The Bucket list Pt. 04: Mar 2023

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As they were now in March Stephen and Kelly had each experienced one of their bucket list items. The start had been gentle but now they reached March the pace would pick up a bit as this month Kelly desired a threesome with a new male lover.

Stephen had retained their online presence and still posted pictures and Kelly, whilst taking a more back seat from the online fun as Stephen enjoyed it more, would dip in and out enjoying the feedback and more sensible comments her pictures received.

Discussing the type of man who they would like to join them Kelly had said she wanted someone who would be a lover rather than just looking to have sex with any available woman. It was agreed they would both check out men and once they had someone they both were keen on they could see if they could make it happen. So at the start of the month Stephen had started to try and sort out some likely candidates. He looked at the comments and chatted with guys online about Kelly, or Jane as she was online, with a view to seeing who he felt she would be happy to chat with. Stephen had talked to guys on webcam and they had commented on Kelly and some had wanked looking at her and Stephen had seen a number of guys spunk over Kelly which he had to admit was a turn on. So far he had yet to find a guy who he thought Kelly would like but after a few days he received a message from a man called Peter who was very complimentary about Kelly’s picture and expressed a view he would love to chat with Stephen.

They had messaged each other over instant messenger and Stephen found Peter lived in Brighton which he knew Kelly loved. During the course of their chats Peter had advised he was 53 and just 4 years ago his wife had died after suffering from cancer. He advised he had not had sex since she had passed away and had gradually turned to online porn. After a few chats Stephen realised half of the chats had been normal and hadn’t been sexual. Peter had expressed his liking for Kelly and Stephen realised Peter had not asked if he could fuck her, as many of those who chatted with Stephen had very swiftly informed him. During one of their chats Stephen explained to Peter he and “Jane” had drawn up bucket lists and so far what the two entries had been for January and February but did not let on what their future plans were.

Stephen asked Peter if he had enjoyed any webcam fun and the reply was as a solo male aged 54 he had not managed to get that far with anyone. Stephen asked if Peter wanted to webcam with him now as they could now both wank looking at her pictures and he would see if she would chat and cam with Peter. He agreed and they decided they would do this now. As they put the webcams on Stephen started to show new pictures of Kelly where he had blurred her face but were not yet online. Peter chatted and said how stunning he thought they were. As the chat continued Peter unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers and lowered them showing his boxer shorts were hiding a clearly erect penis. Without a word he dropped his shorts and exposed his erection which was similar to Stephens in size etcetera and like Stephen he is uncut.

They chatted talking about Kelly and her photos and Peter was slowly rubbing himself. After a few minutes both were increasing their pace and at this point Stephen asked if Peter would like one day to webcam chat with his wife and Peter said he would love to and he confessed he was nearing the point of no return. Stephen told him to go for it and Peter groaned and a plume of white ejaculate flew from his penis and he orgasmed. Stephen thanked Peter and said he would discuss matters with Kelly. He at this point still did not explain what their March bucket list was as he wanted Kelly to make an unstressed decision but he felt Peter was very much a man he and Kelly would both be comfortable with. He ended the call and planned how to raise the subject with Kelly.


Sitting on the sofa together Stephen was cuddling Kelly and he leaned into her and whispered into her ear.

“I think I have found a man who can make our bucket list work this month!”

“Oh really, tell me more?”

“Well he is older than us and a widower. He lost his wife a while back.”

“That is so sad.” Kelly said.

“But he is a calm and respectful man who loves your photographs. I have webcam chatted with him and he is similar to me down below.”

Kelly dropped her hand into Stephen’s lap and could feel his cock growing and she rubbed him “Hard you mean.” She laughed.

“I meant size wise.” Stephen laughed as she extricated his cock and started to masturbate him.

“Mmmm any more you can tell me?”

“Yes, he lives in Brighton so maybe a weekend away at the end of the month?”

“Mmmm good boy Stephen. You deserve a reward for that.” Kelly said and she dropped her head and started to fellate him. Her head bobbed up and down and her tongue was swirling around Artvin Escort his head. After a few minutes of this Stephen groaned as he unloaded his sperm into Kelly’s mouth. She carried on sucking and licking him and then she looked up at Stephen.

“So tell me more?”

“Well he has not had sex since his wife died, he has not had webcam fun with a lady and he knows about our bucket list but as yet not this months entry we need to tick off”

“Ok, so do you want me to cam with him? On my own?” she asked.

“I think he would like that so I will email him and sort it out.”

After an hour or so Stephen advised Kelly he had contacted Peter and he had said he could chat with Kelly at eight that night. She confirmed she would chat with him and fingers crossed this would lead somewhere.

Before her online date Kelly had showered and then dressed only on a silk robe. She sat in front of the mirror and gently applied her lipstick followed by her lip gloss. Stephen walked behind her and as she smiled at him he placed the eyemask on her nose. He kissed her on the top of her head.

“You good to go?”

“Sure, are you starting the chat?” she asked.

“Of course, let’s do it.”

Moving into the spare room which they used for this type of play Stephen approached the laptop and checking his watch he clicked on the icon and opened the messenger service. Spotting Peter online he clicked on his name and typed him a message. When Peter replied Stephen responded and asked was he ready to chat with Kelly now. Peter replied he was and Stephen let Kelly sit in front of the screen and he kissed her softly on her cheek.

“Have fun darling, call me if you need me.”

“Ok.” She replied smiling.

Hi Peter Kelly typed.

Evening how are you?

Good thank you, I understand you have been very complimentary Kelly replied. They then exchanged messages as Kelly got to know Peter, she asked him normal and sexual questions. She was pleased to find she, like Stephen, found Peter to be a pleasant and reasonable man. Stephen had shown her how to activate the webcam so she could do it without breaking from her chat and it kept an element of surprise for him as well.

Kelly asked the obvious question of Peter if he wanted to webcam chat and he put his camera on first and asked if she was comfortable. She confirmed she was and put her cam on. They then chatted as before but this time verbally. After a few minutes Kelly asked him if he wanted to strip for her.

He stood up and slowly, wordlessly, undressed looking at his webcam and he stood naked with his cock semi hard.

“Very nice.” Kelly said. “Shall I take my robe off?”

“Oh yes please.” Said Peter as he sat down. Kelly stood up and undid the tie of her robe and she eased it off of her shoulders. The material fell to the floor exposing Kelly except her eyemask.

“You are stunning.” Peter gasped and she could see he was now getting fully erect. She turned and showed him her bum before bending over and spreading her cheeks to show him her bum and pussy exposed. As she saw his screen between her legs she saw he was wanking. Turning around she blew a kiss to him. She admired his cock and saw he was very similar to Stephen. He was slowly masturbating and she started to fuck her pussy with her dildo vibe as he was rubbing himself.

He gasped as they both pleasured themselves and Kelly decided to help him cum by letting him know her and Stephen’s plan for March.

“You have heard about our bucket list Peter?”

“Yes, Jane.” He replied.

“Well, this month I have my second wish. Want to hear it?”


“My second desire is to have a threesome with another man. Would you be up for that?”

“No way.” He laughed as he wanked.

“Yes way Peter. You seem reasonable and I love visiting Brighton.”

“Of course I would, if you are not teasing me?”

“Clearly I am to a degree as you are wanking with me but I am serious. For that reason my real name is Kelly. And on the assumption we can trust you do you want me unmasked?” Kelly asked.

“Only if you are sure Kelly.” He replied.

“Well I won’t wear this if we meet.” Kelly laughed as she removed the eyemask. She looked at Peter and winked.

“Oh my god you are beautiful. And I am going to cum Kelly.” Peter gasped.

“Oh yes, cum for me darling.” Kelly said.

On screen Peter groaned and jets of sperm escaped from his head and Kelly felt her muscles pulse as she started to cum as she watched him orgasm.

“Next time I hope I will be there with you.” Kelly said and then she said she would get Stephen so he could arrange the meet.


After a couple of chats and exchange of emails Stephen and Peter agreed on a weekend when Stephen and Kelly would visit Brighton. On the Friday night it was agreed they would meet up for a drink and the plan was then to potentially Artvin Escort Bayan head back to Peter’s.

Having checked into their hotel room early on Friday the pair quickly headed out and enjoyed the city centre. Kelly did shopping including a trip into Ann Summers where she selected a number of lingerie garments that Stephen purchased for her. They grabbed a light lunch as later they were meeting Peter for a drink and a meal as a social event.

Back in their hotel room Kelly had showered then she walked into the room naked. Smiling at Stephen she sat and applied her make up. Stephen went to shower and she took out her white lace underwear. Once on she put the white suspender belt on and then drew the stockings up her shaven smooth legs. Clipping the suspenders onto the nylon she straightened the line of her underwear and looked at herself in the full length mirror. Walking to the wardrobe Kelly took out her dress and she stepped into the fabric and raised it up and she zipped the rear. Finally, she put on her black high heels.

She sat on the bed and looked up as the bathroom door opened and Stephen walked out naked.

“Is he ready for some fun tonight?” she asked as Stephen exaggerated swigging his cock as he walked and grinned. “Hurry up and get dressed.” She laughed.

They met Peter and had drinks before visiting a nice restaurant he had recommended. They chatted about themselves, their work, their lives and Peter spoke openly about losing his wife and he was now ready to move on which she had asked him to do.

Kelly held his hand and looking into his eyes she asked him “Can I have to honour of being your first ‘new lady’?”

“The honour would be mine.” He replied and lifting her hand he kissed the back of it.

After the meal they agreed Peter would drive them back to his home.


Peter drove up the road on the outskirts of Brighton, indicating he was pulling off the road a large gate opened allowing him onto the gravelled driveway. Stephen and Kelly looked at each other as they were shocked at the size of the property.

As Peter drove into his garage he killed the engine. “We are home.” He said and turned to smile at them.

“And what a home mate.” Stephen laughed.

“Business was good. So we had a nice pad.” He laughed. “I will show you round if you like.”

They got out of the car and Peter was as good as his word and he showed them around. Once they got to the kitchen Peter asked would they like champagne as he wanted to celebrate meeting them and they could relax in his lounge. He showed them into the lounge and said he would be a moment. Sitting on the large leather sofa Kelly looked at Stephen.

“Did you have any idea he lived in a house like this?”

“No, he said he was a successful director but was in no way flash.” In the background they heard the pop of a champagne cork then in a few moments Peter walked in with a tray on which there was the bottle and three flutes. Placing the tray on the coffee table he filled each flute and handed a glass to Stephen and Kelly. Picking his glass up Peter chinked the glassware together.

“To a new friendship.” He toasted.

“Cheers.” Stephen replied and the three of them sat down and there was some small talk.

After a few moments Kelly finished her drink and she leaned into Stephen and kissed his cheek. She whispered in his ear and slowly rose and walked towards Peter. She sat next to him and without a word she cupped his face and started to kiss him. Her tongue was slowly probing and his mouth opened and she started to gently kiss him.

“Will you take me to bed Peter?” she asked. And he nodded silently. He took her hand and led her and Stephen out of the room and upstairs. Crossing the landing he opened the door to the master bedroom and at this point Kelly took the lead.

Peter stood in front of the bed and she undid his tie. Pulling it off his neck she dropped it onto the floor. She kissed him again and as they embraced her fingers were slowly unbuttoning the front of his shirt. Pulling clear she undid the cuffs of the shirt and she pulled the fabric off of his torso. Her fingers moved over his chest and through his hair her fingertips moved and she rubbed his right nipple. She dropped her head and took his left nipple in her mouth. He gasped and she heard his breath as she sucked on his hardening nipple. She gently pushed him back onto the bed.

She knelt in front of him and looking up into his eyes she undid his laces before removing his shoes. She then eased down his socks and pushed them under the bed. He sat looking at her and she leant on his thighs and slowly she unbuckled his belt as without a word she looked into his eyes. With the belt undone she unzipped his trousers and he lifted himself and she eased his trousers off and he sat in a pair of black silk boxer shorts. Her hand ran across the Escort Artvin soft material and she felt his hardening cock twitching under her touch.

“Are you ready for this Peter?” she asked.

“Oh god yes.” He replied. Kelly turned her head and saw Stephen silently undressing. Kelly’s fingers moved into the silk and she undid the button. She gripped Peter and pulled his penis out of the silk. Her right hand started to slowly pump his cock and she felt Stephen sit next to Peter. Stephen, like Peter, was in his shorts and he was handling his own swollen manhood as he watched his wife masturbate Peter. Peter was leaning back on the bed as he enjoyed the touch of a woman once more. He closed his eyes as he felt Kelly rub him. Seeing he was not looking at her Kelly leant forward and started to lick him then popped his dick into her mouth.

“Jesus.” Peter gasped as he started to receive oral sex.

Stephen looked at his wife giving oral sex and he felt so turned on. He knew how good Kelly was at this and he was guessing Peter may not last long. Kelly was taking her time teasing Peter and she had already tasted his pre cum and she took him out of her mouth and squeezed his shaft and noted his helmet was deeply coloured so she started to suck him and her fingers tickled his lightly haired balls.

“Fucking hell, I’m getting close.” Peter said. Despite his warning Kelly merely bobbed her head more and more until he groaned. Stephen watched his wife’s cheeks bulge and he knew Peter had cum in her mouth.

After a moment she released him from her mouth. She moved her head back and opened her mouth to show them Peter’s sperm then she closed her mouth, swallowed gulping down his seed before opening her mouth to show him.

“Thank you Kelly.” Peter said.

“Would you guys like to undress me now.” She asked.

Stephen gestured to Peter that he should take the lead and he did not hesitate. He kissed Kelly and his hands moved to her dress zip and he slowly eased it down. He lightly lifted the material of her dress and eased it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor so she stood before then in her underwear. Smoothly he unclipped her bra and allowed her 36D breasts to be exposed and he flicked her bra to one side and his hands were all over her boobs. Kelly’s nipples were hard and Peter rubbed her areola and lowering his head he sucked on her right nipple. Kelly moaned as she felt the heat building in her pussy and she savoured the experience of being enjoyed by a new lover. Peter knelt down and was facing Kelly’s panties and he moved her legs apart and she gasped as he started to flick his tongue across the silk gusset and the feeling on her clit was incredible. She felt him hook his fingers in the waistband of her knickers and he eased her pants down exposing her to him. She gasped as he started to probe her vaginal lips with his tongue and her head gripped his hair. Slowly he edged her legs back to the bed and Stephen stepped in and helped Kelly fall back on to the bed.

Her legs parted and Peter was lapping at her pussy and Stephen’s mouth was kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. The feeling of two men kissing and licking her was pushing Kelly towards orgasm. Neither men held back and soon she was moaning and her hands pulled Peter’s face into her pussy. Her orgasm hit her and she screamed out at the intensity of the feelings which tore through her pubic area.

As she lay on the bed she realised both men were stripping off and they joined her on the bed. She felt the two erections against her body. She kissed Peter and her hands moved to Stephen’s erection and she rubbed his hard cock.

“Please fuck me Peter.” She asked wanting to feel his hard cock inside her. He moved to go to the bedside cabinet and was going to pull a condom on.

“You said you and your wife only had each other?” Kelly asked.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Then you don’t have to wear that!” she said. “I would love to feel you cum inside me.”

Peter climbed between her legs and She and Stephen looked down as he rubbed the head of his erection around her vagina. Slowly he pushed forward and Kelly’s brown eyes were wide open as her pussy was slowly filled with a new cock. She was wanking Stephen’s erection and he was grinning as he saw Peter starting to rock backwards and forwards into his wife.

“How does that feel honey?”

“Amazing.” She said and she released Stephen and she grabbed Peter’s shoulders. Digging her nails into his back and she pushed her groin forward and pulled Peter towards her and kissed him passionately. They continued having sex as Stephen watched as he rubbed his cock. Peter was speeding up and he warned Kelly he was getting close.

“Cum for me baby.” Kelly said into Peter’s ear and his back arched and he groaned. “oh my god.” Gasped Kelly and Peter fired his load into her throbbing pussy. He fell into Kelly’s arms and they cuddled and kissed tenderly.

“Thank you Kelly.” He said.

That night the couple never returned to their hotel as they spent the night sleeping with Peter and over the course of the next ten hours all three of them pleasured each other in a number of ways.

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