The Cherry Poppers Ch. 28-2

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Chapter 28 — The End – Part 2

Beth and Jason had a marvelous evening with a romantic dinner at a nice French restaurant followed by a comedy at the theater. At Beth’s bequest, they went back to his frat rather than her room. Jason understood why and didn’t question her request. Chad wasn’t there either. Kyle and he were out with Connie and Sophie for the night.

They sat on his bed and watched a little TV. Jason made them both a vodka and tonic. They sipped those until the program they were watching ended. Neither person tried to initiate sex. They just curled up on Jason’s bed with Beth sitting between Jason’s legs and leaning back into him. He hugged her and occasionally they kissed. It was a relaxing evening of just two lovers together, both content, and happy just to be alone.

In the morning, it was a different story. Waking about the same time, they started just kissing. That led to oral sex for both, followed by a drawn out fucking session that saw Beth cum three times before Jason finally came inside her. After that, they showered together before dressing.

They used Beth’s meal plan and caught a late breakfast at the University cafeteria. It offered a fairly good breakfast buffet on the weekends. Following that they borrowed some friend’s bikes and drove to a state park. They rode around the park and enjoyed a mild December day, stopping a couple times to just hang out around the lake and a playground.

That evening, Jason took Beth to the diner, neither wanted a big meal, so they just had burgers but saved room for ice cream afterwards. Back at Jason’s room again, they just watched TV with Chad. A decent movie was on and with school the next day; they each only had one drink. Beth slept with Jason despite the fact that Chad was there. She wore one of his shirts to bed that covered everything but most of her shapely swimmer’s legs.

In the morning, Jason ran Beth back to her dorm. Neither had an early class but still they needed to prepare. Jason stopped at the pool after dropping Beth to get a swim in.

The rest of the week was pretty normal and not very active. They saw each other every day but only had sex in his room on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, Jason skipped out after class with Chad and drove to a big name jewelry store that was always advertising deals on diamonds. Chad agreed to go with him for a second opinion when Jason confided in him that he planned to buy Beth an engagement ring.

“Seriously?” Chad asked. “I mean, Beth’s a living doll and all but already?”

“Yes, I want her to know how much I love her and how much I want to be with her always,” Jason claimed.

“But dude, you haven’t even graduated yet. And where are you getting the money for a ring?”

“I’ve got it, don’t worry,” Jason stated. “We don’t have to set a date for the wedding right away. I just want to make it known I love her and want to marry her.”

“You’re wacked out, brother. You sure she’ll say yes?”

“I think so; at least I believe she’ll say yes.”

“Have you even talked about marriage? Kids?”

“Yes, but not that it would be soon, and on children, she told me she loves kids and would give me as many as I want.”

“Just for my own understanding, how do you know she’s the one? I mean, Beth is great, fabulous even, but is it true love? You’ve only known her about a year, right?”

Chad, when I see her, even if we’ve only been apart for hours, I get a fluttering in my chest. I feel like I can’t breathe but don’t care. When I kiss her, I’m in heaven. When I hold her, I’m in ecstasy. When I kiss and snuggle her neck and smell her hair and touch her skin, I want to never move. I would be content to stay there forever, with my lips against her neck.”

“Good god, man…you got it bad!” Chad agreed.

“I know. If this isn’t love I don’t think I care. We like all the same things too.”

“When are you going to ask her?” Chad asked.


“This Friday? Dude, you sure about this?”

“I have to, Chad. It’s important she understand the depth of what I feel for her.”

“How are you going to tell her, over dinner?”

“I’ve been thinking about that. I want it to be something special. What do you think about asking her to go hot air ballooning and tell her once were up in the air?”

“Wow, seriously? I like it but I’m not sure a woman would. Beth probably would though. She impresses me as the adventurous type,” Chad reasoned aloud.

“Yeah, I think so too,” Jason stated. “I mean she does seem to like new adventures and excitement. You have a better idea?”

“Not me…no…no. I’m years away from thinking about that.”

“What about Connie?”

“Too early to tell, but I do like that hot Italian chick plenty,” Chad agreed.

“Ha,” Jason laughed as they entered the store.

It took most of a half hour and working with an eager woman sales rep to pick out the right one. Chad wasn’t much help, especially when he nearly died when Jason suggested he wanted nothing smaller than two carats. Jason finally settled on one with great clarity and color that had a marquis type cut with a platinum gold setting. It was just over two carats and because of the quality was slightly over ten thousand Kaş Escort dollars.

“Dude, have you gone completely bonkers. Where you getting the money for a ring like that?” Chad asked when the happy sales rep walked away to have it shined a bit more for Jason. “You inherit some money you haven’t told me about?”

“Sorta, you could say that,” Jason said with a smile.

“I know you didn’t make that much working at the infirmary. Besides, you’ve been spending money constantly like a drunken sailor. How is it you have all this dough now that you’re not even working?”

“Don’t worry about the money,” Jason professed.

“Seriously…well glad for you that you think you have this covered,” Chad said but not with much conviction.

Jason bought the ring with his own credit card. He barely made it with his credit limit. He was excited to give it to her on Friday and they talked all the way home about the proper words he should use, should he get down on one knee, should he show her the ring or ask her first. Chad wasn’t much help except to give his opinion.

By Thursday afternoon, Jason could hardly contain himself. He was so excited about the plans he had made for the hot air balloon ride. They would leave out of a farmer’s field not far from Mercer County golf course and the weather forecast was good. Jason took Beth to the mall to do some shopping she needed to do that afternoon. On the way back he told her he had something special planned for Friday afternoon but didn’t say what.

Beth was happy about that and even asked what they should do for the rest of the weekend. When Jason told her he wouldn’t be able to do anything on Saturday night, his great dreams of a wonderful weekend seemed to come crashing down.

“What’re you doing on Saturday?” Beth asked.

Jason had only slightly contemplated the answer to that question ahead of time and his response sounded weak at best when he told Beth.

“I’ve got something to do for swimming,” Jason tried to claim.

“Like what?”

“It’s just a dinner thing.”

“The team dinners aren’t until the end of the season. What? Do you have a swim meet or something?”

Jason thought about saying yes to that but quickly caught himself as he knew Beth already had a complete copy of the men’s swimming calendar taped to her wall above her desk. She’d easily be able to uncover that white lie.

“No, it has to do with that reporter for the Princeton Press you saw me talking to the other day. They want to interview me,” Jason claimed.

“What for?” Beth wanted to know.

“I don’t know,” Jason said and made up. “It’s something to do with the quality of swimming in the Big East and other conferences this year.”

“Really?” Beth questioned. “Why do they want to talk with you specifically?”

“Maybe because I set that record last weekend,” Jason proposed.

“But Jason, that guy was already at the meet the night you set the record. How could he know ahead of time you would?” Beth said with a very puzzled look.

“Maybe just a coincidence,” Jason posed.

Beth wasn’t buying it, “You telling me everything?”

“Yeah, sure,” Jason claimed, but he could read in those gorgeous blue eyes that they weren’t buying it.

“You’re not lying to me for some reason are you? Another baseball game type thing with more women perhaps?”

“I swear, Beth,” Jason pledged.

“Please Jason, don’t break my heart again,” Beth stated.

“I won’t, babe. Just hang in there with me a little longer. I promise you’ll understand everything soon,” Jason proclaimed.

“Maybe Gail was right,” Beth said.

“Who’s Gail?”

“Just a girl on my floor in the dorm, but she contends the bigger the dick, the bigger the problems.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Jason declared.

“Maybe,” Beth said.

“You can’t possibly believe that about me?” Jason replied.

“Jason, I think one reason I let you take Haden was to see you with her. I saw how much you enjoyed fucking her and it scared me terribly. I’m not sure I don’t regret letting you two share that.”

“Beth, I love you! Only you!” Jason exclaimed.

“I love you too but sometimes when you lie to me I can’t stand it. It breaks my heart.”

“I know, babe. I promise after the next few days my life will be an open book to you. You’ll know every page, every paragraph, and every word if you want.”

“You know that about me now. Why do you keep secrets from me?”

“Believe me, I don’t want to. I’ll never again, I promise.”

“Why can’t you tell me now?”

“I just can’t. I’m not supposed to,” Jason confided.

“So you are keeping something or someone from me?” Beth accused.

“Beth, don’t be mad. Just believe in me, please,” Jason pleaded.

“How can I when you don’t trust me to let me into your life completely.”

“Just hang in there. It’ll all be over soon.”

“What will?”

“I can’t say.”

Beth didn’t talk for the rest of the drive back to the dorm. Jason dropped her with only a quick kiss before she left the car. He watched her walk to the door and she didn’t turn and wave bye as usual. It was his heart that was breaking now and he hated this damn contest Kaş Escort Bayan for what it was doing to them.

Back at the frat, Chad could sense Jason’s foul mood right away. It wasn’t hard as he slammed dresser drawers a bit too hard and tossed several books around. He hadn’t said a word either since entering the room other than a muttered hi in response to Chad’s. ‘It’s got to be Beth,’ Chad realized and remained quiet.

It took an hour for Jason to calm down a little. Eventually, he said to Chad, “I’ll need to cancel the hot air balloon ride for tomorrow.”


“Beth’s mad at me because I have something to do Saturday night and I told her it was something to do with swimming but she didn’t buy that.”

“Was it?” Chad asked.


“What is it then?”

“I can’t tell you. I couldn’t tell her either and she’s pissed. She says I break her heart when I lie to her.”

“Well that does sound pretty bad. Why can’t you tell her anyway? I can see you keeping secrets for other people, even me maybe, but Beth is the woman you love, just bought a ring for, and planned to give it to her tomorrow,” Chad stated the obvious.

“Yeah, I know but I just can’t…not yet,” Jason claimed.

“In that case she must think it’s another woman,” Chad claimed.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because that’s what I think it is and I’m not even a woman.”

“Fuck!” Jason yelled. “It’s not another woman.”

“You don’t have to convince me, dude, just her.”

“Shit,” Jason said and picked up his cell.

He dialed the hot air balloon place and rescheduled for Sunday. He then prayed as he checked the weather report. Finally, a bit of luck as it was supposed to be nice then too.

After classes Friday, Jason went to see Beth. Haden answered the door. It was the first time he’d seen her since they had sex. There was definitely something different in Haden’s eyes as they said hello. It wasn’t the same innocent, friendly look they’d shared before. It was a look of we had sex and your screwing over my roommate asshole.

“Hi, Haden,” Jason said.

“Hi, Jason.”

“She told you?”

“Of course.”

“I just can’t say anything.”

“Don’t tell me. Tell her why,” Haden stated.

“Yeah, I know.”

Beth was getting ready for their date but she was listening to them as she moved around the room. She gave Jason a look that gave him a pain like a knife to the heart. It must have been exactly like she felt. Jason waited till they were in his car and headed for a bite to eat.

“I love you and only you. I only want to be with you and no one else ever,” Jason proclaimed.

“You have a funny way of showing it, Jason.”

“Beth, give me this one thing. It’s good for both of us that I do this. You’ll need to forgive me for keeping a secret but there’s a reward for both of us if you do,” Jason declared.

“It’s all this mystery, Jason. Is it really necessary?”

“Hopefully, you’ll agree and forgive me afterwards,” Jason contended.

“I hope so,” Beth agreed.

They talked about other things over dinner. By the time Jason dropped her off at her dorm they were at least talking. However, they weren’t spending a Friday night together, which only served to show that Beth wasn’t totally forgiving of his deception.

Jason had turned his cell phone off earlier in the day when he was mad and didn’t want to talk with anyone. When he got back to the frat, he keyed it back on, and was surprised he had four messages. He checked them, one was from Kira, another from Stephanie, and two from Haden. He was a little curious, so he returned the calls starting with Kira.

“Hi, Jason,” Kira said picking up her cell.

“Hey, Kira.”

“How’s Beth?” Kira asked.

“She’s fine,” Jason lied, but wondered if she somehow knew.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m calling.”

“I guess.”

“Well, Tessa and I got a weird call today we thought we’d tell you about.”

“Oh yeah,” Jason said.

“Yeah, it was from an associate of a Mr. Markley. “You know him?”


“He asked a lot of questions about you. He said they were doing a secret background check on you for an upcoming legal matter. You in some kinda trouble, Jason?”

“No, not that I’m aware of…that’s not it,” Jason said, his mind racing.

“Well, he wanted to know how well Tessa and I knew you. We told him you were a good friend but he seemed to be digging a little more.”

“Like what?”

“He said they were trying to find people close to you and straight out asked if we had ever dated. I didn’t know what to tell him. I just said we all went to ballgames together.”

“It’s okay, Kira.”

“He said you might be coming into some money from an inheritance. That they had to be sure there were no legal claims to your estate such as children or pending pregnancies. He asked if I knew of any. I said no.”


“Are you coming into money?” Kira asked.

“Maybe some,” Jason stated, feeling that might be common knowledge soon enough anyway.

“Well okay, that’s about all he said.”

“Thanks, Kira,” Jason said before saying goodbye.

The next conversation Escort Kaş with Stephanie went eerily similar. The final conversation with Haden was similar but much more involved. After relating the exact story to the others, Haden wanted to know if this had anything to do with the secret Jason was keeping from Beth.

“Are you asking or Beth?” Jason replied.

“Both, but especially her,” Haden admitted.

“Well, yes,” Jason disclosed.

“Beth wants to talk with you.”

“Okay,” Jason said, but Haden was already passing the phone.


“Hi, babe,” Jason said trying to keep it light.

“Jason, is this Mr. Markley the guy from outside the pool the other night?”


“Is it true you might be coming into some money from a relative?” Beth questioned.

“Yes,” Jason said, stretching the truth and wondering if a fraternity brother, which Douglass Caulfield technically was, would meet the strict definition of a relative.

“I’m beginning to feel better about your secrecy,” Beth admitted.

“It’s almost over forever, babe…I promise.”

“It better be. I love you,” Beth said.

“I’m nuts about you, baby,” Jason said emphatically.

“Me too,” Beth said before they hung up.

Jason called Mark next. He wanted to relay what was going on and get Mark’s thoughts. It disturbed him that Markley was making contact with his listed popped cherries.

“Hi, Little,” Mark answered.

“Hey, Big,” Jason said and then gave the reason for his call.

“I know,” Mark told him. “A few of mine were called too. Markley is Caulfield’s man and they’re just verifying, as much as they can, the accuracy of our claims. Don’t worry, it’s only a random audit and they are probably done.”

“How do you know?”

“I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure.”

“What time you coming by tomorrow?” Jason asked.

“At five. I’ll drive. I have new wheels I want to show you,” Mark said.

“Oh, yeah? Okay, cool. That’s good.”

“See ya then,” Mark said and they said goodbye.

Jason didn’t try to see Beth Saturday. He was anxious to get the dinner behind him so he could finally tell her everything. He met Brad for a swim and then came back to his room to study. He showered at three and took his time getting ready. Jason studied a bit more until Mark show just before five.

Mark and Jason left, but spent a few minutes first in the parking lot admiring Mark’s new BMW coupe. They couldn’t loiter long though as they still had a ten minute drive to the Princeton hotel. They arrived at 5:45, found the room where the banquet was being held, and located their name cards on the table. The table they were sitting at was near the front, by the head table, and they were sitting with the other more recent brothers including Mark’s big brother.

At exact six, Mr. Markley came to the dais at the head table and asked everyone to take their seats. When everyone was seated, he gave an introduction for Mr. Douglass Caulfield who was wheeled out in a wheelchair by an assistant. The brothers all stood and clapped as the old man was brought to an open spot left for him near the dais. The applause from the brothers lasted for quite some time and Mr. Caulfield acknowledged it with a weak wave of his hand.

Afterwards, the brothers were seated again before the next introduction brought cheers and several more shouts of surprise. Jason was one of those in shock to see Dr. Jennifer Whitfield being introduced. He clapped like everyone else but was stunned at the same time. Dr. Jenny blew kisses and waved to the crowd before she sat next to Douglass Caulfield. Older than Caulfield by some five years, she still looked great for her age, and much younger than him. She found Jason in the crowd and winked at his astonished look.

The university president was introduced next and he sat on the other side of Dr. Jenny. Several more people were introduced as people that worked for Caulfield. They sat on the opposite side of the dais at the head table near where Mr. Markley would be sitting. Markley finished the introductions and yielded the floor to a woman that had been Caulfield secretary for the last ten years. She gave a brief overview and description of the contest as everyone was familiar with the details.

When she finished, one of the corporate accountants from Caulfield’s family business gave a presentation on how the trusts for the contest had been invested. True to most accountants, he used a large screen behind the head table to show slides of the funds growth. The money had definitely been invested wisely as even poor market years showed some modest growth.

Next, Dr. Lawrence Samuelson, the university president for over three decades, was introduced. He shocked everyone by telling them he had announced his retirement for the end of the year to the university board at a meeting just the day before. Not many were surprised though, as it was long rumored the seventy-something year old president had to retire soon despite being in good shape. He spoke for a few more minutes about the great traditions of the university and how it had grown over the years. Most everyone listened intently but there were a few whispers about what he was doing here and had he known about the contest. At the end, he shocked everyone by saying that he had been Douglass Caulfield’s big brother in the frat at Theta Chi. The newer brothers never realized it as he graduated early and his name was recorded as H. Larry Samuelson.

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