed and collapsed on top of me. Relieved – for some reason – that I hadn’t climaxed, I patted him on the back and waited for him to get up.

After we’d both gotten up, he switched on the light and we got dressed.

“See you Saturday,” I said, thankful that this was over – I think.

Saturday, around 1 pm, the guests started arriving. Andy couldn’t believe it, suddenly he was popular; everyone treated him nicely and even brought a present. Man, I thought to myself, Garry must indeed have some pull in this class. For a few hours, everything seemed to be perfect and Andy was having the time of his life. But around four, when the punch and the snacks were as good as gone, just when I was about to bring out the cakes, everyone started to leave. In less than 10 minutes, more than half of the guests excused themselves and said goodbye. Although they had behaved perfectly and couldn’t be blamed, I cornered Garry in the living room and said, “Hey, what gives, everyone’s leaving?”

“It’s a birthday party, not a sleepover,” he quipped.

“Fair enough, but I was about to bring out the cake,” I said.

“Sounds delicious, but I’ve got to get going to… there’s a party at the lake with free drinks and stuff, you know… kind of hard to say no to,” he replied.

“You made it a package deal, didn’t you… told everyone to meet here, play nice and then go down to the real party afterwards, right?” I asked.

“We never agreed on how long they had to stay, what do you want me to do?”

“Nothing,” I said, realizing I couldn’t force anyone to stay, “Just leave.”

“I will, but first I am going to fuck you again… without a condom this time,” he said.

“You must be delirious,” I snickered as I turned to leave.

“You wouldn’t want Andy to find out why he’s suddenly so popular, now would you?” he asked.

I turned and looked at him. I was angry, but I realized that making a scene or calling his bluff wouldn’t do much good, so I walked into the dining room and looked at him. He smiled, caught on and followed me in, closing the sliding doors between the dining room and living room behind him. As I closed the shutter down to a crack, he took out his cock and stroked it hard. I slowly walked up to the dining room table, and began rolling up my skirt, very slowly as he walked around the table and walked up behind me, pressing himself against me. He was an asshole, but I was horny, and I couldn’t afford for our secret to get out, so I convinced myself once again that I had no choice. After rolling my skirt up to my middle, I pulled down my panties, put my hands on the table and said, “Just be quick okay, Andy will notice if I am gone too long.”

He didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri reply, but simply forced his hard cock against my entrance and pushed forward brutally. His dick slid into me and he began fucking me, standing up. Even though he had blackmailed me into this position, his dick felt really good and before long, I caught myself reaching back with my hand, caressing the side of his head and moaning softly.

“God, you’re such a fucking slut,” he grunted, shuddering, climaxing after being only a minute inside of me. Not only had he fucked me without a condom, he’d shot his fucking load inside of me. He pulled out of me, got dressed in a jiffy and said, “Thanks for a wonderful party Mrs. Smith,” and vanished.

I cleaned myself up and went back to the party, which now only consisted of five boys, including Andy and one girl, Jessie. She was the shy girl-next-door type, beautiful, but too uptight to be cool; she and Andy had been in the friends zone for years, so there was no chance of anything happening there. Although the atmosphere had completely changed and Andy’s mood had taken a dip for the worse, I did my best to lift their spirits with cake, but as I turned out, nobody was hungry anymore, probably from all the snacks and punch. So, except for the mandatory cake cutting and picture time, no one really wanted a piece. As I saw the six of them sitting there around the table, not knowing what to do or say; trying to make some small talk.

I headed down to the pantry and took a big sip of whiskey, and another one. After asking if anyone wanted something to drink and putting on another cd, I took another sip, and another one. Several guys had already looked at their watches several times, and so I knew the party was bleeding to death quickly. I was going to have to be creative if I was going to make it last. How was I going to give my boy a memorable 18th birthday party? Suddenly, it was as if I had stepped out of my body and was just following instructions, my own instructions… I headed back and started swaying to the music, shaking my attributes for everyone to see.

A little inappropriate, but it got their attention away from leaving the party. I had expected Jessie to leave almost immediately, but she didn’t, she stayed and watched. The longer I danced without getting negative response, the bolder I became. I started running my hands through my hair, cupping my tits through my blouse and bending down quite far, giving the boys – and girl – a look under my skirt. While I was dancing and turning around, I looked at Andy to see if he was okay with this… judging from the bulge in his pants and the drooling look on his face, I’d say he was just fine with it.

When the next song started, I began unbuttoning my blouse, taking it off and throwing it towards the boys on the rhythm of the music. Then, I unzipped and unbuttoned my skirt and let it slide down my legs as I shook my ass to the music. I wasn’t worried about keeping the boy’s attention, it was Jessie I was worried about… if she was to make a scene or storm off disgusted, all of my effort would be in vain. Luckily, she didn’t and just enjoyed the show. Less drooling and less transfixed than the boys, but still surprisingly interested. When I reached for my bra and was about to unclasp it, I noticed Andy reaching for his bulge and unzipping his trousers. I think he was beyond the point of caring, consequences be damned.

After taking off my bra and popping my tits into the open, I noticed two other guys fidgeting with their crotches as Andy pulled out his huge, stiff cock and wrapped his hand around it. Again, this was a crucial moment – if Jessie was going to leave, now would be the time. For several seconds, I kept my eyes on Jessie’s every move as I continued dancing. Although she was clearly nervous and apprehensive, she didn’t seem worried or disgusted as cocks popped up all around her. After giving every hard dick – those she could see from where she was sitting – a good long look, she turned her attention back to me. Relieved that she was staying, I continued my dancing and played with my tits, jiggling them up and down, pulling my nipples, gyrating my hips to the sound of music. By now, all the guys were pumping their dicks, some slow, some fast, but all of them stared lustfully at me.

I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and started pulling them down. I made sure my ass was towards the guys – and girl – as I eventually took it off. I shook my ass for another minute or so, before turning around and revealing my pussy. Too much for one guy, the mere sight of my bare pussy, caused him to grunt and shudder in his seat; as everyone kept looking at me, he was able to cum without embarrassing looks and moaned rather loudly as he flung his spunk on the floor under the table. Only Jessie glanced at him from the corner of her eye, turning his attention back to me, only when he was done cumming.

As I kept gyrating my ass, cupping my tits and swaying my hips, the guys kept drooling over the show and pumping their cocks. Now that I made one of them cum, I was determined to make them all cum… and I had a hunch that wasn’t going to be too difficult. To the beat of the music, I turned around, put my feet wide apart and bent over, grabbing my ankles.

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