The Concert Ch. 02

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Danielle watched the couple next to her with a mixture of fascination and envy. She had come to the concert with her friend Brittany even though she wasn’t a huge Green Day fan. She thought it’d be different and a break from thinking about her upcoming finals. She’d warn a tight sweater and her ripped, low riding jeans. The tight ones that showed the top of her thong. She felt like living a little dangerously. Why the hell not?

When she saw the couple take the seats next to her and Brittany, she was struck by two things. How hot they looked. And how into each other they seemed. They just talked and talked, not like normal couples. Like they’d just met each other.

During the concert, which was a lot more entertaining than she expected by the way, she would sneak a glance over at the hot couple next to her. Great. Now they’re kissing and snuggling. Why can’t I have some of that, she thought.

When the concert really got going, and everyone was on their feet yelling, he stood right behind her, the two of them wrapped in the same blanket. They were inseparable.

Then she noticed something she hadn’t seen before. His hands were all over her. Underneath the blanket she could see the outline of his arms, like a object moving underwater, creating a wave along the blanket. He was all over her! Feeling up and down her body. Running his hands over her breasts and down her sides to her ass. Danielle felt herself starting to get wet.

She didn’t want them to catch her watching them. That would be totally embarassing. So she faced forward and looked sideways, to the left, watching every move. Oh my God! I think he’s finger fucking her! Look at her face, she’s totally getting off right now! Danielle felt shocked and incredibly turned on by what she saw.

She didn’t look over again for at least two songs. She was too embarassed of being seen. But she couldn’t stop thinking about them. About what they might be doing under that blanket. About how it would feel if it were her in that girl’s place. As Danielle danced to the music, she started to shake her head from side to side, sending her long blond hair flying. It wasn’t a move she normally did, but she knew that if she did that, and kept her eyes open when looking left, she would be able to sneak a peak at them.

So she flung her head from side to side. Every second or so she would get a glimpse of the hot couple. Bathed in the lights of the stage. Like a strobe light. Quick images of the two of them. He was close behind her, pressing against her. Her head was leaning back on his shoulder. They were moving to the music. HE WAS PUMPING HIS PELVIS INTO HER!

Oh. My. God. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The girl was leaning against the seat in front of them, her legs spread, holding the blanket closed at her neck. He was standing right behind her, his hands gripping her breasts, and she could see his pelvis pumping her. Strong, steady strokes, like a piston. Danielle could feel her thong was soaking wet.

She looked over at her friend, Brittany, but she was oblivious to what was going on. Everyone was. The blanket was screening what was going on underneath. But she knew. She could see his body moving under the blanket. That sexy, thrusting, movement that she dreamed about at night when she touched herself. How I wish I could touch myself, she thought.

She went back to her head sway, to keep watching them, she couldn’t help herself. Steady images of the two of them, locked in a carnal embrace, illegal bahis moving to the music. She could see the woman was getting off. Was that her screaming? The music was so loud she couldn’t tell.

Danielle felt dizzy and leaned against the seat back in front of her. It pressed against her, right at crouch level. Right against her pubis. Oh yes! I have to! She lifted herself onto her tiptoes so that the edge of the seatback pressed against her clit. She started to rub it slowly against the seatback. And sway her head from side to side.

Watching the couple fucking just two feet from her, and massaging her clit, all while the music pounded and people danced around her, was hypnotic. All she could think about was being taken from behind. Being pumped by a hot guy who moved the way he does. Who knows how to keep it going and never stop.

The next thing she knew the music had stopped. The band had left the stage. She was still standing, pressed against the chair, while the audience chanted for an encore. She looked to her left and saw the couple weren’t standing next to her. Had they left?

No, she glanced back and they were sitting, no laying, on the seat. She was in his lap, laying against his chest. They were kissing. Gently, sensuously. She touched her lips and thought of being kissed like that.

Then she noticed the woman was slowly rising up and going down. He was still fucking her. She was laying back against him, her legs spread, and he was still inside her. She looked down and the blanket was starting to separate near the ground.

The crowd continued to chant for the band to retake the stage. The lights were dark and Bic lighters and cell phones were the only illumination.

Danielle watched the couple, entranced with each other and totally unaware anyone was watching them. They were tonguing each other. He was pumping her, slowly but steadily. She could see the woman’s breasts heaving upward.

Suddenly the lights burst on and the crowd roared. The band had returned for an encore. For a brief instant the blanket parted and Danielle clearly saw his big hard cock sliding into her wet, glistening pussy. His fingers working her clit. Her legs spread wide.

And then the blanket closed and it was gone.

Danielle was stunned. What was left of her defenses had been stripped away entirely. She spent the entire encore rubbing her clit against the edge of the seat, coming again and again. Her moans were imperceptible in the din.

When the lights came up and the last encore was over, Danielle felt so shaky she could hardly speak. Everyone around her was gathering their stuff and moving to the exit. All she could think about was the tingling between her legs; all she could see was the image of them fucking.

She and Brittany waited for the hot couple to start walking to the exit. Danielle stood there awkwardly. It seemed strange to be standing so close to them with the knowledge of what they’d just be doing.

The hot guy turned in her direction and she felt herself blushing. He just smiled at her.

“Great concert,” he said, simply.

“Yeah,” she replied, lamely.

Finally, they were moving to the aisle and walking slowly to the exit. There were thousands of people, all working their way slowly to the narrow exit. Danielle was right behind the couple.

She stared at them. They both had perfect asses. She looked so hot in her black boots. He just looked hot period.

Why can’t I have a guy like him? illegal bahis siteleri I’ve got a good body. My ass is as nice as hers. Why couldn’t he slip in behind me and cover ME with a blanket. Why couldn’t he fuck me from behind.

As the concertgoers crept slowly to the exit, she found herself passing the couple, moving forward in the ebb and flow of the crowd. Soon, she was in front of them, or him anyway.

She wondered if he was looking at her. Or if he noticed her at all. They HAD spoken to each other right after the concert ended. She was conscious of the way she was walking. In case he was looking at her.

I want him to look at me, she thought.

She reached down with her hands and pulled her sweater over her head. The press of the crowd HAD taken the chill away, so it wasn’t a ridiculous thing to do. She could feel her blouse lift up, exposing her bare back to him. And her thong which reached high above her jeans.

She dropped her sweater. She bent over at the waist to find it. Her ass was raised gloriously right in front of the hot guy. Feast on that! she thought to herself.

“Do you need help?”

It was the hot guy. He was talking to her.

“Oh. I just dropped my sweater. Thanks.”

He looked at her, recognizing her from before.

“You were in our row. Next to me.” He smiled. “That’s right. Great concert.”

She smiled back at him.

“Yep. That was me.”

They kept moving slowly to the exit.

“Was this your first Green Day concert?” he asked. She was glad he was still looking at her.

“Yeah,” she answered. “I really liked it.”

“They put on a good show. Billie Joe’s amazing.”

He was as nice as he was hot, she thought.

“Now the long walk home,” Danielle said with a shrug.

“Really? You don’t have a car?”

“No, my friend and I wanted to save money. The parking’s outrageous.”

“That’s true.”

They kept shuffling with the crowd. The guy and the girl were saying something to each other.

“Um. Listen. Do you want a ride or something? I mean, I brought my car and it’s no problem.”

Danielle looked over at Brittany, who shrugged and nodded.

“Sure. That’d be great.”

She learned his name was Jason. His friend’s name was Amanda. They walked to her car first and they spent about ten minutes saying goodbye. When they’d walked to his car, she saw he drove a vintage Mustang. Sweet. She sat in the passenger seat while Brittany rode in the back.

They dropped Brittany off first. She lived at her parents house. So did Danielle, but she didn’t tell Jason that.

“Where to?” Jason asked.

“I live on Hamilton,” Danielle answered. “Or…”

“Sorry?” Jason asked.

“I mean, unless I didn’t go home…Right away.”

Jason sat in silence for a second.

“Where do you want to go?”

There was a very pregnant pause.

“Well, the concert was really fun and it just seems like a shame to go home.”

She held her breath.

“Well, Amanda and I were going to meet up. If you want to join us…”


“Let me call her.” Jason flipped open his phone.

Danielle listened as Jason explained to his friend what was going on. He had such a direct way of talking. No B.S. So honest. She liked that.

He was listening to Amanda now. She could barely make out the tinny sound of her voice.

“Um, so Danielle wants to hang with us.” Pause. “The blonde one.” Pause. “OK. Cool.”

He flipped the cell shut.

“We’re canlı bahis siteleri going to pick her up first. Then we can go out.” He smiled at her. She smiled back.

It was going to be an interesting night after all.

Driving across town to Amanda’s house, Danielle thought about the evening’s events. She’d gone to a punk rock concert, stood a few feet from a couple while they did the dirty deed, masturbated while standing amongst thousands of crazed fans. Then, to top it off, she’d all but picked up a guy and now she was driving with him to his girlfriend’s house. Yep, it’d certainly been a night of firsts.

“Have you and Amanda been going out long?” She had to get the 411 on them.

“Actually, we’re not going out exactly…” he muttered.

“Well, what are you doing exactly?” she said with a playful tone.

He stared at the road and cocked his head.

“We…just…sort of met. Tonight.”

Danielle was floored. They WHAT? THAT couple just met TONIGHT? She didn’t know what to say.

“You guys seemed to be…getting along,” she said with gargantuan understatement.

“We have a certain….chemistry.”

She chuckled to herself. That’s ONE way to describe it. She looked at him and he seemed lost in a reverie. She looked down at his crouch and he seemed…bigger. Maybe she was imagining it but the bulge in his jeans definitely looked bigger.

She bit her lip. She could feel that tingling again. Between her legs.

“There’s something about being at a concert with someone,” she said, in a hushed voice. “The music, the pounding. The way it makes you to move your body.”

“Ummm-hmmm,” he answered, shifting a bit in his seat.

“I don’t know about you, but I feel the music deep inside me. Like it’s touching me. In a really primal way.”

His bulge was definitely getting bigger. She watched him swallow hard.

“Sometimes,” she whispered, “I feel like I’m going to lose control. Like my body’s got a mind of its own.”

Jason squirmed in his seat.

“I like to lose control sometimes. Don’t you?”

She could see the outline of his growing cock through the jeans.

“Oh yeah,” he said, breathily.

“We live in our minds so much. I like to let my body take over. Behave like an animal.”

His cock was pressed against the fabric of his jeans. She could clearly see the outline of its head. She wanted nothing more than to reach over and unzip his pants and take it out. Relieve it from the pressure. Take it deeply into her mouth.

She could feel her pussy creaming her thong.

“Do you like to do that too?” she asked, innocently.

“Huh?” he said, turning to her.

“You know. Just do what feels good… Instinctively… Moving your body… Following the pleasure… Feeling it deep inside you… Screaming out if you feel like it…. Just lose all your inhibitions… At a concert.”

“I…I do…a lot,” he stammered.

She decided to stop so he wouldn’t get in an accident.

When they arrived at the apartment complex, he called Amanda on the cell. His voice sounded a little shaky.

“Um, she says we should come up.”

They got out of the car. She could see he was walking a bit uncomfortably. She noticed too the warm sensation of her pussy juices dripping down one leg.

They got to the apartment and rang the buzzer. The door opened and Amanda stood before them, smiling. She was wearing a flowing, silky kaftan. She held out a drink to each of them.

“Cocktails!” she chirped. “I’ve made an executive decision. We’re partying at my place.”

With that, she twirled around, revealing an entirely bare back that extended down to the top of her ass.

It was going to be an interesting night indeed.

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