The Business Trip

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My boss smiles at me as we walk through Downtown New York. We flew in yesterday and still have today and tomorrow to ourselves before the meetings start Monday. I have a Lunch-Date tomorrow, but today I just want to relax and shop a little.

We walk out of a Bookstore as something across the street catches my eye. I take a step forward and bump into somebody. My Books fall out of my arm. I apologize without looking up and go down to pick up my Books.

“Let me help you please. It was my fault too,” a nice low voice says and a nice smell enters my nose as the man I bumped into comes down beside me. I look up and stare into your eyes. I am so surprised at seeing you that I nearly fall back. Just at this moment you recognize me too. It’s unbelievable. In a town like NY we meet up by chance. You stand up and reach out to pull me up. I take your hand, my mind totally boggled. My boss asks me if everything is ok and I just nod. You come closer and hand me my books.

“Come and eat lunch with me,” you whisper. I tell you to wait a moment for me. I walk back to my boss and start talking in German with him. He nods and I wave at him.

“I am all yours,” I say and smile. You take my hand and lead me to a little Italian Restaurant. We hardly speak. I am still totally amazed and shocked at finding you. I was going to tell you over the Chat that I was coming to NY on Business, but you haven’t been around for a while.

The place you take me to is small but cozy. It reminds me of old Movies. The light is dark. Little round tables. Red/white tablecloths. Candles. I am amazed at how full it is. The waiter shows us to a little booth at the back of the Restaurant. I slide in opposite you. The tables are so small that your leg touches mine and I feel a bolt of heat run through my body. You ask me what I would like and I tell you that I want something typical. You order a bottle of wine and some Spaghetti with Sauce. Slowly we start getting warmer with each other and strike up a conversation. The food is nice and we break a second bottle of wine. Time passes by so quickly and it’s suddenly late in the evening. We decide to take a walk to the Empire State Building.

Our conversation is about jobs and kids and pets and I feel so comfortable with you. Your arm keeps going around my waist to pull me close or you take my hand to hold it in yours. We go up to the top of the Empire and I am amazed by the view. Its beautiful overlooking the City. The wind is blowing and little Goosebumps appear on my skin. I am dressed too lightly for the cold weather. You take off your jacket and put it over my shoulder. Then you hug me from behind, wrapping your arms around me. After a while it just gets too cold and you ask me whether I would like a drink somewhere.

I nod and ask “Your place or mine?” Escort Çankaya I can’t help giggling at how corny I just sounded. You ask if your place would be ok and I nod. The wine has made me slightly drunk and very sleepy. The darkness outside and the easy ride in your car aren’t helping. Slowly I start drifting off, until the car jolts to a stop. You open my door and take my hand, leading me to your home. I ask you where the boys are and you tell me that they are away.

I ease into your couch and you go to get another bottle of wine. You hand me a glass and sit down next to me. Your so close that I can feel the heat of your body. I take a sip of the wine and a little drop escapes and runs down my chin. You laugh and catch it with your finger. I freeze at your touch. You lick the little drop of your finger. Then you come closer. Your tongue reaches out and licks along my chin. I start breathing a little heavier. You lick lower, going along my jaw line.

You reach higher and I hear u moan into my ear “Baby, you taste so sweet. Forgive me but I need to taste your lips too.”

I turn to you and before I can say anything you capture my lips. You taste of the wine and I long for more. The fire inside me sparks up and I want you. My hand reaches up and lies gently in your neck. You reach around me with your arm and pull me close to your body. Our kiss gets heavier. I forget the world around me. I am lost in your kiss and your smell. I want to feel you so close to me. I want to feel you breathe. I move up and straddle your lap.

My tight skirt pushes up and I can feel your hardness press against my hot crotch. We moan out at the same time. Your hands move under my top and u can feel me shiver as u touch my skin. Our lips have not left each other’s yet. Your hand goes forward and brushes across my breast. I purr into your mouth. You can feel my hard nipples. You want to feel them in your mouth and try opening my top. The buttons just wont open and I tell you to rip it open. You give it one hard tug and the buttons rip off, scattering onto the floor.

I push my back through and my breasts move forward to your waiting hands. Your thumbs rub over my nipples and I moan out again, my head falling back. Your head comes forward and you start sucking a nipple into your mouth through the soft fabric of my bra. One hand is around my back supporting me in your lap. I push my crotch forward to rub up to your hard cock. I know that my panties are wet, but you are still dressed, so you can’t feel it. You leave my nipple and push the bra up, so u can feel them without the fabric. Your touch is gentle and needy. You pay attention to both nipples, licking and sucking on them. I push you back after a while and take the bra of. Then I undo your shirt and push it of your shoulders. Çankaya Escort I want to feel your naked chest against me.

My hand runs through the hair on your chest, in search of your nipples. I watch your face as I let my hands roam deeper, following the line that ends in your pants. Your eyes close and your chest moves with your heavy breathing. I unbuckle the belt and open the button and zipper. My hand slips into your boxers and touches the tip of your hard cock. I can feel the wetness of your precum.

You moan out and let your head rest on the couch. I press my breasts close to your chest. My body is lifted up a little so that my hand can slide along your cock easily. You can feel my teeth on your neck as I start biting and licking. After a little while I decide that the space I have is just not enough. I want you naked, so I can enjoy you. I slowly stand up and you mumble a protest. I hush you and tell you to undress for me. You slide your pants off taking your boxers down with them. I have seen you so many times on cam, but live you are even better.

“Your turn baby,” you say and I drop the skirt. Then I turn around so my back is to you and slowly ease my panties down, bending over, making sure you have a nice view. I am just about to get up again as I feel your hand between my shoulder blades.

“Stay as you are,” you moan out, “let me enjoy you and pleasure you.” There is a chair just in front of me. I move forward a step and put my hands on it to steady myself. You let your hands ease along my legs, slowly opening them abit. I can hear you go to your knees behind me. I shiver in anticipation, knowing what you are about to do. I can feel your hands brush the insides of my thighs. You come close to my pussy and can feel the wetness on my legs. You remove your hand and I can hear you licking my juices off your fingers. Your right hand goes back between my legs and slides up into my pussy from below.

I moan and purr in pure pleasure. I spread my legs a little more and push my ass up to give you better access. You move closer and let your tongue lick up the wetness on my legs. My legs start shaking, but I don’t say a word. Your tongue goes higher and reaches the bottom of my pussy. I bite my lower lip and claw into the chair. Your lick up along the whole slit and I am ready to scream. Your moves are so soft and gentle. Your lick my clit, suck it into your mouth. Gently bite it. You know how to tease me and I swear you that I will do the same to you when I get my chance. Your tongue moves back down and enters my warm wet pussy. Your so skilled as you fuck my pussy with your tongue that I am ready to cum. My purrs and moans get louder and my legs are about to give in as you stop.

You stand up and I can feel your hard cock pushed against Çankaya Escort Bayan my ass. It’s hot and hard. You push it lower and run it through my wetness, covering it in my juices. I start begging for you to enter me, but instead you move back. I stay exactly the way I am, waiting for your orders.

“Come to me baby,” you whisper. I turn and see you standing in front of the couch with your cock standing up like a tent-pole. I walk over to you and you ask me to lie down on the couch. Your kisses start at my feet and go up my legs, along my knees and then as you spread my legs along my inner thighs. You move up in between my legs until your cock is positioned at my pussy. I sigh and push it up, wanting you in me deep. Your thumbs spread my wet lips and you slide your cock through it. I moan and push up more.

“Mmmm baby,” you growl, “ I don’t know whether I should make love to you or just plain fuck your brains out!”

I push you away lightly and whisper, ” I want you to fuck me, I don’t mean make love. Tonight I want you to fuck me, hurt me, make me scream. Can you do that baby? Can you fuck me? Hmmm?”

You laugh and nod your head, “If that’s what you really want baby I will make you scream until you pass out.” I place a foot on your chest and push you back. You land on your back and I move up and kiss you deeply. Straddling you I smile and sit down. I place your cock below me and ease it into my tight pussy. Then all at once I sit down letting it slam into me fully.

I close my eyes and put my hands on your chest I begin to buck my hips and ride you. I start out slow and rhythmic but soon I am bouncing up and down like I am riding a horse. A few moments of this and you want to show me just how hard you can fuck me. You pull your cock out and roll me over, positioning yourself so that you can really give me what I want.

“I want you so badly,” you whisper, brushing a feather soft kiss on my lips. You smile and stand up at the foot of the couch, spread my legs and begin to slowly pump your cock in and out of me. First slowly to warm me up, and then with more and more increasing speed. Soon, I am screaming for you to never stop fucking me. I beg for you to fuck me harder. I beg to feel your cock in my stomach. You continue to ram your cock into me hard, pounding faster and harder into me.

I scream so loud that you could swear the neighbours 3 houses down can hear me. You smile as the sensations that tells you, your getting ready to come flows through you. Sensing you close to coming I squeeze my legs together drawing you into me. You thrust yourself deep inside me and I come for you. At that exact moment you too let your load loose inside my pussy.

We stay there, locked in that position. You drop down lying on me and my arms wrap around you. Our bodies are mixing every juice we have. Our tongues are playing in a sweet passionate kiss. Our sweat is mixing and your come is mixing with mine. Slowly we calm down. Your lips leave mine and I grin. This is just the start. There is still a whole night ahead of us……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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