The Contest

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This story is preceded by ‘Wasting Away A Wednesday’. While not required reading, it may give you a better background on the characters.


Audio/Video World is a cut-throat place amongst the employees. All of us sales staff work on commission and commission alone. So if we don’t sell, we don’t make any money. Sounds terrible at first but really, you write your own paycheck. And believe me — I’m doing okay. I won’t be lining up for food stamps anytime soon. If commission sales wasn’t enough to drive me to sell, every month Arnold, the store manager, has a sales contest and the top rep gets a bonus. A big bonus! I won a couple of months ago and Arnold took me on an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. I wouldn’t be surprised if Arnold paid for it all out of his own pocket too — Kenny Rogers aint got nothing on Arnold. Dude is a gambling machine. Anyway, the prizes for winning the monthly sales contests are insane. Which brings me to today — it’s the last day of the month and me and Candace are neck and neck. So far for the month she’s sold $13,500 worth of inventory and I’ve sold $14,950. Phil and Louise are lagging behind with $9,190 and $9,985 respectively. It’s been a record month and we’re in for a great finish. Arnold always keeps the prizes secret until the last minute. Honestly I think it’s because he doesn’t even know what he’s going to give away but he always makes sure to make it something sweet.

I came into work today with a little spring in my step. I’m making lots of money and I’ve got a great shot to win the contest again. The only thing that worries me is that Candace will do anything to get a sale and she plays the hot and sexy girl card all the time with her customers — which are mostly male already. And she really is hot and sexy. I never get tired of describing her: she’s about 5’3″, long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, luscious lips that were made for one thing, amazingly great tits, a perfect heart-shaped ass and a hot, wet and tight pussy that I can’t get enough of. Yeah, that’s right, I hit that every Wednesday. She’s pretty much married to her boyfriend Dave but dude doesn’t fuck her right so I get to every Wednesday we work together. That just happens to be Arnold’s day off and no one else comes in to work because it’s too slow, so Candace and I pass the time by fucking each others brains out. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Wait, I’m getting off track her… Candace will pretty much do anything to get a sale — she’ll make you think you have a chance at even sniffing her panties if you’re interested in buying something but once the money changes hands she’ll crush your heart. Until you need a new digital camera of course. As for me, I’m not really into dudes so I’m not about to do that to any of my clients. Luckily, though, we live in a society where in middle aged couples, the woman does a lot of the buying so once in a while, I’ll get a horny soccer mom coming in for a new DVD player and a lot of them aren’t beyond giving you a tug in the parking lot if you knock a couple of bucks off or toss in a couple of DVDs.

As is common courtesy of being the top sales rep (so far) in the month, I bring everyone coffee from the local café and Candace notices I have an extra spring in my step.

“You know you’re not going to win the contest this month. I have a good feeling about today — I’m so going to destroy you.” She says with a smile.

“Yeah, no it really wasn’t a problem picking up that coffee for you,” I say with a wink.

“Oh, thanks for the coffee. Jerk.” Candace says as she playfully punches me in the arm.

“Where are Phil and Louise?” I said. Usually they’re on the sales floor by now.

“Louise called — her daughter is sick so she’s going to take her to the clinic and stay home with her today. And Phil is in the back unloading some new inventory.”

Being an electronics store, we’re constantly getting new stock in and Phil is always the first to check it out. He figures that if he gets his hands on it first then he’ll have one up on the rest of us by knowing the product better. I’ve learned that most people don’t really give a shit about the specifics — alls they really want to know is how loud is it, how big is it, how clear is it or how easy is it to use. If you know that, you’ll be fine.

“Listen you guys, we’re on pace for a record month and one of you is going to win one heck of prize for being the top sales rep. So do me a favor and be safe out there and sell, sell, sell!” Arnold feels he has to give us some motivational speech before he opens the door each morning — as if he’s some kind of general sending the troop out to battle. We usually play along and pretend to get fired up. Dude is a pretty cool cat so we like to make him think he’s making a difference.

Within minutes of Arnold unlocking the door we get our first customer. He can’t be anymore than 18 or 19. Looks like the kind of guy that lives in his parents basement and doesn’t pay any rent so all of his income goes to toys. He’s Escort Eryaman the perfect customer because he can be psyched into buying just about anything. And he immediately heads towards the TVs.

“He’s mine,” Candace said before I had a chance to blink.

Candace stalks her prey and slowly approaches the customer like a lioness would a wounded gazelle. “Hey there, how are you today?” She says sweetly, but underneath that is a cold hearted bitch that just wants your money.

“Just loo…” the customer begins to say until he turns around and sees Candace. Today she’s wearing a near see-threw white shirt with the top couple of buttons undone showing off the top of her chest. Underneath, you can see the outline of her perfect C-cup tits which are struggling to get out of that shirt. She’s also wearing tan Capri pants that don’t show a panty line — probably because she’s not wearing any — and high heeled sandals that make her ass look exquisite. “Um, hi. I’m fine thanks, how are you?” He says to her chest.

“I’m good, thanks. My name is Candace; can I ask your name?”

“Hey Candace, I’m James.” He responds, again to her chest.

“Nice to meet you James,” Candace says as she arches her back, giving him a better view of her chest. Like I said, she’ll do anything for a sale. “What brings you by today, James?”

“Well, I’m looking for a new TV for my room, but I’m really just browsing today.”

“Oh that’s too bad,” She frowns as she crosses her arms across her chest, hiding the great view, “we have some great deals on new TVs and I’d hate for you to miss out on that. Were you browsing for plasma or an LCD TV?”

“Um, probably an LCD. Hey, something like this,” James points to one of the LCDs we have on sale.

“Good choice,” Candace says as her eyes light up. Now that she knows what he wants, she can easily close a guy like this. “I have that TV in my apartment too and I only have the best, James. Do you have a girlfriend, cause I’ll bet she’d love to hang out in your room not watching that TV with you.”

James blushes, “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“You know, James,” Candace playfully touches his chest and runs a finger down to his belt. She looks up at him and bites her lip, “I could give you a really good deal on this TV if you were to buy it today.”

“Well, I don’t know if I can really afford it today.”

“Well what could I do to you to get you to leave here today with this TV?” that was no Freudian slip there; she meant to say ‘do TO you’ this poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

“Maybe you could knock a couple hundred buck off the price?” he said really nervously.

“Oh James, you’re so hard,” she said with a sexy smile, “I can’t change that price but I will go down on you if you buy a new DVD player with it. I could knock half the price off of the player if you buy the TV.” Those DVD players were free from the manufacturer and we’re selling them for $199.99. She just might catch me after all.

“Well, ok I guess I need a new DVD player too,” James said.

“Ok, well let’s go to the till and ring this up.” And with that, poor James doesn’t even know what hit him. He came in here to look and is leaving with over a thousand dollars worth of inventory. After paying, Candace helps James’ load everything onto a cart and they head towards James’ car. Once there, you could already see the buyer’s remorse all over James’ face.

“Look, Candace, I really don’t have the money for this TV, I think I should return it.”

“Come on, James, I really need this sale.”

“Yeah, but…”

Candace interrupts him before he starts to head back towards the store. His back is now to his car, pressed right up to it and Candace gets as close to him as possible, “I said in the store I’d go down on you, James, if you bought that TV,” she reached down and grabbed his cock through his jeans, “now am I going to suck your cock or not?”

“Ok,” he said absolutely stunned.

“Good,” she cooed, “but I want you to do one thing for me. I want you to call up a couple of your friends and tell them to come buy TVs from me, ok?”

James was stunned. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dude was a virgin and now he has a super hot girl offering him a blow job in exchange for sending some friends to buy stuff they’re probably all thinking of buying anyway. “Let me make some calls,” he finally managed to say.

“Lets sit in the car,” Candace said, “it’s getting cold out here.”

Candace climbs into the back seat of James’ Ford Focus and pats the seat next to her for James to come sit down. As he does, he reaches for his phone like he promised and starts dialing a friend. Candace slides over right next to him and reaches into his lap and feels the outline of his now hard cock through his jeans. ‘Wow, it feels so big’ she thinks to herself, ‘who knew a guy like this would have such a weapon between his legs.’

“Hey, Harry… Umm… It’s James, how you doing?” Candace leans forward onto James’ lap and gently starts Eryaman Escort nibbling and sucking the outline of his cock through his jeans. “Uh huh,” James manages to say but he doesn’t really seem to be listening. “Listen, I’m just leaving Audio/Video World and I got this amazing deal on a new TV. Dude you got to come down and see this girl Candace — she’s super hot… uhh…” as he was talking Candace undid the zipper of his jeans and pulled his cock out through the fly still sheathed by his boxer shorts. ‘It has to be at least 9″ long and thicker than any I’ve ever seen before,’ she thinks to herself as she takes the still boxer covered head of James’ cock into her mouth and gently sucks on it. “Uh, yeah I’m still here. So go down to Audio/Video World and see Candace — she’ll give you a great deal on a new TV.”

Candace then sits up and with her right hand wrapped around James’ cock, whispers into his ear “I want to taste your cum.” James quickly hangs up the phone and pulls his cock out from his underwear. “God damn, James’ it’s so big,” Candace is hypnotized by James’ rigid cock and starts sucking his cock.

She starts by lightly stroking his balls with her right hand and teasing his cock head with her tongue. She runs her tongue along the underside of the head and then teases the slit by sliding her tongue all over it. James holds Candace’s hair behind her head as his rock hard cock slides into her mouth. His body tenses up and he feels the back of her throat. Her lips are only about three quarters of the way down and she’s disappointed she can’t take it all in. She slides his cock out of her mouth and starts stroking his shaft with her left hand as she licks his balls and takes them into her mouth. One by one she gently sucks them into her mouth and teases them with her tongue. She’s never had a cock this big in her hands and mouth before so she makes sure to take her time and explore every inch. James is in shock that such a sexy, hot girl was giving him head. He’s only been with one girl before and she didn’t look anything like Candace. She brings her attention back to his cock and again takes it into her mouth. James’ hips start to make a fucking motion towards her mouth. Candace wraps her right hand around the base of his shaft and lets James fuck her mouth. She feels James’ pre-cum coating her throat and he fucks his cock in and out of her mouth. James’ cock seems to be growing even bigger in her mouth and Candace has to come up for air. She madly strokes his cock with her right hand. She feels like her only purpose on this earth right now is to make this cock come in her mouth. Finally she catches her breath and looks up at James.

“Are young going to call anyone else?” She said as she stopped stroking his cock as if to bribe him – no more calls, no more head.

“Oh yeah,” James reaches for his phone and dials another number. As he does that, Candace’s attention is back to James’ cock. His head is coated with pre-cum which Candace savors as she licks it all up.

“Hey Gerry, it’s James, mmmm” as he’s talking, Candace takes as much of James’ cock into her mouth as she can, “Yeah, no, I have a stomach ache. Sorry about that. Ohh,” Candace moves back to the tip of his cock and teases his slit by sliding her tongue into it, “Yeah, some bad fish. Listen, I just came from Audio/Video World and they have a great deal on TVs. You got to go down there and buy one.” To show that she approves, Candace sucks James’ cock in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum, I mean you gotta come down and buy a TV. I gotta go.” James’ quickly hung up his cell as he felt cum boiling in his balls. His last girlfriend wouldn’t let him cum in her mouth so he quickly warns Candace by lifting up her head.

“I’m gonna cum,” he says thinking she wants nothing to do with that.

“Ok,” was all she could say as she took his cock-head back into her mouth and began milking his shaft wildly. James’ whole body stiffened up and then he exploded into Candace’s mouth. Candace made sure to squeeze every drop of cum out of James’ cock before taking it out of her mouth.

“Yummy,” Candace said as she licked her lips, “you can do that in my mouth any time you want.”

James was too stunned to respond and just sat there as Candace fixed herself up and got out of the car. “See you around, James.”


“What was that all about?” I said as Candace came back into the store.

“James was having second thoughts about his purchase,” Candace replied.

“Oh?” I questioned.

“Yeah, but I sucked that doubt right out of him,” she said with a wink.

“You dirty whore,” I said with a chuckle.

“Sounds like somebody’s jealous. Oh don’t worry, you’ll get yours soon,” she said as she pinched my cheeks.

“Whatever, I’m still in the lead,” I gloated.

“For now,” she said as she walked away.

Now Candace isn’t the only one around here that has a little ‘fun’ with their customers. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, Eryaman Escort Bayan like I said earlier, a hot soccer mom will come in and I think today there’s something in the air cause I gotta good feeling… Just as I was thinking that a beautiful woman walked into the store. She was mine.

“Good day,” I said as she walked towards me. She was hot – she was in her 40s, about 5’7″, long brown hair that she had up, sexy green eyes that were framed by glasses that only made her look hotter, she was wearing a white blouse that really showed off her D-cup tits – probably a gift from her husband, but I’m not one to judge – long legs that never seemed to stop. She was wearing pumps that made her legs look even better and a short grey skirt that most women her age could never pull off – hell most women half her age couldn’t pull off.

“Hi, I need some help finding a new TV for my home. You see, we just signed up for High Definiton cable TV and now we need a new TV and I don’t know anything about…”

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to help. Let me show you a few things,” I said as I motioned her to head towards the TVs. As I walked behind her, I couldn’t help checking out her ass. That skrit kept bouncing up but not enough to see anything but sitll enough to keep you interested. She caught me looking at her ass and when our eyes met, she just smiled and winked. I showed her some TVs and she was really listening to what I was saying and was very touchy. She kept puttin her hands on my arms and rubbing up against me. I could see that none of what I was saying was really helping her out – she didn’t really know what she was looking for. It turns out she has a couple of kids and a husband at home, they watch a lot of movies and they don’t have a lot of room.

“I gotta say something,” I said, “you are so fucking hot. How is it possible that you’re sexier than most the women half your age that come in here?”

“Well, I like to take care of myself,” she said, “I’m glad you like what you see. Maybe sometime you could show me yours,” she grinned.

I pondered that thought for a few seconds and then said, “Look, this LCD TV is an excellant deal. It’s nice and flat so it doesn’t take up a lot of room but it has a decent sized screen so it’s big enough for a large living space. It’s not top of the line, but dollar for dollar it’s the best deal I’ve got in the store.”

“But that’s a little more than I was hoping to pay,” she said as she kind of pouted her lips a little.

“Well I can sell you a cheaper TV but cheaper price is going to mean cheaper quality…” I said.

“I’ve been everywhere else and I’m not leaving here without a TV but I really don’t want to pay that much,” she said.

I decided to make a bold move and said “I got a something in the back I could show you. I could probably get you a better deal on that TV, too.”

“Great, lets go see it,” Phil was out to lunch and Arnold gave me a thumbs up as he saw me taking this MILF into the stock room so I knew we were going to be ok.

As soon as we got to the back room, I pinned soccer mom against the back wall and started kissing her neck. She was immediately receptive and started moaning and running her hands all over my back. I reached up her skirt and hooked my fingers on her thong and pulled them down her legs until they it the floor. She was already soaking wet, I think she came to fuck, not to buy a TV. I was now on my knees with soccer moms pussy inches from my face. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in. I licked and sucked on her lips as she spread her legs wider. She tasted amazing and nearly lost her balance when I found her clit. She pushed harder on my head as worked over her clit and her juices rand down my chin. She was ready to fuck. I stood up and kissed her on the mouth. She grabbed me by the collar and said:

“I want you to take off $500 off the price of that TV.”

“I’ll take off $200,” I said as I undid my belt.

“$400,” she said as I pulled my cock out of my pants.

“$250,” I said as I ran the head of my cock up and down her slit.

“$350?” she said as the head of my cock entered her.

“All right, $350. But I get to fuck you in the stock room,” I said as I pushed all the way inside of her. She was so tight and wet around my cock that it made a little popping sound when I pulled all the way out of her. But I didn’t stay out long as I quickly entered back in.

“Ok, but you gotta throw in a couple of DVDs too,” she said as she stuck her tongue into my mouth. I grabbed her thighs and she wrapped them around my waist as I began fucking her. She moaned loudly with every thrust and I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. I wasn’t going to last long in this hot milf’s pussy so I made the most of every second and fucked her at a pace I don’t think she’s ever been fucked before. Without a warning, I pushed my cock all the way inside of her and came deep inside of her. We made out as my cock slipped out of her.

“Nice doing business with you…” I didn’t get her name before.

“Janice,” she said, “I’ll be back next week to haggle on the price of a new car stereo,” she said as she walked away. I fished the sale and was pretty proud of myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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