The Cheerleading Coach

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Jack Spenser had been the successful head coach for high school basketball and softball teams for years. But as the temporary coach of a college cheerleading squad, he felt out of place. The squad consisted of twelve girls and three boys, and at his first squad meeting, he introduced himself.

“Hi, everyone. I’m Jack Spenser. As you may have heard, my background is teaching softball and basketball at the high school level, so this will be awkward for all of us. I know nothing about cheerleading, but we are fortunate to have two senior squad leaders, Jerry, and Linda, and I will work with them to be as much help as I can. I recognize that cheerleading demands a lot of work, planning, and practice and my office door will always be open if you need me for anything.”

Things went fine for the first few days. Jerry and Linda were respectful of his responsibility, and they coordinated good practice sessions.

Then late one afternoon after practice, someone knocked on Jack’s office door.

“Come in!” he shouted.

“Coach, do you have a minute?” asked the cheerleader. Her name was Piper, and she was one of the more talented girls. She had short brown hair, blue eyes and was still wearing her cheer uniform.

“Sure, come on in; what can I do for you?” Jack asked.

Piper sat down in a chair in front of his desk. “Our last coach, Miss Osborne, was a good teacher; she knew lots of moves and positions, but she was gay.”

Jack tried not to react because he didn’t want to disrupt her train of thought.

“Some of us have boyfriends who will not go down on us, but Miss Osborne did, a lot. We didn’t complain because, well, you know, an orgasm is an orgasm, right?”

“I guess so,” Jack replied carefully. “Where is this going, Piper?”

“Well, Miss Osborne decided one day that we should reciprocate and, you know, lick her. But we wouldn’t do it because we like dicks. So, she made practice a living hell.”

Then she used her fingers to make quote signs as she said, “The school board “somehow” heard that she was gay and abusing the girls on the squad, and “boom.” she was gone.”

“Okay, but why are you telling me this?”

Piper leaned forward in her chair, smiling as she whispered, “Help, I’m being raped!”

Jack sat back in his chair, shocked and confused. “What?”

Just then the office door opened, and two more girls came in and shut the door behind them. “Piper, we heard your screams for help,” one of them said.

“She didn’t SCREAM, she WHISPERED, and I didn’t try to rape her,” Jack argued.

Piper and the other girls ignored his protest.

“This is Rachel and Laura, and there are two other girls who will come to see you later this week. What we want from you, coach, is what we had with Miss Osborne and a little more.”

“What in the WORLD are you girls talking about!”

“It’s simple,” answered Piper. “We want you to go down on us when any of us need it, and we might want you to use your dick, too.”

Jack stood up behind his desk. “Girls, this is just WRONG, and you know that I can’t go along with it.”

“There’s nothing wrong about it,” added Laura, who had long red hair and blue eyes. “We know you’re divorced, and you should welcome the opportunity to have sex with several college girls.”

“And,” added Rachel, “if someone were to tell the school board that you have two felonies in your background, they might not like that you were abusing us innocent student girls.”

“How did you know about my felonies?”

“Technology, coach; you can learn a lot on the internet,” said Rachel.

Jack sat back down in his chair, frustrated, confused, and concerned. “Okay, I don’t like this, but it looks like I’ll have to go along with it. Where do we go from here?”

Rachel, who was the tallest of the three girls, had long brown hair zonguldak seks hikayeleri and brown eyes. “Since we don’t have a way to sneak in furniture and we want to get things going, just lie down on the floor. I’m first.”

Jack lay down on the floor as Rachel reached under her cheerleading skirt and slid her panties down off her legs. She straddled Jack’s head, one foot on either side of it, and squatted down until her pussy touched his lips. “I think you know what to do; we’re counting on you, coach.”

He left his arms at his sides, but suddenly felt someone unzipping the fly on his pants.

“That’s Laura,” explained Rachel. “She likes to play with dicks.”

Jack tried to ignore Laura’s hands as he used his tongue to service Rachel. He had never had a threesome before, so he decided he would play along and just take what he could get.

Laura only used her hands, but It didn’t take her very long to get Jack’s cock fully erected. He wasn’t sure, and didn’t really care who is was, but somebody slipped a tight pussy down over the tip of his cock and began riding. He increased his attention to Rachel’s pussy, and she rubbed it across his mouth, moaning.

Jack was getting more and more aroused. The pussy was grinding down on his cock and Rachel’s was doing the same on his mouth. Rachel closed her eyes and groaned above him, “Oh, shit I’m coming!”

Jack’s face was wet with Rachel’s fluids as she stood up. He looked down and saw Laura riding his cock and rubbing her clit at the same time. She was breathing heavily, and she took a few more bounces on his cock and then stopped. “His dick is bigger than my boyfriend’s,” she said. “That felt good.”

Rachel put her panties back on and headed for the door. “Thanks; see you next week, coach.”

When Laura got up off Jack, Piper was sitting next to him. She had taken off her uniform. “I’m sort of the ringleader,” she said. “I usually come in by myself but since we’ve started, I might as well show you what I like and expect.”

“And I’m going to stay here for a bit; I like to watch,” said Laura.

Piper threw a leg over Jack’s body and moved into a sixty-nine position, immediately pressing her pussy against his face. He was experienced in this position with women and took his time. Piper was good with her mouth and hands, and it was a challenge to make her come first. When she did, she removed her mouth from his cock and lay on top of him quietly until she had caught her breath. Then she got up, leaving Jack hard and close to coming.

As Piper was putting her uniform back on, Laura sat down between Jack’s legs. She had already put her uniform on. She fisted Jack’s wet erection and began stroking it, teasing the tip. She slipped her other hand under his balls and juggled them in her hand. Jack was close anyway and he came, jerking his hips to fuck her fist. Laura giggled as his semen spilled onto his shirt and pants.

Laura pulled out Jack’s shirttail and wiped his cum off her hands. As she and Piper went to the door, Piper turned and smiled at Jack. “You’re off to a great start, coach. Enjoy the game.”

Later in the week, Jack was visited by a girl named Lisa, who was a little heavier then the other girls, but she was beautiful. She asked, not demanded, if Jack would play with her breasts for a while. Her breasts were also larger than those of the other girls, and Lisa was aroused quickly.

She insisted on sitting on his face, kneeling on his chest, and sliding into place. He had difficulty catching his breath because she vigorously used his face, but she climaxed quickly. She thanked him and was on her way. She had been there less than a half hour.

The other girl whom Piper had mentioned finally showed up. Carla was short and petite with dark hair and blue eyes. She was cute rather than pretty, but she had an attitude about her.

“Piper says you’re willing to do what we want.”

“To a certain point,” Jack replied. “Only oral and maybe intercourse if you want it.”

“Anal?” she asked.

“I’d rather not,” he answered, “but if it’s “required” I wouldn’t have any choice, would I?”

“Well, my boyfriend will butt fuck me, but he won’t do something that I really want.”

“And that is?”

“I want you to lick my ass. Not just lick it, but eat it, like you would a pussy.”

“That’s a rather nasty request.”

“It wasn’t a request, was it?” she said, raising an eyebrow. “And don’t worry, I showered after practice this afternoon.”

“And then what?”

“And then nothing; I put my panties on and leave.”

Jack watched as Carla silently took off her panties. He had to admit that she was hot, with a very tight and athletic ass.

“How do you want to do it?” he asked.

“I’ll bend over the desk and spread my legs. You get on the floor behind me.”

When they were in position, Carla added further, “No fingers, just your tongue. I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough.”

Jack spread her buttocks with his hands and began licking her crack. When he lapped at her tight hole, she began moaning. She slid a hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit.

When he tickled her anus with the tip of his tongue, she said, “Fuck it, slow and deep; eat me.”

Jack did his best to accommodate her and in a few minutes, he felt his tongue being squeezed inside her. Her hand was rubbing quickly on her clit and she almost yelled when she came. “Fuck! Fuck, yeah!”

She collapsed on the desk and Jack pulled away. He got up and went to the bathroom, rinsed out his mouth as best he could. When he came back to his desk, Carla had put her uniform back on and was sitting in his chair.

“Nobody has ever done that for me, coach,” she said, “and it’s always been a fantasy of mine.”

“Do I have to do it again next time?” he asked.

“No, it was all I needed, and I appreciate it. Next time, if you don’t mind my coming back, you can just fuck me.”

Jack went through a similar routine with the five girls for three weeks. Then one day, Linda came into his office. She was twenty-two years old, tall with short blond hair and blue eyes. Jack was surprised to see her but assumed she was there to talk about practice. She was not.

“Word has gotten around that you do things for some of the girls,” she said.

“Oh, shit,” Jack said. “What now? Piper said there were only five of them that would use me.”

“I’m not actually here to use you,” Linda said, “I’m here because the girls said you have a really big dick. Jerry and I fool around, but he’s got a really small dick, and I was wondering….?”

“I suppose you want me to fuck you with it, right?” Jack asked. Linda was an attractive girl, and he was looking forward to whatever she might want to do.

“Actually, I like sucking a dick, and I like a lot of cum, so I thought maybe your big dick would be fun to suck off.”

“But the amount of cum isn’t related to the size of my cock,” Jack explained, “it’s generated from my balls.”

“Don’t care,” she said, walking up close to him. “I just want to feel that big hard dick in my mouth until you give me all you can.”

Jack was thinking, “Is this like, a dream come true? This pretty girl just wants to suck me off?”

“How do you want it?” he asked, more than ready to comply.

“Just stand there and let me do it,” she said.

She unbuckled his belt, slid his pants and briefs down to his knees and then she knelt in front of him. This was obviously not Linda’s first time giving a blow job. She used her hands to get him hard and by the time she took as much of him as she could in her mouth, Jack was ready. He wanted to come; he wanted to fill her mouth, to choke her with his cum and to see it spill out of her mouth.

She stopped for a minute, looked up at him and said, almost shyly, “There is one other thing I’d like you to do when I’m done here.”

Linda was good, damn good, and Jack was getting close and wanted to come.

“Okay, anything you want, just don’t stop again.”

Linda was a practiced cock sucker. She slowly stroked his cock, sucking on the tip until he moaned, and she knew he was going to come. She never stopped, swallowing his ropes of cum with experienced gulps until he was done. She licked the tip and stood up.

“I’d love to have that big dick in my pussy sometime, but my boyfriend and I don’t cheat on each other.”

Jack laughed. “Well, you can feel free to come by and not cheat by sucking my cock anytime!”

“Now,” she said, licking her lips, “for that other thing I’d like…”

“Sure, I feel like I owe you something; that was an amazing blowjob!”

She took his hand and led him to the bathroom in his office. She undressed and climbed into the shower stall. Jack had shed his pants and shirt and he waited outside the shower for instructions. She didn’t turn on the water; she just stood there.

“Will you come in and sit down?” she asked,

Jack went in, sat on the cold tile shower floor, looking up at her, thinking of what she had in mind.

“I need to pee, and if you would just do this for me one time, I won’t ever ask for it again.”

“I’m guessing you want to pee on me?”

“Not on you, but “in” you; in your mouth.”

“Look, Linda, you’re pretty hot but I’m not going to drink your pee.”

“You don’t have to drink it,” she said, “I just want to see it go in your mouth.”

Jack decided that since it was only going to be for one time, he could handle it.

She spread her legs so that he could sit under her. She spread her pussy lips open, and soon she was ready. “Here it comes,” she warned.

Jack opened his mouth wide and held his breath. Her warm urine splashed into his mouth and some splattered on his face. He let it pool up in his mouth and run out down over his cheeks onto his chest. When the flow stopped, he turned his head to spit out what was in his mouth.

She grabbed his head with both hands and pulled his face back into her pussy.

“Clean me up. Make me come; I’m really close!”

Jack reached up, grabbed her buttocks with his hands and licked her slit. She began moaning immediately. I found her clit with his tongue and lashed at it. Her fingernails dug into his scalp. He sucked on her clit and her body shuddered against his face. She was silent except for her heavy breathing. She released her grip on his head and turned on the shower water.

They both rinsed off and then got out of the shower. As they were toweling dry, Linda asked, “That was the nastiest thing I’ve ever wanted to do, but please don’t tell anyone?”

“I can guarantee that,” Jack said with sincerity.

After a few more pussy eating days, Jack called a special meeting for Piper, Laura, Rachel, Carla, Lisa and Linda.

“The Governor sent me here as humiliation and as punishment. I had two felonies while at my previous job, and they were for having sex with female students. Although it was always consensual, it nevertheless bordered on being illegal and highly immoral.”

The girls looked at each other as he continued.

“I had an addiction for having sex with underage girls, and it caught up to me. But since I have been here, you have, each in your own way, convinced me that sex with girls your age is better than with jailbait. I have thus informed the Governor and he has agreed to pardon my felonies and will let me return to my previous coaching job.”

“When are you leaving?” asked Linda.

“The day after tomorrow will be my last day here,” he answered, “but as always, my door will be open for any of you who need me.”

(And they all did.)

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