The California Peach

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He was onto his fifth cup of coffee this day and as the clock moved beyond eight and the sun set below the hills outside his office at Goldbud Farms, he realized that he had the shakes. He’d already spent the better part of the past two weeks trying desperately to come up with a new corporate logo for the rebranding of his company, and now, after two sleepless nights, he was no more than a husk of his usual self…a zombie marketing VP in the fruit growing industry of Northern California.

Marcus was feeling hopeless. Ownership of his company had changed and everyone’s job was on the line as the new management scrutinized and evaluated everything. Goldbud grew the best peaches in the country, perhaps even in the entire world, but competition from Georgia, South Carolina, and even Canada was squeezing the profits from every company in the business and trimming the fat was now the order of the day.

Evelynn was at home. They’d met and married only last year and he’d whisked her away from her position at a law firm in San Francisco. She was bright and competent, an environmental litigator and graduate of Stanford. They’d met at a party held at the De Young Museum for green products and he’d been there to represent his outstanding company. She was tall and thin, but curvy in all the right places and their eyes had connected across the grand hall. She stood a head above the rest and while sipping his champagne, he’d watched her, seeing nothing but her face…the face of an angel. She was talking to one of the many admirers who’d surrounded her but kept looking at him even though he was at least fifty feet distant.

He was dressed to the nines in a tux with winged collar; unusual for him at any time, but he was comfortable and elegant in his costume and looked like he could live in such clothes. She imagined him in top hat, white gloves and cane, strolling the boulevards of Paris or King’s Road in London in the nineteenth century, the object of much admiration and perhaps the cause of fainting spells in the weak of heart. But she wasn’t one of those kinds of wallflowers. Certainly not. She knew her powers of attraction. She knew the effect she had on men…and even on many women. It was already apparent that he could not take his eyes off hers and she smiled knowing full well that all he could see was her face from the chin up. Would he simply combust when she walked his way, separating herself from the crowd? Would she have to help clean up the ashes?

Anthony Law, a fellow attorney, stood beside her. He was a sweet boy, kind and ebullient at all times, but what set him apart was his mind and his photographic memory of faces and people.

“Tony?” She asked, placing her long and beautiful hand on his shoulder. “Do you have any idea who that man is over there at the other end of the room?”

“Sure thing Eve.” Anthony looked up to her pristine face a foot above his own. He was so gay that one would think she’d have no effect on him, but Anthony was smitten by her beauty and could not help but want to be around her at each and every function.

“That’s Marcus Branson. He’s a marketing exec with Goldbud. Pretty fucking gorgeous, isn’t he?”

She smiled.

“You’re about to just saunter over there and make a conquest Eve, aren’t you?”

“Uh huh…that’s exactly what I’m thinking of doing.”

“Bitch,” he smiled. You’ve got it all, ya’ know that! It kills me that I’ve been lusting after that man for years…just to be in his company. But he doesn’t go in that direction and blows me off whenever I’m around. Well, that’s not fair really. He’s very nice and polite…just not interested I guess.”

“You wish he blew you off Tony.”

“Yeah. I guess I do.” He replied.

“You planning on torturing him a little. Want an introduction?”

“No need. I can do this myself. Is he married or attached?”

“Not that I know of. He’s really driven and one of the most passionate marketing types I’ve ever known. He is a great public speaker and is a very interesting man. He attended CAL and I heard him lecture there last year and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Afterwards he spoke intelligently on so many different subjects that I was left stunned. Been a fan ever since.”

Hmmm, she thought. Anthony shows disdain over everybody but likes this guy…worships him is more like it. Okay, now I know where my energy will be spent tonight.

She took a step out of the circle.

“Are you going over there now?” He asked.

“Just watch me Tony. Just watch me do my magic.”

Marcus had watched the face in the clouds speaking to someone below her chin. All the time they spoke, her eyes never left his, almost as if she was speaking to him and not to her close company in the crowd. Then it happened. She started to press her way out of her circle and head in his direction. Okay, he thought, now we’ll see what goes with that lovely face.

WHAM. He stood stunned Escort Etlik and made sure his mouth wasn’t hanging open. This chick has legs that end at her neck! Fuck me!! Wow.

I watched her as she broke through the ring of people surrounding her. Both men and women turned as she left and watched her ass move away from them with undisguised admiration and in many cases, lust.

Oh my God…oh my God. She’s headed straight here. And that smile and those boobs. Jesus Christ. Be calm, be calm.

He watched her every movement on her slow approach. She came at him in waves of height and fullness and moved in so sinuous a fashion that his attention was drawn first to one part of her body, then another. But the syncopated motion of her hips and bust was killing him. What a motor, what gears and lines. She was a Lamborghini, a Super Etendard, a Faberge egg made for the Romanoff’s. She was high design at its best and she knew it. Fuck…look at her eyes, even at this distance.

He had thought she looked like an angel from afar, and on her approach, as she got closer and closer, he could see that her complexion was to die for. She is an angel. Then her brows angled down like some sort of Vulcan warrior and the devil in her came forward, front and center. He immediately knew that whatever battle he was about to face was already a lost cause…pointless. But he would put up the good fight. He would not surrender. Never! Never let a beautiful woman know you are stricken with her beauty until you’ve had a chance to see her mind and hear her thoughts. That kind of conquest sucked; the “image only” kind of attraction. He was not going to fall for that. This was a test. He knew it was a test. Being and remaining aloof is the best defense. Okay…I’m ready. Let the games begin.

She had arrived. Her mischievous smile was killing me.

“Hi…I’m Eve and you’re Marcus.”

“Yes I am.”

“Nice strong name. A Roman name like Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa. Know him?”

“Yes I do.”

“Bullshit…who is he then?” She frowned.

“Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa…general and admiral of the first emperor of Rome, Augustus Caesar.”

She looked at me and her face was awash, her expression softened and the hot bitch receded and the warmth of her visage was to die for.

“Oh my God. You have got to be kidding me.” She said.

“Why…because you’ve finally met someone who knows who Agrippa was? He’s one of my heroes in antiquity.” I smiled. Shit, that’s it…she’s mine. “So how do you know my name?”

“Anthony Law told me. He said we’d get along. Now I know why.”

“Because I know the name of a Roman general? You’re kidding me. What makes that so special?”

She lifted her hands and adjusted my black bow tie.

“Holly shit. You tied this yourself. It’s not some sort of clip on.”

“I’m not lazy. I know Roman generals and how to tie a tie. Is there anything else I need to know in order to bring you home with me? Because I’m already stricken and would be very disappointed if I have to remain at this party for even one more minute in public without knowing I’m gonna’ end up taking you home.”

“Okay…let me think. I’ve got it.” She said. “Veal scaloppini…with garlic, or without if you are adding Marsala?”

I laughed to myself. She likes to eat. Hot damn!

“Veal scaloppini con porcini secchi.” I replied.

Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. She looked up again…thank God I was taller than her.

“That’s it!” she said. “We are skipping the cooking and the meal and heading straight back to your place right now.” She closed in on my lips and pressed them so very gently against mine…brushed them across my lips and cheeks side to side, then curled her arms around me and cradled my head in her hands…her beautiful hands, nails blood red and perfectly manicured, just the right amount of tasteful jewelry, long fingers which dug gently into my scalp. Her mouth opened and I pulled her to me, holding her hips tight and pressing her torso to my chest.

Something about that first kiss gives it all away. Something about how a woman uses her lips and mouth and tongue tells you with immediacy that she will be the finest of lovers, without hesitation, without taboo, with only your pleasure in mind. And in that giving of herself, she will get everything back she desires. For she was the epitome of sex and attraction. She breathed life into an entire gender…into the whole experience of what it means to be a lover.

We ditched the party and cabbed to my place. Her clothing…a long black dress came off in an instant and she walked around in black garter, bra and heels. Oh Christ was she hot and slender, her tummy spectacular in the dim lighting. I sat, amused at her femininity, her sensuality as she removed her dress and let it slip to the floor like a snake shedding its skin. She came over to me on my club chair, crawling her way on Etlik Escort the floor and I thought I’d climax in my pants for sure. Her face was sin and I was to be her victim. I was shaking just watching her do her courtship dance on the approach.

Trousers unbuttoned, cummerbund on the floor, shoes gone, she pulled down my briefs.

“Oh my…a little forest here.” She said.

“Come with me.” She took me down the hall to my bathroom.

The water was hot and she pushed me into the tub while remaining on the ledge. Once submerged and acclimated to the temperature, enduring the most erotic kissing of my life and being nibbled everywhere above the waterline, she walked to the medicine chest and withdrew my razor and gel.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, sensing the answer before it came and wondering whether I was going to acquiesce.

“Stand up gorgeous.”

“You’re going to shave me? You’ve got to be kidding.”

“It was a Roman tradition. It will suit you.” She replied.

“Yeah…a Roman tradition to avoid lice. I’m not sure I’m gonna’ like this. I’ve never shaved down there before.”

“You told me you are not married and have no girlfriend, so who will know but you and me?”

“But I’m not sure I want to look pubescent at thirty, Eve. Do you like the way this looks…shaved, I mean?” I was erect to the point of pain just looking at her and now she was spreading gel all around and gently and expertly flicking my razor this way and that as she removed my hair and slapped the razor onto a hand towel between strokes.

“It’s not so much the way it looks, as the way it tastes when I press my entire face into your sweet and slick crotch, licking everywhere and sucking on everything. If you had hair here, it wouldn’t be the same experience, I assure you.” She held the tip of my cock in one hand as the razor did its dance on the hairs at the base of my shaft. “You have a gorgeous cock, you know. The size is fantastic but the shape is divine. You could model this thing, I bet.”

“Uh huh…just what I planned to do in the morning.”

“No…I’m not kidding. One look at this thing and I can’t wait to have it in my mouth…to wrap my velvety tongue around it.”

“You’re killing me woman!”

“Haha…Do you eat lots of fruit?”

“All the time.” I answered.

“Mmmm…even better then.”

Her brows angled in that devilish manner again and I knew I was doomed. I’m gonna cum in five seconds and she’s gonna’ be disappointed. There is nothing I can do about this. Shit!

“Sit back in the tub general.” We laughed. She was so in control and I looked just like a baby.

She reached into the water and rubbed the soap off me then “Whoa!! What are you, a proctologist?” She’d stuck her finger up my ass, something I was completely unprepared for and thought I didn’t like, but her face was on mine and her lips were sucking my breath away. Her finger no longer mattered, but I suddenly felt a rising sensation and had she not moved off, I was sure to have climaxed right there and then.

“Just want you clean everywhere dearie. I’m about to eat you alive and soon there will be nothing left but your bones.”

She backed up and grabbed a towel and patted me dry, kissing her way around my body as she did. She’d already taken me in her mouth four or five times but the motion and act had lasted but seconds and I was dying. I had no idea that she was intentionally building up my resistance and knew just how to get me to last longer. She led me out of the bath and into the adjoining master bedroom. I thought of that name for a moment…Master Bedroom. Was I to be her master? I honestly doubted it!

Pushing me onto the bed and looking in my eyes, she laughed.

“Are you a bit frightened? You look like a little boy right now.”

“I’m sure I do you bitch…you just shaved me down to a ten year old.” I laughed too, knowing full well how I probably looked. Then she stepped out of her panties, which were worn over her garter. I had noticed that and thought it odd, but now I understood. She simply could remove them without having to unclasp her stockings and garter. Shit! She was shaved just like me. Never seen one of those like this. Wow…this was going to be fun. My date is an amusement park.

Now she laughed, long and hard and I loved the way her face just lit up the room in her happiness.

“Have you never seen one of these before?” She asked with a smirk. “Here, let me show you how it works.”

She laid me flat and straddled my face and I opened my mouth to receive her. God she’s fucking delicious!! She taste and smelled wonderfully and I went at her with a drive to tip her over the edge.

“Take your time. There is no rush. Start with your lips and only add your tongue slowly and with a tease. I want this to last.” She rose up and unclasped her bra and I caught my breath looking at her from below. This was Etlik Escort Bayan the most beautiful body I’d ever seen. No magazine or video ever displayed anything like this and here I am…with her sitting on my face. I reached up to cup her breasts and she swiveled back a bit and moaned and her eyes closed as her head tilted back and away. Within minutes she crested on my face and I lapped up her juices with such gratitude for this reward. It was just that…a reward for my efforts and I continued the application of tongue and lips until she was no longer the creamy treat of moments before.

She had cried out when she came and now fell to my lips, applying her own in the most erotic and sensitive kissing of my life. But as wonderful as it was, what stunned me was that there were tears in her eyes when she opened them and looked at me.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m wonderful…more than wonderful. Sorry.” She wiped at her eyes. “I’ve not met a man I really like in a long time. I’m sure you don’t believe me but I don’t ever sleep around. Just been looking for so long and it is a great release to be with you. There is magic in your eyes Marcus. You’re eyes speak to me and make me feel so sexy…so desired. It takes two to get to this place.”

She gave me one last gentle kiss then reached down to my cock, circling her hand around its base.

“My turn.” She said, pushing me up to the headboard and propping me up on the pillows. “You just lay back and watch, okay?” And she slid down the bed, pushed my legs apart and lay down with my prick up against her nose and her eyes closed. She appeared to be praying or something reflective…no motion beside my phallus resting against her lips, nose and forehead. The she started to move around…slowly she moved up and down with her entire face. Rubbing, rubbing her entire face into my cock, then my balls, then my thighs and back again. No one had ever come so close, administered such warmth and evidence of desire. I was dripping droplets of ooze and she was wiping then all over her face. Finally her eyes opened and she smiled up at me.

“Like the way this looks?”

I had no words, but she needed none. She smiled again, so wide that her teeth broke past her lips. Now they parted and she went at me again, massaging her way up my shaft as I dripped down between them. Her tongue flicked across my length and she smiled again.

“You do eat fruit, don’t you? This is gonna’ be so delicious for me.”

She rocked me forward and circled my asshole, something I’d never have permit but for the fact that I was certain I was completely clean. Surprised that I was enjoying the sensation, I was even more so because it was so revealing of her total lack of taboo. Damn…now I want to lick her little asshole too. I’d missed that.

“I can’t possibly last much longer,” I said as she stroked me and licked at me. “I’m almost there.”

“Ohhh goodie.” She opened wide and stuck out her tongue…and that did it!

“Fuck yeah!!” I yelled as I watched myself spray the insides of her mouth. The smile on her face killed me. No lust…just pure happiness. I was stunned. I’d never been blown like this before, and I’d never had a lover who showed such evidence of happiness. She simply radiated joy while swallowing me down.

She hopped onboard so quickly and began her motions. Oh God how she felt inside, and how she looked outside and how she held me and kissed me. She is the best fuck ever!! A wave of regret passed over me. It only lasted a moment, but I suddenly wished we had waited. I suddenly wished we had courted. Was I fucking crazy?

She looked down on me from above, gyrating her hips in a manner that made me feel I was taking her in many positions and not just one. Then she looked in my eyes with care and spoke.

“Don’t worry about our rush to bed Marcus. I’ll still be here in the morning and for many mornings to come. This was so fucking right, it’s scary. Can you feel it? Do you know what I’m talking about?”

We were married three months later and she gave up her work and we set up shop in Placerville in the middle of peach growing country. We were secure until ownership of my company passed from a family to a corporation. My simple task was to find and develop an image for the rebranding.

I could barely keep my eyes open and called ahead to warn Eve that I was coming home in defeat. I pulled into the driveway and walked in the door. She was not there to greet me. Then I heard her call.

“I’m in the bedroom honey.”

“Be right in.” I called back. I dropped my brief and the portfolio of failed ideas and drawings on the couch and walked down the hall. There she was, laying on her tummy and reading a magazine. She looked up and smiled, tossing the magazine on the floor and heaving her perfect ass up into the air, and as her cheeks caught the light, I felt elated. There was my fucking peach. Just look at her ass. That’s it…the new logo.

She continued to smile and caught his glance and literally watched his expression change and his face light up. “Feeling inspired dear. If you squeeze me just right, you’ll get all the nectar out of me you want. I assure you.”

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