The Charity Auction – A route into Cuckolding Part

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This is purely fantasy.

My wife had continued visiting Bill every two weeks and was getting fucked regularly by him. She was making me where my cock cage more and more. One day when I came home she sat me down at the computer. She clicked open an email and she showed me the plane ticket for her flight to stay with Mark, Bill’s grandson, for a week. She told me she was really looking forward to it and hoped that I was too. I was horrified by the way my wife had embraced the lifestyle but there was now nothing I could – it had been my fantasy in the first place anyway.

The day came for her flight and my wife had quite a small case with her. It had a few changes of clothes, but as she pointed out, she was hoping to spend most of the time in bed fucking Mark. She had insisted I drive her to the airport and I got the car ready. She called me back into the house and she was sat on a chair in the lounge. She told me to sit down. She told me she loved me and this was just going to be sex with Mark (joking that it was going to be Very Good Sex with Mark) but I was now her cuckold and her pussy was out for new adventures. She told me to stand up and drop my trousers. I thought that at least I would get a goodbye suck. But that was the last thing on her mind. She reached behind her and pulled out my cock cage and quickly put it on, and locked the padlock. She said that would stop me playing with myself or misbehaving while she was away, and she wanted to release my cum when recounting her time in Canada on her return. She did say though that a spare key was hidden in the house in case of an emergency and I could phone her for its location but only if my cock was about to drop off.

She texted me to say she had arrived safely in Canada and Mark had met her at the airport and they were back at his flat, already naked and about to fuck. She then wrote that she would only contact me a few times when away so not to expect to hear from her often.

Over the week I would get texts with links. I was shocked when I opened the first link to be sent. It took me to a porn website and there was a video of Mark and my wife fucking. She had written in the description that this was for her cuckold husband to watch in the UK while she was in Canada being fucked by a young bull. She added that her cuckold wouldn’t be able to do anything as his cock was caged. Over the week I would revisit each one and got to see a lot of comments about my wife and/or our lifestyle. It was also interesting to read the comments being posted by strangers.

Then on the day she was due to fly back I got a text saying she was on the way to the airport, her pussy still holding some of Mark’s cum and including three links to the website, writing underneath it ….. ‘YOU ARE NOW A REAL CUCKOLD. Meet me at the airport at our arranged time – I am looking forward to recounting the week’s activities’. There were a few links .

I was very wary about what I was going to find on the links. I got on the computer and entered the first link. What I saw was shocking. It started with my wife in a car driving along a road and Mark asking her where they were going. She said that Mark had told her about a nearby Adult Book store where adults could also play and she had suggested they try it out. The Film then restarted with my wife’s face as they entered the parking lot. She had a great big grin on her face and said this was going to be a life defining moment. Mark filmed her getting out of the car and scanned up and down her body. She was wearing a loose fitting dress and Mark asked her what she had on underneath. She replied nothing, as she didn’t want anything to slow her down, and she lifted up her dress not only to show she had no pants on but also that she was now completely shaven.

Mark filmed her walking in the door and you could hear Mark saying he better hide the camera away. He must have put the camera in a shirt pocket but the camera lens was above the edge and still filming. The camera was quite a bit juddery but he filmed as my wife looked through the bookstore, at the videos and sex toys. She was laughing as she handled some and marked turned a full 360 so the camera took in the whole room and a few guys in their looking at my wife. I heard Mark then go to the counter and ask the guy if they needed token for the back area. He said yes and mark paid over money for tokens. He asked the guy if the back area was busy and he said there were only a few guys in there, but he was sure if the lady went back there all the guys in the book store would follow.

Mark went back to my wife and told her what the guy at the desk had said. She laughed, and Mark asked if she was still up for going into the back area. She said yes. Mark then bent forward and whispered something in her ear. She giggled and replied ‘really? Is that what you want? and Mark replied ‘yes, show that cuck husband of yours just how much fun you are’. Mark stepped back from her and I watched as on the film she pulled her dress over head to reveal she was fully naked beneath. Mark and my wife then continued to look at the shop stock and the other guys in the store were clearly gathering near to my wife to get a better view.

Then Mark said it was probably time to explore the back rooms. They went to a curtain over a doorway and Mark held it to one side to allow my wife to pass through. Mark stayed with the curtain as the other guys in the store followed my wife. They were ranged in age from their 40s to 60s. Mark then found my wife standing in the cinema room. The light from the film being projected provided some light in the room and it was catching my wife’s naked body. Mark could be heard saying to her that they should explore the whole back area before deciding what to do. As he said this a passing man squeezed my wife’s breast, which made her jump but she didn’t say anything. The area was dark but there was enough light for the camera phone to capture enough to see things.

My wife led the way and to the rear of the cinema room was another doorway and she went through. There were two corridors and my wife took the one on the left. Off the corridor were small rooms containing single or double mattresses, all with doors that locked. Mark and my wife explored each room and in one of the bigger ones marked kissed my wife and said he was looking forward to watching her get fucked. At the end of this corridor was a large room, with no door and in the centre was a very large circular bed. My wife laughed and said that the bed would take all the people present in the building.

They returned to the corridor and went back to the second corridor. Off this were 8 little booths with a single seat and 2 booths which were slightly bigger. The rooms had a video screen in and in the walls were a number of holes which Mark explained were gloryholes. Mark took the camera out of his pocket and pointed it at my wife and said was she ready to play. She said yes and the film ended.

I quickly entered the second code. The film started back in the gloryhole booth. Mark was holding the camera but my wife had taken his cock out of his trousers and was sucking on his cock. Mark then told my wife to push a couple of fingers through one of the gloryholes, as he could see there were guys on both sides watching. As she pushed her fingers through and pulled them back they were followed by a semi flaccid circumcised cock. She looked at it and leant forward and started to suck on it. Mark filmed as she expertly gave the guy a blow job. There was then a knocking on the partition wall to signal the guy was about to cum and she carried on sucking, swallowing everything. On the other side of the booth a cock had also appeared and my wife started to play with that one. Instead of kneeling though she stood up and bent forward to suck it. This pushed her ass closer to the other wall and a hand appeared through the hole and started to finger her pussy.

Mark then moved my wife slightly so he could push his cock into her pussy. He fucked her as she sucked a stranger’s cock and another guy watched through the gloryhole. My wife started to gag but continued sucking. She then pulled herself off Mark’s cock and turned to him and opened her mouth. It was full of cum which she swirled around with her tongue and then swallowed. Mark could be heard saying to her that this was her night and she was in charge. She then said she wanted to go and check out the cinema room. Mark put the phone back in his pocket and filmed the walk from the gloryhole booth to the cinema room. There were a few guys hanging around the booth doors hoping to get some time with my wife, but as she left they followed her and Mark. She went and sat on the front sofa in the cinema room, which could probably sit about 5 or 6 people.

The film ended. I quickly entered the next code

The next film started with the camera in a fixed position. I saw Mark going and sitting next to my wife and he was now naked. I assumed he must have put his clothes in his bag and had propped the camera on top of it. As he sat down my wife reached for his cock and bent forward to suck it. There was soon a crowd watching. One guy sat next to my wife and took no time in starting to play with her tit. She didn’t stop him. Even though the film was dark, the light from the movie being shown meant enough could be made out. She stopped sucking Mark and turned her attention to the guy who had sat next to her. She started to suck his cock and play with his balls. The other guys watching were stroking their erections.

I watched the film as my wife became a true slut. She stopped sucking the guy and then stood up, moved over and lowered herself onto the unprotected cock. She started to ride him and a couple of guys moved forward and she took turns in sucking the guys. Both released their cum over her face and tits at the same time. Before any other guys could take their places my wife moaned and the guy below her shouted he was cumming. She rode harder taking his cum deep into her pussy and the action gave her a massive orgasm as well. When she had recovered she remained sat on his cock and sucked a couple of other guys off. She then moved off the cock and his cum dribbled from her.

She moved to the end of the sofa and bent over it. A couple of guys fucked her in this position, also dumping their cum into her. She then she needed a break. She got up and Mark and her walked towards the camera and the filming stopped.

I entered the next code and they were now in one of the small individual rooms sat on a bad. Mark was filming my wife and she laid down and opened her legs to show her cum covered pussy. Mark asked her if she was enjoying herself and she said yes and that she was hoping her husband was enjoying watching at home. Mark asked her what she wanted to do next. She grinned and said that there were still a few guys she hadn’t played with and she wanted to try out the big bed in the large room at the end of the corridor. Mark was still naked and opened the door and my wife followed him out. However, instead of going to the big bed she went the opposite way. Mark followed her and she went into the shop, fully naked. There was a couple of guys there and she went into the centre of the shop and announced that her pussy was going to be open for all takers – anyone could come and fuck her. She then went into the cinema and stood in front of the screen and made the same announcement. By the time she turned to go to the room with the big bed in there were probably 10 guys or so following her and in the room were a few guys waiting for her.

She went over to the bed and it was clear that Mark was filming openly now. My wife laid down and could be heard telling the guys to treat her like a slut. She was then filmed having all the guys play with her. They were squeezing and pinching her nipples, sucked on them, guys were taking it in turn to be sucked by her. Some shooting over her face or tits. Other guys were fingering her clit while waiting to fuck her. As soon as one cock had cum inside her or shot over her pussy lips another took its place. At one point my wife seemed to be on a constant orgasm. Every so often Mark went and got a close up of her face while being fucked. On one occasion she looked straight at the camera and said ‘I hope my cuckold at home is watching this film and enjoying seeing me being used by all of the guys’ .

The fucking went on for about an hour and then she rose from the bed, cum splattering a lot of her body. She turned to Mark and said she was satisfied and exhausted. Mark gave her the phone still filming and quickly got dressed, but my wife handed it back to him and instead of putting on her dress she carried it. She walked naked out of the bookstore and to the car. At the car though she put on the dress for the drive home. In the car Mark asked her about the experience and she said it was one she was going to repeat back in England. Then the film stopped.

I arrived at the airport at the agreed time and waited for her. She came through the security and gave me a big hug and a long kiss. As we walked to the car she thanked me for allowing her to discover her true self and that cuckolding was going to be more than just a couple of days a month. In the car she groped my groin area and asked if my cock was get excited thinking about being released. I said yes. She then asked if I had watched all the videos she posted. I said I had and it had been unfair I couldn’t wank while watching her being fucked.

Back at home I carried my wife’s case to the bedroom. She opened it and handed me a plastic bag. She told me this was a present for me. I opened it and it was the dress she had worn at the book store. When she had put it on in the car it had soaked up a lot of the cum. It had a smell of stale cum and areas that were crusted with what could only be dried cum. She told me to sniff it and smell the men who had fucked her. She then told me to connect the laptop to the large TV screen in the bedroom while she went and had a shower. When she had washed she said she wanted to watch all the videos she had posted while on Holiday, and as we did so she would tell me what happened and how Mark had fucked her.

She told me to strip and for the next 5 hours my cock struggled against the cage as my wife enjoyed regaling me with how her pussy had been well used.

When we had watched all the films she told me to lick her pussy and imagine all the cocks that had explored her inside. After I had made her cum she undid the padlock and my cock sprang from its cage. She then got off the bed, put on the dress that had cum on it and she told me to fuck her while smelling the other guys cum. I didn’t last very long before a week’s load of cum was filling her pussy.

My wife was now a cuckoldress and enjoying every moment of it. The odd thing was that it had also raised our sex life. Before meeting Bill we had sex once or twice a month. Now it was at least once a week, and the fucks after she had had an encounter with other men’s cocks our fucks were much better than before.

However, I was starting to have my doubts. When it was just Bill she was opening her legs to it was OK. But now it seemed she wanted to have her pussy pleasured by more than Bill.

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