The Club

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Author’s note:

Occasionally, the idea for a story comes out of nowhere and this was one of those times. I hope you enjoy it for what it is — a fantasy, a splash of erotica, with a hint of romance.

The Club

Chapter 1

After splitting up from my long-term boyfriend, I was looking for excitement, something out of the ordinary. I was itching to touch someone new and to be kissed and caressed by someone new.

I was twenty six year’s old and had very little experience with men. I had only had two partners in my whole life and I wasn’t the type of girl to go to a bar and try to hook up with someone.

My best friend Stacey had put my name forward to the owner of an exclusive private club. Stacey wouldn’t give me much information about the club. I knew she met guys there and had sex with them, but that was it. I was slightly appalled, but also intrigued, especially when she said the guys were “Hot.”

She gave me the business card for Nina, the owner of the club and after much deliberation, I finally called her to meet up. We decided to schedule a lunchtime meeting, at a restaurant in London.

As I approached the table that Nina had reserved, I saw an attractive woman there. When she saw me, she stood up and held out her hand for a handshake. She introduced herself as Nina, the founder of the club. She had a luscious wavy black hair, was beautifully dressed in a tailored, navy fitted dress and her bright red lipstick offered a sharp contrast to her dark hair and dark eyes.

We sat down and after the waiter had filled our glasses with water, she began talking about her business. Her brown eyes were shining with excitement as she explained,

“We are an exclusive, expensive and very selective club. Each member has to be vetted by me, in person. My clients are looking for exciting liaisons with real people; beautiful people, but with no strings attached. This is not about love, relationships or finding a partner. We are in the business of sex. Consensual sex.”

I found Nina’s directness a little shocking and I tried to keep a neutral expression, as I didn’t want her to know how naïve I was.

“We offer a very unique experience, in that we have male and female clients. You are not paying for an escort or prostitute. We arrange the rendezvous or as we like to call them ‘dates’ for you.

We provide a safe environment at our club, which is in a secret location. We choose your partners randomly, but we run background checks, financial checks and health checks on everyone to ensure you are protected.”

I found myself shifting in my seat as I became more uncomfortable with the images that were projecting in my mind and yes, if I admitted it to myself I was getting aroused.

I let Nina continue explaining how her clients were matched up,

“Our club has ten suites and when you book in with us, a computer randomly selects a number for you, between one to ten. Our male guests do the same.

We match your numbers up with the suite number. Neither they nor you will have any idea who is behind the door until they enter the room. We always allow the ladies to be in the room first and the gentleman arrives afterwards. Ladies come first, we always say,” and Nina giggled at her own joke.

“Something you won’t know about our club is that the dates are completely in the dark.” My eyes widened in shock. Stacey had not mentioned this at all.

“We want your encounters to be purely physical. To get the most out of the experience, we limit what you can see. All your other senses will be heightened when you can only touch, hear and smell. There will be very limited lighting in the suites and it’s not bright enough for you to see each other.

This is actually the secret to my club and one of the reasons we have been so successful. Our members come from all walks of life. Some are very high profile people who do not want any association with paying for sex.

By not allowing our guests to see one another, it gives the anonymity that many of them seek. It is also rather thrilling to have sex with someone you can’t see and can only hear, smell and touch, don’t you think?” Nina finally paused to draw in breath.

I could only nod my head mutely. This revelation really shook me to my core and rattled my own belief about being attracted to people by their physical appearance. I wasn’t entirely convinced at this point that I would want to have sex with someone I hadn’t seen.

“If the room is dark, how do we find each other, let alone touch one another?” I meekly asked.

“Oh that’s quite simple. We give you both a wristband to wear on your left hand, that emits a faint warm yellow glow. It’s enough light for you to locate each other in the suite, but not enough to hold up against your face to see the other person.

Believe me, we’ve tried and tested them to make sure. The rooms also have tiny lights that track around the edges of the floor and corners of the walls so you can get a sense of your bearings.

I also have to disclose that Maltepe Escort we have security cameras in each suite and we do monitor what is happening. You will be glad to have our security team watching you, as they are there to keep you safe. If at any time you need help and want to leave, you only have to speak up and someone will be there within five minutes to open the door and let you out.”

I tried to maintain my composure, but with very word she said, my anxiety levels rose.

“I have to honest, I’m not sure if this is the right club for me…it’s just… I haven’t been with many men and I’m not sure my first sexual encounter after my break up should be with a stranger than I can’t even see. Surely your clients would also want someone more experienced…ah…sexually,” I stuttered.

Nina leaned over and put her hand on my arm. “Look, I think you will be a big hit with my male clients. There is a sweet quality about you, that is very endearing and you are a total knockout. You’ve got a girl next door, Natalie Portman kind of vibe going on.”

I blushed. Flattered by Nina’s words, but I was still unsure.

Nina continued, “Listen, you don’t have to decide right away. Why don’t we just enjoy our lunch now and then I can leave the agreement with you to review in your own time. There are quite a lot of rules, I’m afraid. Necessary to protect all my clients.”

With that, Nina waved to the server to come over and we ordered food and drinks. The next hour and a half passed by comfortably. Nina was great fun and clearly used to entertaining her clients.

After we had finished dessert, Nina picked up the bill and we got up to leave together. Outside the restaurant, she gave me a big hug.

“I really hope you will join us. It’s a lot to take in, but I can assure you that if you go through with this, you will not regret it. We have some of the most beautiful, experienced and attentive men as clients. In the real world, you will never get the opportunity to meet them or approach them, but in our club you have a physical connection with them and experience pleasure that is so thrilling, it will make your toes curl.”

With that passing comment, she hailed a taxi, gave me a little wave goodbye and left me to consider all she had told me.

My mind was whirling. I took my own taxi home and spent the rest of the evening reading the agreement. It was a lengthy document that spelled out every single rule that could not be violated or you would immediately be disqualified from membership.

I read the most important rules again:

1.You must be introduced by an existing client

2.You must not talk about the club to anyone, without prior consent from Nina

3.You must not share any personal information with your dates

4.You will agree to a background and credit checks

5.You will have a health check with our own private clinic

6.You must not arrange to meet any of our clients outside of the venue

The list seemed endless. I spent two hours reviewing and re-reading every single line of the agreement, until the words started to merge together and blur in front of my eyes.

I finally threw it on the table, un-signed and went to bed, but erotic dreams crowded my head throughout the night with images of faceless men fucking me.

Chapter 2

I woke up in the morning feeling highly charged. My body was humming from the sexual dreams and decided I wanted to explore this side of me further.

I called Nina and told her I wanted to join her club. Although I was nervous, I realised that I needed to do this. I wanted to shed my old life and bring back excitement into my dull existence.

Within 24 hours, Nina had emailed me details of a private medical clinic that I had to attend to get all the blood tests done. She also ran a police and credit check on me for obvious reasons. Although I was pretty certain I would be given the all clear, I was suddenly worried that I would be rejected from the Club.

Two weeks later, I had call from Nina welcoming me as a new member. A shockingly large sum of money had hit my credit card and I was given the go ahead to book a date.

Modern technology was so clever that even the Club had its own secure application which was password protected. I downloaded the app on my phone and checked the calendar for available time slots for a date.

The Club had three sessions each day: morning, afternoon and evening. Each session was three hours long, apart from the evening one, which was four hours.

The first available date on the calendar was the following Sunday evening, three days away. Before I could change my mind, I booked myself in for a 6 p.m. slot.

When I confirmed the booking, I was randomly allocated the number three. As Nina had previously explained, each female and male guest was given a random number from one to ten. Each couple was then paired according to the number they were assigned. It really was a lottery.

Another exorbitant fee was charged to my Ümraniye Escort account, with no refunds for cancellation. This was to deter people from booking a date and then not showing up. Doing so would cause much upset, as you would effectively be letting down your date.

As none of the clients were allowed to know the location of the club, Nina had arranged a chauffeur to pick me up.

Chapter 3

At 5:15 p.m. on Sunday, the doorbell rang and an older gentleman with white hair and a black suit was at the door.

“Good evening ma’am, my name is Peter. I am your chauffeur for this evening. Nina sent me to take you to the Club. The car is just outside.”

I put on my coat and grabbed my purse, locked the front door and followed Peter to the silver BMW that still had its engine running, in front of my house.

I got in the back of the car, which had beautiful soft dove leather seats and a central armrest. There was drink holder with a bottle of water.

Peter got in the front driver’s seat and set off towards an unknown destination. He did not make any effort to talk, which I was grateful for. So many thoughts were going through my mind and my legs were shaking with nerves and anticipation.

I fiddled with my hair, whilst and staring out of the window. My house was on the outskirts of west London and we were heading out south westerly, towards the motorway.

After driving for about twenty minutes, Peter took the turning off towards Virginia Water. I knew the area around these parts were beautiful countryside, with some stunning properties. I started to wonder if we were headed to a country mansion or other private residence.

Peter suddenly spoke “Ma’am I’m afraid you are going to have to put on a blindfold now as you are not allowed to see where we are going. If you lift up the arm rest next to you, you will find the blindfold there”

I was completely taken aback, Nina had not mentioned this at all in our correspondence. “But, I don’t understand. Nina didn’t tell me about this part…”

“I’m sorry ma’am but, we just had to implement this recently as we’ve had problems with our clients going back to the venue, after their dates had ended, to try and find them again.” Peter sounded regretful as he continued to explain.

“These experiences can be quite intense and clients are not willing to accept that they may just be one off liaisons. We can’t jeopardise the privacy of all our clients so we now insist on blindfolds.

Once we arrive, someone will escort you to your suite so I’m afraid you won’t be able to see the outside of the venue.”

I lifted up the armrest and took out the blindfold. It looked very much like the sleep masks they give you on a plane, except this was made with thick, black velvet. I put it over my head and covered my eyes. I couldn’t see a thing, which I guess was the whole point.

The movement of the car and not being able to see made me feel slightly nauseous. I think Peter must have seen my pale face in the review mirror.

“Don’t worry ma’am, we have only ten minutes left to go.”

Those ten minutes dragged by and I had to breathe slowly to stop myself being sick. Eventually Peter slowed the car down and I felt it turn right, onto a gravel road. The tyres crunched as we drove slower towards our destination.

Finally, the car stopped and Peter switched off the engine. As he got out of the car, he said, “Keep the blindfold on please, ma’am.”

He opened my door and helped me unclip my seat belt. He took my arm and guided me out of the car.

The air smelt so different to London. Freshly cut lawn, wild scented flowers and the faint rustling of leaves surrounding us. If the circumstances had been different, I would have enjoyed the fragrant, fresh countryside air.

“We are just reaching the building now and then I’m going to hand you over to Jasmine who will take care of you. Good night, ma’am. I hope you enjoy your evening. I will be back to take you home when your date is over.” Peter let go of my arm and left.

I felt a soft hand take one of mine. A sweet and incredibly chirpy female voice said,

“Good evening ma’am! Welcome to the Club! I’m Jasmine and I will guide you inside. Once we are indoors, you can remove your blindfold for a minute. You won’t bump into any other clients, as we deliberately stagger your arrival times. We also have four different entrances into the venue. Please mind your step, just here as we walk through the front entrance.”

I walked slowly behind Jasmine as she led me inside. The atmosphere felt different when we stepped into the building. Warmer and the air smelt like vanilla ice cream. When the front door closed behind us, Jasmine let go of my hand and helped me take off the blindfold.

“Keep hold of this, you’ll need it later,” Jasmine said, pointing at the blindfold in my hand.

I blinked to re-adjust my eyes, but the hallway was dimly lit. It was long and narrow, with dark red walls. There was a slim mahogany side table, lined İstanbul Escort with flickering candles on the right hand side. The candles must be the reason for the vanilla scent. Above the table, there was a huge, ornate gold-framed mirror.

The ceiling was tall with cream decorative cornices. It reminded me of being in a grand, old mansion.

Jasmine led me down the hallway and we passed two dark wooden paneled doors on the left with gold numbers on the door, one and two. When we reached door number three, we stopped.

“This is the suite you have been assigned this evening. Before you go in, do you need to use the washroom?” she asked.

I shook my head. I was too nervous on the drive up to drink any water. Right this minute, I just wanted to get inside the room and compose myself before I met my date.

She opened the heavy door and from the dimly lit hallway, all I could make out in the black room was the faint outline of a huge, king size bed.

Any windows inside were covered with blackout curtains. I suspected that if I lifted the curtains, the windows themselves would be locked and painted black, to stop any light coming in or to stop us from opening the windows and using the moonlight to brighten our faces. I was slightly alarmed by this thought and had to keep breathing slowly to stop my panic rising.

There were tiny little lights on the ceiling that reminded me of the gloworms hanging from the caves that I had visited during my holiday to New Zealand. They twinkled magically, but did not cast much light in the room.

There were also miniscule lights along the edges of the walls, I assumed to stop us bumping into them. I looked down at my feet and could also see two strips of faint light, about a meter apart, which created a path from the bedroom door to the foot of the bed. How convenient, I thought, if either of us wanted to escape.

“You can sit down on the bed. I won’t close the door until you are sat down,” Jasmine said.

“Wait, what if I need something?” Suddenly I panicked about being left alone in this dark room.

“There is water, tissues and wipes by the side of the bed, on the table there.” Jasmine pointed in the general direction of the bed.

“Condoms too, but you can use those at your own discretion. All our guests have passed their health checks. If you need something during your date, just speak out. We have cameras and listening devices so we know what is going on. We take security very seriously here and our guards are well trained for any situation. Someone will come and get you within five minutes,” Jasmine rattled through her speech as though she had memorised it. I recognised some of the words were a repeat of what Nina had told me at our meeting.

I walked slowly over to the foot of the bed, while Jasmine stood by the door and waited patiently. I sat down on the edge, facing the door.

Jasmine called out, “Your date will be here very soon. You need to put your blindfold back on now. “

Chapter 4

I covered my eyes again with the blindfold and I heard the door being shut. I was left alone and feeling a little terrified. Everything was silent, except for my shallow breathing. What am I doing here? I asked myself. I couldn’t believe that the first time I was going to have sex again, after being with the same man for four years, was going to be at a club, with a stranger, in the dark.

I started counting the seconds in my head. When I had reached 280 seconds. I heard a gentle knock on the door and I felt a slight shift in the air as the door opened and someone entered the room.

Jasmine’s voice suddenly cut through the silence, “You are now both in the suite. Once you hear the click of the door closing, you can remove your blindfolds and commence with your date. Good night sir, ma’am. I hope you enjoy your evening.”

I heard the door close and I quickly ripped off my blindfold. The room was pitch black and I had to keep blinking to adjust my eyes to the dark, but I really couldn’t make out any shapes or forms. Only the twinkling lights flickering gently around stopped me feeling spaced out.

I looked down at my left wrist and I could see the circle of light from the bracelet. Neither of us spoke and I stared at the half circle of light hovering in mid-air. My date was still by the front door.

“Hey,” said a male voice suddenly and I nearly jumped off the bed.

His voice was deep and velvety and I shivered involuntarily. I lifted my left hand, with the bracelet of light towards the door in a greeting.

“Hi” I whispered. My stomach was in knots.

The only thing stopping me from shouting out, “I’ve changed my mind!” to the nameless security guard was the knowledge that I could leave at anytime and I had to remind myself that I was in control.

“Do you mind if I come over and sit down next to you? It’s a bit disorientating standing here,” my date asked.

“Oh…ok,” I managed to stammer.

“You sound a bit nervous. Is this your first time at the Club?” the deep voice enquired.

I nodded automatically, forgetting that he couldn’t see me.

“It’s ok. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. This is a consensual date. I’m not into rape fantasies, although there are places for those kind of kinks.”

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