The Bride’s First Dance

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The Bride’s First Dance

By The_Shadow_Rising

The dimming light over Shorehaven was picturesque as the sun settled into the west making silhouettes of the buildings and casting long shadows behind the people in the streets. The warmth of the day was dying down but the heat of the night was just about to begin, with many already in the throes of passion and others unknowingly on their way there.

The gleaming sun shone its last rays through the window where Alexia Morgan stood in front of her full length mirror. The mirror gleamed in the room’s light, casting back the beautiful blonde’s reflection as she zipped up the front of her dress and straightened it around her slender waist, twisting back and forth to check that it looked just right.

The garment hung on her like on a sexy angel, stopping mid-thigh and diving just enough to flash a hot amount of cleavage. More so if you stood above her. It clung to her slim waist and 34E tits beautifully and showed off her smooth, long legs to perfection. Her long, blonde hair hung to the bottom of her shoulder blades, falling delicately over her slender shoulders, framing her graceful neck and accenting her voluptuous cleavage impeccably. Her large, sapphire blue eyes shone with the excitement of the night ahead, matched only by the glinting of the diamond engagement ring on her left hand. Her succulent lips were painted a soft pink colour to match the pastel colour of the dress she wore, and her eyeshadow complimented both.

In short, she looked stunning. And she knew it. Smiling at herself in the mirror she nodded.

“You’ll do, Miss Morgan.” She said before holding up her engagement ring and grinning to herself. A rapid flash of love and thrilled excitement shot through her at the thought of being engaged to her true love, Taylor Reed. “Soon to be Mrs Reed.”

And it was soon too. Just a week to go until she was walking down the aisle to Taylor and saying ‘I do’. She couldn’t wait. He was the love of her life and she was so over excited to marry him. He was the same with her, saying what a catch he had with her — being so kind, intelligent, beautiful, and hot — and she with him. God how she thought she was lucky to be with him! He was incredible. The most thoughtful and sweet of men who also happened to be drop dead gorgeous!

Excitedly she wrapped her right hand around her left’s fingers and almost bounced on her toes. She couldn’t wait!

Calming herself down, Alexia took one more look at herself before she turned around and began to pack things into her little clutch bag — make up for when she would need to touch herself up, her phone, her keys, and other essentials went in before she zipped it up and held it in her hand.

Tonight would be warm enough so she wouldn’t need a coat. But she would need shoes, she thought suddenly. She had picked them out earlier to go with the dress but she had almost forgotten them. She was just too excited about the night ahead. Sitting on the edge of the large king-size bed she slipped the white heeled shoes on and stood back up, reclaiming her bag.

Now she was ready. Tonight was going to be one to remember.

How did she know that? Well tonight was her bachelorette party. And Taylor’s bachelor party. And Alexia’s best friend Amy was in charge of the night. And that woman was crazy. Things would likely be over the top and a lot of fun. She just hoped that she didn’t get too drunk, but if Amy had her way Alexia was going to be legless at the end of the night. It was ok for Taylor, he was having his bachelor party here at the house. But Alexia’s was out somewhere she knew not where, only Amy and the girls knew, so she had to get home. Taylor would probably be in bed by the time Amy let her go! But if there was one thing that Alexia’s best friend did well, it was nights out. And with it being her bachelorette party she knew it was going to end up being one for the history books.

Feeling her stomach flutter at the excitement of the night ahead, Alexia walked out of the room, switching the light off as she went. Walking down the long hallway — her and Taylor lived in a house that was all on one floor — Alexia heard voices long before she saw anyone.

“It’s going to be a fun night, just you wait and see!” Came the familiar voice of her fiancé’s best friend.

“Not too good a night, I hope. I know what you mean by that.” Responded her fiancé good humouredly.

“It’s your bachelor party. It’s supposed to be wild.” Taylor’s best friend jibed then laughed softly — she could just imagine him holding up his hands defensively. “But I remember you have a bride-to-be. Who could forget! But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t have some fun. Some of us are still single. And you can have some fun too, just not as much as the rest of us.”

It was at that moment that Alexia walked in to the view of the lounge. Taylor and his best friend, Jesse Knowles, were standing by the small half-wall that divided the open plan lounge from the hallway. İstanbul Escort Taylor was leaning one hand on the low wall and Jesse was standing in front of him.

They couldn’t have been more different. Taylor stood shorter than his friend but still slightly taller than average. With his attractive, shapely features, short dark brown hair, strong build and grey-blue eyes, he was the picture of handsome. Jesse on the other hand was taller, and had very short brown hair, with steely strong brown eyes that often set women’s spine’s tingling — from his reputation. He was leaner than Taylor and had well-cut features that hinted at some Latino past in his family. He was very attractive and out-going. Flirty. And had a reputation as being a lady killer. A kind of guy who looked for notches on his bedpost and kept trophies of his conquests. But he was a nice guy and a good friend. Even so he had a reputation for causing trouble. In a fun way, but still a troublemaker.

It was Jesse who spotted her first and his eyes went wide and very interested.

“And here she is, the lady of the hour!” He announced and Taylor turned to look at her.

The moment her fiancé’s eyes fell on her Alexia could feel her heart beat faster. She smiled and looked up at them both — they towered over her — as she came to stand on the other side of the small wall.

“Looking beautiful as always.” Taylor said as he smiled back at her.

Alexia gave a grateful abashed look at the floor before she looked back at them both.

“You don’t look so bad yourselves. Planning some mischief for tonight while I’m gone, are we?” She said amusedly and Jesse grinned as he hooked his thumbs through his jeans’ belt holes.

Taylor gave Jesse a glance and then looked back to her.

“Nothing too bad. Jesse has my back tonight.” He replied lovingly.

Alexia nodded as if she didn’t believe them, or that Jesse having his back was as bad as him trying to cause trouble in the first place.

“Well, you boys have fun.” She responded.

“Oh, we will. You can guarantee that I, at least, won’t forget tonight in a hurry!” Jesse replied with a grin.

“I never said I wouldn’t have a great time. Just that, knowing you, you’ll do something over the top. Or something that would get me in trouble.” Taylor said humorously.

“He’s got you there, Jesse.” Alexia jumped in and Jesse looked between the two of them with the most innocently shocked face that Alexia couldn’t help but laugh.

Taylor took the momentary weakness in his friend’s bravado to turn back towards Alexia.

“You look stunning as always, babe.” He said with a warm smile, “Looking forward to your night out?”

Glancing down at herself Alexia looked up at the two of them again.

“Can’t wait. It’s going to be a night to remember. If Amy has anything to do with it, anyway.” She replied.

Taylor was about to say something else, as he opened his mouth, when suddenly the phone rang.

“Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.” He said before he walked back into the kitchen.

Jesse watched him walk through the door before he turned back towards her. This time his eyes travelled up her body before settling on her face.

“You really are looking good, Lex.” He said as he walked closer to the wall.

Alexia smiled again pleasantly.

“Thank you.” She replied.

“I would go with a little lower zip though…” Jesse began as he reached for the zip on the front of her dress and gently began pulling it down.

Alexia laughed softly and slapped his hand away, pulling the zipper back up. Jesse just grinned at her. He was always like this.

“You would. But I have a fiancé, thanks, I don’t need guys to drool all over my cleavage.” She replied as she settled her hands on the wall again.

“But what a cleavage to drool all over.” Jesse responded, his eyes dipping to take in the voluptuous amount of cleavage that her dress still offered.

“You would say that. Horn dog.” She joked.

“I always do.” He replied humorously. And he was right. He did always say things about her tits when he was around her. She was used to him by now and his playful ways. She just brushed him off good-naturedly and carried on. “Seriously though, why are you with Tay when you could be with me?” He asked as he came around to place his arm around her shoulder, his hand hanging dangerously close to cupping one of her tits.

“Because I love him, remember?” She replied as she looked up at him with an amused smile.

Her hand instantly went to grab his as she felt him move towards her chest and she caught his hand before he could do more than move an inch. Unfolding his arm from around her she shook her head playfully.

“Are you never going to learn?” She asked him amusedly.

“Not until I’ve had you.” He replied with a cheeky grin and tapped her chin playfully.

“I figured you’d never learn.” She responded.

“How about a hug, at least?” He asked with that shit-eating grin on his face.

Alexia felt Escort Bayan a surge of amusement race through her at the same time she felt a little flattered. He was complimenting her. Even if he was a horn dog for every woman he met. He was still an attractive guy with a reputation. And that flattered her.

“How about you wait for tonight? I assume you have strippers coming.” She said knowingly and Jesse gave her a look as if she had read his mind.

“How did you….” He began but was cut off as Taylor walked back into the room.

Alexia just laughed to herself softly at the surprised expression on his face. He really was predictable, and yet he thought he was so mysterious.

“That was Bran, he’s on his way with the guys.” Taylor announced to them both as he walked into the room.

“It’s about time.” Jesse said, quickly recovering.

“Then I’d better get out of your hair. I have a party to get to myself anyway.” Alexia said and felt another flutter of excitement at the night ahead pass through her. “You boys behave yourselves tonight.” She added as she ran a hand down Jesse’s arm as she walked passed to make her way to Taylor. Raising up on her tiptoes she kissed him and added, “Have a great night.”

“You too.” Her fiancé replied as he slapped her ass. “I can’t wait to see you again.”

Smiling she walked back towards the front door.

“I love you.” She said, waving back at her beloved.

“I love you too.” Taylor responded before he turned back to Jesse, who watched her ass as she turned and walked out of the door.

Little did they know how much their lives were about to change that night.

A little while later Alexia was sitting in Amy’s apartment chilling out with her girls as she sipped on a rather large glass of wine. The glass was a gift from Amy who said that Alexia was either going home drunk tonight or not at all. All of the other girls were drinking too, just not as much as Alexia was, but Alexia was taking it easy and sipping slowly. She had a whole night ahead of her yet. She didn’t want to be legless before they went out. Even though that seemed to be Amy’s plan.

Still they all seemed to be having a good night, laughing and talking about all sorts of things. And then it turned on to what they were going to do that night.

“So where are we going tonight?” Alexia asked as she put her glass to her soft lips and sipped.

“That’s for us to know and you to find out!” Amy giggled as she tipped the glass up beneath Alexia’s fingers, forcing more of the wine into her mouth than she was ready for.

Almost gagging Alexia lowered the wine glass and gave her friend a playfully reproachful look. Amy just giggled harder.

“We do have a present for you though before you go out.” Amy said as she signalled to one of the other girls to pick something up.

Reaching behind the sofa the other woman picked up a flattish rectangular box and handed it to Amy.

“For tonight.” Amy said as she held it out to Alexia.

Taking it a little suspiciously, Alexia placed her wine glass down and looked over the box. Everything seemed normal, but you never knew with Amy. She wouldn’t be surprised if the thing had something that jumped out at her!

Shaking the box a little she listened. It barely made a sound. So whatever it was it was packed in there without much room.

“It’s not going to bite you. Just open it.” Amy laughed and the other girls murmured amusedly as they sat around looking at Alexia.

Eyeing her friends once more, Alexia balanced the box on her legs before taking hold of the top. Pulling it off she placed it beside her as she looked down at tissue paper covering something white and something dark. Rustling the paper she opened her gift up and almost gasped at what she saw.

Inside was a very short and very low-cut white frilly dress that had two thin straps to hold it up, each with white fluffy flowers on. It looked like a sexy wedding dress if any dress could have that little material on it! The thing would barely cover her ass when she was standing, let alone if she bent over!

Above the dress was a dark wig of some kind, brunette and straight, and a purple and white mask that would cover the wearer’s eyes and part of her nose. The kind of mask that people wore to masquerade balls.

Looking up at her friend quizzically, Alexia eyed both her friend and the dress a little confusedly.

“What’s this for?” She asked a little bewilderedly.

“It’s for you to wear tonight, my little bride-to-be.” Amy said as she reached over and took the mask out. Holding it to her face she giggled a little more. “Tonight you’re anonymous. You’re just the bride-to-be out on a night out having fun. What happens tonight stays in tonight. Lexi didn’t do it. The bride-to-be did.”

With a gale of laughter her friends naughtily erupted around Alexia and Amy gave her a huge smile, placing the mask back in the box.

“Go try them on!” Her friend said and Alexia eyed the barely-there dress once more.

“I’m Eskort not sure anyone could fit in this thing. It’s barely a dress.” She said as she fingered the white lace of the dress.

“That’s the fun of it.” Amy said, then smiled at her over the rim of her own wine glass. “Every bride needs her wedding dress though. You can’t go out in what you’re wearing.”

Eyeing the ‘dress’ again Alexia imagined herself in the thing. Well, what was there of it anyway. She would need the mask to hide her blushes!

“I’m not going out in that!” Alexia said with a laugh, hoping her friend was joking. But Amy’s face, while playful, was dead serious.

“Oh yes you are.” Her friend replied with a giggle. “Come on, don’t be boring. It’s your big night. You deserve to have a little fun. Besides, you’ll have the wig and mask so no one will know it’s you.”

That last did make Alexia feel a little better. But still. She was no prude but she had never worn anything so barely-there as this dress!

But still, she knew what Amy was like and she was never going to get out of this. And so with an over-exaggerated sigh Alexia pushed herself up and then took a long swig from her glass. She was going to need it.

With a cheer following her she walked out of the room and into Amy’s bedroom, throwing the box on the bed. Slipping out of her own dress she was suddenly glad she had worn white lace underwear. They would match the dress she was wearing. Maybe they would even seem to be a part of it. It would be good to have a little more protection.

Folding her dress up Alexia placed it on the bed before reaching into the box and taking out the smaller dress. The thing looked even more skimpy when she held it up!

With a sigh she stepped into the dress and pulled it up, slipping the straps over her shoulder and making sure that the thing covered her breasts. It barely did. Reaching behind her she took hold of the zip and pulled it up until finally she could settle the dress around her body perfectly.

Taking a look in Amy’s full-length mirror Alexia goggled at herself. The dress was skimpier on her than it had looked in the box! The thing barely covered her ass and came dangerously close to showing her panty-covered pussy, while clinging to her breasts and dipping so low that there was nothing left to the imagination. But the thing did look like a wedding dress. If wedding dresses were slutty and barely-there. It hugged her figure like a glove and showed off every curve of her voluptuous body.

Taking the wig next she twirled her hair around and up and slipped the brunette hair on. The length was almost the same as her own hair but it was much darker. When she had it in place she barely recognized herself. She had always been a blonde and her hair was light, so the sudden darkness transformed her face into something she had never been before. Something no one had ever seen her as before. With the dress like it was she was glad for that.

Next she slipped the mask out of the box and pulled it on over the hair, settling it on her nose and around her eyes.

Looking back into the mirror Alexia couldn’t help but tipsily smile at herself. She did look stunning. Roguishly so. And with the mask and wig she felt like she was hiding behind something, even while her body was shown off to perfection.

Placing her dress inside the box Alexia left it on the bed. She would come back for it at the end of the night. Or tomorrow, depending on how drunk she was.

With that the beautiful blonde — now brunette — walked out of the bedroom and back into the lounge. To a round of cheers and wolf whistles.

“Oh wow! You look stunning!” Amy opined astounded.

“Absolutely! Maybe we should lose the mask?” One of the other girls added.

“No way. If I’m wearing this, I’m wearing this mask too.” Alexia jumped in before Amy could do more than look thoughtful.

“It really suits you, Lex.” Amy said as she smiled broadly and looked Alexia over.

“It doesn’t look too bad, does it?” Alexia replied as she looked down at herself. ‘God, I’m almost naked here!’ She thought as she felt a flutter through her stomach. Was she really going to go out in public wearing only this!? Her cheeks reddened at the thought and she was suddenly glad for the mask and wig again.

“You look like a sexy bride to be!” Amy giggled and the other girls joined in.

Trying to find a way to sit on the floor without flashing everyone, Alexia settled for kneeling, which only partly showed off her white lace panties underneath. Taking her glass of wine again Alexia took a bigger swig from it to settle her nerves inside. This was her big night. She was allowed to go a little crazy. Besides, she almost felt fully clothed in the mask and wig. She just didn’t have to think about it for too long.

She took another big gulp.

The party continued on like that for another hour or so, with wine flowing freely and laughter filling the air. Soon Alexia began to even forget what she was wearing. Well, at least become comfortable in it. She could barely forget when her breasts threatened to spill out of the dress every time she moved, let alone when she leaned forward. She quickly learned not to do that latter when she almost did pop out the first time.

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