The Church Ladies Cunning Club Ch. 01

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The Church Ladies Cunning Club

Simon had to admit, it was pretty much Melissa McDaniel’s idea. At the very least she had inspired it. Because up to that point he didn’t think of himself as a famous lover. He was no legendary cocksmith with a Johnson that had wowed generations of ladies. Oh, his lovers rarely complained, simply because he took his time and paid attention to what they seemed to like. Read the signals. Talked to them. Yes, sometimes, as he put on years, some complained a bit that he spent too long in the saddle. Wore out those tender tissues. But it wasn’t something that sent them packing.

But as time went on and his pecker became a bit unreliable, he spent more time with his hands. Not forcing it, but tickling a little something here and kissing something else there. It helped that he had a tongue that could really dance.

So it happened that one slow Thursday at the Rusty Scupper, when he had had one more tequila shot than was perhaps efficacious, and the whole crowd (three grumpy old men) had staggered out the door, he had found himself propositioning Melissa, the venerable bartender.

Melissa was not what most folks would call a ‘hottie’. She was past middle age, hefty, with a bit of a beer belly, frizzy hair golden out of a bottle, and a mouth like a sailor. Melissa had no regular guy, or gal for that matter, though she had been known to roll both ways. He had not boffed Melissa before, even though he was a regular at the Scupper and he spent a lot of time complementing her best physical asset, her more-than-generous puppies, which were often flowing out of a low-scooped stretch top.

But he was lonely after the long pandemic and this was the second time he had really been out and about. Melissa seemed happy to be back at work full tilt and she had downed a couple of the shots he bought her. He had touched her hand and something had sparked.

He caught her eye.

“Hey, you wouldn’t want to…?”

She held his glance, pondering.

“Gotta be pretty quick though, ’cause I gotta get home and feed my cat.”

“I’d like to feed your cat.”



“What the fuck, c’mon.”

She took his hand and headed for the door to the back room.

“Janine, can you put away the last of the glassware and wipe down the bar? I’ll lock up, no, what the fuck, just lock up when you’re done.”

Janine, her assistant, was sweeping and gave Melissa a twisted face. Janine was skinny and plain and wore her dyed black hair in a straight bob. The customers liked her because she could outswear them..

He hadn’t been in the back of the place. It was musty, old school. A big mahogany sideboard sat along the back wall. Probably held linens and bar gear. Maybe some special liquor under lock and key.

Melissa undid her belt, unzipped and dropped her jeans to the floor. Pulled her top over her head. Her big mams struggled to be free of a raspberry lacy bra. Her tummy was prettier naked with a deep hollow for her belly button. Serious ass half-covered by matching raspberry shorties. She walked to the sideboard and put one hand on it, ready.

“You want to bend me over this thing and bang me, or what?”

He checked in with his pecker. Despite the lovely open invitation it was not rising to the occasion. He knew he would need warming up before it could do the deed and she was not asking to blow him. Hmmm.

“I’m going to eat you. Whyn’t you just hop right up on there?”

“Just like that, huh? Who are you, the big bad wolf?”


“O…kay. Not exactly foreplay.”

“I’m thinking of that hungry cat. You don’t want her to start clawing up the couch, do you?”

“She does that.”

Melissa lifted one substantial ham up on the sideboard, slid back. Gave him the ‘come-hither.’

“Here’s dinner.”

He calmly took off his leather jacket and folded it on the floor in front of her. Took off his glasses and put them carefully beside her.

“Please don’t knock those on the floor.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that.”

“Oh, you might.”

“We’ll adiosbet yeni giriş see.”

“Yes we will. May I…?”

He slid his hands around her sides and found the bra clasp.


The bra dropped loose and her full tits bounced free.

“Hmm, nice, I’ve wondered about these.”

“I know you have.”

“Yeah, this is a treat. I wondered about these nips.”

He gently cupped her warm flesh and lifted so he could see better.

“I’ve imagined them pink or brown or purple, and if these circles around your buds were small and tight or nicely spread. I like this a lot, the way the aureolas are darker near the nipple and then that pale tone and then darker as they meet your skin.

He met her eyes. They were getting moist and out of focus. Well. Words could be powerful. He bent forward and she gasped lightly. He could tell she was expecting him to gobble a nipple. But he just planted a warm kiss on her collar bone. A tiny moan. He moved to the base of her neck. He felt a flutter and knew she was feeling it in the basement. He took his time.

One of her hands had found the back of his neck. The other was squeezing her own thick thigh. He let one of his thumbs drift across a nipple. A tiny jolt. This was good. She wasn’t playing games. She was just feeling it.

“Ah… oh.”

Her hips were beginning to rock.

He planted a kiss behind her ear and kissed his way downward. The hand on the back of his neck wanted. On the right breast. Kissing around that swollen pink circle with the tight bead at its center. Kisses. A small bite.

She squealed.

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”

“Oh yes please,” she gasped.

His hot mouth found her nipple and she groaned, pulling his head tight to her chest. Her ample thighs pressed hard against the outside of his legs.

Her hand fumbled at the front of his pants, but curiously, his cock was still taking its time. This here was too much fun. He let his tongue do a job on her right nipple, sucked it in deep. Gave it a playful bite, then moved to the left.

She cried out now and her hand found her thick mound, digging into the raspberry satin, getting it damp. Her other hand was clenched to his neck. In a bit of a reverie, as he sucked hard on that tightening nipple, he realized that with other gals he had discovered that one breast was the ‘trigger nipple.’ Touch that one and you really got the juices flowing.

Her breath was sharp now and her hand was pressing his head toward its target.

He dropped to his knees.

Her impatient fingers were tugging aside the lacy fabric.

Under it lay a mass of red-gold curls. How about that. Rug and drapes. At their center was a ruddy knot of weeping flesh. The lips were closed, crumpled rose petals, but clear beads leaked out between them.

He took his time, enjoying the look of that wonderful blushing skin, the shiny slickness on either side, her unique musk.

Her generous thighs rose up on either side of this magic nest.



He bent forward and with the very tip of his tongue he traced a line from the shiny spot that disappeared between her ample cheeks to the hidden bud at the top. Did it again, admiring the slick that grew. Did it again.

The noises she was making were not ladylike, and her fingers tugged his hair.

He took his time. A journey up one side and down the other. A tongue-flutter across, higher, then higher. The groan and shudder when he flicked the hood of the bud.

A deep groan.

He decided to tease, taking a detour, firmly taking the fat outer lip on the right side between his own tight lips. Squeezing, pinching, not quite biting. The same on the other side. She opened.

So he allowed himself slowly to spread those moist inner lips with his tongue, delicately sipping the slick. Finding the tiny pee gap and giving that a tickle or ten.

Melissa’s hips were getting into the action, tilting up to get more.

“Oh shit, oh do that you little bastard. Do it. Do it again. Yeah, adiosbet giriş that’s it.”

She was panting like a hot animal.

Time to dip his tongue into the honeypot and let her fuck his mouth.

Both her hands were on the back of his head. She wasn’t being nice. She was doing what she had to do. His mustache was scrubbing against her raw clit, but somehow it wasn’t too much. She got into a rocking thing, riding it up and up, tilting so he could really get at the good stuff, pangs in her belly shuddering into his mouth. Curls all sopping.

A long pause with no sound but the lapping of his tongue and very low moans for deep in her belly. Then it all let go.

“Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit Oh shiiiiiit!”

His cheeks were clasped between her thick thighs and he held his breath as she ground out every last shudder. Pushed streams of woman juice over his chin.

She was loud. His ears were red from her desperate clutch. He found her tits and squeezed them hard.

“Yes! YES!”

Nothing quite like a woman bucking for all she is worth against your hungry mouth. Only after a whole cascade of pops and jerks did her climax rumble off.

Melissa was shaking her head and grinning at him over her sweaty belly. Her eyes were full of tears and her nostrils were wide and damp. “Shit that was good.”

Someone was applauding.

Looking up past those flesh mountains in his hands he saw Melissa’s eyes go wide, her brows crumple.

“What the fuck? Janine? I thought you were gone.”

“Shit, you were the one who was gone, girl. I’ve never seen anyone lose their shit like that, least of all you. That was fucking awesome. I’m so wet.”

“Are you now? You have some nerve. Did you see everything you wanted?”

“Well I was curious what caused the yelping that could be heard down the block.”

“I didn’t.”

“You sure as fuck did. I’m so jealous, and sooo turned on.”

“Are you now?”

“You bet your sopping ass. I’m so… ready.”

“Is that right?”

“Yup. I thought…?”

“You did, did you?”

Melissa winked at him. She was just sitting there, knees up, legs spread, open damp snatch on display, handsome melons shiny with the glisten of her own ‘glow’.

“What do you think soldier? Got the spunk for another skirmish? I mean, damn, this was supposed to be a lightweight little quickie, but that took me to somewhere else. What do you say?”

Simon didn’t have much to say at all. He was kind of basking in the wonderous what-the-fuck of all that had just happened. Curiously, his dick was not yelping to find a hot spot to plunge home. Mellow, he was riding with it. What did Janine want? To be reamed and reamed well?

He turned and rested his head against one of Melissa’s ample thighs. Gave Janine the once over. Lean and mean. Not at all a curvy hottie. Melissa asked the question for him.

“Whaddaya need, girl? You want Simon here to jam you hard. Scratch that itch? Hmm?”

Janine was actually a little embarrassed, kind of twisting and turning.

“Well, speak up, bitch. My cat’s missing her dinner.”

“Actually, actually, I was hoping, wanting kind of what you got. Cause, cause I, like, never get that, and certainly, certainly not like that.”

“Oh, you want that. What do you think, Simon? Can you give her that?”

Simon thought, shrugged. Every woman was different.

“I’ll give it the old college try. Okay?”

Janine nodded and slowly approached them, unbuttoning her jeans.

“I’d better skedaddle and let you two get on with it then…” Melissa finally pulled her raspberry scanties across her swollen puss and began scooting off the table. Janine put a hand on her arm.

“Could you maybe, like, stay, and like, watch?”

Melissa gave her a look.

“Really, Mel, it would be a stone turn-on if you stayed, and maybe, even… helped.”


“Yuh, if you wanted to… You don’t have to… but if I can look at you like that…”

“Sure, Janine, knock yourself out, and I’ll… do what comes naturally.”

Janine turned to adiosbet güvenilirmi Simon.

“I’d really kind of like to… lie down. So I was thinking if you could kind of be over there at the end I could like, lie long ways.”

Melissa was impressed. “Shit, girl. You’ve thought this out.”

Simon could see that there was just enough space between the end of the sideboard and the wall for him to kneel down.

Janine had her pants off and was climbing up. No glam shorts like Melissa, but she was right about her ‘state-of-bod’. Her shorties were soaked. She stripped her top and sports bra off in one motion. Simon marveled at the way her body was everything Melissa’s wasn’t. She was lean where Melissa was thick. Her hair, even the spunky tuft on her mons was crow black. Olive skin. Tits that came to a peak like a soft cone. And lots of gear down under. This was going to be different.

And he had no chance to play with her breasts because Melissa owned that job already.

Janine didn’t need her pump primed. At Melissa’s touch her body rose to meet that firm bartender’s hand. Even her hips lifted and a long slow moan rose from her belly like something held back was finally being released.

As Simon took his position he met her eyes. They were deep and so hungry. He could tell that she didn’t want him to waste a second. She didn’t want to be teased or romanced or stroked. He would find out very fast what was her groove.

Taking a deep breath, he bent to the task at hand. Here was a whole new landscape. Thick, meaty lips already coated in her slick were opening to his kiss. This shy woman wasn’t shy. Her hips pushed toward him and her thighs were already quivering. Her hands on either side of her pussy were reaching toward him desperate to pull him in, squeezing it up toward him. Rubbing the column of her long clit to make the button pop out. It was shiny and blushing dark. In fact, everything was getting to be a deep scarlet, and so wet. She was already panting, her mouth open and moving, lips twisting with wordless little sounds, tongue trying to find something to satisfy it. Clearly mad with it.

“What the fuck.” He leaned in and took a firm hold of each pale slim thigh. A squeal as he sucked her wet, loose cunt to his mouth hard and dove in.

She was muskier than Melissa, but with a bit of sweet. He gobbled those lips like they were thickly sliced pastrami and he hadn’t eaten for days. Munched them. Sucked them as deep into his mouth as he could, then dove between them, plowing the opening that was wide and waiting, crushing his nose deep into her and rubbing hard. She was almost gone.

He looked up to see Melissa echoing him on Janine’s tit; sucking it in hard, growling and biting.

Janine had the face of a mad woman. Mottled red. Nose wide and damp and eyes rolling back in her head, head thrashing from side to side.

When he took her thick clit in his lips and sucked and polished it with his tongue, she crumpled. It was as though he were diving into her belly. She pulled his head tight against her and screamed as she drowned him in juice. No shame. No apologies. Pour it out and pour it into him until she was gone. Literally flopping like a fish.

Simon collapsed onto her belly feeling the orgasm rumble off under him until she lay quiet and wet and still panting.

Melissa turned and smiled at him, her mouth still full of tit.

“Good work, Simon. Do you think she got that? I definitely think she got that. But what about you?”

Simon flopped back against the wall, gazing across the lovely landscape of Janine’s still quivering legs, pussy, belly, tits and knocked-out face; with Melissa’s beautiful curves framing them. Somehow, he was contented. Oh, a nice fuck might relieve a little tension, but this was mellow, maybe better. But he and Melissa seemed to have the same idea at the same moment.

“Simon,” she growled, “I think you have a gift. We must do this again. But I hate to be greedy. Clearly, there are many ladies I know who would die for a little of that. And clearly I get a kick out of a little of this.” And she sucked Janine’s long nipple into her mouth and gave the other one a pinch. Janine squirmed in her reverie and a little ‘thank you’ emerged from both sets of lips.

Simon smiled. What were the possibilities?

…to be continued

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