The Clan Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Brent

Brent’s mum Sue had picked him up at the end of camp as all the mums did. As Sue hurried to see her eighteen year old son, and saw her young man hurrying toward her, her heart soared and she felt that familiar, powerful feeling deep inside as she always did for him.

Sue saw that Brent was smiling at her broadly and she thought ‘he missed me and is glad to see me’, this also made her body react to her son. When Sue and Brent met she hugged him and he hugged his mother back. Brent was small for his age and looked younger then his eighteen years at 5′ 8” and Sue too was small at about 5′ 1” tall.

“I missed you love, I missed you so much,” Sue told her son in a teary voice.

“I really missed you too mum, I so glad to see you, it was like a part of me was missing,” Brent told his mother in turn and all Sue could do was cry and say,

“Oh Brent,” and clung tightly to her son.

They stood like this for about ten seconds and then Sue stepped back and looked at the only man in her life.

“Let’s get you home,” Sue said and with her arm around Brent’s lower back she guided him to her car.

Brent made a move that really sent his mother into a flutter; he put his arm around her shoulders as they walked to the car. Once in the car Brent noticed his mother was wearing her tight jeans and a shirt.

“Boy you look great in those jeans and shirt,” and Brent meant it, because to his mind she did.

Sue blushed, but was very pleased her son thought she looked good. Her heart raced again and she thought to herself, ‘oh I love my young man so much.’ Sue reached over and placed her hand on his knee and gave it a little shake in appreciation. Brent did likewise to his mother, and her body quivered, ‘yes I love Brent more then anyone’. They spent the next two hours driving home, Brent listened as his mother talked for nearly the two hours, asking all the right questions and commenting now and then, all of which conveyed to Sue that her Brent was listening and interested. Just before they arrived home Sue asked,

“So did you guyss managed to cross the river to the girls’ camp?”

“Yeah,” Brent answered as if uninterested, looking out the window as he answered.

“Any girl catch your fancy,” Sue asked catching a peek at her Brent.

“Oh no way,” was his brusque answer that left his mother very curious.

“Why ‘no way’?” Sue asked looking between her son and the road ahead. “Have you already got a girlfriend at school?” Sued probed.

“No way there either,” Brent sneered and looked into his mother’s eyes. Now Sue was really intrigued.

“What you’re not interested in girls?”

“Yes and no,” Brent answered still looking at his mother.

“You just don’t want a girlfriend then?” “Sort of.”

“How do you mean ‘sort of’?” Sue’s curiosity was really peaked now.

“Well I mean you always say I’m your man, and I see you as my girl.”

Brent was watching his mother and saw her eyes glisten with tears, as she smiled. They drove the rest of the short way home in silence, because Sue’s mind was too preoccupied. When they arrived home both Sue and Brent were tired; the trip home was long and had been emotionally draining. They had bought some take away on the way home and ate it in the car as Sue drove. So once home they went to their own bedrooms and both had interrupted sleep that night.

The next morning Sue was up before Brent, who was only minutes behind her. Being Saturday they fell into their normal routine for breakfast. Both were yawning and told each other of their poor sleep. After breakfast Brent helped his mother with the washing, of which most was his from camp. Sue was buoyant because it was the first time her Brent had helped. Sue was wearing a light summer dress, which was a bit short in Brent’s mind, but he liked how it looked on his mother — and no bra he noticed immediately. Brent was wearing a singlet, light linen shorts escort bayan and a thin pair of tight boxers — he always dressed pointing up to avoid embarrassingly tenting.

As they loaded the washing machine Brent noticed a couple of pairs of his mother’s panties, and took note that they were brief, one was even see through. Although he felt a bit wrung out, his body stirred and as he remembered Jeremy’s words to them. After they finished the washing and hung it out, Sue made them coffee and Brent waited in the lounge room, in front of the TV on the couch.

When his mother entered the room and bent to place the mugs on the coffee table, her dress lifted and Brent saw a lot of his mother’s beautiful legs. He then insisted his mother sit next to him, knowing she was tired and would probably fall asleep. They sat and watched the cricket, which was always guaranteed to put them both to sleep, and soon after Sue had finished her cuppa her eyes began to close. Brent watched his mother as she drifted and placed his arm around her shoulders, and then gently pulled her into him. Sue melted into her son and he drew her with him as he laid back into the corner of the couch. Before he knew it, Brent too was asleep.

Sue woke first and took a moment to get her bearings, but smiled as she felt her Brent’s arm around her and pushed herself further into him. Her son had one arm around her waist and the other across her breasts, but did nothing to remove them although for Sue it seemed very intimate. Her lustful subconscious thoughts about her Brent, which on a number of occasions had threatened to invade her consciousness, now did so as Sue herself opened the door in her mind that had separated them. Thoughts, feelings and desires flooded into her mind and body. Brent woke with a start and looked down at his mother.

“Ah, so you’re awake,” He said and then pretended to suddenly notice his arms around his mother in manner not usually seen between mother and son.

“Oh, sorry,” Brent apologised to his mother and went to move his arm.

“Do you hear me protesting?” Sue asked her son. He placed his arms back on his mother.

“Well no, but I thought you might have felt uncomfortable. You know me holding you like this.”

“No I don’t, in fact it feels very nice. I like your arms around me.”

Brent could hear something beneath her words, a feeling, an attitude, something; something he had never heard before and it excited him.

“Well that’s good. Because I like holding you like this and have wanted to for quite some time,” he confessed to his mother.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” his mother queried and placed her arms on his. It felt very intimate for both of them.

“Well I was afraid you would think me a creep or some sort of deviant.”

“Why would I think that,” Sue asked her Brent and he could see where the conversation was heading were he hoped it would continue.

“Well I know most guys don’t want to hold their mum’s like this, so I thought you would think I was odd or something.”

“I don’t think you’re odd or anything. Anyway those mothers don’t know what they’er missing.”

Brent could hear the pride in her voice as well as the ‘I’ve got something other mothers don’t have.’

“And other guys don’t know what they’re missing.”

Sue swelled with pride and desire for her son, and she recognised both sensations. Once she would have fought the sensations, but not today and she really enjoyed how good this felt.

“I’m glad you think that way, because you and I don’t have to go with the crowd, we can be our own people.” Sue’s statement gave Brent a whole new idea to play with.

“Yeah, you’re right mum. We can do our own thing, just you and me and no one has to know.” Sue continued with this thought.

“Good. What happens between you and I is between you and I.” Brent took it to the next level.

“Yeah, so what escort bayanlar if we’re mother and son, we can show each other how we feel and know one has to know.”

“I’m with you there,” Sue told her Brent in a forthright tone.

“Another cuppa?” Brent asked his mother and she nodded, reluctantly because it meant she would be leaving his arms.

“I’ll get it,” Brent volunteered and gently lifted his mother off him.

He may have been small, but Brent was very strong. He turned the TV off and put on his mother’s favourite CD, the one she always wanted to dance to, and had tried to get Brent to dance with her but couldn’t.

By the time Brent came back with their drinks his mother was up dancing, and she invited him to join her — so for the first time he did. Sue was overjoyed and her Brent took her in his arms and slow danced his mother. Sue felt old stirrings in her body. Rather then react against them because they were directed toward her son, Sue threw herself into them. She held her Brent tight and ground her body against his. For his part, Brent ground right back, and he knew the clothing he selected would help.

Sue could feel her son’s hard dick and her new attitude stirred up a forbidden desire in her. After one song in which they danced together, Brent reminded her of their drinks. Sue was just as happy to sit with her Brent as to dance with him; there would still be body contact if she had anything to do with it.

Sue was not regretting in anyway her decision not to keep her Brent at arms length anymore, she just loved his attention — he was now the son she always hoped he would be. They sat on the couch and as they did Brent held his mother as before, and she melted into him. Her Brent caressed her hair and told her how much he loved her, and Sue wallowed in his complements and confessions of his devotions to her.

By the time they had finished their cuppas; Brent was caressing her neck and shoulders, but keeping in mind what Jeremy had said and waited for his mother to make the first sexual advance. Sue began to react to her Brent’s touch and moaned quietly.

“Ooh, that’s nice, were did you learn to do that,” Sue asked a little suspiciously of her Brent.

“Nowhere, it just seems the right thing for me to do for you.”

“It is, so keep doing it,” Sue instructed Brent in a sultry voice.

Brent moved his hand down her arm, and then gently ran his finger tips up and down her bare arm. Sue purred now, with her eyes closed. The Brent began to whisper ‘sweet nothings’ to his mother. Sue was moaning freely now and Brent moved his caresses to her tummy, and then Sue finally gave him the clear and definite signal he had been working and waiting for. His mother moved her elbow to his crotch and gently rubbed her son’s hard dick.

As Brent caressed his mother’s tummy, he now slowly worked his hand up to her breasts free of her bra. His hand glided over both his mother’s breasts and she sucked in her breath loudly and arched her back, thrusting her breasts into his hand. He concentrated on her nipples rubbing them, with his hand flat so he could manipulate both nipples at once. Sue continued to arch her back rhythmically and she spread her legs, as he son raised her sexual pleasure through his fondling of her nipples.

However, once she spread her legs, Brent took this as direct invitation for her own son to move to her pussy, which he did. His hand slid between her legs over her dress, and he could feel his mother’s panties. He rubbed his mother’s pussy through her dress and panties a few times, and then pulled her dress up with a sense of urgency.

He saw his mother’s brief black panties and her pussy filled then out nicely. Brent slid his hand straight into her panties, feeling a semi shaven, wet pussy. Sue’s reaction was as Brent expected. Thrusting her hips for her son to have as much of her pussy as he bayan escort wanted, and her moaning went up another gear and she had to verbalize her high arousal.

“Oh yeah Brent, oh yeah, touch my pussy, put your finger into me Brent, I want to feel you in me.”

That was enough for Brent. In a flash he got off the couch, laid his mother down flat, pulled her panties right off and then got his shorts and boxers off in one movement. He stared at his mother’s pussy for a second. She had very short pubic hair above her shaved pussy, which had thick lips that protruded boldly from between her legs. He drank in the magnificent sight, then opened his mother’s pussy lips and guided his rock hard dick into her pussy. Sue held out her arms to him, while encouraging him to fuck his mother,

“Fuck me Brent, fuck me son, fuck your mother, fuck me.”

He pumped her for less then ten seconds and then shot his load and Sue held him inside her wanting to feel his dick pulsate his cum in her. After Brent’s orgasm subsided he felt guilty, not because he had just fucked his mother, but because it was so quick.

“I’m sorry mum, I’m sorry I came so quick.”

But Sue soothed her son as she held him in her arms, feeling her own afterglow.

“That’s to be expected Brent, but we will work on it and you will last much, much longer.”

“You still want me to fuck you?” Brent had thought his mother would think better of a sexual relationship with her son.

“Of course I do, so much, didn’t we say we wanted our own type of relationship, just between you and me, and we wouldn’t care what others thought?” Sue soothed her son.

“Oh yeah. Thanks mum, I really want you, I really do.”

“Then that’s settled. We are lovers from now on.”

Sue spoke firmly and Brent nodded in her arms. They both felt his dick begin to stir in her. They looked at each other, and Brent grinned.

“Hang on to your hat mum, I’m gunna last a long time this time,” and he began to thrust into his mother, who was more then well lubricated with his cum and her own pussy juices.

Sue grinned at her son as he rocked his body back and forth, and she could feel his dick rock hard again sliding up and down inside her.

“Oh yeah Brent, make it last, make me cum.”

Brent had only one focus now, to fulfil his mother’s request and make her cum

He was grunting before he knew it and he was thrusting hard, but slowly into his mother, pushing as far as he could go. Sue looked lovingly into her son’s face as he stared into hers, and she knew that this was just so right. The old feeling of an orgasm she had not experienced for so many years began to well up in side her.

Good to his word, Brent was lasting a long time, and that’s just what his mother needed. Sue knew her body needed to be woken up from its long sexual slumber, but she also knew that once awoken her body would be as responsive as he young son wanted.

“Oh fuck me Brent, fuck me good, I need you to fuck me, oh you’re so good and so long, oh Brent, Brent.”

Sue was panting heavily now and she could feel her orgasm was close, ‘just a little longer Brent love, a little longer’ she told herself.

“How is it mum, good, do I fuck you good?”

“Oh yeah Brent, you’re beautiful.”

“Do I fill you up mum, do I fuck you good, tell me mum, I want to hear it.”

“Oh yeah my young man, you fill me all the way up, ahhh, ahhh, oh, oh and you fuck me so good, so good, oooo, oooo, I’m coming Brent you beautiful man, you’ve made me come, I’m coming, AHHHH, AHHHH.”

Sue’s body went into spasm and she held it as her face contorted, her back arched and she made a sort of gurgling noise. Brent felt so good about being able to make his mother cum, his second orgasm hit him and he pumped his cum into his mother once more.

When they both finished, Brent fell to the side, and Sue just lay there not wanting to interrupt the moment, allowing their combined cum juices to ooze out of her pussy. They panted in unison, and Brent was the first to speak.

“Mum that was beyond fantastic. We’re ok aren’t we?”

“Oh yeah son, we’re ok. We’re a couple now, just you and me and nobody else. Oh by the way, move your cloths into my room this afternoon.”

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