The Competition Ch. 01

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* * * * * * * * * *

Story by Ryan Steven. Written by Ryan Steven and Ken James.

Note: “The Competition” is a BISEXUAL series. It has male-male sex, as well as male-female sex.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jake Winston yawned as he stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen. God, he hated mornings! Especially Saturday mornings, when he had to be at work at 8:30 a.m.

Chase, Jake’s big brother, was sitting at the table, eating cereal. He looked up at Jake and grinned. “Yo, Bro. It’s about time you got up.”

Jake pointed to the box of Froot Loops sitting in front of Chase. “That’s the perfect food for my fruit brother.”

Chase just laughed. He was a relentless pussy hound with a new hot girlfriend every few months. His latest was Stacy Barnes. They’d been together for five months, which was a new record. “I’d try dick . . . If I had time. But, I’m kinda busy.” Besides Stacy, he had at least one girl on the side. Jake wondered how he managed it.

His big brother was a stud, Jake had to admit. He was 21 years old, 6′ 1″ tall, and weighed 185 pounds. He had the massive upper body, slender waist, thick thighs, and tight buttocks of a serious weightlifter. This morning, he was wearing a tightly-stretched tee-shirt and tight dark blue button-fly Levi’s that showed off his sexy body and impressive crotch bulge.

Chase was a junior at UT Austin. He’d ruled high school—star quarterback, Homecoming King, Prom King, National Honor Society—and was one of the most popular guys on campus . . . especially with the ladies. He’d been offered scholarships to other schools, but had decided to stay in Austin with his family and friends.

Jake knew he’d never be as cool as Chase. He’d been a linebacker and National Honor Society member in high school, but had never been Prom King or Homecoming King material. He was a 19-year-old freshman at UT. He worked out every day and was almost as big and well-built as Chase. He had lots of friends, but was sort of shy with girls. He’d been dating Linda Ellison for the last two years.

“Suck my cock,” Jake said. He bent over to get the Cheerios out of the cabinet.

“Hell no,” Chase answered. “I’m gonna fuck your cute little ass.”

If their parents—Ethan and Emily—heard that, they’d ground the brothers for a week, but they were having a romantic getaway at a bed and breakfast in New Braunfels. They were both 42. Ethan was a senior partner in a big law firm while Emily was a pediatrician who owned her own practice. They’d gotten married in college, seven months before Chase was born, and still had a passionate relationship going. They were strict about some things—like going to Mass and having part-time jobs—but gave their kids a lot of freedom.

“You and what army?” Even though he was totally straight, Jake’s cock stirred at the thought of taking Chase’s oversized rod up his butt.

“Get a room, you two.” Katie, Jake’s and Chase’s little sister, came bopping into the kitchen, dressed in her skimpy pajamas. Like Jake and Chase, she had a job, but she didn’t have to start until noon on Saturdays.

She was a real looker—an athletic 5′ 6″, 110 pound, 18-year-old high school senior with perky medium-sized breasts, a perfect ass, and a long dark brown ponytail. In addition to her part-time job, she was a cheerleader with a long line of boys sniffing after her. She turned most of them down and kept the rest on a tight leash.

Katie made a face at Chase’s Froot Loops and then pointed to the Cheerios box. “Save some of those for me.”

“Sure thing, Sis.” Jake got another bowl and spoon out and set them on the table.

“You’re so sweet.” She gave Jake a quick hug, then sat down and started snarfing Cheerios.

“What about me?” Chase asked. “I’m sweet, too.”

“You? You’re a pussy-chasing prick.” Katie laughed and blew a kiss at Chase. “But I love my big brother, anyway.” She gave him a smoldering look and then grinned. “Even if you do like Froot Loops.”

Jake was already running late. He ate his Cheerios quickly, then gave Chase a fist bump and stood up to leave.

“Hold it,” Katie said. “I need a hug.” She grabbed Jake and hugged him tightly, flattening her breasts against his chest and pressing her pelvis against his crotch. She held him for a long time . . . way too long . . . waking his lightly-slumbering teen cock. He gave her a final squeeze, then fled, trying to hide his raging hard-on.

Chase said, “Kate, you don’t get to hug Jake and not me.” Jake stopped just outside the kitchen door and looked back. Katie was smiling. She liked being called “Kate.” It made her feel all grown up.

“Stand up, you big goof.” She wrapped herself in Chase’s arms and plastered her body against his. She purred and ran her hands up and down his back, stopping just above his butt. Chase held her tightly with his arms wrapped around her back.

“You like this hug?” Katie asked in a sultry voice.

“Yeah,” Chase answered. “Too bad you’re my sister.”

“I love you,” Katie said. For a moment, Jake thought she was going to kiss Chase. Then, she slapped his butt. “You kızılay escort pussy-chasing prick.” She laughed and pulled away, then pointed at his crotch. “You better go take care of that. Or run over to Stacy’s.”

Chase looked self-conscious. “That’s my morning wood. Had it all morning.”

“Sure you have.” Katie picked up the empty cereal bowls and carried them to the sink, wiggling her shapely butt as she walked. She turned to face Chase. “You guys are both horndogs.”

Jake’s painfully hard cock had grown even stiffer. He ran to the downstairs bathroom and jacked off, coming after a few strokes. As he wiped the cum off the mirror, he wondered what was wrong with him—getting hard for his sister.

* * *

“What was up with Katie this morning?” Jake asked. It was 8:00 p.m. Katie had gone out with her girlfriends. Jake and Chase were having a late supper after getting home from their jobs. “She was really hot in those pajamas.”

Chase looked at him for a long moment. “Jake, are you perving on our little sister?”

“Of course not!” Jake answered, too quickly. “How can you ask that?”

“Oh, come on! I saw your hard-on this morning.” Chase grinned. “It was the same as the monster bone she gave me.”

“Well, she’s fuckin’ sexy,” Jake said. “Definitely NOT a little girl, anymore. And we’re just normal young guys. EVERYTHING gets us hard.”

“Like talking about Katie?” Chase asked.

Jake squirmed in his seat, trying to reposition his stiff dick. “Uh . . . Yeah.”

“Relax, Bro,” Chase said. “I’ve got a hard-on, too.”

“Over our sister. Jesus!”

“Yup. We’re going to hell.”

* * *

Chase checked his tie and then went outside, locking the front door behind him.

The rest of the family was already waiting. It was 9:30 a.m. on Sunday and the family was taking Emily’s car to go to Mass.

Emily stopped with her hand on the door handle. “I almost forgot. We have to take those boxes of clothes to the church.” Their house had been the collection point for the neighborhood’s clothing drive.

The boxes filled up the trunk and a big part of the back seat. “Darn,” Emily said. “We’ll have to take two cars.” Their little Catholic church had a tiny parking lot and they didn’t like taking up an extra space.

“We don’t need to do that,” Katie said quickly. “I can sit on one of the boys’ laps.”

Chase secretly hoped it could be him. Or did he want that?

Katie smiled. “Okay boys. Who’s it gonna be?”

Chase and Jake exchanged a look. “Rock-paper-scissors,” Chase said. Jake nodded. He picked rock while Chase chose paper, winning the game.

“Fuck,” Jake muttered.

Emily looked at him sharply. “What did you say?”

“I said ‘No luck,'” he answered. Emily gave him a stern look while Katie snickered.

Jake and Chase got in the back seat. “You’re an asshole,” Jake whispered.

“A very lucky asshole,” Chase whispered back.

Katie sat on Chase’s lap and he closed the door. Every time the car ran over a bump, she ground her butt against his hard cock. Chase grunted and then moaned.

Emily looked at him in the rear view mirror. “What’s the problem, Chase?”

“Just a cramp.”

“Yeah. A dick cramp,” Jake whispered in Chase’s ear.

Chase rolled his hips, humping Katie’s butt. If she wanted to play games, he could play, too. She twisted around and looked at Chase with an evil smile, then moved her ass away from his bulging crotch, leaving him with a painful boner. He was disappointed. He shouldn’t want this, but it felt so good.

Jake looked at the tent in Chase’s pants and whispered, “Shit dude. You’re screwed.”

Chase nodded. “No shit.”

At the church, Chase grabbed a box to cover his hard-on. He dropped it off, then ran to the bathroom and went to the closest stall. He pulled his pants down and slid his hand up and down his cock, thinking about his sister . . . His evil sister. He was stunned that she’d done this on purpose. He was glad in a way but the whole thing is just so strange. He was hard for his sister. Yikes!

Chase squeezed his nuts. They felt so full and good. He quickened his pace, knowing Ethan and Emily would be pissed if he missed the beginning of Mass. His cock spasmed and shot a half-dozen blasts of cum—on the wall, into the toilet, and on his hand. He put his cock back in his pants, then washed his hands and went to find his family.

* * *

That afternoon, Jake was surfing the Internet, doing research for a history paper, when Katie knocked on his door. “Want to go for a ride on my bike?”

“Sure,” Jake answered. She had a brand new Yamaha motorcycle and had never let anyone ride it with her.

Katie went to the garage and brought out the bike. He was hoping she’d let him drive. Instead, she handed Jake a helmet and said, “Get on behind me.”

She started the bike, then grabbed Jake’s arms and put them around her waist. “Hold on.” She revved the engine and they zoomed away.

Jake’s day was getting better. His upper body was pressed against her back and his dick was kızılay escort bayan rubbing her butt. It went from soft to full hard in no time.

Katie turned around and asked how he was doing. “This is awesome,” he answered.

Katie laughed. “I’m glad you like it. I wanted to give you a treat, since you lost this morning.”

“Now, I’m glad I lost,” Jake said.

“So am I.” Katie went faster. Jake’s stiff cock rubbed her butt as they roared down the road. The tension in his nuts built as they flew over a set of bumps, grinding Jake’s bulging crotch against Katie’s muscular ass.

“Oh God,” Jake muttered. “I’m going to—” He filled his shorts with hot cum.

Katie stopped the bike and twisted around to look at him. “What the heck?”

“I’m sorry Katie,” Jake said. “I didn’t know that was going to happen.”

Katie laughed. “I knew it would. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

They stopped at a coffee shop. Jake went to the bathroom to clean up before sitting down.

“So, what’s going on with you?” Jake asked.

“I’m having some fun with my goofy brothers.” Katie grinned. “I mean why not. We all like each other and if I can make you happy . . . “

Jake said, “Yeah, you sure did make me happy, but it’s a bit crazy.”

“We’re not kids, anymore,” Katie said. “We’re growing up. Learning about life . . . and sex.”

“Well . . .”

Katie grinned. “We’ll laugh about this when we’re old and gray.”

Jake gathered his nerve. “Speaking of sex. How far have you gotten, Katie?

“Me?” She raised her eyebrows.

Jake couldn’t help blushing. “I mean you’re a sexy young lady.”

“Sexy? My big brother thinks I’m sexy?”

“You know what I mean. My buddies all want to date you, but you play hard to get . . . Uh, so they say.”

“I try to avoid dating the dogs. And I’m sorry to say, quite a few of your friends are dogs.”

Jake laughed nervously. “Well, I can’t argue with that. They can be pretty messed up about girls.”

“Fuck ’em and forget ’em?” Katie asked.

Jake just nodded. He’d never imagined he’d hear his little sister say “fuck.”

“You’d never do that, would you?” she asked. He shook his head. “You’re such a nice guy, Jake. I’m so blessed to be your sister.”

“Right back at ya.” Jake laughed again. “So Katie, you didn’t answer my question. How far have you gotten in the sex department?”

This time she blushed. “Well, I’ve made out with a few boys and given a couple of them hand jobs . . . And a sexy guy came in his pants while he was riding behind me on my bike.”

Jake cracked up. “Must have been an idiot.”

“Nope. Just a great guy who deserves a little fun. He works really hard in school and everywhere else. And he loves and respects the family so much.”

“Thank you so much Katie. I’ll never forget that.”

“Neither will I, Jake.” She grinned. “Now, I’ve given you my mostly nonexistent sexual history. What’s yours?”

Jake turned red. “Oh God, Katie!”

“Fair’s fair,” she said. “I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

“Especially not Chase,” he said. “He’d never let up on me.”

“I promised. You know I never break my promises.”

“Okay. Here goes.” Jake took a deep breath. “The only real sex I’ve had was on the back of a scooter with my cock rubbing a gorgeous gal’s butt until I came in my shorts. That was the best orgasm of my life.”

“What? Are you serious? That’s it?” Katie saw the look in his eyes. “I’m sorry Jake. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It’s just that you’ve had girlfriends all through high school. I didn’t think you were like Chase—fucking anyone who breathes—but still, I figured you were having sex with Linda . . . and maybe some of the others.”

“Nope. I mean, we’ve made out but I get too nervous to go all the way or even ask for a hand job.”

“Oh Jake. I’m so sorry. But don’t worry. You’ll find that special girl. I know you will. I’ll scope out a few of the girls on the cheerleading squad. They’re not all sluts.”

Jake blushed again. “Good luck. I’m a case for sure.”

“Oh Jake that’s not true. You just need some confidence. I think we’ll work on that together.”

Jake laughed. “You’re going to have your work cut out for you.”

Katie smiled. “I love a challenge.” She leaned over and kissed Jake on the cheek.

* * *

Late that night, Jake went down to the kitchen to get a snack. He had a slice of his Mom’s apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a glass of milk. He was sitting at the table reading the news on his phone when Chase walked in from a date with Stacy. He looked beaten down.

“You all right?” Jake asked.

Chase sank into a chair on the other side of the table. “Yeah. I’m okay. Just tired.”

Jake shook his head. “I know you, Chase. You’re not okay. What happened?”

“All right. I’ll tell you.” Chase lowered his voice. “Just keep it to yourself.”

“You know I will.”

“Well, I was in bed with Stacy, but . . . I couldn’t stop thinking about Katie.”

“You mean like . . . thinking about fucking escort kızlay Katie?”

Chase nodded. “I hate myself. I’m such a sick bastard . . .”

Jake put his hand on Chase’s shoulder. “Stop it. You’re not sick or anything. Our sister is a wonderful young lady and I think you totally respect her.”

“Fantasizing about her while fucking another girl?” Chase shook his head. “That’s not right.”

“Katie’s been messing with us,” Jake said. “I mean just this morning, you had to run to the bathroom to jack off.”

Chase laughed. “You knew.”

“Dude, you almost creamed in your pants.”

“I sure came close,” Chase said. “That sister of ours is one delicious awesome yummy woman.”

“Okay. Weird description but I agree.” Jake leaned closer to Chase. “I’m going to tell you about our trip this afternoon.” He’d grown a massive boner.

“What happened?”

“Well something incredible . . . really incredible.”

“Spill it.”

“Okay, here it goes. Katie asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on her bike . . . I thought maybe she’d let me drive. Ha! Fat chance! She had me sit behind her. I had my arms wrapped around her, just under her tits . . .” His dick got harder as he talked, threatening to tear through his blue jeans. “. . . and my cock rubbed her ass every time we hit a bump. And there were always bumps.”

“Yeah?” Chase was staring at Jake with a weird grin on his face. Jake was sure he had a massive hard-on, too.

“She could feel what was happening and went even faster. We hit a really giant bump and I creamed my shorts. With my cock pressed right into her ass.” Jake reached under the table and touched his stiff rod. “It was the best orgasm I ever had.”

“Holy fuck.”

“Yep.” Jake snickered. “She was sorry I lost rock-paper-scissors, so she took me for that ride.”

“Well, you won.” Chase looked angry. “You dick.”

Jake was surprised at Chase’s reaction. “What the hell is your problem?”

“I had to jack off because she gave me a hard-on,” Chase said. “Then, she rubs her ass against your cock until you come. That kinda stinks.”

Jake shrugged. “Well, what can I say?”

“Man, I’m happy for you but a little pissed too. Katie teased me, but then turned around and got you off.” Chase tried to smile, but it didn’t work too well. “But, that can’t have been your best orgasm. After all, you’re fucking Linda. That’s got to be better than creaming your shorts.”

Now, Jake was pissed. “Dammit Chase. Why do you have to be that way?”

“What do you mean?” Chase asked. “Boys and girls . . . I know what that’s all about.”

“No you don’t.” Jake stood up and started for the door. “Just leave me alone.”

Chase jumped to his feet and caught up with Jake. “What’s wrong?”

Jake shook his head, blinking away the tears. He was so embarrassed and ashamed.

“Come on, Jake.” Chase put his arm around Jake. “Talk to me. We don’t act like this. Not with each other.”

“You have it all together,” Jake said. “All those girls hanging all over you. I’m not like that.” He tried to pull away, but Chase was holding him too tightly. “I’ve had a few girls who liked me, but I’m always scared. I clam up or something. It’s weird. I’m weird. I guess you think I’m a weak little creep now.”

“No,” Chase said. “Not at all. Just because you haven’t had as many girls as I have—”

“I’ve never had a girl, Chase. Not a single one. I’m a pathetic virgin.”

“What?” Chase looked startled. “That’s not possible.”

“Oh yeah it is.” Tears started rolling down his face. “I guess I’ll never hear the end of it from you.”

“No, Jake. I like to rag on you, but not about something like this. I’m just surprised. I figured you were nailing Linda. You’ve been together for almost two years.”

Jake wiped the tears away. “I wish I could be more like you. I’m trying so hard, but I’m not adding up.”

“Jesus, Jake,” Chase said. “You don’t have to be me. You’re doing fine. You just need some confidence in the girl department. I’ll help you.”

Jake rolled his eyes. “Oh brother. This is going to be humiliating.”

“No brother,” Chase said. “Not at all.” He stood up and hugged Jake. “Everything will be fine.”

Jake could feel Chase’s hardening cock through their jeans. His dick was just as hard. “We better get to bed.”

Chase started to say something, but then seemed to think better of it. “Yeah.” He pulled away from Jake. “Good night.” He started for the door.

“Good night,” Jake said. “And thanks.”

“No problem.” Chase looked at the bulge in Jake’s pants, then glanced down at his own crotch. “See you in the morning.” He turned around and left, walking fast.

Jake’s cock stayed hard while he cleaned up the kitchen and then went upstairs. He was too horny to sleep, so he logged onto one of the free porn sites. He jacked off, shifting from video to video. He tried to concentrate on the men and women having sex on the screen, but his mind kept drifting to Katie—and occasionally to Chase.

Jesus! He had the hots for his sister . . . and his brother, too. What the hell was wrong with him?

* * *

The rest of the week was uneventful. After breakfast on Saturday, Jake was sitting at his desk working on an essay for Freshman English when Chase knocked on the door. “Come on, Bro,” he said. “I’m taking you shopping. You’re getting some new clothes.”

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