The Conference (Morning)

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I get up off the train. Smoothing my black dress as it clings to my tights. My leather ankle boots clink as I step along the platform. My laptop bag slung over my shoulder and my coffee in hand. I walk through the barriers and out onto the street. The wind whips my hair around my face. I spy the hotel and cross the road, the busy sounds of London surrounding me. People rushing to work. The hotel looks grand as I walk in the revolving doors my foot steps echo through the hall. I’m early. I walk over to reception, giving the man my name. He hands me my name tag and lanyard. I slip it over my neck and flick my hair back. As I turn to walk away he tells me to stop. My name rings a bell. He disappears behind the doors and comes back, a small box in hand.

“This was left for you last night”.

Curious I take the box, my name written across the top. Suddenly my heart skips a beat. I notice the initials in the corner. It’s from him.

I walk to the side and sit on the huge, velvet armchair. I slide my fingers over the box. It’s smaller than a shoe box, taped shut. I gently pull the tape off. My throat feels dry and I lick my lips. I cross my legs. I tuck my hair behind my ear. I gently lift the lid. I can see two packages inside. Labeled morning and afternoon. There’s a hand written note.

“open me in private”.

I put the lid back on and look out across the hallway. No ones looking at me. My face feels flushed. I stand up and cast my eyes across the room. I spy the sign for the ladies room pointing up stairs. I check my watch. I’m early . I have time for whatever he’s given me.

I open the door and walk in slowly, gently nudging each door to see if there’s anyone here. There isn’t. My stomach flutters as I walk into a cubicle Karabağlar Escort and lock it behind me. The room is fancy, marble tops, lavender on the side, a brass hook to hang my bang on, which I do. I close the toilet lid and sit on it, box on my lap. I take the lid off and place it on the floor. I open the package labeled morning. I pull off the brown paper and a note flutters out. I grab it before it slips away. He’s written to me

“Wear these this morning. Keep them in. When you cross your legs they’ll move. You’ll like it. Text me good morning once they’re in.”

I unfold the paper further and two silver balls fall into my lap. Jiggle balls. Silver, silicone, cold. He wants me to wear them. This morning. I’ll be surrounded by 100 people. I gently put the note back and the paper inside the box.

I lift my dress up around my hips and slip my fingers in the top of my tights. I pull them down my thighs to around my knees. I lick my lips. My mouth is dry. My heart races as I finger the silver balls. I use one hand to slip my knickers down to my mid-thighs, the lace clinging to me. I’m wet. So wet. I hold the cold ball against my pussy. Rubbing it on the outside of my lips. My juices lubing them up. I slowly push the first ball inside me. I gasp. I push the second one in. I feel them inside me. I sway my hips from side to side, gently, moving them. I have to clench to hold them in. I pull my knickers up and my tights. I sit down and lean back. I feel them inside me as I sit up and cross my legs they gently rock and I feel the pleasure inside me. I put the box in my bag and pull out my phone.

“Good Morning.”

I stare at my phone waiting for a response. I keep waiting – I stand up and test Escort Karabağlar the movement of sitting down. I gasp out. I’m not used to this. I open the door and walk to the sink. No ones here. I walk up and down and feel the pleasurable rocking inside me. I stop and stare in the mirror and smile. It’s exhilarating. I walk gently out of the room and down the stairs. Constantly awareness of what’s inside me. I walk over to the conference tables and offer my hand to the first person I see. I introduce myself and smile. I feel my phone buzz. I want to check it and the thought of what he’ll say causes me to stammer slightly as I talk. It buzzes again. It’s ringing. I excuse myself and walk quickly outside. The sensations intensify.

“Did you like my present?” He purrs.

“Yes.” I gasp.

“How does it feel?”

I lower my voice to a whisper as I stand outside the hotel on the street. “wet” I say.

“Well done. Now be a good girl and go and network.” he hangs up.

I walk back into the hotel and across the lobby. People are sitting down. I take a coffee and walk to the front, the furthest table away, and sit down. I inhale as I do. The rolling sensation is deep inside me and my stomach flutters. I can feel my Cunts wetness and my nipples erect under the lace bra. I try to shift my weight and get comfortable but I can’t. My whole body tingles. I can feel the arousal deep inside me. As I sit there I can’t concentrate. Each time I move in my chair the slightest fidget makes the balls shift and sends pulses of pleasure through my Cunt. I think of him as they do. I look at the people around me, they have no idea what I’m feeling. I stare at the speaker, barely listening, as I try and slow my Karabağlar Escort Bayan heart rate down, deep breaths. I can feel them inside me. I want to fuck. I want to touch myself and cum, the feeling rises and I gently tap my foot. As I do my leg and chair gently vibrate and the balls deliciously jiggle, I stop. I have to keep my face blank, no one can know. I take a sip of water, my throat dry. I feel the tingling sensation between my legs. I sit and enjoy the sensations. The urge building. I have to go.

I get up and clench hard to keep the balls in, take up my hand bag and I slowly walk out of the room and to the toilet. I lock myself in the cubicle. I sit on the lid. I take off my dress, hang it on the brass hook. I’m in a bra and tights. I roll them down to my knees and take off my bra. I stroke my nipples and run one hand down my body, under my pants. I find my clit, I’m so wet my juices flowing. I pinch my nipple and gasp. I slide my fingers around the head of my clit, feeling it swell. I press two fingers on top of my clit. Right above the sensitive spot. I feel the balls move inside me gently as I slowly thrust my hips up and down. Fucking my fingers as they rest there. I lick a finger and rub my nipple. Pinching it hard. Thinking of him. Thinking of his cock in my mouth, his gorgeous thick cock. I feel the orgasm build inside me and I keep thrusting my hips, now gentle moving my fingers up and down, opposite to my hips so I rub myself for longer.

My pulse quickest and my Cunt clenches in pleasure. I feel the orgasm build and build and I bite my lip to keep quiet. As I explode the pleasure flows through my body and I grip my breast hard, holding onto something as my hips rock and my fingers quicken intensifying the feeling. As the orgasm ebbs I gasp and uncurl my toes. I gently pull out the balls, pulling on the loop but not before I insert my fingers inside and feel the balls inside my soaking Cunt, which sends spasms across my inner thigh. I sit there for a moment, panting, wet, satisfied, semi naked and I wonder – what’s this afternoon?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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