The Cast Party

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Big Dick

I could not have been in any steamier place or time for my sexual awakening. Bangkok, Thailand, in the eighties was sin city extraordinaire. Anything went there; everything was tolerated. It was a mai bin rai (“nevermind; whatever, it’s OK”) place, and everything was not only tolerated, but it also was on offer—and almost always for free or at a very good price. And it was an innocent time. The mellow follow-on years after the hippy era of “if it feels good, do it” and before anyone had ever heard the term AIDS.

The U.S. government was also partly to blame for my development of an interest in the gay life style. I was a young government pilot of the SR71 photo reconnaissance aircraft, and politics had shut us down for several months of my Bangkok tour and had allowed me to turn my interests elsewhere other than soaring higher above the earth than anyone else could at the time.

I had time on my hands, and, thus, when there was a casting call for the Bangkok Community Theatre’s production of the new Ira Leven thriller Deathtrap, to be performed at the Bhirasri Institute off Sathorn Road, I auditioned and won the part of the young protagonist, Clifford Anderson. I had acted through high school and college, and exotic Bangkok had set my creative juices boiling. Opposite me, in the older man’s role of Sidney Bruhl, was an expatriate queen in his late forties who I will call Ron (primarily because that was his name). Ron had taught English for years at the American University Association in Bangkok, banished from the United States by his rich family because he had the gall to be gay at a time when it wasn’t fashionable, at least flamboyantly and in public. He had outlived his family, however, and inherited their money and was having the last laugh by living in style in a mansion near Sathorn Road with his choice of young men who were interested in his money (and in each other).

Ron had been attracted to me and he regularly gave me expert, soft-mouthed blow jobs in our shared dressing room throughout the run of the play to release the tension we both felt after an exhilarating performance. I also fucked him doggy style once at his request, but I’ll have to admit that I found his blow jobs more satisfying. He asked me to move into the mansion with him and his friends then, but I didn’t consider myself for sale—driving a stealth jet paid quite well—and not to mention that I had a wife and children I wasn’t going to abandon.

At the time, Ben, a U.S. Army lieutenant assigned to the Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group was living with Ron, and Ben threw Ron a cast party at the mansion following Ankara Escort the closing night of the play.

All of the woman and straight men involved in the play departed the party early, no doubt not all that comfortable with the special friends Ben had invited to Ron’s party, but I stayed on. I had realized by this time that this was a special time and place for me, sexually, and I wanted to make the most of it. It wasn’t long before my wish was granted.

I was returning from the bathroom, half snookered, down a long, dark hallway, when I was accosted by Ron’s live-in, Ben. He just turned my back to the wall in the hallway, planted his palms on either side of my shoulders, and came in for a long, wet kiss. Ben was pretty much a hunk, so I just went with the flow. It was a hot evening, and everyone left was starting to shed clothes. I had my shirt open and Ben had no shirt on at all. He rubbed his chest and basket against mine and made me feel pretty rubbery in the knees.

After another kiss on the lips and a couple on my nipples, he told me to turn around, belly to the wall, and I did so. He took my shirt off me and then stripped down my pants and briefs, so that all I was wearing were my loafers. He placed his hands on my hips where they joined my waist, with his thumbs across my butt cheeks, and I remember thinking that this simple gesture seemed to mark his full possession of me, at least for that moment. If I’d ever had the inclination to cut and run, this ended any such thought. He kissed and tongued his way down my back He knelt behind me and must have taken his own pants off then, because I wasn’t aware of that happening later, and I felt a hand come between my thighs and signal that I was supposed to open up my stance, which I did. The hand came on through, and he pulled my cock back between my legs and stroked it, while his tongue and lips search for—and found—my asshole in the folds of my butt cheeks. All the while, the music and laughter were wafting down the hall at us from the living areas of the mansion.

I had my hands raised to either side of my shoulders and my palms and cheek hugged the cool plaster interior wall of the old mansion. I wasn’t thinking anything except what a new exhilarating experience I was having. All of my senses were focused on the cock and the asshole that this handsome hunk of an Army lieutenant were making love to. I was footloose in Bangkok, my family having gone back to the states early for summer R&R. Everything was allowed as long as it felt good. And this felt great.

Ben was alternating Sincan Escort the attention his mouth was giving me between tonguing and rimming my asshole and sucking and twirling his tongue around the tender bulb of my cock. He was moistening up my asshole real good, but my cock was getting too stiff to hold the between-the-legs angle, so Ben told me to turn around, and he sucked me off from the front. His right hand was running over my thighs and my belly up to my chest, and he was using his left hand to either work my balls or gently finger fuck my ass.

Meanwhile, there were men going back and forth down the hallway to use the bathroom. One beautiful blond Scandinavian showed particular interest in what we were doing and came back to observe briefly at various intervals of this fantastic experience I was having. But most took what we were doing for granted—they all were doing similar things all over the house that evening themselves. Ben was one of the best-looking, and certainly one of the best hung, men at the party, and I was vain enough to be quite assured of my own qualities in both regards as well, so I wasn’t at all embarrassed at giving anyone a show who wanted one. What I lacked in experience at that point I made up for in enthusiasm and the willingness to shed all inhibitions.

After I had cum at the back of Ben’s throat, he stood back up and kissed me on the lips for a few more moments. Then he sort of stooped down in front of me, braced his arms under my butt, and told me to help lift myself and climb up on his waist. He was very strong and I didn’t have to help him raise me up much at all. I hooked my legs above his hips and wrapped my arms around his chest below his arm pits, and I immediately felt his cock head at my asshole.

He entered me a couple of inches and waited for me to adjust to him. He had two strong hands under my thighs. Then he slowly slid a long, slender cock up my ass canal. It felt almost like I was taking in an eel. I figured he must have been a good eight or nine inches long, but he wasn’t all that thick. And then, for a good long time he just fucked me against that wall, using his strong leg muscles and those hands under my thighs to move me. He held his cock steady deep inside me and worked my pelvis up and down for the stroking and pumping action. I moved my arms up around his neck and buried my face in the hollow of his neck and savored the fuck, enjoying his hard, strong body, enjoying the feel of his chest and belly heaving and rubbing up and down mine almost as much as I enjoyed the feeling Etlik Escort of him slithering around inside me. After he had jacked off in me, he let my feet back down on the floor and gave me another wet and deep kiss on the mouth. He told me how nice I was and that he’d wanted to do that the entire time the play was rehearsing and that he’d planned this party just so he and I could hook up. Then he said he other guests to contend with, so he’d have to leave me, but that he hoped we could be special friends in the future. (As it turned out, we became very special, close friends in various parts of the world thereafter.)

I was told later that the aging queen, Ron, had seen me together with his live-in in that hallway and had retreated to his room in tears. I don’t know if that was the case, but he avoided me thereafter for the rest of my tour in Bangkok. I sort of regretted the loss of that very experienced soft mouth of his.

I returned to the party to find that it had become quite raucous. Many of the guests had wound up nude in the pool, and I joined them there. This certainly was a good way to shop what was available in the Bangkok and who had the longest and thickest goods and the best build. I was happy to see that in that time of my life I measured up very well to the competition.

I found the blond Scandinavian voyeur from earlier in the evening sitting on the side of the pool dangling his legs—and very nearly his horse-hung dong as well, I might add—in the water, and I swam up to him and sucked his dick until it was hard and was standing at attention. He enjoyed that so much that he hauled me up out of the pool, and almost literally carried me over to a nearby lounge and side-split fucked me for three-quarters of an hour or more. I’ll never forget what wonders he could do with a nipple while he was plowing my ass deep and stretching my canal walls to the limit. I was late in learning that the nipple was an erogenous zone for many a man—and most certainly for me. I have large aureoles around my nipples and get sent over the moon any time a man takes all of that in his mouth and teeth around it and gives it suck. I think that alone can add an extra inch and a half to my hardened cock. All of these “first discoveries” thrilled me.

While I was being plowed by the Scandinavian, I chanced to look over to a nearby pool lounge and saw the man of my dreams, a hulky chocolate brown hunk with the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen until then—and since then as far as I can remember. He was fascinating to watch as he hunched over a reclining blond and pistoned down into his ass—not the least because his attention-commanding cock was several shades darker than he was. He looked at me and smiled for me and I knew right there and then that I would be going after him in the weeks to come.

Bangkok in the early eighties was perfect for sexual awakenings. Nothing was taboo. Everything was done for the sheer pleasure of it.

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