The Cinema Ch. 05

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Quentin and Colin saw the lights go out in Nelson’s loft apartment over his parents’ garage. Their friend was off to some well-earned sleep.

As Quentin started the engine and turned on the headlights, he cast his mind back over the last few hours. It had been an evening of firsts: the first time he knew his friends were gay; his first circle jerk; the first time he kissed other men and tasted his own cum; his first time fucking and sucking with men. He had been surprise-seduced into gay sex by his two best friends. In his first night of gay experimentation, he had tried a little of almost everything. He had even ass-fucked his oldest friend in the world.

Quentin and Colin, his passenger, pulled out of their friend Nelson’s driveway and began following the road to Colin’s house. There was total silence in the car as streetlights passed them by.

The quiet was oppressive, so Colin initiated conversation.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“I think so,” Quentin replied. “I don’t deny I’m shocked by what we did tonight, but… I’m alright.”

“Shocked? Not pleased?”

“Yeah, well, I’m still taking it all in.”

Colin looked a little crestfallen.

“I mean, yeah, I’m pleased with how things happened. It was fucking good sex.”

“I thought so too,” Colin said. “Would you believe I’m hard for you right now? I can see a bulge in your pants too. Do you, uh, want to get in the back?”

Quentin shook his head, only partly because he wasn’t accustoming to his best friend taking passes at him, much less so directly.

“I’ve had sex back there before, and trust me, it’s too cramped for our long legs to fit comfortably.”

Colin looked disappointed again, almost rejected, even though he knew it was silly after having sex so many times in one evening to think that Quentin would be up to it again.

Quentin, on the other hand, found he could not stand to see that disappointed look on his friend’s face, so he offered his friend an intriguing alternative.

“I don’t want you in the back of my car. I want you at your house; I want to take you in your own bed.”

Colin’s jaw dropped at Quentin’s sudden assertiveness and the boldness of his purpose. Colin kept his sexual proclivities a secret from his parents, so he couldn’t just walk in with a boyfriend at four in the morning, even if he was someone his parents knew. But maybe there was a way…

“Do you mean it?” Colin asked. “In my bed?”

“Yes. If we can do it without being caught…”

Now twenty, the young men lamented they had not left the nest and gotten their own places, where they could have sex with whomever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

Colin was planning. He hoped his father hadn’t entered his bedroom and locked the window, or they would be out of luck.

“Let’s try.”

Quentin parked on the street, half-a-block from Colin’s parents’ house. Chilled by the morning coolness, they trembled as they walked; they both had a case of nerves almost equal to their arousal. The street lights streamed through the leaves of trees, casting shifting shadows on the sidewalk as they approached the residence.

At the house, Colin outlined his plan and Quentin grimaced as his friend pointed out the bedroom windows. Colin’s parents slept in the master bedroom next to his smaller room, and their windows were side by side over the front porch. The house was set back from the road a little and with overhead foliage blocking the street lamps, it was fairly well-hidden in the darkness. Beside the porch, a maple tree towered above the house; its branches overhung the porch roof.

“This is how I used to sneak in and out of the house after curfew when I was a teenager. First, we climb the tree and step off onto the porch roof. If Dad has left the window unlocked, we should be able to quietly enter the house. And then, you’re going to fuck my brains out… again.”

It was too dark to see either Quentin’s blush or his erection.

“Can’t we just use the front door and go up quietly?”

“No. My dad is a light sleeper and you know he’s a bit of a paranoid insomniac. He’d hear us on the creaky stairs for sure, if he isn’t sitting in the dark by the front door with a baseball bat. He does that sometimes.”

“Oh, shit.”

Quentin was about to climb the tree when Colin stopped him.

“You won’t be able to go to the bathroom when you get inside. If you have to take a leak, piss over here against the shrubs.”

They stood side-by-side, each letting their urine stream over the bushes.

When they were finished urinating, they ascended the tree with caution, trying to avoid the snap of broken branches. Colin stepped onto the roof first. When Quentin joined him, his foot scraped loudly on the shingles and he nearly slid off the edge of the roof. Colin helped him back up and they both leaned in against the wall, hoping against hope that the sound did not wake Colin’s father. His dad would attend any security concerns with his home-defence baseball bat; his wife wouldn’t let him keep a gun in the house.

When it was quiet for anadolu yakası escort over a minute, the two men made their way to Colin’s window. It was open.

The two men made their way through the window awkwardly, managing to enter without a sound. Colin pointed at a spot on the hardwood floor that would creak and squeak under the weight of a man’s foot. Colin let down the blinds very slowly and pulled the curtains shut. He crossed the room cautiously and locked his bedroom door to prevent any sudden surprise walk-ins. He took off his shirt and sweater and layered the shirt over a lamp on his dresser; when he turned it on, the lamp projected only a dim glow around the room; it wasn’t a light that would be noticed under his bedroom door.

Quentin had been here before, of course, having visited his friend very regularly since he was eight. They had used to play on the rug with plastic army men and Star Wars action figures. He never thought he’d ever have sex in this room.

Colin walked over to the foot of the bed. He pulled the rest of his clothes off slowly, starting with shoes and socks. Quentin had seen him naked earlier tonight, and many times before in change rooms. Quentin had learned that Colin had been having sex with Nelson for months; in that time, Colin had plainly grown more confident in his body; he looked very comfortable undressing himself in front of Quentin.

As Colin disrobed, Quentin slowly followed his example. He was not as used to the feeling of being exposed in front of a man as Colin was. But this was Colin, his best friend, and now a lover. He took off his shoes and made a neat pile of his clothes on Colin’s desk chair.

Quentin and Colin faced each other appreciatively. The light-haired, fair-skinned Quentin contrasted with the darkness of Colin’s hair and complexion. Quentin’s boner was slightly longer than Colin’s erection, but both were beautifully sculpted, embroidered with full patches of pubic hair. An unbidden memory of Nelson’s fiery pubic bush and his veined cock presented itself to Quentin, but he let it go to live in the moment.

Colin pulled back the bed covers and slid under them. Quentin barely hesitated, but followed when Colin beckoned to him. They were both grateful that the bed had a queen-size mattress and not the twin-size Colin used to have when he was a kid.

“It feels strange to be naked in bed with you,” Quentin said, nervous now.

“It feels good,” Colin replied.

He leaned over Quentin and kissed him passionately on the mouth. It took a few seconds, but Quentin met the kiss with equal excitement of his own.

As arousal in him grew, Quentin’s nerves subsided. His hands began to explore the naked body of his friend, searching for details that had eluded him before. He wanted to know every inch of Colin. He let his fingers curl the sparse hair on Colin’s chest; he discovered a mole on his left shoulder. He let his hands fall to his friend’s buttocks; he kneaded and massaged them the way Nelson had to him a few hours before.

Nelson. The thought of the ruddy, red-haired man intruded upon the moment. For a few seconds, Quentin imagined that he was fondling Nelson instead of Colin. He shook himself back to the present.

Colin was inflamed by the touching and the kissing; he was once again as horny as hell. It impaired his judgement slightly and he broke the kiss and blurted it out before he could stop himself.

“God, I want to fuck you so badly.”

Quentin stiffened and his massaging hands stilled.

“I, uh, I don’t know how.”

“Neither did I the first time, but you have me here to teach you. Will you let me?”

Quentin and Colin locked eyes on each other.

“Do you trust me?” Colin asked.

“I trust you,” Quentin replied.

“I need you so bad. Turn over.”

Quentin complied, rolling himself over under the covers. His cock, leaking pre-cum, would leave its mark on the bed sheets.

Colin began to run his hands over his friend’s body. He concentrated on the buttocks and the inner thighs. He pressed and kneaded. Without stopping, Colin slipped his head under the covers and added his tongue to his massage efforts. He licked Quentin’s buttocks, nipping lightly with his teeth here and there. He gradually shifted his position so that his face hovered over Quentin’s ass-crack; he used his hands to spread the butt-cheeks wide open. He pressed his tongue into the fissure, touching the little bud in his friend’s ass.

Quentin quivered and sighed. He had never been touched there by anyone, not even Loose Lorena, the town slut with whom he’d shared some memorably dirty encounters.

Colin continued to press his undulating tongue into Quentin’s ass-ring. He was more than excited himself and the heat radiating off of Quentin was stifling him under the covers. He threw back the sheets and blanket with a sweep of his hand. Colin sat up and opened his bedside table drawer, extracting a tube of lube and a small carton. He opened the box and showed Quentin a fairly small butt-plug and its remote control. Quentin ataşehir escort already knew what it was.

“Don’t worry, it’s clean,” Colin said.

The question of whether or not it was clean hadn’t crossed Quentin’s mind. Being honest with himself, he had often thought of getting himself a toy like this. He had heard that the male g-spot was somewhere up the ass and the idea of stimulating himself there turned him on. The small plug didn’t look as intimidating as Colin’s dick. He watched as Colin lubed up the device; then he shivered at the sensations as Colin lubed up his ass, inserting a finger into his hole in the process.

“This may hurt a little at first, but it gets better. Just tell me if you want me to stop.”

“Go ahead.”

“Here it comes.”

The toy squeezed between Quentin’s cheeks and so very slowly penetrated his puckered asshole, passing through the sphincter and entering his passage. The entrance of this foreign object was met with another sigh from Quentin.

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah… it feels good.”

“Well, it’s not all the way in yet.”

“Give it to me.”

Colin did give it to him, but still with care and concern for his friend. By the time the plug was fully deployed in Quentin’s ass, the man was taking shallow breaths.

“It kind of hurts, but it also kind of feels good.”

“The pain gets better and so does the pleasure.”

The muscles of Quentin’s asshole rebelled against being entered; a lifetime of experience had trained the bowels to go only one way in the expulsion of waste; now, his bowel rippled against the plug, trying to push it out, but Colin held on to it until the resistance subsided.

When he was sure the plug was in to stay, Colin played with the remote, adding vibration to the sensations Quentin was experiencing. There were ten vibration settings on the device and Colin cycled through all of them; Quentin squirmed against the bed, restless and helpless in the pleasure being forced on him.

Forced on him? Hardly. His friend had offered and he had found the courage to face his fears and accept. The fear now seemed to be unfounded. His newfound experience with gay sex was proving to be much better than he ever suspected. A guy could almost forget pussy after a night like this.

“Oh, fuck… feels good… don’t stop…” Quentin said through quick, shallow breaths. He seemed to have lost the capacity for full sentences. This went on for several minutes. Colin had to remind Quentin a couple of times to keep his voice down so his parents didn’t hear them.

“Oh… it feels like… like I need to come,” Quentin said.

To his surprise the vibration stopped and the butt-plug vacated his asshole.

“If you can take that, you’re ready for this,” Colin said. “You are ready, aren’t you?”

Quentin was surprised to hear himself say, “Hell, yes; fuck me please. Be my first.”

Colin liked that answer. He applied the lube to his own cock and poured a little more over Quentin’s slightly stretched asshole. Colin hoped it would be okay; he himself had known that he was bi for quite a while, and he had used dildos to stretch his asshole a little to get it used to the feeling of cock. It appeared that this ten minutes with the butt-plug was all the preparation Quentin would receive before his first time.

Colin pulled Quentin closer to the middle of the bed. Quentin was still lying face down and Colin positioned himself over him so that his cock was poised to enter him. He pressed between the cheeks and his slick erection slipped against the lubed sphincter a couple of times before he made entry. The first milestone would be achieved when Colin’s mushroom-head disappeared into Quentin’s ass. Colin’s friend acknowledged this passage with a moan.

“Does it hurt?” Colin whispered. His lips were by Quentin’s ear.

“No… kind of, but in a good way.”

“Knowing how it feels myself, I understand. It gets better too.”

“Give it to me, Colin.”

Colin didn’t need a lot of urging. He had wanted to fuck this man for ages. It was a dream come true.

When all six inches of him were in, Colin began to slowly pump his cock in and out of Quentin’s arse. Each stroke elicited a moan or groan from beneath him. Colin flicked his tongue into Quentin’s ear and he nibbled at his lobe. He fucked his friend faster. For himself, Colin was elated. The tightness of Quentin’s ass, the taste of his sweat, the scent of his hair… they intoxicated him.

The bed-springs complained as the lovers fucked harder.

Colin put his arms around Quentin and began kissing his friend’s neck until Quentin turned his head far enough to take the kiss on his lips. This was proving awkward though. Colin wanted to suck face with Quentin while he fucked him. Colin withdrew his organ from Quentin’s steaming hole and lent a hand to reposition him for face-to-face fucking.

Colin knelt between Quentin’s legs, raised them and pulled them apart to give him access to his bunghole. Colin sank into Quentin again, and he settled his weight against bostancı escort the body below him. Colin could feel Quentin’s throbbing, wet cock sticking and rubbing against his belly. With his weight on his elbows, Colin could easily continue kissing his long-time crush.

Quentin kissed back with deep passion. He felt partly smothered by his partner’s embrace, but he had never felt so warmly held or so wanted in his life. He felt Colin’s member moving deep inside him, pushing something inside him, making it build and build and build… He had never been aroused like this before. He could hardly breathe for the excitement of this contact. He had never experienced it with any woman.

For some reason, he visualized Nelson again.

Was it love or lust? And why did he keep having flashes of imagination in which he was being fucked by Nelson? Quentin couldn’t think about it now, as Colin broke their lip-lock to kiss and nuzzle his neck even as he continued fucking him.

The spring mattress groaned and the headboard began to tap against the wall as their lovemaking grew more frenzied. It wasn’t the wall that Colin shared with his parents, but Colin was sure it was loud enough to wake his light-sleeping father. Colin tried very hard to screw his friend without the bed making all this noise. It was stressing both men out and they abandoned the bed for the floor.

The floor was hardwood, but there was a large rug that covered most of it. Colin picked a corner of the carpet that allowed them the space they needed; then he threw down the blankets and a couple of pillows: one for Quentin’s head and one for Colin’s knees.

Having resumed position, they resumed fucking. Each nuzzled at the others lips and neck, planting soft kisses. Colin pumped Quentin vigorously for several minutes and they both moaned with pleasure. Quentin’s legs were in the air; they jolted from the force of Colin’s thrusts. Colin was impressed at his own endurance, but he had unloaded twice tonight already. It would take more stimulation than normal to get him off, but his exertions were tiring him. Perspiration dripped from his hair and his forehead.

Quentin took a cue from Colin’s fatigue. He gently told his friend to stop and Colin withdrew from his ass.

“I want to ride you,” Quentin said.

Quentin guided Colin down onto the blanket, where he lay flat except for his six-inch boner. Quentin knelt over Colin’s midsection and began to lower his ass onto Colin’s wood. With some awkwardness, and some assistance from Colin, Quentin impaled himself on Colin’s dick; he groaned quietly as his ass engulfed the whole organ.

“Fuuu-uuck!” Quentin said.

“Fuck me,” Colin said. “You feel so damn good on my cock.”

“Damn right I will fuck you.”

Quentin started riding Colin. He raised and lowered his hips, slowly at first, while he got used to the sensations. His ass was tender, but not in pain; in fact, there was a distinct pleasure at this new feeling of fullness. He rocked his hips faster and looked down at Colin, whose face showed obvious signs of enjoyment.

Even now, thoughts of Nelson crowded his mind. He remembered the slightly-pimply, red-haired man’s sturdy build, and the fiery hair trail from his chest to his groin. Quentin thought of his buttocks and imagined Nelson was buggering him instead of Colin.

Quentin shook off the thoughts and images of Nelson, filing them away for later review. There was more than enough happening at the moment to occupy his attention.

After just a couple of minutes of rocking his ass up and down on his friend’s dick, his legs and hips burned with fatigue. Quentin was no prize athlete, and he didn’t use these muscles this way every day. He realized that was going to change. He wanted to do this every day, or as often as he could manage.

As Quentin watched Colin’s face, his mouth made an O and his eyes rolled back in his head. He emitted a guttural groan and he began to jerk beneath him. Quentin felt the dick in his ass pulsing as the orifice was hosed with Colin’s semen. The jizz felt hot inside him.

Quentin continued to ride until his friend’s orgasm passed, and by that time, he had to stop; he was exhausted. He pulled out and rolled himself off of Colin, laying down beside him on the disarrayed blankets.

Colin caught his breath first.

“Fuck, you have such a tight ass.”


“But you… you didn’t get off, did you?”

“No, but I feel good.”

“I know how to make you feel better.”

Quentin was powerless to resist as Colin leaned himself over the throbbing erection, sucking the first few inches into his mouth with ease. Quentin’s state of arousal had not yet declined, and he felt himself responding very favourably to Colin’s oral ministrations. Quentin was close to coming, but as he felt his balls contract, he closed his eyes and realized that he was still focused on a mental image of Nelson. In his mind’s eye, Quentin saw Nelson as he was at the circle jerk they’d had a few hours ago: he was stroking his cock slowly and luxuriously, letting his hand slowly slide down past the swollen purple glans. Then, as Quentin felt the semen begin its journey toward his penis, the memory reformed on the blowjob he had given Nelson. As he recalled the flavour of Nelson’s sperm, he came hard, gasping and shuddering; the jism burst from the head of his cock and into Colin’s waiting mouth.

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