The Chair

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Big Dick

My eyes open to the sunlight streaming across my pillow. I smile when I feel the warmth of your arms around me and your deep, even breathing. I smile even wider when I think of the slow, achingly sweet love making of the previous night. I can tell from your deep, even breathing that you are still in dreamland and will be for a while.

I carefully slide out from under your arm, shivering as the chill hits my bare skin where your arm had previously been. I slide into my slippers and robe and shuffle off to the kitchen. Careful to be quiet and not disturb you, I go about finding and making coffee and some breakfast.

I manage to finish breakfast without waking you. I carefully arrange everything on a tray and carry it back to the bed. As I put the tray down on the nightstand, you groan and turn in your sleep.

I stand there, watching you as you sleep. The effect you have on me takes my breath away even when you are still and peaceful. It’s all I can do not to reach out and touch you.

I climb onto the bed and crawl over to you, leaning into you. I softly kiss your cheek….you smile. My tongue gently traces the contours of your lips…you groan. I kiss your lips and whisper “Good morning, my Angel.” Your eyes open and the smile returns to your face.

“Good morning, Sweetheart.”

You stretch…and I stare…not bashfully…at your incredibly sexy body. My eyes resting on your already hard cock (there is something to be said for that “morning hard-on”). I hear you chuckle, “Didn’t you get enough of that last night?”

I lean in close, my lips against your ear and breath, “I haven’t even begun.”

I hear your sharp intake of breath and know my words hit home. I spring back and grab the tray with breakfast. I sit, quite innocently, cross-legged across from you and start handing you a plate and utensils.

We eat a pleasant breakfast, chatting about anything and everything.

As I start cleaning the dishes, you disappear into the bathroom. I quickly finish what I’m doing in the kitchen and start to set up the room for my surprise.

You come out of the bathroom a little while later and see a chair sitting in the middle of bedroom, handcuffs hanging off of each arm of the chair. Your one eyebrow rises as you look at me with a question in your eyes. I’m lying on the bed, naked, waiting patiently for you.

I nod toward the chair and ask you to please sit down…and trust me.

You Şerifali Escort do as I ask without question, an idea of what’s coming already getting your cock hard again.

I kneel next to the chair and bring your right hand to my lips. I take one finger deep into my mouth, my tongue swirling around your fingertip. You are so intent on what my mouth is doing, you don’t even notice that I have fastened the one handcuff around your right wrist already.nor do you care. I repeat the same motions with your left hand, my tongue moving to the sensitive palm of your hand. I see goose bumps moving up your arm when my tongue moves on your skin.

Once I have you secured to the chair, I stand up in front of you…and very satisfied grin on my face. “I’ve wanted you in this position for a LONG time! Completely at my mercy.” You give me a wary look.

I lean on the arms of the chair, and start my assault on your senses. My tongue travels over every inch of you. I finally rest on my knees between your parted legs, your hard cock inches from my lips.

I take the first taste slowly. My tongue moves over your hot skin, leaving a glistening trail of wetness. I slide my lips over the throbbing head and hear your gasp as the heat of my mouth hits you. I slowly slide down the full length of you, stopping only when my lips are buried deep in your pubic hair. I stay there, holding you deep, letting you feel the heat surrounding you.

I hear the chains of the handcuffs rattle and see your hands clenched in fists as I slide slowly up, wrapping my tongue around you as I go.

Your hands might be tied, but your hips are not. You thrust your hips upward, pushing your cock down my throat. I groan…loving it when you fuck my mouth hard, feeling the power of you taking over.

But, after a few moments, I feel your body tensing as you are ready to cum, but I’m not ready for you to enjoy that yet. Without your hands to hold me there, I easily stand up, giggling at your obvious disappointment.

I straddle the chair easily and hold myself high enough that just the tip of your throbbing cock is touching my dripping pussy. You can feel the heat on your cock.

I look into your eyes and the look you give me makes me catch my breath, so intense, so full of need. I lower myself and the tip of your cock easily slides inside me. The feeling of having you inside me again makes my legs week, causing me to lower further until İstanbul Escort you are completely inside me, throbbing. I wrap my arms around you and hold you, the two of us still, savoring the feel of each other again.

I start to move, slowly at first, riding you on the chair, my hands on your chest, my nails digging into your skin. Your hands have a vice grip on the arms of the chair as I slowly slide up and down on you. I ride you slow and steady, making sure not to make you cum, but having a hard time controlling my own reactions to the feel of you inside me.

Just when you think you can’t take anymore, I turn my back to you and start riding you backwards. I lean back against your chest, my head on your shoulder as you thrust into me. A new wave of sensation hits both of us with this new position. You can feel my breath coming fast against your ear as you struggle to control the explosion that is building. I reach up behind us and wrap my arms around you, thrusting my breasts up and into your line of vision. I see you lick you lips, knowing you are wishing your tongue was long enough to reach my hard nipples.

“Sweetheart…” I can hear the warning in your voice, knowing that I have no intention of stopping now. I can feel your muscles tense against me and then feel the warm spurts of fluid flowing into me as you bury your head in my neck, your groans muffled in my hair.

We don’t move right away, both of us just enjoying the sensations. Finally you sigh and say, “NOW can you uncuff me so I can have some payback?”

I just smile and get up. I kneel down between your legs again and start to clean you with my mouth, gently and carefully….just enough to have you hissing through your teeth at me.

I go to the kitchen and get you a cup of coffee. I uncuff one hand so you can hold the coffee mug, but have to do a side step when you hand instantly tries to grab me. I hand you the coffee cup from a distance, smiling. Frustrated, you grab the coffee and take a few sips.

I take the coffee mug back and re-cuff your hand. I put the coffee mug down and sit on the edge of the bed facing you. I spread my legs for your view. My shaved pussy is still red and glistening from earlier. I lay back and pull up my knees so you have a clear view of what I’m about to do.

I reach down between my legs and start to slowly caress myself. You can see my fingers slide between my bare lips. You can see Ümraniye Escort the wetness dripping down between my ass cheeks. I spread my lips to make sure you see everything as I gently rub my clit.

I hear you groan.

You watch as my finger disappears inside me, pauses, then slides back out. I reach behind me and pull out a dildo (from where you have no clue). It’s only 6″…no comparison to you…but it’s big enough to drive you crazy watching me fuck myself with it. I’m working the dildo with one hand while the fingers of the other are rubbing my clit.

I glance at you and your cock is standing straight up again…begging for attention. I immediately stop and stand up. After all, that was the only reason I was doing that….to drive you crazy.

I reach for a nearby glass and grab a moon-shaped piece of ice. I walked toward you rubbing the tip of the ice cube on my nipple. I hear you moan as my nipple instantly shrivels and hardens. You watch the drops of water fall from my nipple as the heat of my skin melts it.

I bring the ice to my mouth and slowly suck it in. Holding it in my mouth until I am on my knees in front of you. Without removing the ice, I slide my mouth over you. The cold hits you first, then the heat of my mouth. Then the cold again as the ice rubs against you in my mouth, and back to the heat when I move my tongue.

Without stopping my mouth, I reach up and un-cuff you. Your hands are instantly in my hair, pushing me down hard on you. My nails are digging into your thighs as I feel the wetness dripping from my pussy down my leg.

You suddenly let go and pull my head up. “Not yet, Sweetheart”

You stand, pulling me up with you. Your mouth is on mine, your tongue ravishing my mouth. I don’t realize that you are actually walking us backward until I feel the edge of the bed against the back of my knees.

You grab my shoulders and turn me around, forcing me to bend over until my elbows are resting on the bed. I feel the tip of your cock slide between my ass cheeks, and then feel the pressure against my anus. You reach up and grab the hair on the back of my head, pulling my head backward as you slide your cock into my ass. You pull me back further as you slam into me, fucking me hard. Your other hand reaches around to bury your fingers in my pussy.

A few thrusts and we are both cumming hard. You collapse over top of me, your hot breath on my back. My knees quivering from the force of the orgasm and I’m struggling not to collapse myself.

We both clean up and climb back into bed. Both spent and tired. Good thing it’s a Saturday! We can rest and start all over again…this time with me handcuffed to the chair….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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