The Bookshop Pt. 02

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A couple of weeks had passed since the ordeal of my first day. I had offered my resignation through sheer humiliation, but Elle wouldn’t accept it. She said that I had worked hard and proved to be very resourceful.

We both agreed to try to forget about what happened on that day. I still had bills to pay and Elle didn’t want to have to find someone else with my knowledge of books.

The job was pretty easy once I got used to it. Most of the time the store wasn’t very busy, so dealing with customers was not a problem. Spending time around an attractive woman like Elle was an added bonus, although it was also proving to be challenging. While she never spoke directly about what happened, it felt like she would occasionally drop a few subtle references to tease me, taking pleasure in making me feel a little uncomfortable.

“I’ve decided to take some business courses,” Elle said one morning, after we had straightened up the store.

“Sounds like a great idea,” I replied. “Would you like me to help you find some good ones?”

“No need; I have already decided on the courses that I want to take. I only mention it because I’ll be taking a few days off here and there.”

My mind was already racing; if I was going to be asked to manage the bookshop by myself, then maybe I can ask for a raise. These university debts were crippling me and I still needed to find the fees for next semester.

“I have arranged for my sister to come in and manage the store on the days that I will be away,” Elle said, shattering my short lived dream of financial freedom. “Kate can be a bit of a bitch sometimes, but she knows the business well. My mother always wanted her to be the one to run the store, but Kate wanted to go off and do her own thing.”

“I look forward to meeting her,” I replied, trying to hide my disappointment.

“She will be coming in at lunchtime to pick up the spare set of keys. It’s the first day of my course tomorrow, so Kate will be here to open up in the morning, instead of me.”

It had only been a couple of weeks, but I was already used to spending time with Elle. I think that I was going to miss her when she was not there.

I was kneeling down re-organising the base of a display, when Elle approached. She came so close that I could feel the heat from her bare thigh; I backed away a little, which just encouraged her to come closer and almost pin me against the display.

“This is Kate,” she said, beaming at my obvious discomfort.

I looked up to see a pretty blond beside her, holding her hand out. I shook it and began to stand up, but Elle firmly put her hand on my shoulder saying, “don’t let us interrupt you. Kate’s just here to pick up the keys and can’t stay long.”

As they returned to the back of the store, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Kate’s breathtaking figure, which was petite, but very well proportioned. She was only slightly shorter than Elle, but was athletic with stunning legs and a jaw dropping shapely derrière. Kate was apparently the older sister, although you could not tell.

Once Kate disappeared out the back of the store, I glanced back at Elle to find her glaring at me; she must have caught me checking out her sister. I felt myself blushing and quickly got back to my task at hand, making a mental note to be more subtle in future.

When Kate re-appeared, they both settled behind the counter, while Elle served the customers. I continued to organise the displays at the front of the store, but couldn’t help notice that Kate seemed to be staring at me each time I looked in their direction. It was a little disarming and I felt like a rabbit in the headlights, but I just tried to get on with things, putting it down to paranoia.

A little later, as Kate was leaving, she approached me and announced, “I want to get started an hour earlier tomorrow, to prepare the shop before the customers arrive. So be here by 7am. Don’t be late.”

The store was never busy in the mornings, so I had no idea why she wanted to get in so early. I knew better than to argue though, so I just smiled and agreed to it.

I was waiting outside the bookshop at 6:45am, bleary-eyed, with two coffees in my hand. I really should have tried to get more sleep, but I just couldn’t bring an end to my Netflix binge.

“Good, you’re on time,” I heard from behind me, as I spun around to see Kate approaching with the keys.

“Just trying to impress the boss,” I said, offering her a cup of coffee.

“It’s going to take a lot more than that to impress me,” she countered with a smirk on her face. “Don’t think that you are going to be slacking on my watch. I hope that you are as good as Elle says you are.”

What had Elle told her about me? I shrugged it off and followed her into the bookshop.

Kate’s shoulder length ponytail hung down over her pink crop top, which clung to her slender torso. I was now transfixed by her tight black yoga pants, which looked like they could have just been sprayed on to her; the cut of the material allowed it to disappear between her cheeks. şırnak seks hikayeleri The awe-inspiring buttocks before me were pushing and pulling the material deeper into her hungry bottom with every step. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said that she was putting on more of a swagger for my attention to be drawn to her magnificent peach.

After dropping our bags at the back of the store, Kate headed to the stockroom. I set to the task of cleaning the shop counter, trying to be extra careful not to break anything this time; I was tired and could really do with a quiet day.

It wasn’t long before I heard Kate calling for me to go and help her.

The musty smell hit me as I entered the dimly lit stockroom; a lack of windows meant that there wasn’t much ventilation. I always felt a little claustrophobic here. The distance between the walls was probably not even enough for me to lay down straight without touching them. Every shelf was crammed with books and the shelves went all the way to the ceiling.

“The books for the new promotion are on that top shelf, I need you to get them down.”

I stared up at the shelf that she was pointing to, which was a long way out of my grasp. There was no step ladder around, only a small swivel chair in the corner, which looked in bad shape.

“Elle really should have bought a new step ladder by now; that chair will never hold you if you try to stand on it,” Kate said, following my gaze and reading my mind.

I focused on the top shelf again and prepared to climb up onto the lower shelves in order to reach it.

“Whoa, what are you doing?!” Kate yelled at me, stopping me in my tracks.

“I need to reach the shelf somehow,” I responded.

“Not like that you won’t; you’ll pull the whole bookshelf down. Don’t you think that you have broken enough things in this shop already?”

Elle must have told her sister that I broke the till on my first day. Did she know about anything else that happened on that day? I felt my face getting hot as the blood rushed to it.

“Well?” Kate demanded impatiently.

I moved toward the chair for a closer inspection.

“I told you already that the chair is not an option,” she admonished. “Come on ‘Mr Resourceful’, I’m sure that you can figure something out.”

I put on a weak smile and tried not to show my irritation.

“Maybe if I lift you up on my shoulders, you can get to them,” I proposed after some thought, not knowing what else to suggest.

Kate pondered my suggestion for a moment, before replying, “it might work. Just make sure that you don’t drop me!”

I watched as she kicked off her sneakers and was now standing barefoot by the bookshelf.

“Come on. Down!” Kate instructed as she snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor in front of her.

I broke out of my bewilderment and quickly crouched down by her feet, facing away from her.

“Get lower,” Kate ordered, as she shoved down hard on my shoulders catching me off balance; I stumbled forward onto my hands and knees.

Before I could get up, her dainty, well pedicured feet appeared in my vision below me; she had straddled my head so that her knees appeared either side of my face.

“Up!” She commanded.

I carefully rose to a crouching position, taking Kate’s weight on my shoulders. Her warm thighs squeezed my neck, as she lithely hooked her legs under my arms and used the top of her feet against my back to steady herself. Using the bookshelf for support I pulled myself to a standing position; getting up was harder than I thought it would be. I held on to her legs and turned to face the bookshelf, moving as close to it as I could.

I could feel Kate’s body stretching upwards as she tried to get to the books on the top shelf. Glancing upwards I could see that they were still just out of reach.

“Hold my feet,” she instructed, as she unhooked her legs and presented them in front of me. I put my palms under her feet and could feel her starting to put some weight on them to elevate herself. I braced my hands against the sides of my stomach to try to steady them.

Kate was now raising herself higher and I was struggling to take her weight, as she eased herself off of my shoulders and onto my hands. My trembling hands slid down a little further until I found purchase by bracing them against my hips.

Her captivating fragrance hit me at the same time as the realisation of the position that we were now in. We had manoeuvred into a position where she was standing on my hands, with her majestic ass positioned above my head. I couldn’t help but stare up at her sumptuous body towering over me, with her cute bum clad in skin tight yoga pants, flexed above my face. I could feel my cock getting hard and hoped that she would not notice.

Kate was starting to slip, as the muscles in my arms were beginning to burn and shake. I couldn’t let her fall. I tried desperately to lean her weight against my chest. We began to fall backwards and I swiftly threw my leg back to stop us from tumbling over. The briefest moment of relief came over me, before I looked up to see Kate’s lycra covered ass hurtling towards my face.

I was stunned by the cushioned blow to my head as my world went dark. My head was pinned backwards; her luscious ass cheeks were crushing my face like a padded vice as her body bore down on me. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms tightly around her legs, trying to regain control and stop us both from collapsing. Then the realisation of the situation hit me. I released my grip on her legs and felt my way down to her feet, putting my hands underneath them once more.

“You fucking idiot!!” I heard her scream.

My head was still spinning and I felt disorientated. I was trying to hold it together and was preparing for her to lift up once more.

“I don’t trust you to hold me standing up. I feel safer on your face.” She declared as she allowed me to take some of her weight on my hands, but kept most of it sitting on my upturned face.

Did she really just say that? This hot little rocket was now sitting on my face, while I stood under her. I was her seated ladder.

Every breath was filled with her natural body musk as my nose was wedged deeply into her crack. Her odour was definitely getting stronger by the second. I eventually found that if I lifted her feet higher, there was less weight on my mouth and I could breathe a little easier.

My face was being twisted back and forth as Kate was wriggling around, trying to find the most comfortable position. Her fidgeting eased and I felt her get back to the task of retrieving the books. I was trying to recover and get my head back in the room.

After a short while, I felt her leaning over to the right a little and I tried to compensate by moving with her, so that she would not bring us both down.

“Very good,” she praised. I could just imagine the sadistic grin that was across her face when she said this. I wasn’t sure how long I could keep this up.

“Down,” came the command eventually from above me.

Slowly I squatted down and managed to get to my knees before Kate hopped off of me. She disappeared out of the stockroom with a few of the books in her hand. I remained on my hands and knees sucking in deep breaths of air and contemplating what had just happened.

Kate bounded back into the room as I was getting to my feet.

“I think that we should spend some time sorting out the rest of the top shelf. It looks like Elle has not been able to get up there for some time and it’s a mess,” she said.

“Can this wait until we have a new step ladder?” I asked, still a little out of breath.

“I hate to leave things in a mess. Surely you can’t be complaining about lifting little old me,” Kate pouted.

Her words hung in the air for a few moments.

“OK,” I sighed, “maybe we can try this with you sitting on my shoulders again.”

“We tried that and it didn’t work. Besides, we have found a much better way of doing this, so stop whining,” she said with her evil smirk reappearing on her face.

“Down!” Kate barked, as she snapped her fingers again and pointed at the ground by her feet.

I was stunned by her bluntness, but eventually I approached the area in front of the shelf and slowly crouched down with one knee on the floor.

Kate appeared before me, facing the shelf. I saw her peer over her shoulder as she climbed on to my knee and raised herself up so that her butt was just above my face. Her ice blue eyes met mine as she slowly lowered herself on to my face and made herself comfortable. She was full weight on my face and I knew that I was not going to have much air until I was standing and I could lift her feet.


As I lifted us both up to a standing position, my nose was sinking deeper into her bottom and the damp material of her crotch was trying to force itself through my lips.

“I wonder what Elle would say if she knew that I had your face wedged up my butt?” Kate mused. “I think that she has a thing for you. She told me what happened on your first day, but made me promise not to say anything,” Kate giggled. “She also told me to keep my hands off of you. So, we will just keep this as our little secret. Got it?”

I couldn’t believe that Elle had told her sister what had happened, but I was in no rush to tell anyone about this embarrassing situation that I found myself in with Kate.

I felt a sharp dig to my ribs, as Kate emphasised, “Got it?!”

“Whatever you say,” came my muffled response from beneath her. I was trying to remain stable under her.

“You had better not drop me!” Came with another sharp dig from her heel.

I regained my composure and held onto the shelf to stabilise us.

I could now hear her singing to herself as she organised the top shelf, oblivious to my plight beneath her.

Her rump was now hot on my face and I could feel a mixture of sweat and pussy juice seeping through. I had to regularly suck hard and swallow to clear the juices off of my face, which seemed to please my charge above me.

After what seemed like forever, I received the command that I had been waiting for, “Down!”

I lowered my weary body down toward the floor as Kate jumped off and headed for the door; my energy had drained away.

“Is that the time? We only have thirty minutes before we open and I still have to get changed, I can’t open the store looking like this,” she muttered as she bolted out of the room.

I sat on the floor, trying to get my breath back and comprehend what had just happened. My thoughts were interrupted by Kate re-entering the room with her skirt and a silky black thong in her hand.

“Sorry, I’ll leave so that you can get changed,” I said, as I got to my feet and staggered towards the door.

“Where are you going?” She interjected, as she leapt in front of me blocking my escape, “I’m not finished with you yet.”

“Erm… sure, what else do you need?” I sighed.

“I need to… freshen up, before I can get changed for work.”

“OK,” I responded, a little confused as to why she was informing me of this.

“There are no showers here and the tap in the restroom is just a trickle of freezing cold water,” Kate prompted.

“I see,” I replied, even though I was still none the wiser as to why we were having this conversation.

“Look,” she retorted, visibly irritated now, “I’ll put your slowness down to your lack of oxygen over the past half hour. Let me spell this out for you. I need you to help me get clean before we open the shop. I had a shower this morning, but now my ass is sweaty and my pussy… well let’s just say that it needs to be cleaned again. That’s where you come in.”

I stood there dumbstruck and just gaped at the vixen in front of me; there was no way that she was serious. Any second now Kate will reveal that she’s joking and kick me out so that she can get changed.

Everything now appeared in slow motion. I saw her bring her thumb and finger together and with a familiar loud ‘snap’, I saw her point towards the ground and growl, “Down!”

I felt my body dropping to my knees, without me making a conscious decision to do so.

“I’m not sure that Elle would be happy with this,” I countered, as her sister entered my head.

Kate’s face suddenly appeared as she swooped down to meet mine. Staring into my eyes, her hot breath hitting my face, punctuating each word as she snarled, “Elle’s not here. I’m here. Your only concern should be me!”

With that Kate spun around and sauntered over to close the door. Still facing away from me, I saw her bend slightly at the hips, thrusting her booty out as she began to slowly peel off her yoga pants; easing it down to reveal her flawless porcelain skin. Once her mounds were released from their tight stretched prison, they bounced up and held firm, protruding proudly in their perfectly rounded shape. She continued to ease the garment down her silky smooth legs and then stepped out of them.

I now knew why I hadn’t seen a panty line… Kate wasn’t wearing any. That also explained why so much of her juice flowed onto my face earlier.

“Now… how should we do this?” I heard Kate consider out loud, more to herself than to me. I watched her fetch the swivel chair from the corner of the room and wheel it over so that it faced me.

She then proceeded to instruct me, “as I said earlier, this chair is in poor condition; so when I’m on it, I want you to keep it steady by holding on to the backrest with both hands. Do not let go of it!”

Kate then eased her way in front of me, facing the chair and tenderly climbed to a kneeling position, facing the back of the seat with her glorious derrière displayed to me. She glanced back over her shoulder and indicated for me to take a firm hold of the back of the chair.

As I slid my arms around her, I was met with her clammy buttocks pushing back against me. The heat from between her cheeks hit me, as her bottom was now swallowing my face. Her sweat was coating my skin and began to form a suction.

“Lick!” Came the command above me.

I pushed my tongue out flat and dragged it from her pussy to the top of her ass crack, filling my mouth with a salty, slightly bitter taste.

“Push your tongue out further,” she instructed.

As I obeyed, I felt Kate’s hand grab the back of my head. Holding my face in place, she raised herself up so that my tongue was at the base of her pussy. Then with a curl of her hips she thrust herself down on my face, until my tongue reached the tip of her butt crack once more.

Kate repeated the large swooping motion, building up a rhythm. My face was being pounded by her backside as she used my tongue as her cleaning sponge. I tried desperately to keep up with her movements as my senses were attacked by her spicy flavours and essence.

After a while Kate slowed and began making much smaller movements, allowing me to concentrate on her asshole. I began to lick small circles inside of her cheeks, making my way slowly to the rosebud which was now the centre of my world. I licked tenderly around her asshole and then pushed my rigid tongue out as far as I could and tried to penetrate her. I was rewarded with my face being gripped in the clamp of her ass cheeks once more.

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