The Cambion Chronicles Ch. 01

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The flock left the church after another mass, the bells rang signalling 9AM. It was Sunday morning in the small town of North Jefferson. The city was located in a remote area, somewhere in the bible belt. And as such, the citizens (model christians that they were) all attend the weekly celebrations. The Priest, Father Jacob Falon, stood by the entrance of the church shaking hands and blessing those who left, like a politician at a committee. By the altar, a tall nun with a dark, chocolate skin cleaned up all the ritualistic equipment. The chalice, the wine, the altar cloth. She smiled and nodded to some of the front seaters as they left, nodding and whispering at her with respect. “Thank you, sister”.

That nun was Kristanna Morgan, mostly known as Sister Morgan. She had been sent to serve and assist Father Falon at North Jefferson’s catholic church. She came from a nearby convent. More accurately, a school only for girls called Camp of Blessing. And this was all the extent of Falon and his congregation’s knowledge of Kristanna. That was precisely how she would like it stay, at least for now.

With the mass over, the real fun for Kristanna was about to begin. And today Priest Falon had really laid it hard on the “guilt” theme. He talked about redemption, confession, “unburdening oneself of the weight of sin”, as he so eloquently put. Sister Morgan knew that this would hit the buttons of a few of the more guilty ones in the crowd, those naughty sinners they were. A lot of them stayed for confession right after the mass, just like Priest Falon wanted. After all, his control over the faithful came from knowing their secrets, their temptations, their most intimate desires. Little did he know that Kristanna was also drinking from that well.

As each member sat at the confessionary with the priest, Kristanna was on the other side of the wall, listening. Unbeknownst to all, she wasn’t just a regular nun. Sister Morgan had some “exotic abilities” that she had uncovered during her time at the Camp of Blessing. Among them were her enhanced senses. She could hear much better than the regular person if she focused, so listening to the confessions from the next room was somewhat of an easy task. Furthermore, she could see people’s auras. Not their mood or anything exoteric like that, merely their lust levels. Her vision was powerful enough to see through the thin wall, have an idea of what was truly in the hearts of those confessing. While they varied in color and brightness depending on how much lust was accumulated, each aura had its unique markings or patterns. In practice, that meant Kristanna could easily tell who sat at the confessionary through the wall, even if she couldn’t exactly differentiate some of their voices. She also knew if they were horny, always a useful bit of information.

Most of the confessions were uninteresting to the nun. Boring people, with even more boring stories. Kristanna wasn’t just listening randomly, she had a specific target in mind. After months of talking to the locals and getting to know the flock, she had settled on the perfect person. Which is why she was thrilled when she heard the female voice and confirmed the aura of Mrs. Margaret Gregson entering the confessionary. “Forgive me father, for I have sinned.”

Kristanna adjusted her posture on the room next door. Margaret was the forty-five year-old widow of Mark Gregson, a powerful real-estate titan in the country. He used to own most of the property in North Jefferson, along with a lot more. After his untimely death from a heart attack three years ago, his wife Margaret had inherited everything. A lonely, middle aged widow. Living in a small town, where everyone competed about everything and cared so much about each other’s lives, their reputation and status. And to help, the woman had a deeply conservative christian background. Who could know what regrets Margaret had? The amount of denial, repression and self-censoring going on in that mind of hers could be astronomical! Something useful would present itself in time.

So Kristanna listened carefully as the conversation continued in the confessionary. “What weights in your heart, Margaret?”, inquired Priest Falon.

There was some silence, the woman replied hesitantly, “Before I even say anything, I need your word that nothing leaves this confessionary, Father Falon!”

The priest took a deep breath, it was clear the woman was so nervous and distressed that her mind was compensating it with anger and paranoia. “Margaret, you’ve been confessing in this church with me since you moved here. When was that? Four years ago? I went to college with your husband. Unless someone’s life is in danger you know you can trust me. But better yet, trust the peace of the Lord and his mercy. Calm your heart and tell me what’s troubling you this much.”

Margaret still hesitated, she stuttered, began a word but then cut it midway. Until she finally took a deep breath, closed her eyes and just decided to shoot it out; somehow making her whisper sound like a shout, “Ok, alright… I have feelings for my neighbor and she’s a woman!”

Through the fence in the confessionary Margaret could see a deep breath and a nod. Inside the priest canlı bahis was relieved no one had died, maybe the excessive amount of setup had misled him, “Very well. It is natural to be confused about your sexuality. You lost the love of your life tragically while you were still young and… healthy and… “

The father was interrupted, “No… no, that’s the problem. I’m not confused, father! T-the truth is…” Margaret leaned in even closer to the small fence dividing them in the confessionary, “I never really liked men… me and Mark hadn’t had sex in year before his passing, I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. Especially after we had Vanessa. I… I did my obligation as his wife, I gave him a child! But I never really enjoyed our time together… sexually that is.

There was a moment of silence, Margaret was struggling to get it all out. Falon calmly waited, giving her time to find the words and be fully honest, “And I’ve lived with it, you know. All these years I feel like I’ve endured all and any temptations. I lived like a proper, devout christian woman… but now, this neighbor… God I don’t even know her name. Can you believe this? I can’t talk to her! I just… turn away and run when she approaches! She is… she is temptation incarnate! I see her every day, I try to avoid it, but it’s like I keep running into her! And having all these… thoughts! I think the Lord is testing me, father!”

The priest listened to it all, he took a few seconds to absorb, responding to the emotionally charged woman with the most serene tone he could muster, “I understand, Margaret. But remember, the Lord does not give us crosses we cannot carry.”

Margaret rolled her eyes and shook her head, whispering back in the confessionary, “How can you possibly understand, father Falon? You’re a man, and you’re a holy man, even! You don’t struggle with the things normal people do!”

On the other side of the wall Kristanna covered her mouth so she wouldn’t laugh too loud. In her humble experience the “holy ones” were the ones that struggled the most. She focused on listening again, Margaret seemed to have lost hope for some clarity, “I… maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up. This was a mistake.”

Father Falon saw as Margaret began to stand up, quickly he raised his hand, “Margaret, please stay! You did the right thing coming to me. Look… maybe you are correct.” Margaret stopped as the priest acknowledge her point, she sat back to listen, her body turned to the side, ready to leave at any moment. “Maybe I am not the best to talk to you about this. Why don’t you talk to Sister Morgan? She is a young woman, she has been in the convent for a while and I am sure she struggled with similar issues. Maybe she can give you the clarity you need?”

Kristanna jumped up in surprise and excitement at the mention of her name. This situation could not have been more perfect! But Margaret did not sound so excited about the idea, “Father Falon… compared to me she is a child! Besides, no one knows about this, only you. I could barely gather the courage to tell you, I don’t want anyone else knowing about this. You don’t tell it to Sister Morgan, you don’t tell anyone!” Her tone suddenly grew threatening, was this still a confession? It was unclear.

The priest replied in his usual serene tone. “It was just an idea, Margaret. Confessions are sacred, I will not share this with anyone.” He took a big breath, letting out a somewhat frustrated sigh, “Look, why don’t you take time to reflect? You’ve taken the biggest step, you’ve shared your burden, you’ve expressed your regret and admitted to your temptations. It’s more than many of us will do, hmm? Sit at the chapel in silence, say ten holy marries and five lord’s prayers. It will calm your heart so you can consider things more clearly.”

The woman nodded in acceptance, standing up and out of the confessionary. As she walked to the chapel, she had a glance of Sister Morgan coming to the altar with a few candles and other materials. Kristanna got to see Margaret’s elegant presence. She was forty-five but looked ten years younger. Wearing an elegant and modest female suit of a light-purple tone, a white button shirt underneath closed to her neck. With a skirt to her knees and modest heels. Margaret had a beautiful silhouette, she was in shape for her age for sure. Her face showed the marks of age, but she was masterful at applying the right amount of make-up for her face. Her piercing blue eyes were emphasized by the right amount of shade, and her light brown, straight hair was tightly tied on a knot above her head. Holding her leather purse as well as the small hat she took off inside the church, the woman knelt at the chapel and clasped her hands to say the penitence prescribed by the priest.

Looking to the confessionary as she positioned the candles on the altar, Kristanna saw the priest walking out. He clearly showed some frustration, they had not concluded their conversation by any means. He quickly smiled at Kristanna and nodded at her, walking back to his room at the back of the church. While setting up the altar for the rest fo the day, Kristanna glanced at Margaret occasionally, seeing her aura burning with desire. It was evident bahis siteleri she had been resisting her urges like a proper christian woman should. But it was also obvious to the nun that his kind of repression always leaked to other areas of life in one way or the other. She was reminded of Mother Grace back at the camp, and how the nun could seemingly contain and control levels of lust and sexual desire that were off-the-charts without flinching. She also recalled how that repression “blew up” in unhinged and animalistic desire when she finally got the release she so consistently had denied herself.

Margaret walked out a few minutes later, entering the back doors of a black, spotless car as her driver took her home. It seemed like it would take a bit more effort to get close to the woman, but at least now Kristanna knew what her temptation was. She had to be very careful about it, there was only one chance to do this and she couldn’t mess it up. Sister Morgan was done with the church in a few minutes, she knew she could take a break, go for a breakfast at the diner. She was eager to share the news with her old friend, maybe get some ideas.

In a few minutes walk, Kristanna was sitting on this simple and cozy diner. Mostly empty, the rush of teenagers and kids that left the mass and went for a snack was already gone by now. The nun looked at the menu casually as she saw the waitress approaching with the corner of her eyes. With a smile, she turned to face the girl. A beautiful, short, tanned waitress, brown hair and eyes, huge hips and an even bigger ass. With each step she took all of her delicious body trembled and jiggled in a perfect pattern, teasing everyone around. The waitress also sported a baby bump, seemed like she was at least six months along, “What are you having today, sister?”

Kristanna put the menu down on the table. She looked around to make sure no one was hearing them, “I’d have you all day if I could” she spoke with a voice loaded in insinuation.

The waitress laughed and sat across her on the table, taking a break to hang out with her friend, “Oh yes, I miss those times… Can’t wait until this baby is out so.. you know… you can go back in.”

Kristanna nodded, knowing exactly what the girl meant, “It’s good to see you Aisha, how is life going for you here?”

With a shrug Aisha answered, “It’s pretty fine, the job is ok, they treat me really well, you know, with the pregnancy and all. But I’m pretty sure everyone looks at me with a certain pity. Like, young, pregnant girl, no boyfriend or husband, working at a diner. “Poor little dear!” I swear to you, people in small towns are super judgy!”

Kristanna giggled and nodded, “Tell me about it. I am at a church, remember? All the judgy people you mention? They all come there once a week, to compare clothing, life standards, and judge everyone. Especially those who are NOT at the church. It’s a sad existence.” Kristanna let out a frustrated sigh, leaning back on the comfortable seat.

Aisha placed a hand on hers, “Hey, it’s fine, you need me to hook you up with the girls again for tonight? They are more than willing and I know it relaxes you. When you are hungry everything seems worse. Trust me, I know.”

The nun simple shook her head. She then realized Aisha’s hand on hers and slowly pulled back. They couldn’t be seen having “improper behavior” in public, Kristanna had put too much time in keeping this cover to blow it in a moment of distraction. She shook her head, “It’s fine, don’t need them tonight. In fact I think I’m finally making some progress with the plan.”

Eyes opened wide with excitement as Aisha replied, “Oh my god! Is it time to tell me? You came here months ago with this “mysterious plan” you wouldn’t reveal! Come on, spill it all, I wanna know!”

Kristanna smiled softly, “Well, my plan is Margaret Gregson. I’ve been meaning to get to her.”

Puzzled, Aisha raised an eyebrow at the statement, “Why don’t you just… you know, grab her, work your magic. Precum and all that, we both know you can be very persuasive.”

Kristanna shook her head, “Nah, I’m better than that. With this one I have to go slow, I can’t just power through the situation. I have to do something like I did with Sister Beth, it has to come from her. I have to change her values or she will always see me as… less. Some source of an addiction, responsible for her “corruption”. I need to make her responsible, make her see me as much more. That will take some time.” With a relieved sigh, Kristanna placed both hands on the table leaning forward, “Fortunately, yesterday for the first time I found a way in.” Aisha had her hands clasped together over the table anxiously. She nodded, listening attentively as Kristanna continued. The nun once again checked the surroundings before she spoke, “Margaret is a repressed lesbian.”

Aisha gasped, shaking her hands randomly with exaggerated excitement, “Oh my god! That’s perfect! So, you gonna fuck her, right?”

Kristanna placed a finger over Aisha’s lips, “Shhh… don’t shout it like that! Yes and no… she is obsessed with a neighbor apparently. Father Falon suggested that she talked to me, but she didn’t want to tell anyone bahis şirketleri her secret. I don’t know how to approach without being too forward.”

The waitress nodded, letting out a sigh as thoughts ran through her mind, “Wait, the Father suggested that Margaret talked to you about being a lesbian?”

“Yeah, he believes I am celibate and…” the nun casually said. Aisha almost choked withholding her laughter, Kristanna just smiled and continued, “…and since I came from a convent I could teach her how to deal with “temptation”. You know, as a woman. But Margaret is too afraid her secret will spread. You know how folks are in this town with their reputation, especially the rich ones.”

“Well, just find an excuse. Go to her house!” Aisha suggested, almost as if it was an obvious thing.

Kristanna shook her head, “That is what I meant by “too forward”, Aisha. I can’t just show up with some lame excuse!”

The pregnant waitress leaned back, she shrugged casually caressing her pregnant belly, “Just go there for a community thing or something, you’re always doing that right? Going door to door? And maybe mention that Father Falon asked you to be there for her, in case she needs to talk. You don’t have to tell her you know her secret, just put yourself there as a pair of ears, you know? Play the “innocent” card.”

Kristanna nodded, at first just listening and absorbing the concept. Then her expression swiftly changed, she almost said “Eureka!” with her eyes. “Play the innocent card! That’s actually pretty smart!”

Aisha leaned back with a smug face and a silly voice. “Pfff of course it is, I’m a fucking genius!”

Laughing in agreement, Kristanna looked out to the street, her eyes weren’t really fixated at anything in specific as her focus was inwards. She got lost the in the amount of ideas running through her brain, “Yes, you are a damn genius! I gotta get going, lots to plan!” Aisha was, once again, taken by surprise at the sudden leave. But she knew she should have been used to it by now. Kristanna rushed out of the diner, her nun habit flapping with the wind as she rushed.

Alone at the table, Aisha shook her head with a smile, raising her hand on a late waving gesture, “Bye, have fun.”



After taking a deep breath, Kristanna rang the doorbell and waited. Holding a batch of pamphlets in her hand and rehearsing a smile. She looked around once more, clearly nervous. She had been going from door to door all morning, asking to talk a bit about this project to help and donate to a nearby school called Camp of Blessing. But this house was different, this was Margaret Gregson’s house. With how much she was worth this woman could have been living in a mansion if she wanted to. But she chose a relatively small house.

The place was still luxurious, a big lawn, with a few very well trimmed bushes as well as some flowers. Kristanna went past the gardner as she approached the door of this two story house, it seemed like a house fit for an entire family. Yet, Margaret lived alone here, accompanied only by house employees. She saw the two cars in the garage and the absolutely impeccable front of the house. Clearly Margaret wanted to project an image, while still keeping a semblance of restraint. After all, she didn’t want to be seen as the rich, shallow widow that flaunts her late husband’s money.

To the nun’s surprise, Margaret was the one who answered the door. Even at home she dressed very elegantly, always the button shirts up to the neck, discrete but clearly expensive jewelry, proper levels of makeup, a long skirt and high heels. Her light brown hair was now in a braid, going down to the middle of her back. She looked up to Kristanna, clearly shocked by her height. The nun towered almost a foot above Margaret, “Oh, Sister Morgan! What brings you here?”

Picking up one of the pamphlets and handing it to Margaret, Kristanna promptly replied, “I… we from the church have been looking for sponsors to this nearby christian school. I wonder if I could talk to you about it for a bit?”

Margaret turned her head briefly, looking inside in hesitation. The sudden visit had clearly bothered her. Letting out a sigh, she opened the door entirely and gestured for the nun to come in with a forced smile, “Please, come inside, I’m finishing some decorations at the backyard, you can talk while I do it, right?”

Kristanna nodded as she followed Margaret inside. The interior of the house was as spotless as the front garden. A big living room, with fancy sofas and carpets. The paintings on the wall were surely worth a lot, but just casually hanging in the open. Margaret walked through it, then a hallway, showing her property was much bigger than it seemed in the front. Then Margaret opened the door to a backyard that looked more like an inner garden. There was a pool, several chairs and tables spread around a barbecue place. It seemed like she was in the middle of preparing some party. A short and slightly chubby woman dressed as a maid stood on a ladder, hanging some flower decorations. Margaret watched her attentively, “Very good, Rosa! Now please do the same on the other side over there, and there. I want to get a good picture of this when it’s ready!” The maid nodded obediently coming down and moving the ladder as commanded. “So, what about this school?” Margaret asked as she looked at the pamphlet.

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