The Cherry Popper

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The existence of the cherry popper had never properly been confirmed. It was a rumour that had circulated through the nerds of the school for as long as Jerry could remember.

Some said it was just a fantasy, a made up dream that every nerd he had ever met wished upon himself. Others claimed the cherry popper had had her way with them, but after six years at the school, he had come to the conclusion that it was all a steaming pile of shit.

It wasn’t until the hottest day of the summer, mid way through July, did he find a note attached to the inside of his locker. It was in a pink envelope. His name, Jerry Butcher, was scrawled neatly on the front in long swooping letters.

He looked at the envelope for a second, contemplating just chucking it away, but slipped it in his pocket with a glance around him to check if anyone had seen.

He slammed his locker shut and pushed his way through the crowd of people trudging down the halls towards the bathroom.

Locking himself in the far cubicle, he sat down on the toilet seat and pulled the note out of his pocket.

It was lemon scented and stuck down neatly at the back. He pulled one side open and yanked out a yellow piece of paper from inside. His hands started shaking as he read the note.

Jerry Butcher,

As you have turned 18, You have been chosen for a special class after school. A class of my own design, and one I believe will help you immensely.

Classroom 3A


Yours faithfully

The cherry popper

Jerry stared at the note, instantly coming to the conclusion that one of his friends was joking around. Maybe Barry had thought it was a funny prank. Or Nissa was fucking around. He wouldn’t put it past either of them.

He scrunched the note up and flushed it down the toilet with a gurgle.

The bell rang, signalling the end of dinner break. He left the toilet in a flash and weaved in and out of the crowd in the hallway towards his maths class.

He enjoyed maths. It was predictable, and under his control. Everything could be put into rules and there was either a right or a wrong answer. No guesswork was involved, not like English or Science. The sense of order instantly calmed his nerves as the class began, but his mind began to wander.

“Jerry,” the teacher barked at him from the front of the room. “As your so interested in my class can you please answer the question on the board?”

Jerry snapped out of his daze. Mr Cavanah stood at the front glaring at him. His big ears tinged pink with anger.

Jerry hesitated, then, “seven over fifteen?”

“You don’t sound too sure,” the teacher barked again then turned to the board. His face lit up as he worked out the problem for himself, then carried on with the class without saying another word to him.

Jerry sat there in half a daze, wondering what he should do. What if it was a prank? It had to be a prank right. The cherry popper was just a made up fantasy from a few horny nerds hoping to get laid. She wasn’t real, she couldn’t be. It had to be a prank.

The bell rang again. His next and final class of the day went by in a haze. He couldn’t think of anything but the note he had flushed down the toilet. The cherry popper invaded every part of his mind. Surely it couldn’t be real.

Jerry glanced up at the clock. Ten minutes left. He twiddled with his fingers and rearranged his desk over a dozen times before the bell sounded again. Everyone stood up with a thrum of chatter and scraping chairs.

He packed up his things and made for the door through the crowd. The walk to the entrance felt like an age. He weaved in and out of the crowds of people expertly dodging several flying balls and a kid who’s backpack had spilled all over the floor.

He thought about just going home, ignoring the letter he had received. He made it all the way to the exit and noticed Nissa stood outside waiting for Barry. She tapped her foot on the bottom of the tree as she waited.

Barry turned and headed back into the school. Classroom 3A was in the center of the building near the science lab. It wasn’t far, but the journey was hampered by the thrall of students littering the hallways.

Classroom 3A was the third door on the left. A dim light could be seen emanating from the crack under the door. Jerry wiped sweat from his forehead. His hand trembled as he gripped the door handle and turned it with a click.

The door drifted open. A wall of heat hit him as he stepped over the threshold into the dimly lit room. The smell of cherry mixed with something he couldn’t quite place his finger on invaded his nostrils.

“Hello?” Jerry called.

He took one step forwards half expecting Barry or someone to jump out of a corner laughing at him, but that never happened.

Miss Ames, his biology teacher came strolling around a partition and came to stand in front of him with her hand son her hips. She was wearing a long white overcoat, killer heels and a red bracelet on her left wrist. Her hair was long, blonde and flowing. She smiled at him with lips Bolu Escort coated in a deep, glossy red showing rows of white teeth.

“Come in Jerry,” she purred and beckoned him forwards. “And shut the door.”

Jerry did as he was asked. The door slammed behind them. She gestured to a seat in the front row, which he took, and shoved his bag underneath the table at his feet.

“Do you know why you are here” She said and came to stand in front of his table. Her accent was strong, from Lithuania or Poland, he couldn’t tell which. She leant over putting her face close to his. Her perfume was intoxicating.

“I’m not sure,” Jerry said.

“You are here because you have been selected for a special lesson,” she purred and walked over the the blackboard. She scrawled something on it with red chalk then turned and stepped to the side.

“Sex,” she pointed at the word on the board. “Are there any other words that mean the same?”

Jerry hesitated before speaking. “Love making?”

“Ah yes of course,” she said and wrote the words on the board. “Anything else?”

Jerry could think of several words but he felt his face heat up with embarrassment.

“Don’t be shy,” she said. “Look, I’ll name a few. Fucking?”

Jerry nodded.

“Humping, banging, shagging, pumping,” she giggled. “All these sexy words. There are lots of them.”

“Okay,” Jerry squirmed in his seat.

“Now this lesson I will teach you about sex. The first part will be theory, the second a practical exam. You will be graded, B for boring, A for average, C for considerate, and O for orgasmic.” She said and cocked her head to the side. “Understood?”

“Uh, yea,” Jerry replied.

“Achieving an O in my class will earn you one bonus session with me and my assistant,” she said. “not one O has been given as of yet, but here I am hoping one day it will happen.”

“I’ll try.”

“I’m sure you will,” she smiled at him and then turned to the blackboard.

“I also have one rule in my special lesson that all who attend myst abide by,” she said. “You do not talk about the cherry popper, ever! Do you understand?”

Jerry nodded.

The next half hour was a mixture of her explaining how sex was performed and then describing the areas where both men and women were easily pleasured along with several techniques for maximum satisfaction.

Jerry took notes in his notebook. He was still in shock a little that miss Ames was the cherry popper. He had no idea, but he could have expected it as she was gorgeous. Many a student sat in her class distracted from their work by her sexy body. Her tanned skin and slim, toned frame was enough to get any teenager hard as a rock.

“Now,” miss Ames said and gripped the front of his table. She slid it to the side with a screech. “For the next part of the lesson.”

Jerry watched as she got on her knees and expertly unhooked the clasp holding his trousers together. His cock popped up and out.

“Oh,” she gasped. “You are a hard boy aren’t you?”

Jerry nodded. Just the anticipation of her hands touching him was enough to make him explode.

“Now,” she took his shaft in her hand. “I’m going to do this.”

Jerry grunted as she pumped his cock once. A sudden overwhelming feeling welled up inside him and his cock spasmed. Miss Ames gasped and quickly shoved him fully inside her mouth as he exploded a load so big he felt it hit the back of her throat. She groaned and jerked his cock with her hand sucking every drop of him into her.

“Don’t worry,” she gasped releasing him from inside her mouth. “It happens to most first timers.”

“I’m sorry,” Jerry said.

“I said, don’t worry. I’m sure just the thought of my body will make you hard again!” And with that she stood up. She gripped the front of her white overcoat and pulled the buttons apart with a crack. She slid it onto the floor and stood fully naked in front of him. Her boobs were nice, round and firm. Her slim figure curved out and in in waves. Her toned stomach and long legs rippled with strength.

Jerry looked her up and down with his mouth wide open.

“You like?” She giggled then planted one leg up on a chair revealing the inside of her thigh. “How about this?”

She pointed at a tattoo of two cherry’s etched into her skin just to the right of her slit.

Jerry nodded in agreement and felt himself grow hard instantly.

“Now,” she slid back into a table and spread her legs wide. “It’s your turn Jerry, remember what I taught you.”

Jerry hesitated but crouched down between her legs. Her sweet smelling slit sat barely inches from his face.

“Are you ready?” She gasped. “I can almost feel you already!”

Jerry nodded then placed both lips just above her slit and stuck his tongue onto the small nub of flesh that resided there.

“Mmmmm,” miss Ames groaned.

“Is that okay?” Jerry asked.

“Oh god yes, keep going,” she moaned and shifted her hips up and down, rubbing herself on his face.

Jerry licked, gently, up and down. The tip of his tongue caressed Bolu Escort Bayan her clit in long sweeping strokes.

Miss Ames let out a long sigh of air then reached down and gripped the back of his head, locking him firmly between her legs.

“Ahhhhh!” She groaned. “Your such a Good boy Jerry.”

Jerry licked faster now, building his momentum slowly as Miss Ames’s legs started to quiver. She arched her back and let out a long moan of pleasure.

“Oh god, your on your way to an O grade Jerry,” she hissed and started to gyrate her hips faster against his mouth. Each lick sent spasms through her body like electricity. Her face contorted into a look of pure exctasy as small beads of sweat gathered on her smooth breasts.

“That’s it,” she groaned. “Make me cum, I’m nearly there!”

She thrashed her head from side to side as another lick of his tongue suddenly made her cry out loud.

Jerry pushed his tongue harder on her throbbing clit, licking and sucking. She lifted her legs higher, arched her back and let out a long high pitched scream. Jerry felt her pussy tighten in his mouth then release. A gush of warm liquid dribbled down his chin. Her scream lasted for what felt like an eternity as she wriggled and squirmed against his mouth, taking every last bit of pleasure she could from him, then her hands relaxed.

Her body slumped back onto the desk. Her legs quivered as Jerry pulled back and looked up at her.

“Was that okay?” He asked.

“Mmmmm that was delicious,” her words came out between hard rasping breaths.

“What next?” He asked feeling a little more confident.

Miss Ames raised her head and sat up. Her face looked flushed but her breathing had calmed a little. She smiled at him.

“Take your trousers off and lay down.”

Jerry did as he was asked. She directed him onto one of the desks behind him and he laid flat on top of it. His hard cock stood straight up as she licked her lips and clambered on top of him. She perched her slit just over the tip of his cock and kissed him gently on the forehead.

“Are you ready for dessert?” She whispered.

Jerry’s cock throbbed beyond anything he had ever felt before. He nodded and lifted both hands cupping them gently around her firm breasts. “Wow.”

“I know,” she giggled. “Are you having fun?”


“If you cum straight away don’t worry. I’m not going to stop. Just stay hard for me.” She said. “Stay as hard as you can!”

“I’ll try.”

“Don’t try…do!”

“What about protection?” He asked.

“Don’t worry about that. we dont need protection. I like to feel the full experience of your hard cock inside me.”

And with one quick motion he was inside her. She slid all the way down, filling herself with him. The tip of his cock touched her back wall as her pussy tightened around his shaft locking him inside her. She let out a long groan and whipped her hair back behind her face.

“Fuck your huge!”

“I know,” Jerry gasped. “I’ve never felt so hard!”

“Now I’m going to fuck you. Are you ready for me?”

Jerry nodded and stifled a groan as she suddenly lifted herself up, sliding him almost out of her then slammed back down one him once more.

Jerry jerked. He gripped her breasts, hard, then felt his cock explode inside her. A wave of pleasure washed over him as he felt himself fill her.

“Oh wow!” She giggled. “One stroke. But your still hard!”

“I know!”

“Keep going?” She asked.

Jerry nodded. He was still hard, and she did keep going. She began bouncing up and down. Her tight slit slid up and down his cock. Each time it did dribbles of his hot white cum spurted out onto his stomach.

“Oh god I’m going to fuck you,” she gasped. “I’m gonna show you how a real woman should please her big boy!”

“Oh yes,” Jerry groaned.

Miss Ames wriggled and writhed on top of him. Each bounce filled the room with loud slapping sounds as she started to squeal on top of him.

“I love your cock!” She grunted and began fucking him, as hard as she could. “Suck my tits!”

Jerry gripped one breast and shoved her pink nipple into his mouth sucking and licking it’s tip causing her to cry out loud.

“How does it feel?” She hissed. “How does it feel to be fucked by your teacher!”


“Your so deep Jerry! So deep,” she placed both hands on his chest and dug her nails into his skin as her bounces became furious. Her tits jiggled in front of his face as she arched her back and angled her hips forwards.

“Are you ready?” She said.


She began twirking her pelvis, skillfully sliding her tight slit up and down his shaft in quick, pumping movements.

Jerry gripped her hips as he felt himself build up inside again.

“That’s it Jerry,” she cried. “Let’s cum together. Let’s do it!”

“Yes!” Jerry shouted and felt himself explode. As he spurted hot liquid deep into her she squealed, then arched her back and screamed. She didn’t stop screaming as each bounce sent waves of pleasure Escort Bolu from inside her pussy right up through the top of her head.

“Yesssss!” She shouted and gripped his chest harder. “I’m cumming!”

As her cries died off she slowed her movements. She leant forwards, kissed him on the mouth this time and climbed off him.

“Quickly!” She beckoned then leant forwards onto a table. Here chest and stomach laid flat on the wood as she angled her arse upwards daring him inside her. “Slide him in!”


“Yes again!” She whipped her head around and glared at him. “You’re still hard aren’t you?”

He looked down at his cock. It was indeed still solid as a rock. He nodded.

“Then fuck me! As hard as you can!”

Jerry stumbled forwards. How he was still hard he didn’t know, but he was. Within a second he had sunk himself so deep inside her she whimpered and gripped the side of the table with both hands.

“Fuck your teacher!” She hissed.

Jerry pulled out, then slammed the full length of himself into her causing her to grunt and the table to rattle. Each thrust of his cock forced cries of pleasure from her lips.

“Grab my hips,” she said. “I need you deeper!”

He gripped both hands around her smooth hips and pulled her onto his cock as he thrust forwards.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jerry grunted as he felt himself about to explode again.

“Yes baby! Fill me up,” she said. “Don’t stop!”


“Don’t you dare stop Jerry! Your so deep now, I can feel every inch of you!”

His hips moved like piston. His cock spread her pussy wide open as each thrust dug deeper into her.

“Pull my hair!” She said through clenched teeth now. Sweat dripped down her face. She began pushing herself back on his thrusts like a hungry animal.

Jerry tugged at her blonde locks hard enough to yank her head backwards. She arched her back just high enough for him to reach around and grip both her breasts in his hands.

“I’m gonna orgasm!” She squealed. “Violate my little cunt Jerry. Am I your slut?”


She laughed and gasped for air. “Use my little slit then Jerry! Fuck me like a man!”

Another few pumps of his cock and she was wailing so loud he thought he might be hurting her. It wasn’t until she cried with laughter and pleasure did he realise she was orgasming. Her pussy had tightened and her body tensed.

Jerry jerked as he released another hot load into her causing her to whimper with excitement.

“Don’t stop!” She shouted. “Push through. Keep pounding every inch of that cock into me!”

Jerry ignored the urge to pull out of her and kept going. His thrusts were so hard she jerked forwards and let out a high pitched squeal with each pump.

“Oh, oh, oh, I can feel it,” she gasped. “That’s…” She didnt manage to get another word out as an earsplitting scream burst from her lips. Her body jerked and twitched as her orgasm took hold and crashed through her body. She clenched her teeth and gripped onto the table. Her legs went weak and buckled beneath her. Jerry filled her with another load of his own hot liquid. It spurted out of the sides of her cunt as he pumped himself into her and fell with a splat on the floor.

Jerry’s cock was so hard now it had started to hurt.

“What are you doing?” Miss Ames gasped.

“What does it look like,” Jerry growled. A sudden animalistic urge had built in him. He quickly yanked his cock out of her with a slurp.

Miss Ames looked shocked as she was flipped around and slammed onto her back.

“Oh GOD!” She whimpered as Jerry gripped her knees, spread her legs wide and rammed himself into her so hard the table moved forwards with a screech.

His hands gripped her breasts as he began thrusting into her once more with loud slapping sounds.

Miss Ames whimpered and cried out. She arched her back, pushing against the hands gripping her tits. As her orgasm built again she wrapped her legs around his back and squealed over and over with each thrust.

“Oh yessss,” she grunted. “I’ve never been fucked like this!”

“I know,” Jerry gasped. He gripped her left leg under in one arm and raised it high.

“Oh god fuck my little cunt!” She screamed with enjoyment.

His thrusts were hard but slow now. She wailed each time he filled her.

“Its happening again!” She gasped. “I’m gonna orgasm all over your cock!”

“Yesssss,” Jerry hissed as he felt himself build to climax again. He thrust forwards three more times, then stopped, holding every inch of his cock inside her as he felt himself release once more.

Miss Ames wriggled and writhed against the huge cock buried inside her as she climaxed with a loud screech. Her pussy tightened around his shaft. Her free leg gripped behind him and her nails dug into the skin of his back as she clenched her teeth and rode the waves of pleasure washing over her.

Jerry didnt move from inside her for a while. They both were breathing hard and Miss Ames was still twitching.

When his breathing had calmed down he slid out of her with a slurp leaving her naked body limp on the table. Her exposed slit gushed with the cum he had filled her with. It dribbled down both her legs onto the floor.

“Oh god,” she gasped and sat up. “I’ve never had that kind of fucking before!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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