The Colonel’s Sexy Wife

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This story was told to me by a friend. He claimed it was a true story that happened several years in the past when he was in the Air Force and stationed near London, England. I thought it was worth putting down in writing. I’m going to use the personal pronoun of “I” for writing this story.

I worked in an Air Force Headquarters where there were many majors and colonels. I had the rank of Sergeant at that time. The colonel I worked directly for was a very nice and pleasant person. My job was to help him, “shuffle papers”, and assist him in anyway I could. Sometimes I did personal errands for him when he was too busy to do them himself. I answered the phone most of the time and often heard his conversations. His wife called occasionally and I could easily recognize her voice. However, there was another female voice asking for him on rare occasions. When that happened, he turned his swivel chair around away from me and talked softly. From what little I heard, I knew he was having an illicit affair. Once he told me to be discreet and not mention anything about the calls.

One day the colonel had just finished talking to his wife and turned to me to say, “Sergeant, would you do an errand for me?”

I responded, “Yes sir, what can I do?”

“My wife needs someone to drive her to the beauty salon. I would appreciate it if you would take my car and drive her there. She isn’t used to driving on the left side of the road in England. She can drive where there isn’t much traffic, but this salon is in a very busy part of town.”

The colonel gave me the address and car keys. It was about a five mile drive and when I arrived, I saw a very large old elegant looking English home. I pulled up in the driveway and his wife came out the door to meet me. I had never seen her before, but I was impressed with her beauty. It was easy to hold a conversation with her as I drove to the beauty salon. About forty five minutes later, I drove her back home. She invited me in for a cup of tea and she wanted to show me the house. I accepted. I enjoyed the tea and talking to her. I think she was a little lonely by herself during the day since her children were in school and her husband at work. When we had finished our tea, she gave me a tour of the downstairs part of the bahis firmaları house. She seemed reluctant to see me leave, but I had to get back to the office. By the time I arrived at the office, she had already called the colonel. The colonel thanked me and said that his wife thought I was very nice and was very much a gentleman.

The next week on the same day, the colonel again asked if I would drive his wife to the beauty salon. Of course, I said I would. I went though the same procedure and she invited me in for a cup of tea. She told me the upstairs had a lot of ornate woodwork and wanted to give me a tour.

We went up the stairs to see an unusually large bedroom. Not only was there a large bed, but there were several pieces of living room furniture.

I commented, “Looks as if you can just live up here it looks so comfy.”

“Yes, we spend our leisure time up here. Our children’s bedrooms are just down the hall.”

She gave me a tour of the other rooms, then we came back to the bedroom. She said, “I want to show you the dress I’m going to wear to the formal dance at the officer’s club this Saturday.”

She walked into the large closet, found the dress and held it up in front of her.

I wanted to complement her, “That is a very pretty dress and you look so pretty in it.”

“Do you really think so?”

Now that I had complemented her, I had to continue saying something nice.

“Yes, you are very pretty and I’ll bet all the guys will look at you when you go to the club.”

She smiled and quickly responded, “You say the nicest things. Look in my closet, I have some other formal dresses.”

The closet was large, but as we both walked in, our bodies brushed together. She showed me some other dresses as our bodies slightly touched. Then she looked me in the eyes at close range and said, “Do you really think I am pretty?”

“Yes, you are very pretty.”

We moved closer to each other and her lips looked so inviting. I leaned forward a little to lightly kiss her. I was all prepared to get my face slapped, but her arms went immediately around my neck. I pulled her body close to mine. We moved to the bed to plop on it in each others arms to kiss again. I unbuckled my pants and started pushing them down. One of my kaçak iddaa hands went up under her dress to feel her crotch. I tugged at her panties to pull them down and she began assisting me in getting them off.

My hard cock was about to burst out of my shorts. I pulled it out of the opening in the front of my shorts and rolled on top of her. With a little help with her hand and mine, I plunged all the way in since she was very wet. She gasped as she had an orgasm right away. After I had pulled back and plunged in a half dozen times, my cock began spurting and jerking in her pussy as I filled her with cum. Her body was shaking and surging with another orgasm

Now that I had cum and my cock was becoming soft, I began to realize what I had done. I had quickly fucked the colonel’s wife. Was I going to be in a lot of trouble?

We cleaned up, dressed and went downstairs. I knew I had better get back to the office.

When I left, she said, “Thanks for driving me to the beauty salon. There is so much traffic in that area, it scares me too much to drive there.”

As I was going out the front door, I said, “You’re very welcome, glad I could help.”

While I was driving back to the office, I was a little worried the colonel would ask why it took me so long to take his wife to the beauty salon. I didn’t have to worry because the colonel wasn’t in his office. I left the car keys on his desk. When he came back to the office, he was so busy with other people that he never did comment about his wife or thank me for taking her.

I was a little surprised when on the same day next week the colonel said, “Sergeant, my wife needs another ride to the beauty salon. Can you make it again?”

The colonel was my boss, and if he wanted me to do something for him, I’d better be willing to do it unless I had a good reason not to do it. That’s the way the Air Force chain of command works.

I said, “Of course, I can take her again.”

His wife and I made small talk on the way to the beauty salon and back to her house. As I pulled up in the drive way, she said, “Come on in and I’ll make us some tea.”

While we were drinking tea, we kept eyeing each other and smiling. I think I knew what she was thinking. When my tea was gone, I got up and walked to kaçak bahis her chair, took her hand and pulled her to a standing position. I kissed her and she melted into my arms. We walked up the stairs as if we couldn’t wait to get on the bed.

I stood by the bed and kissed her again. When we broke the long sexy kiss, she said, “Let’s don’t rush so much this time.”

I knew I should get back to the office quickly, but I was so sexed up, I didn’t care right now. We both quickly undressed and got on the bed. I kissed her lips, then her breasts. She took hold of my cock and moved to take it in her mouth.

I urgently said, “Take it slow, I want to put it in you before I cum.”

She licked up and down the underside, deep throated me once, then lifted up to smile at me to say, “Alright, let me get on top.”

She impaled herself on my very hard and rigid cock I think she had an orgasm at that time. Then she leaned forward to let her breasts bounce up against my chin while she fucked me. I wanted to hold back as long as I could, but the way she was gyrating on me, I knew I would have a problem.

I said, “Let’s slow down and rest a minute.”

She stopped movements, but then she pulsated her pussy on my cock. I couldn’t wait any longer and started pushing up to her. As I started pumping cum in her pussy, her body was straining and soon started sexual spasms as she had an orgasm.

After we both relaxed a little, she said, “Do you know if my husband is having an affair?”

That caught me without a quick answer, but then I said, “I really don’t know much about his personal life. Why do you ask?”

“He doesn’t want sex much anymore. I was wondering if he is having sex with someone else.”

I didn’t want to continue commenting on the subject, so I didn’t say anything.

I said, “I have to get dressed and get back to the office or the colonel will wonder what you and I have been doing.”

She had an answer for that, “If he says anything to you about how long you have been gone, tell him I asked you to stop at a store and wait for me.”

“Alright, I ‘ll use that as an excuse.”

I continued to take her to the beauty salon each week and back to her house for a quickie before returning to the office. I finally found out the colonel was having an affair with another colonel’s wife. Six months later the colonel’s three year tour of duty was over and he and family transferred to the states. My weekly rendezvous for sex abruptly ended.

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