The Conference

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This is a fictional story told in the eyes of a man between the thoughts of a woman he encounters. Read and you will soon catch on to the rhythm of thoughts they have. None of this is true but does brush closely to some fantasies that the author has had in his life…


Him….I was at an engineering conference in Florida and had just gotten back to my room after a long day. I made myself a good tall bourbon and coke in a plastic cup and changed into some shorts and went out to the beach. I went for a walk and passed this very sexy woman walking along the beach collecting sea shells. I tried not to stare as she bent over and showed me a glimpse of her nice breasts. I went on down the beach and sit on a chair and drank while the waves slowly come in to wait for the sunset. Hey my lucky day, here comes the girl with a hand full of shells. I watched the sexy walk she had and tried to think of something to say real quickly.

She looked up at me and I asked her if she needed help carrying all those shells. She said she was about to lay them down and pick them up later and go for a long walk right now. I said, why don’t we walk together as I was about to do the same. We got acquainted very fast as we talked about everything. I found out she was also there for a conference on literature and was alone in the hotel next to mine. We were so involved in our talking that we found ourselves miles from the hotel and turned to walk back. When she turned around without even a thought of the consequences, I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. She did not resist so I bent over and slowly kissed her lips. She responded and kissed me back with unforeseen sensuality. We broke loose and just looked at each other….

Her….The beach is eerily quiet tonight with the suntan worshipers all gone to their rooms to await another day of rays. The splashing of the waves seems to be much louder tonight drowning out the sounds of my heart racing away as I had just kissed you for the first time. I was nervous as a wet cat which means that there was a deep feeling for you more than just a kiss to be kissing. It becomes an expression of passion and wanting to be very close. So close that I want to be inside you.

Both….My arms squeeze you very close and I can feel your firm breasts against my body. I do not have a shirt on and it seems that I can even feel your nipples teasing me as our bodies press together. I wonder if you can feel my groin growing and pushing against you. You said, you are pretty sure of yourself aren’t you and I said, well it’s like those sea shells, you never want to pass up the chance for a pretty one with the perfect shape. You said I bet you say that to all the girls don’t you. I answered, only if it will do me any good and laughed. I took your hand and we started walking back toward our hotels with the sun going down behind us and we could see our shadows in front of us. You squeezed my hand tight as to give me approval of what we were doing. I suggested that we go eat dinner together and have a bottle of wine to keep up the warm feeling I had for you. You agreed to go and asked how I was going to dress. I stated that I wanted you to pick out the sexiest outfit you brought and to wear high heels if you had them which turn me on. I asked if you wanted to be sexy for me and you said well it would be fun to turn on somebody for a change, that you had been in a rut for years and really had not had the occasion or opportunity to do anything like that for anybody as the home front was pretty well established.

You said you really would like to do that if that’s what I really wanted. Hell yes, I said, I want it and I promised I will keep my hands in my pockets and behave. Being witty as you are, you said; let’s not make any promises that you can’t keep. And I also like to be touched in a gentle sensual way and don’t be surprised if I do some touching myself. We agreed that we had only known each other for an hour and we already had a lot in common. As we walk back toward the hotel we decided to clean up in our separate rooms and go out to eat. We saw the pool and decided to get in and let the warm body relax our bodies. We kissed in the pool and had to force ourselves to stop to save some for later. We got on the elevator and there were three teen age boys riding up. They couldn’t take their eyes off of your tits as your nipples were showing through the now clear sheer top. That excited me that they were taking you in.

Her….I hadn’t noticed the boys at first because my mind was carrying the warmth of the hot tub and your body. When I did notice I laughed, halfway wanting to show them more. You were obviously excited. Bathing suits do give away those secrets! As a slightly malicious tease I turned toward them as I backed toward you, partly to hide your excitement, partly to feel you on my back. I gave them that ole wry smile as if to tell them they could have some – but they would have to get it somewhere else. About that time the door opened and we fled to our rooms for that shower and Escort Kızılay then a meal. It was with anticipation that I thought of holding you and feeling a nice shirt next to your and my skin, and watching you eat with that mouth that does such extraordinary things to me.

Well, my dear, you have certainly entertained rather major impulses in your life, and why not this one? It is such a change to meet a man who jokes with flirtation, as if in high school, but is so obviously a man with mature intent. His touch was tender, his jokes harsh. His attention focused on the moment. Yes, we are all susceptible to random acts of frivolity, but somehow he gets right to the core of feeling, casting aside childish silliness. It is sexual, it is tender, and it is a great, healthy attraction. I’m going to take a hot bath and relax. Amazing. I’m actually feeling such expectation, and want this man. I want him to pull me to him again, with that tender hand on my back, and want him to dance with me, and lean his body to mine. The smell of his shirt and coat, and the feel of his back under that shirt is already a reality. I want to take that shirt off later, one move at a time, and run my hands down his sides and kiss his chest. He and I deserve this. Chemistry is rare. We could walk for hours, turning to each other for those long kisses. I would kiss your cheeks and chest, and yes, run my hands down your body and hold you, and rub my breasts against your torso. We could enjoy that moon and sand and eventually, with mutual chemistry and amazing need, drop to that sand for the most amazing love making we have ever had. You would mount and push and thrust and pull out for kissing and my holding you in my mouth before we completed each other, to arise and walk again. We’d wash off in the surf and laugh at the mess before, once again, uncontrollably attracted to each other, and unable to keep our hands off each other, we’d begin again to walk, and kiss, knowing we would fall into even more fervent fucking.

Him…..We got back to our rooms after eating and changed into shorts for me and shorts and tube top for you. That was so you could walk along the beach with me again but this time in the moonlight with your top pulled down and let those beautiful babies hang out in the fresh air and so I could play with them while I had my arm around you. We carried a nice stiff drink with us in a cup so when we a little intoxicated we could multiply the feelings we would give each other. We came to a wooden lounge chair and sit on the edge of it for awhile taking in the moons rays and talking about our sex lives. You had always fascinated about meeting a stranger on the beach and doing this very thing and you wanted to fulfill all those dreams. I pulled your pants off and laid you back in the chair and went down below to smell of that sweet pussy and lick around it. You became aroused as my tongue darted around looking for your clit and when I found it you grabbed my head and pulled me closer begging me to eat your pussy good. I did exactly that and you tasted so sweet.

Her….Oh God yes. That mouth is so good. You spread my legs so wide, and rubbed and licked, and probed with your fingers so hot yet so gentle. Oh yeah, I felt it and it made me want you more than ever. You – with your hard dick so near and your tongue digging and licking and entering me as I wanted you more and more to mount me and shove that dick deep. You have a way of pumping hard that brings me to you and into such a swoon. Yes, swoon. That sounds so cliché, but you are so good at getting me off, that after the tremors end, I want to let my head roll back and thrust my breasts to you. Suck them, please. Coming with you is always perfect. We come together. Yes, you can bring me to climax with your tongue and probing, but your thrusting and writhing brings me up to it again, with you. You pound hard and it is amazing. I’m wanting you to cum. You have me wide open, creamy and wet. You then move yourself up on to me, holding your penis, inserting just enough to use the wet cream to slide yourself over me, rubbing and gently rubbing until we are both moaning with desire. Just as my hips begin to lift in climax, you insert and push and pound until we are almost there, looking at each other, you rubbing my breasts, and me holding your butt, moving you in and out and side to side, licking your chest and neck, and throwing my head back to help you thrust harder.

Him….A couple came walking down the beach and the excitement of being seen really turned us on that much more. Hoping we were being watched I pushed my dick in you harder with my ass going up and down in the cool fresh ocean smelling air. To be sure we were seen at that moment I hollered that I was about to come in that sweet pussy and wanted it to suck up all my cum it could take. That made you thrust all that much harder and you were moaning very loud. You looked over my shoulder and saw them watching and told me to lay back and to give you my hot cum in your mouth.

Her…. Hamm. People Kızılay Escort watching. A couple watching. There must be some reason why they linger. Shall we encourage their interest? Come to me. Bring your dick to my mouth while I spread myself even wider for them. I will move to your music for this couple’s desire. My mouth is ready for you and your dick is ready. I will take it deep, yes, and you will fill my mouth with your cum, using the cream to increase your raging need. You are still hard, and I am still tight, after the release. The couple remains and actually moves closer to us. You like it. You are aflame, and twist my body across the lounge chair so that I am arched, with my butt on the edge, accessible to you on your knees. You tease with your dick, so large and still pulsing with blood, rubbing me once again, knowing where to rub. The couple appears to like what they see and approach as you plunge into me. You are upright and free. My breasts are bouncing with every thrust and my arms are above me, clutching the sand. The man approaches and begins rubbing and teasing my left breast.

Him….He plays with your tits and bends over and starts sucking on them. He puts his fingers in your pussy and soaks it with my cum and gives his wife a taste. She said it tasted very good and wanted some more. She dropped to her knees and took me in her hands and put it in her mouth and started kissing and sucking me. Meanwhile he turned you around on the chair next to us and got down between your legs and started licking your pussy. There we lay side by side getting eat by these too strangers. We kissed each other’s lips while we were both being seduced by them and wondered what they would do next. Would they just eat us until we both came again or would they want more?

Her….It is amazing how much they seem to know about us and what we like. You are fondling my breast and moaning, while I offer them to you even closer. You reach down for me and the man moves back to give you room. He moves to my head, rubbing himself and lowering his shorts. He wants more, yes. I scrunch my breasts together around his penis while he begins to pump. The woman wants it, too. She wants us both. I am amazed at her prowess and need. She turns you over on your stomach so that she may fondle you from behind with her hand while you are licking me. She then moves you aside and rolls you over to suck on you while inserting her finger in me. You are moving closer so that you may put your face next to mine so that we may enjoy this as one…I am unexpectedly weary and impatient. The woman is leaning over me now, so I hold her and we roll to the sand where I open her arms while straddling her, lean down to say thank you, and open her legs in preparation. I then pull her man to her. He is excited so inserts easily, and they begin their own love making. I want to be alone with my guy, now, who is tired but still excited. We lie on our sides facing each other, close. You insert yourself, but are tired, so we snooze for a while, pleased. When we awake the couple is gone.

Him….We walk back to the hotel and discover it is almost 2 A.M. What seems to have been only a fast blur turned out to be several hours of intense wild passionate sex. It’s as we were starved and could not get enough of the best thing since they invented ice cream. You promised me you would sleep all night with me the following night if I would let you go in and take a hot bath and get some sleep. We kissed oh so softly unlike the starved kisses we had been doing. It was hard to let go of your hand but I agreed we needed to rest and that we would meet in your room the following afternoon after our seminar was over for a very special happy hour.

Her….Sleeping was difficult even though I was tired. Sated and tired, but feeling so good about it all. My mind kept wandering back to the couple on the beach and I wondered who they were and where they were staying. The woman was obviously attracted to her man, but loved sex and adventure as much as we seem to, together. It was difficult, when so tired, to turn away from her when leading her man into her. When straddling her, my instinct was to rub my breasts on hers as they did touch when I thanked her. I was already straddling her with our cunts close and already wet. What stopped me, other than fatigue, from dismounting to fondle her further? She wanted it as much as she wanted her man. My fingers could have explored and entered. I could have cupped my hand around her crotch with one finger still inserted while I rubbed and sucked her breasts, all the while presenting my own cunt to you two guys.

The thought of continuing to rub together with our legs entwined from the side, was making me horny all over again. Perhaps, while we are out tomorrow night, we will meet up with them again. Perhaps, while I am licking her on my knees, I will be entered from behind by one of you guys, the other then joining by licking her breasts and mine as they hang over her. If the second guy entered her also, we could easily Kızılay Escort Bayan have one of the best experiences of a foursome imaginable. Of course, I would want you guys to pull out occasionally before coming, so she and I could lick each other and enter-twine again, to intensify that coming heat. Wouldn’t it be soooo great if he entered me from behind while I was kneeling over her rubbing my breasts on hers, and you entered her, our heads together, kissing each other with each thrust and groan.

Him….The day seemed to drag on and I was in a hurry to get back to my new found woman. A hell of a woman and one that seemed to be able to fulfill every fantasy I could come up with. I wasn’t really into the seminar and left around 3 pm and went to my room and lay back to rest for awhile and to try to come up with a plan for the evening. After 30 minutes the phone rang and it was the voice I wanted to hear. You told me to put on my bathing suit and bring my bottle to your room so we could make a well needed drink to carry out to the pool. I did as instructed and it seemed like I was there in a few seconds as I couldn’t wait to start only our second evening together. I knocked on the door and you said to come on in it is unlocked. You were laying there naked with those damndest tits sticking up in the air. I could taste them with the very site of them. You told me to come kiss them first and sit down the bottle second. I said, I know what you want, you have been thinking all day about that woman last night sucking your tits and you have got to have some more. You agreed that it was good but what you really wanted was for my big dick too slowly slide inside of you while I kissed your nipples softly. Like superman shedding his outfit, I was naked in a flash and climbed over you and teasing those nipples. They began to stand up and became hard. I wanted to bite them but wanted to keep it tender. I let my dick find its own way into your pussy and withheld most of it while I sucked those tits. You kept asking for more but I wouldn’t do it.

Her….You wanted to play. You wanted to tease. It was a good idea. I searched for something in the room to use to enhance the play and found the hotel lotion handily. It was creamy, and greasy, almost. Perfect, I thought. You rubbed it on my stomach and crotch and breasts, in that sensuous way you have. I ran my hands through what was on my crotch and rubbed it on your stomach and crotch, making certain your dick was slick and helped it get even bigger with the caresses. The bed had an open backboard, so I was able to hold on to it, raising myself to your eye level. You opened my legs, held my butt in one hand and lower belly in the other. You entered, raising and lowering me on your dick. I could feel it through my skin and on your hand. You would then pull out and rub even more. You love the cunt. The open legs, the need I have for you. I love that I want you so much and that you like it. I set you up on pillows so you can see everything, and put a pillow under your butt – that way I can lower myself onto you, dismount and take you in my mouth and rub my breasts on your dick. I hold it between my breasts for you to pump. You leak a bit of cum because you are soooo close, which makes the movement easier and my body slicker.

Him….Yes I love it between your tits and it seems to be a perfect fit for my dick between the crack between them. I can see your face and the expressions you make as my dick slides right up to your mouth with each stroke. I can feel your lower body squirming and I can tell that your sweet pussy is begging for more dick. I grabbed the bottle of lotion and inserted it up your pussy and moved it around while I begin to tease your clit again. It was all I could do to hold the bottle as the suction was pulling it inside you. Wow, no wonder my dick loved you so much. You have one tight fucking machine. I then slowly began to rub my finger around your ass as I was eating you and put the tip of my finger in your hole. I waited for a positive or negative response to see if you liked that. You pumped on the bottle and my face even harder so I pushed my finger inside you even deeper. I loved filling your ever hole. I was wondering if you might love my dick in that tight hole and I had a goal of finding out. I couldn’t stand it much longer as I was getting very worked up and I jerked the bottle out and sit up and pushed my dick all the way to the bottom of your love pit. It wanted me as bad as I wanted it because it began sucking on my dick like none had ever before. Where in hell had this woman been all my life?

We made love like this for what seemed to be hours and you whispered in my ear that tonight after a few drinks you would let me try to put my dick in your ass and see what that felt like. You had never had that but had at times wondered what it would be like. At that thought I began to cum and fucked you feverishly fantasizing that it was really in your ass. I came inside you and collapsed in your arms while I tried to catch my breath. I nibbled on your ears and came up and kissed you lips just barely touching them as to be soft and gentle and to show my affection for the great time you had just given me. We put our bathing suits back on and went out to the pool to rest in the sun and dip on our drinks before dinner.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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