The Countess Ch. 03

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I was sitting somewhat nervously in the very modern London flat of Sara Solsbery. I was amazed that she picked me up at the Airport, No William no Maria. It was nice to know that she knew how to drive. After getting me in the building and her flat, Sara had to go back to the office. She would return in a few hours. I found her liquor cabinet and was sampling a scotch.

I had picked up a sandwich at the airport so my stomach was not empty. I was racking my brain trying to figure what time it was in California. I have gotten use to the time shift going in the other direction because of the production shooting here in the UK. It was evening in London, which meant it was afternoon in LA. Sara said the she would return at 18:00. I needed to get use to people using 24-hour time.

My ear was drawn to a noise at the door. I heard it open and I stood thinking that I would embrace Sara. I was surprised to see a younger version of Sara walking into the room.

“Hello who might you be?” said the young woman.

“John Rogers I am a friend of Lady Sara’s, are you Maeve?”

“Yes but I prefer to use Jessica. I stay with aunt Sara in the summer while I work a summer Job in the city. Mother and Father go to Spain for the Summer” said the young woman, who was walking toward a bedroom.

“Don’t worry, I am taking off for the weekend with friends so you and aunt Sara can do what ever you do,” said Jessica from the bedroom.

A little while later there was another noise at the door and this time Lady Sara Jane Solsbery walked in. We embraced and kissed.

“I see you have met my niece,” said Sara.

“Yes, I did a double take when she walked in the room, I thought I was seeing you.”

Sara leaned in and kissed me again “Darling, it is great to see you, sorry I had to rush off.”

Sara walked to the bedroom where her niece was packing. I over heard the conversation. I had to laugh as Sara was acting like a parent interrogating Jessica about whom she was traveling with and where they were going. Sara and Jessica walked out together and they hugged and Jessica left.

“Come on darling, William is waiting for us,” said Sara, as her arm-encircled mine directing me to the door.

“Where are we going?” I asked as Sara dragged me out of the flat.

“To get dinner, silly,” Sara said as she brought her lips to mine.

The place where William stopped was a small curry shop with maybe five tables. Sara got us two beers and I had to adjust my taste to English beer. The curry was hot and spicy. I dropped my credit card when the check was delivered. As soon as I got the paperwork done Sara was pulling on my arm.

William delivered us to a very high-class bar. It was a watering hole for much of the legal community because everyone recognized Sara. We settled into an upholstered booth. Sara ordered two scotches that were delivered. The staff left us alone only coming by when she or I wanted a refill. This was an old club type of place not an English pub. In a small corner of the bar a group of men and women were smoking cigars and having a spirited discussion on Brexit. The odor drifted over the place.

“Sara, are you trying to get me drunk? Because my performance might be impaired.”

“I wanted to have a good time, and relax after the meeting I had this afternoon. Besides we are going slow,” she said.

A “friend” of Sara’s came by and engaged her in a negotiation. After a very quick and icy response the gentleman moved on to another group.

“Where are you staying again? When do you need to report?” said Sara turning her gaze back to me.

“I have a meeting on Wednesday to go over the scenes that I have cut. The production company has arranged for a “Cottage” near where the post studio is located.”

“So we have almost a week before you become a monk,” said Sara as she leaned in and kissed me.

Sara signed the bill and encircled my arm encouraging me to get up. William and the car were waiting when we stepped out of the bar. We entered the car and without direction William took off.

“Are we going back to your Flat?” I asked.

“No a little place in the country, since I have you for a few days. Don’t worry William went back and picked up your bag. Not that you will need a lot of clothes,” responded Sara with a laugh.

An hour and a half out of the city William pulled on to a small road. In the distance I saw a large house. William directed the car to the front entrance.

“Lady Sara, your idea of a little place and mine are completely different.”

The car door opened and we got out of the car. I was still getting use to the right hand drive. Sara walked to the door, inserted a key and opened the door. We walked in followed by William. We went into the living room; William put two sets of luggage in the bedroom. He came to where we were and told Sara that he was leaving but there was a car in the garage if we needed to travel. He pivoted and walked out the door.

I embraced Sara and kissed her before she could speak. My cock was at full attention illegal bahis and I pressed my body into hers trying to show that I really had an interest in our relationship. Behind us was a sofa and I maneuvered us to the couch. When she reached the edge of the couch her legs folded and I found myself on top of her. I continued to kiss her our tongues fought each other for supremacy. Neither one of us was willing to give in to the other.

I finally broke and took a breath.

“Darling, if you want to make love all you need to do is ask,” she said between breaths.

“Maybe I don’t want to ask,” I said with a funny laugh.

We both sat up and I started to laugh, “Sara I do not know where that came from, but I do want to make love to you.

“Sara stood and started to remove her clothes. I saw her drop her pants, and came face to face with her bikini panties. Tuffs of black hair peeked out from behind the skimpy undergarment. I reached up trying to remove the last barrier to my pleasure; but she batted my hands away.

Instead she moved her panties down to her knees. Her legs formed a perfect triangle of black hair, bordered by her white thighs. I could tell that her pubic area was well groomed. All I knew was that I wanted to put my tongue in her pussy. I reached out and embraced her bringing her pussy to my mouth. This time I was able to move her panties down to her ankles. I lifted on leg and removed her shoe; I lifted the other and lost the other shoe. I split her legs and saw her pink lips. I breathed in her feminine essence, and became intoxicated. My tongue touched her vulva and slid inside. I encircled her with my arms holding her close.

I felt a climax building as Sara started to moan and breathe. I held her until she almost collapsed. Sara maneuvered away from me and walked into another room. She returned completely naked.

Sara took the initiative this time and straddled me bringing my head to her breasts. I took the hint and began to suck on one of her nipples. I was able to remove my shirt with just a short break. I stood and lost my pants and underwear.

She gripped my hand and directed me to one of the bedrooms. Sara got on the bed and I followed. I spread her legs and again attacked her pussy with my mouth. My tongue drove inside and moved up and down her slit.

“Darling, I need your cock either in my cunt or mouth,”

I positioned my cock over her mouth and she lifted her head and took the crown in her mouth. Her tongue felt so good as it caressed the head of my tool.

“John, would you put that where it will do the most good?”

I slipped down toward her pussy and she grasped my cock and directed it in to her love hole. I slipped in and gently pressed until I was fully lodged in her pussy. Our lips met in a sensuous kiss. I gently moved my cock in and out trying to stay calm.

“You are remarkably calm John,” said Sara.

“I’m Just trying to please Your Grace.”

I leaned down and our lips met. There was nothing I wanted to do but kiss Sara. My animal instincts took over and I started to drive my cock into and out of her pussy.

“That feels great John.”

I increased my speed just as I felt Sara climaxing. I pulled my cock out and replaced it with my mouth. I was trying to bring Sara off multiple times.

“Your cock was what I was craving and you take it away.”

I inserted my tool again and began to fuck Sara. My mouth found one of her beautiful breasts. I felt her cumming again and I shot off at the same time. We both were breathing and facing each other. My hands massaged Sara’s flanks, moving down to her thigh and moving to her pussy.

I moved down and put my mouth over her pussy with my tongue exploring the inner reaches of her cunt. I positioned her legs over my shoulders and continued to explore. My hands reached up and began to again massage the Countess’s beautiful breasts.

“Who are you?” said Sara.

I was not in the mood to engage in conversation. All I wanted to do was pleasure the woman I love. Sara involuntarily climaxed again. My cock was showing signs of getting hard and I wanted to make love to this beautiful woman.

“Darling stop or fuck me!”

I opened her legs and brought my cock to the entrance of her pussy and gently inserted my tool. My mouth found hers and we engaged in a long kiss while I moved in and out of her. I felt Sara cumming and I let go at the same time.

Our mouths met and I concentrated on kissing her. It was six weeks since we were together and something was causing me to be aggressive. I got off and lay beside her.

“John, what has gotten into you, darling,” said Sara as she moved to get on top of me.

“I am sorry for my behavior Sara,”

“Shush don’t apologize, kiss me.”

I took her head and our lips met. She sucked my tongue in to her mouth. She moved off of me and took my hand and placed it on her breast. Her hand moved to my cock and began to rub the shaft.

“It’s been six weeks since we were together and I am afraid that I am in love with you. illegal bahis siteleri All I could think about on the flight over was how happy I’d be making love to you.”

I was about to speak again when she put a finger over my lips. She leaned in and kissed me again. She again sucked my tongue into her mouth. We parted but she kissed me again. She continued to massage my tool bringing it to a full erection.

“Darling, I have heard you speak, you have a talented tongue,” she said with a devilish laugh.

I looked at her with a quizzical expression. I was also enjoying the feelings that she was generating.

“Why don’t use your tongue where it will do the most good, for me.”

I didn’t respond right away as her work on my tool diverted my attention.

“Darling I want your tongue in my twat!”

“Ooh such language from a lady, I love it.”

“Darling, go down and lick me!!”

Who was I to second-guess a Countess? I moved down and got between her legs. She was missionary and her knees were lifted but splayed apart. Her vulva were fully engorged and peeked out under the bush. I brought my head down and inserted my tongue in her pussy. I caught a slight whiff of Middle Eastern spice as I plunged in and out. I hit her clit and she jumped. I slid my upper lip over her tiny cock and felt the reaction. My tongue continued to dart in and out of her vagina.

I maneuvered myself into a sixty-nine and brought my cock to her mouth. I felt fingers moving up and down my shaft, followed by her tongue painting the tip of my cock.

“Darling you are doing an excellent job, move a little closer and let me have some fun.”

We moved closer together and I could feel my cock inside her warm mouth. I continued suck on her pussy. I felt that I was about to erupt and was able to move my cock to her cunt. Our mouths met in a kiss and I moved my cock in and out of her. I pressed forward and my cock shot a large load of cum.

I concentrated on stimulating Sara while my cock lost steam and fell out of her pussy. We embraced and I fought the urge to sleep. I needed to keep in contact with Sara as we both decompressed from our session.

Sara moved first and leaned over my ear, “I am going to get a drink come with me.”

I watched a naked Sara move off the bed and walk out of the room. I remembered the time we were in my house two months ago. In the distance I heard a champagne bottle sigh as a cork was pulled out. “John are you coming?”

“No just breathing hard,” I responded.

I slipped off the bed and walked out to the kitchen where Lady Sara was pouring the wine in to elegant flutes. We were both stark naked but at ease. I had a hard time moving my eyes away from Sara’s lovely breasts. I was holding myself back from marching Sara against a wall and making love to her. The wine went down my throat. I put the glass on the counter and she quickly refilled it.

“John I am a little nervous looking at you.”

“Countess, I will tell you that I would happily pin you against a wall and make love to you and I do not know where these feelings are coming from.”

Sara moved closer to me and bent my head to hers and we kissed. “Darling, I might welcome a good screwing. I am not a dainty, John, I have to get in the same troughs as the other pigs.”

“Yes I know I saw the way you cut the balls off that guy in the bar.”

“He deserved that, he thought he could get one over on me,” replied Sara.

Sara grabbed the bottle and her glass and moved to the couch in the family room. She reclined very sensuously leaving her pussy open. She poured another glass of champagne. “See anything you like, Darling.”

I downed my glass of wine and got between Sara’s legs.

“No sir I need full penetration and I see that you are ready for action,”

I bent down and kissed her vagina and inserted my tongue. Despite her demands I wanted to pleasure her. After a few minutes I brought my cock up the entrance and slipped in. Our lips found each other as I moved in and out of her pussy.

“John you are amazing.”

“Thank you Your Grace.”

“Say that one more time and I will leave,” said Sara.

I was about ready to explode and I moved up and our lips found each other. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I enjoyed the oral stimulation. I exploded in her pussy but I concentrated on our kiss. We both came down from our exertions, stretched and relaxed.

Sara got up and moved toward the bedroom.

“John I love the attention but I am falling asleep.”

I followed her to bed. We both fell asleep completely naked with out a sheet covering us. The world could have come to an end and we would not have known it.

I do not know how long I was sleeping but I was suddenly sitting upright with a hand around my cock. Sara wanted to use my hard-on as her mouth replaced her hand.

“I did not want to let that go to waste, darling. Can you get up and get dressed. Breakfast is here,” Sara said between licks.

I erupted depositing a load of cum on my abdomen. Sara kissed canlı bahis siteleri me and left the room. I found the bathroom and showered. I found a set of slacks and a shirt in my bag and dressed. I did the best I could with my hair. I remembered that I blew off an appointment to get my hair cut before I left on the trip.

I walked out and found a complete breakfast laid out on the table. William was standing holding a coffee pot waiting for me. I sat down and declined the coffee.

She rose from the table and I saw how she was dressed. It started with black boots that ended four inches above the knee; A mini-skirt that touched the top of the boots, with a matching jacket.

“Are you going somewhere?” I asked.

“Something came up and you and I are meeting my father,” announced Sara.

Sara put her arm around me and we walked out of the door; William and the car were waiting for us. I waited while Sara got in first and slipped in beside her. William pulled out on the same country road that brought us to the house. Instead of turning toward the motorway he continued up the road. Thirty minutes later the car pulled off of the road onto a smaller private road. In the distance was a large mid-century modern house; William pulled the car up to the entrance and halted. The door opened on Sara’s side and she got out first followed by me.

Sara put her arm around me and we walked to the entrance. As we approached the door opened and the family’s butler greeted us. “Mr. Solsbery is in the Library Your Grace.” After closing the door the butler directed us to the library.

“Lady Sara and a friend sir,” the butler announced.

“Hello father,” said Sara.

A man as tall as Sara was sitting at a desk near a window. He looked up and motioned for us to approach. He stood and came around the desk and air kissed Sara and shook my hand.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Rogers.”

Sara’s phone began to beep. She picked it out of her purse and lifted to her ear. “Gentlemen I need to take this privately,” Sara walked out of the room leaving her father and me.

“I understand that you worked for my brother?”

“Yes sir I was just out of film school I was your brother’s apprentice.”

“You will see him again he is coming over for lunch,” said Sara’s father.”

“Father, where is mother?” asked Sara as she returned.

“The Duchess is in Spain with your sister. I am baching it as they say in Mr. Rogers country.”

The butler approached Mr. Solsbery “Sir Lunch is ready, also Mr. Pritchard phoned and expressed his regrets but he will not be joining us. He did leave me a number so Mr. Rogers can contact him.”

Well I guess we should eat. Mr. Solsbery sat down to a plate that had a piece of white fish and three or four asparagus spears. “Bloody diet, bloody wife.”

“Father, it is for your own good; we don’t need another health incident. Father had a little heart thing about 6 months ago, so his diet is restricted, ” announced Sara.

We all had the same meal and I was very happy to have some less spicy food. The butler came around with coffee but I declined. He did refill the wine, which seemed like a Chardonnay from my side of the pond.

“The wine is from one of my vineyards in Washington State. I love the crisp feeling on my tongue. Are you into wine Mr. Rogers?”

“I am sure that I am not as expert as you sir, but I do enjoy sampling different wines. Sir I would appreciate it if you would call me John.”

“John I will need to give you a tour of my cellar, maybe you and I can sample a couple of…”

“No smoking father Dr.’s orders,” said Sara.

Mr. Solsbery, I would love a tour of your wine cellar but I don’t smoke,” I said looking at Sara. She nodded in my direction, indicating that I said the right thing.

“Do you want to come with us Sara to make sure I don’t transgress?”

“No Father I have some things that I need to take care of. You and John can run along.

Mr. Solsbery directed me down a flight of steps into the basement. We stood in front of a door made of slats of very thick old wood. He fished out what looked like an antique key like you would see in a horror film.

“I found an antique lock and had it installed in the door. It really does not keep things secure but I like the feel of it,” Mr. Solsbery said.

“I have over five thousand bottles here and in another location. I use it as an investment in addition to enjoying the wine. The value seems to go up especially at Sotheby’s wine auction. I will put a few cases in the sales to gauge the value.”

As he was telling me this as we moved through the shelves, I was eyeing some very old vintages of very famous houses. Mr. Solsbery picked up a bottle from a very famous chateau.

“The current value of this bottle is 2000 pounds and I think that this is what we will have for dinner.”

As he was saying that I realized that Sara’s family was a member of the .5%.

“It is going to be a bloody mess when Sara and her sister try to divide this after I am gone. I will be up in heaven laughing.”

After he picked up several other bottles we left and rejoined Sara, in what I assumed was the “Drawing room.” Sara Stood and put her arm around mine and walked toward the door. “We will be back for dinner father.”

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