The Centre of Our World

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All of the characters in this story are aged 18 or older.

This is a hot-wife/cuckolding tale: two married white women, with the approval of their husbands, have an affair with a sexy black male. This is the story of two couples putting a black guy at the centre of their married lives. This story does have some gay and lesbian sex in it. This story has interracial sex in it. It has psychological dominance and submission parts to it. Please be aware of the themes running through this story.

The cast of characters in this story are.

Karen: a beautiful hot-wife

Dave: Karen’s husband

Jessica: a beautiful hot-wife

Paul: Jessica’s husband

Sean: a big black man

Sean’s 4 friends: the Godlike men

I hope people enjoy this story. I will delete all rude and useless comments and emails, as per usual. Please don’t post any nasty responses. I will remove them all.



Karen huffed and puffed. She turned her head and looked at her husband, Dave. Karen was outraged. Karen wanted something done. Karen wanted action. She waited impatiently for Dave to look up and notice her. She tapped her foot repeatedly. She drummed her fingers on the kitchen counter. She glared pointedly at her young husband.

“Are you going to do anything,” Karen finally hissed at Dave, crossing her arms. “Are you going to go knock on his door and tell them to shut the fuck up or do I have to do it? This has been going on all night. I’m surprised the cops haven’t shown up yet!”

Dave yawned. He scratched his head. He picked up his cup of coffee and drank. He searched through social media on his mobile phone. He felt his wife’s eyes on him.

“Dave,” Karen prompted him, menacingly.

“Huh, what,” Dave said, finally looking up at Karen. “What’s the problem, babe?”

“Oh my God – hello, earth to Dave,” Karen said, pointing her index finger in the direction of Sean’s bedroom. “Are you listening to this? Can’t you hear the three of them in there? They’ve been fucking all night long!”

Dave put his mobile phone down on the kitchen counter. He rubbed his eyes. He finished his cup of coffee and set it down. He scratched his stubbly jaw and considered the situation. He looked at his beautiful young wife. Her fine blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, her large blue eyes looked cross and bleary, and her full red mouth looked hard and tense. She was so gorgeous even when she looked exhausted and angry.

“You know I do have to get up and go to work in a few hours, babe! And you have a full day of college ahead of you. Neither of us can sleep with all this noise in the house. You need to go in there and tell them, Dave, you need to go in there and tell him now, Dave!”

“Ummm yeah…”

“OMG is that all you have to say, Dave,” Karen continued. “We all share this tiny place together and we need to respect each other’s space and keep the damned noise down so we can get some sleep and not annoy the neighbors!”

Dave winced. Karen tapped her foot on the floor. She huffed and puffed.

“Well, yep that’s right, babe. I…”

“We’re newly-weds, Dave, so we don’t have much money. When we earn more money we can move into our own place – just you and I together. In the meantime, we need to share a place with someone…”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Dave said, interrupting.

“That fucking, Sean,” Karen hissed. “All he does is lie around all day, go to the gym, or pick up girls. I’m sick of listening to him bang ditzy white bitches all night long.”

“He pays his share of the rent and bills, babe,” Dave said.

Karen rolled her eyes.

“Yes, but what does he do besides that. He’s supposed to be at college on a football scholarship, but he never goes to any classes. All he does is sleep all day, lift weights and fuck skinny white hoes all night. I don’t know how any girl can be with him. He just uses a chick for sex, dumps them, and then moves onto the next one. The guy’s a sex addict!”

“I’ve seen him around college. He does go now and then. He’s just young and sowing his wild oats.”

Karen looked at her husband with outrage. Dave grinned. He began to chuckle.

Karen shook her head. She grinned back, but then she grew instantly annoyed again. She stamped her foot. She ran her fingers through her glossy hair.

“You think it’s funny, but what about the poor girls he’s using? Huh, what about them, Dave? What do you think about that, Dave – hmmm?”

Dave was about to say something, but he was abruptly cut off by the rising volume of a woman’s cries. Karen gasped. Dave ran his fingers through his hair. Both Karen and Dave turned and stared in the direction of Sean’s bedroom. They were both silent. The woman they were listening to was exploding with sound.


Dave slowly shook his head. He grinned. He could hear the muffled sound of one body colliding with another body. He could hear Sean’s deep soft groans of joy. He çankaya escort could hear the bed complain. He could catch the laughter and the words of a second woman. Most of all he could hear the powerful feminine screams blasting out from behind closed doors.


Dave and Karen looked at each other. She looked tense. She looked anxious. Karen aggressively ran her long slim fingers through her blonde ponytail. She bit her bottom lip.

“Asshole,” Karen suddenly shrieked.

“Jesus, listen to that girl go,” Dave whispered. “She’s like a firework going off!”

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take, Dave,” Karen groaned out desperately, breathing hard as the sound of the orgasmic female filled their small two bedroom apartment. “I think I need to tell him to move out for the sake of my sanity.”


“That guy’s such a stud,” Dave softly said. “No woman ever leaves his bedroom unsatisfied and they keep coming back for more and more if they can get it. He has to fight them off with a stick.”

Karen came back to earth. She rolled her eyes at her husband. She grew cross again. She began walking back and forth across the kitchen while the woman’s cries of pleasure dissipated and then she, Sean and the other female in Sean’s bedroom burst into long laughter. Karen grit her teeth. Their laughter seemed to mock Karen, as if the three of them were laughing at her, as she paced about and fumed.

“Oh that’s great, Dave. That’s just fucking dandy. Mr. Stud picks up any girl he wants. Meanwhile neither of us can get any sleep, cause he can’t possibly go back to her place to get his thing on.”

“You’re not jealous are you, babe,” Dave asked, instantly regretting his choice of words.

Karen glared at him. She looked stunned.

“What do you want me to do, babe,” Dave asked, after sighing and scratching his head.

“Talk to him,” Karen stated, looking at her husband as if he were stupid. “And stop sighing at me all the time. That’s what I want you to do, Dave. Please just do those two things for me, babe.”

“What, now…?”

“Oh my God, Dave,” Karen said, exasperated, “yes right now, please!”

“But they in the middle of doing it.”

Karen glared at Dave again.

Dave sighed again. He scratched his scalp. He was about to get up from his seat at the kitchen counter when the door to Sean’s bedroom suddenly flew open and the two young females charged out of his bedroom. The two women were laughing hysterically. They were both dressed in only their underwear. They were both skipping. They were clinging to each other.

“OH,” the two females exclaimed as they entered the kitchen, saw Karen and Dave, and then abruptly stopped. “Hi, sorry, we just came out for a second to get some water!”

“Of course,” Karen muttered, stepping out of their path.

“I hope we’re not keeping you up,” one of the girls sheepishly asked.

“Oh no, not at all,” Karen muttered fiercely. “Why would you be keeping us up?”

“Oh good,” the same girl said brightly. “I get a bit loud when I’m with Sean. I can’t help it!”

“Oh wow — imagine that,” Karen said with a tight twitching facial expression.

“He’s you know, so good at it.”

“Yeah wow,” Dave said.

Karen stared daggers at her husband.

“I’m going to tell him to pack his shit and move out,” Karen whispered so softly that no one heard her.

Dave scratched his head and grinned. The two girls grinned back. He watched the two females tip toe towards the kitchen sink. They were both attractive young white women in their early twenties. They were both short and petite with pale skin made all fiery and rosy looking from Sean’s touch. Their long fine glossy dark hair was a beautiful just fucked mess and their pretty facial features were flushed. Dave couldn’t help but look at their slim bodies as they brushed past a fuming Karen.

“Ummm, do you know where the glasses are,” one of the girls asked Dave with a sweet smile, oblivious to the annoyed look on Karen’s face. “Sorry, I’m just really thirsty.”

“Well yeah, I reckon you would be really thirsty,” Dave said. “You’ve been at it all night. It sounds like you’re having heaps of fun in there from all the noise.”

There was an explosion of laughter from the two girls and their eyes lit up. Dave laughed as well and checked them out. Karen gasped. Her jaw dropped.

“Sorry, where are the glasses,” the girls asked again after a moment.

“Oh yeah sure, sorry – just above your head on your right,” Dave continued with a grin, running his eyes over the girl’s forms as they stood up on their toes and stretched up.

“Oh brother,” Karen muttered under her breath, shooting daggers at her oblivious husband.

Karen decided to have it out with Sean. She was all set. She was going to tell him to move out. She walked through cebeci escort the kitchen, turned the corner and then froze. She softly gasped. She was rooted to the spot. Sean was standing at his bedroom door. He was completely naked. He was facing her.

“Oh snap,” Karen whispered as she stood there and watched him with wide eyes.

Sean said nothing and Karen said nothing. She could hear the two females in her kitchen giggling and chattering to Dave, but she couldn’t make out what they were talking about. Sean gazed at Karen. She could feel his eyes slowly undressing her, casting each piece of clothing away and then devouring her beautiful lightly tanned curves.

Karen just couldn’t help herself. She drank Sean in. She couldn’t turn away from him. He was tall. He was well over 6 feet in height. He was muscular. He was thick. He was rippling. He was strong. His black skin looked like sculpted jet as he stood in the darkness of his bedroom. Karen could see his watchful eyes in the shadows. Karen could see his bright flashing teeth as he broke into a grin. She bit her bottom lip. She knew she probably shouldn’t have, but she just couldn’t stop herself. She dropped her eyes and stared at Sean’s cock. She refused to look away.

“Oh boy,” Karen whispered, her eyes glued to it.

Sean’s dick was long and it was thick and it stood straight up. Karen didn’t know how long and thick it was for sure, but it was the largest penis she had ever seen. Sean grinned at Karen. He flexed his big cock for her. Karen suddenly smiled. She shook her head. Then she grew absorbed again. She noted the blunt knob and the black shaft. She ran her eyes down his length and over his big balls.

Karen could see the gleaming fluid on Sean’s cock. It coated the head of his penis and the first five inches of his shaft. Karen didn’t know if the fluid was female saliva or the flowing cream from a girl’s pussy. It was probably both, she thought.

“Come here,” Sean suddenly whispered, trying to coax Karen to come forward with his index finger and his soft words.

Karen jumped on the spot. He had broken the spell with his voice. She visibly flinched. She stared at him for a second and then violently shook her head.

“Come and join us, Karen,” Sean whispered. “You can be my third tonight.”

“No, I can’t do that, Sean,” Karen silently mouthed, dragging her eyes off Sean’s dick. “I can’t do that. I’m not allowed.”

“You’ll have a good time,” Sean said. “I promise you will. You’ll love it.”

Karen softly laughed. Her eyes lit up. She shook her head. She could hear the two girls in the kitchen behind her. They were still chatting with her husband. She turned her head and listened to the sounds coming from the kitchen for a moment.

“Join us, Karen,” Sean whispered. “You can go next, baby, I promise. C’mon baby. You’ll love it. You need it. I can tell. I’m all ready to go again.”

Karen grinned. She shook her head again. She looked at Sean silently.

“You want to, I can tell,” Sean softly said. “C’mon baby. Let Sean take care of you.”

Karen nibbled her lip. She paused. She just stood there and felt her desire for Sean fill her. She suddenly shook her head.

“Just keep it down, Sean,” Karen finally whispered, before grinning again. “Dave and I can’t sleep. I’ll have to kick you out if you don’t drop the noise level.”

“No way, beautiful,” Sean whispered back, “I want you to hear me at it. I like it. It turns me on knowing you can hear me doing it all night.”

“Oh my God,” Karen muttered, shaking her head disapprovingly, but still grinning anyway.

“Come and get it, baby,” Sean offered one more time, flexing his big hard cock. “C’mon baby.”

“Nope, I’m not going to be another one of your do em and forget em types,” Karen whispered, before breaking into quiet laughter, her eyes on Sean’s dick.

“I would never treat you that way, baby,” Sean whispered, flexing his big black cock for Karen. “I promise. I swear.”

Karen laughed. She shook her head. She put her finger to her lips. She turned and walked into the kitchen, just as the two grinning and giggling females passed by her on their way back to Sean. A moment later the door to Sean’s bedroom was slammed shut.

Karen stood in the middle of her kitchen. She shook her head. She was still smiling. She was red faced. Both Dave and Karen looked at each other. A few moments later the piercing sound of a female filled the small apartment and then a long loud feminine groan followed.


“Looks like Brittany is getting the big rod next,” Dave said with a grin. “She did say it was her turn. Jenny has had her go and now its Britt’s turn.”

“Brittany, Britt, Jenny, big rod,” Karen asked, looking peeved and suddenly bursting into anger again.

“Do you want me to go and tell them to keep it down,” Dave asked with a tone of resignation in his voice, before sighing.

“Oh look, fucking forget about it, buddy,” çubuk escort Karen stated spitefully, before turning. “I don’t want to put you out. I’m going back to fucking bed and try to get a couple of hours of sleep before I have to get up for work!”

Dave shrugged. He watched his beautiful young wife storm out of the kitchen.

“I might get some more coffee then, I guess.”

“Great idea, Dave, great idea,” Karen stated, before slamming her bedroom door closed.


Karen slumped down into her chair. She was knocked out. She was exhausted. She was wearing her tight gym top, her short figure hugging pair of gym shorts, her runners and her gym socks. Karen picked up her towel from her gym bag and dabbed and rubbed at her flushed perspiring face.

“C’mon girl,” Karen’s friend, Jessica called out between bursts of ragged breath. “Don’t give up yet, hon! You need to improve your fitness.”

Karen rubbed her sweaty features and then dropped the damp towel on the floor at her feet. She reached down and picked up her bottle of water. She uncapped the bottle and then sipped. She was breathing hard and her heart was pounding in her chest. She looked up at her friend Jessica and broke into a grin. She slowly ran her eyes over her beautiful friend.

“C’mon babe,” Jessica encouraged.

“Yeah yeah, Jess,” Karen muttered, still trying to get her breath back under control. “Just give us a second and I might be able to do it again.”

Jessica laughed.

Karen watched Jessica from behind as Jessica lightly ran on the treadmill. Her friend was a beautiful married woman of 25. She was the same height as Karen. She had the same glossy long blonde hair, the same blue eyes, the same red lips and the same gorgeous tanned body. Jessica was 1 year older than Karen, but everybody thought they were twin sisters upon first meeting.

Karen watched Jessica for a moment. Karen liked watching Jessica. She watched Jessica’s shining limbs move mechanically and exquisitely under the gym light. Jessica’s clothing was drenched and glued to her beautiful curves as she ran. Jessica’s long gleaming ponytail swung easily from side to side as her small gym shoes softly struck the moving surface of the treadmill.

“You’re so good at that, Jess,” Karen softly said, after swallowing another sip of water, re-capping her water bottle and dropping it in her gym bag. “You run so well. You look so good when you do that.”

“Are you perving at me again, babe,” Jessica asked, breathing hard. “Can’t take your eyes off me, can you.”

“Yep, and nope, and I’m not the only one,” Karen said, after laughing softly, her eyes focused on Jessica’s behind. “All the guys are checking you out. You’re sure to get more phone numbers by the end of this training session.”

“And a few hot dates set up as well I hope,” Jessica said with a grin.

“Yeah, yeah, lucky bitch,” Karen muttered, feeling a touch jealous.

Jessica laughed. Karen grinned. Karen dragged her eyes off Jessica and ran them around the gym. Sure enough there were a number of guys all pretending to train, but really checking out Jessica as she ran on the treadmill. Their eyes were on Karen as well. Jessica was definitely known to give out her number and take down numbers during and after training. Most of the male regulars at the gym knew Jessica. Karen’s married friend was casually dating about 5 of them.

“C’mon, are you going to run some more or what,” Jessica asked.

“Oh my God, Jess, I can’t. I’ve had it.”

“C’mon girl, don’t be a loser your whole life,” Jessica demanded.

“I can’t, I’ve had enough,” Karen whined. “Anyway, I really like watching you run — it’s more fun that way.”

“Creepy perv – you need to get fitter, Karen,” Jessica stated with a grin, just before hitting the button in front of her to stop the treadmill.

Karen grinned and watched as Jessica’s movements slowed and then came to a stop. Jessica turned. She awkwardly stepped off the treadmill and stumbled on wobbly legs towards her seat next to Karen.

“Oh my God,” Jessica stated between ragged gasps, collapsing down into her seat, her beautiful blue eyes slowly running around the gym and identifying all the young males who were gawking at her as they pushed and pulled at the weights.

“You just love this, don’t you,” Karen said with a touch of envy in her voice as she watched her friend size up the guys who wanted her.

“Uh huh, this is my hobby, this is my vocation,” Jessica said, before burying her flushed streaming face in a towel and wiping herself dry and then beginning to dab at her cleavage. “I’m lucky. I have the best husband in the whole wide world. He just loves for me to play and he never says no to me.”

“Yep,” Karen said, finally breathing properly again, her heart rate back to normal.

“I’m dating four or five times a week at the moment. Paul’s being really good about it. He’s so supportive. He sleeps in the guest bedroom when I bring someone tall, dark and handsome home for the night. He sleeps in there a lot!”

“That’s amazing. Are they all black guys?”

“Of course, Karen,” Jessica said as if it was obvious, noticing the way Karen was looking at her and breaking into a grin.

“Uh huh,” Karen whispered, grinning and then turning away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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