The Carny Pt. 07

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I had no frame of reference for what was developing between Roy and me. I’m not sure I even understood how it related to the feelings I’d had for him since childhood. All I knew was that I never wanted it to end.

The knowledge that my parents expected me to start college in the fall often nagged at me in my quieter moments. It was clear by then that time had run out on forestalling it with military service. But every time the giant took me in those enormous arms of his, he forced the quandary so far into the back of mind I could blissfully ignore it.

Initially our sex was a nightly event in which I learned my way around his massive body and developed my self-concept as a sexual being. The first time time I took his seed in my mouth stands out as an event just as momentous as that first night I slept in his arms.

I curled up between his legs and stared in frenzied lust at the bulky tool looming in my face. Having already lapped a dollop of his semen off his chin, I decided I was adequately prepared to receive it directly in my mouth.

I touched my lips to the soft ring of foreskin rolled half way up on his cock head and hungrily tongued the recessed opening that leaked his delicious pre-ejaculate.

“Beautiful,” he sighed as he ran his fat fingers through my hair.

I pulled his skin back to fully reveal the head for him and slid my mouth over it until my upper lip slipped behind his pronounced corona. His cock head was so big that it alone seemed to almost fill my mouth. But once I’d gone that far, I couldn’t get enough of him in to satisfy my burning desire.

My vigorous assault on it pressed the blunt thing to my soft palate with such force that I gagged myself on him a number of times. I wanted it all, like the girl in the popular big-budget porno of the day ‘Deep Throat’.

“Settle down, sport,” Roy nervously cautioned while he continued stroking my hair.

I took his advice and contented myself with only as much of him as I could comfortably manage, then began sucking on it. I remember thinking how odd it seemed that having my head impaled on a member as impressive as his would make me feel more like a man than I ever had.

My suction became more ardent the more that feeling swelled inside me. I took his ball sac in both hands and soon had the room filled with slurping noises from my intensity. Before long his deeply satisfied groans began to compete with them.

I started bobbing as I sucked him and thrilled to the feel of his big hands when he laid them on my head. He didn’t press me down or assert himself with any sort of aggression. He just let them go along for the ride while I furiously pressed myself into the service of what I perceived to be his rightful expectation.

His breathing picked up and I responded by throwing myself at his turgid organ with even greater urgency. He began bucking his hips in steady rhythm to meet my lunges.

The soft baritone in which he delivered his words of encouragement fueled my desire to sate him. My neck was beginning to ache, but fellating the remarkable man to a successful conclusion became my sole reason for existing. I fended off the urge to rest.

I let go of his balls and slid my arms up onto his belly. Then the most wonderful thing happened.

I felt Roy tense up beneath me and his fat cock began to pulse in my mouth. I cinched my lips to its substantial girth to receive his gift. It jetted into the tight suction I’d created on him in anticipation of it.

Once he relaxed I lifted my head from his loins with a noisy slurp and proudly showed him my tongue swimming in his copious discharge. Seeing how pleased he was I gulped it down.

“Did I do good?” I asked.

“You did great, sport!” he assured me with a loving smile.

In our private time Roy gave me unfettered access to him. As hard as we worked, there must have been nights when he really wanted nothing more than to curl up with me and just relax – or even sleep. But my hunger for him and his wondrous body was insatiable in those earliest days and he never denied me.

As strange as this sounds in these enlightened times, I really didn’t even think of us as gay then. Other than our sexual conduct, nothing about us or the lives we led bore any resemblance to the way gays were portrayed in the news or the arts.

Films such as ‘The Boys in the Band’ portrayed us as lisping, bitchy queens. My wrists didn’t seem limp in any way and there was certainly nothing effeminate about the swaggering, fur covered mountain of muscle and belly I adored.

Outside of America’s largest cities there were only the faintest ripples of any kind of movement for acceptance and equality, or even of community. Thus, neither of us saw ourselves as being connected to anything larger. There was only the two of us, and the joyous freedom we felt when we were alone together.

Still, I understood full well we had to be secretive and Roy never needed to caution me to rein it in when we were in public. That our physical expressions of the şirinevler escort feelings we had for each other were illegal in all the states we traveled in was well known.

By the time July rolled around and the carnival pulled into my home town I had added another sixteen pounds of muscle and padding. At a weight of 189 I was sporting a musculature that was modestly beginning to show the kind of roundness that Roy’s epitomized to me.

I bore little resemblance to the 159 pound string bean who had thrown his duffle bag into Bruce’s trunk back at the end of May. I had to shave more often and there were even a few curls of hair on my chest and belly beginning to coarsen up.

My parents had gotten the idea in their heads that I would be staying with them for the duration of that stand. They were terribly disappointed during my last call to them in advance of my homecoming when I insisted that the demands of the job necessitated me continuing life on the road as usual.

As the time neared, Roy seemed more sympathetic to my parents’ desire to have me home than I had been. He pointed out that it was only a week; that we would be together every day and our nights would resume as soon as we moved on.

However, in deference to my blossoming sense of independence he left the final decision to me. My desire to be with him won out.

Uncle Bruce obviously knew where the only motor court in town was. Identifying our bungalow by Roy’s pickup, he showed up there to talk sense to me the evening we arrived.

As soon as Roy figured out who was knocking at our door he had me quickly roll around on the other bed and be stretched out on it by the time he opened it. Uncle Bruce seemed none the wiser when I rose to greet him after he stepped in.

He explained that he’d already taken care of the advance details, so Roy and I had no other business to conduct before the carnival caught up to us. This stand coincided with another day off anyway in order to get a weekend into it, and he’d saved us two days of work.

“I’m sure Roy can’t remember the last time he had three days in a row off. Let the man have a little time to himself, Eddie,” he wrongly suggested.

In the interest of protecting Roy’s and my clandestine arrangement, I relented and left with Bruce to stay at my parents’ house.

It was a happy reunion and they were amazed at the physical changes in me after such a short time away. My dad was particularly proud and frequently squeezed my added bulk here and there in admiration.

“Where is my son? What have you done with him?” he teased, genuinely impressed with the new sinews I sported.

The first two nights with my parents were sleepless. I looked around my room as I lay in my twin bed with its wagon wheel head and foot boards and felt strangely out of place. It was a boy’s room. It belonged in every way to the kid I no longer felt I was.

As much as I loved Mom and Dad, I tossed and turned and ached for the comfort of Roy’s strong arms. That was when it began to dawn on me how completely I had fallen into his gravitational pull. Life outside the security of my orbit around him was proving miserable.

My parents listened attentively during the third night’s supper as I explained in detail everything the next day’s set up would involve. I described my responsibilities once the carnival was in operation and sought their blessings to resume my routine.

They said they understood and agreed I could return to Roy for the remainder of my stay when Dad dropped me off the next morning at the fairgrounds.

Roy was already there revising the layout from the previous year’s stand when we arrived. I introduced my dad to him. After one look at his hulking build my dad, like almost every other adult male I had ever seen in Roy’s presence, immediately fell under his spell and assured me that he had no doubt I was in safe hands.

I tried not to seem too overjoyed at the sight of Roy in front of Dad, but in truth those three nights away had seemed more like years.

“Your dad’s a hell of nice fellow,” Roy said as we watched him drive off to work.

“Yeah…he’s something else, alright!” I said, brimming with pride that they’d hit it off so well.

Roy looked around, I think making sure we were completely alone, then looked back at me with an ear-to-ear grin.

“A block off the young chip,” he said with a wink.

He then surprised me with a hug that included a quick peck right on the lips. His boldness both shocked and reassured me. He blushed.

“I can’t remember three nights being longer or emptier,” the behemoth confessed.

“No kidding!” I wholeheartedly agreed, “I loved being with them and everything…but I don’t think I slept a wink.”

“Me either! I know now how much they’ll miss you…but I’m awfully glad they saw things your way.”

I was eager to resume life at his side.

“Hey! We’ve got work to do, carny,” I reminded him.

It was a typically grueling şişli escort set up but, if I remember correctly, that night I curled up at his side after we stripped out of our dinner clothes and suckled that fat, beautiful dick of his for close to two hours in celebration of our reunion.

Roy beamed down on me the entire time, like a grateful kid who’d had a lost puppy returned to him. He alternated stroking my hair and my back, calling me his guardian angel and assuring me that he was mine to do with as I wished.

Unlike the schedule of brief bi-weekly visits Uncle Bruce had maintained to that point – ostensibly to look in on me for Mom and Dad but really so he and Frieda could “fuck like rabbits” – he was present every evening once we opened.

Opening night he found me and told me to clear my schedule for one more dinner at my parents. He said he had a big announcement.

Saturday was the night we all settled on. I waited for Bruce to pick me up from the motel. Roy had been behaving strangely all day and I wondered what was up with him.

Bruce arrived and I was surprised to see Frieda in his car.

“Shouldn’t she be doing her show?” I asked.

“I’ll explain later, kiddo,” he anxiously replied, “for now just keep quiet…please?”

I nodded.

At dinner he announced he was closing the door on his overlong bachelorhood. He had proposed to Frieda and she’d accepted. She was leaving the carny life for wedded bliss in the Bluegrass.

We were all shocked but delighted for them. Frieda looked a tad uncomfortable to begin with, but Mom and Dad were readily accepting of her and she soon relaxed into the evening.

I had gotten to know her pretty well on the road. I kind of liked the idea she would be around to remind me of the adventure I was sharing with Roy once I inevitably had to leave it behind.

When I got back to our room Roy was naked with his pillows stacked behind him to prop up while he watched his beloved ‘rasslin’. I stripped out of my clothes and perched my butt on one of his waist-size thighs, one arm draped across his shoulders with my legs sort of folded between his while I played with his nipples.

“Who’s on?”

“Bruiser Brody…never seen the other guy before…they just started,” he said as he lazily traced a finger up and down my butt crack.

I shared Bruce’s news with him.

“I know,” he said with a smile, “been scrambling all day to figure out her replacement.”

“I thought you were acting kind of weird. Why didn’t you say something?”

“Bruce swore me to secrecy,” he said as he fondled my cock and balls in his other hand, “You can’t make a big announcement if everybody already knows.”

“True,” I agreed, “So who’ll take over for her?”

“Voluptuous Velma.”

“Who on earth is Voluptuous Velma? And how the hell did you find her so fast?!” I asked in disbelief, leaving off with my nipple play.

“Shirley,” he said, grinning up at me.

“Oh…well that makes sense,” I replied and took his erect nub back in my fingers.

“She’s earned it,” he said snugging me to him.

While I tugged at his nipple he began to erect and I felt his member press against my thigh.

“Want me to suck your dick while you and Bruiser finish catching up?”

He laughed and locked his hands together, his arms around me in a mock rasslin’ hold.

“You can pin me any time, sport!”

He turned his face to my chest and took my erect right nipple between his teeth, expertly teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

I scrambled down and positioned myself for a comfortable approach to his cock, then went to work. It wasn’t long before Bruiser Brody became nonessential and Roy glued his eyes to my show instead.

The next day I saw a couple of my school chums walking by with their girlfriends while I happily shoveled shit out of the pony ride. Like my parents, they were amazed at the change in my appearance, and maybe even more shocked that I would look so happy in my work given the nature of it at that moment.

It was nice to see them, but they were not the kind of friends you hate to leave behind or anything. I didn’t really have any of those as I look back. I suppose my ‘deep, dark secret’ kept me from making friends that close.

We exchanged stories about our summers. I was a bit surprised by how mundane and typically ‘high school’ theirs sounded. It was much like my discovery that I had outgrown my room.

Roy walked up while we were talking and I introduced them to him. When he walked away I saw the girls make faces of disgust and heard them tittering to each other.

“What was THAT?! Shit! Scariest looking thing I’ve ever seen!” one of the guys rudely commented to the girls with a snide laugh.

“Take my word for it…that ‘thing’ is the nicest, smartest, hardest working man you’re likely to ever meet,” I flatly informed them, “I gotta get back to work. Y’all take care.”

With that I dismissed them and started looking ahead taksim escort to the pleasure of being jammed next to Roy in his truck when we headed south, gradually working our way back to Tennessee. Till Tuesday arrived, though, I was perfectly content to work my ass off for him every day and then pile up in our bed to enjoy being naked with him every night.

I felt absolutely no remorse about leaving as we went south to begin my last leg of the trip. My adventure would end in Jasper, Tennessee, just west of Chattanooga. At the end of that stand I would catch a Greyhound back home. As I laid my hand in Roy’s, so big it barely fit between us on the seat, the place we were leaving couldn’t have felt less like home except for my family.

He seemed to sense my feelings.

“Funny what life on the road does to a fellow, isn’t it?”

He went silent again and folded his hand around mine. We rode in silence a while longer.

“You’re gonna be just fine, sport,” he encouraged me, giving my hand a squeeze.

I felt like crying; not because ‘home’ was vanishing in his rear view mirror but because being back there had made me realize how fast my first six weeks with him had gone. We had only six more ahead of us and I wanted somehow to slow them down – stretch them out into eternity if I could.

Roy availed me the comfort of that impossibly huge hand for as long as I needed it and, otherwise, left me to my thoughts. Slowly but surely I gathered my strength and began to engage him in conversation.

His ‘gift for gab’ quickly came to the rescue and our chatter was soon flowing freely again. The joy I found in his company returned and, once more, it pushed all thoughts of our impending separation to the back of my mind.

That night we resumed our sex play with a fervor we’d never reached before. I climbed onto his lap and played my fingers up into the deep creases where his pecs rolled under to hug his belly. It made my cock rage hard when I discovered how much of my hands they swallowed.

“GOD you’re sexy!” I exclaimed.

“Lift your hips a second,” he instructed me.

I did as he said and he reached down to help his rock hard dick spring free, letting it settle into the open cleft of my parted ass cheeks. The warmth and thickness of it as it settled against my nether region sent a jolt through my young body all the way out to the ends of my toes and fingers.

Roy’s eyebrows launched into a little dance, causing me to giggle nervously. He stuck his tongue out, so I started sucking on it the way I usually sucked his dick.

Retracting his tongue at the peak of my passion, he quickly stuck his cock-thick middle finger into my still open mouth.

“Suck that…get it g-o-o-d and wet,” he said with a mischievous grin.

I wrapped both my hands around his and started bobbing my head on it. I wondered what he had in mind.

He pulled the digit from my mouth and inspected it.

“That should do,” he announced and stuck his tongue out again.

I dove back down on it. He pushed his cock aside and jammed his ring and index fingers into my crack, spreading my buttocks apart with them until I felt my sphincter start to give.

To my shock, he rammed his middle finger down into my rectum past the second knuckle. It felt huge and he began vigorously wiggling it around inside me. I’d never felt anything so good in my life and responded by doubling down with my suction on his tongue.

His joyous laughter rang out around us as my passion soared to even greater heights. He started pumping the grip of my ring with it.

Soon I was lifting my butt to meet his hand. He proceeded to play me with the skillful mastery of Itzhak Perlman on a Stradivarius. I came up off his tongue and stared into his eyes with a lust stronger than I’d ever experienced in his arms.

“Buttfuck me,” I heard a familiar voice say, almost surprised that it was mine.

“You’re a little firecracker tonight,” he praised me in a husky growl.

“I’m ready, Roy…I want it!” I urged him as I clamped down on his digit.

“I can tell…you’re gonna need some help…let me up,” he panted.

He pulled his finger out of me and I got my first whiff of my deep anal odor when he playfully touched it to the end of my nose. It was as far as I could imagine from a romantic fragrance, but the aroma was unmistakably and uniquely me. It fueled a burning lust for the new experience his finger had only hinted at in comparison with what once again rested in my crack.

Rolling off to his side I watched him stand up, his rock hard cock a deeper shade of crimson than I had ever seen it. Big veins menacingly studded its vast surface. His slit was gaping like never before and leaking profusely.

Roy went to his drawer and pulled out a small bottle tightly wrapped in a paper bag.

“What’s that?”

“Slick ’em.”

He grinned at my confusion.

“Slick ’em,” he repeated, pulling it from the wrapper in explanation and revealing the contents to be vegetable oil.

Again, it was 1973. Anal lubes were not readily available like they are today.

“I had a feeling we’d get around to this sooner rather than later so I picked some up the other day.”

He set it on the nightstand by our bed and then went into the bathroom. I heard the water run for a short burst.

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