The Country Cottage Pt. 01

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Alex Mae

(Part 1)



The lights of passing vehicles flickered across the ceiling, just the visible part of the unending background cacophony of the city. My breathing returned to normal as my dick softened after filling Lisa’s pussy for the first time in weeks.

I suppose it was a pretty normal situation in a long term relationship, but I really did miss the level of passion that slowly receded during our thirteen year marriage. It used to be Lisa and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Of course, the fucking two or three times a day routine faded pretty quickly but we still managed a healthy, active sex life for a long time.

Now it just seemed even that was vanishing quickly. We never seem to be interested at the same time and so only managed a quick, perfunctory fuck once every week or two at best.

That night was a perfect example. We sort of fooled around a few minutes after climbing into bed. I think she climaxed when I slipped my cock inside her. It was over so quickly, I can’t really be sure. Then she rolled to her side facing away from me as I stared at the ceiling.

I wished I had an answer.


I don’t know when or why things became so…well…dull. Dan’s cock still felt somewhat pleasant inside me, cumming in me, yet it hardly seemed worth the effort. I faked the orgasm to satisfy him but knew my own gratification would come later… the shower…on my own hand.

We were certainly comfortable enough in most ways…decent jobs, good incomes and all that…but it wasn’t enough. I could hear his ragged breathing becoming more measured and knew he would shortly drift off to sleep. The cooling trickle of his semen seeping down the inside of my thigh symbolized the emptiness I felt. I rolled over to face him.

“We really need to talk,” I said softly.

Dan looked at me and I realized he understood completely, maybe even felt much the same way.

“Yeah, we do,” he responded, “neither one of us wants to go on like this. We both need a new spark.”

The Talk


The next evening after dinner, I felt it was time to be honest, brutally so if necessary.

“When we were in bed last night Dan, you didn’t seem interested. You seemed miles away.”

He looked embarrassed.

“I am sorry Lisa. I had trouble keeping it up. I had to think of other things.”

I had guessed this and wanted it out in the open.

“What or who were you thinking about?”

Dan shook his head. “It would be better if we didn’t go there, Lisa. It may make us both more unhappy.”

“We both agreed we need to talk, Dan. By that I mean we both have to talk. When we are in bed, you are obviously thinking about something besides me, another woman or girl perhaps. I want to be honest with you. I often think about somebody else. It is obviously fantasy but we have to deal with it.”

I could see that my confession had shaken him. He thought for a moment before speaking.

“I want you to realize Lisa that I love you very much, and although I do think of other women and situations, I don’t want us to separate. You know that this would be devastating for us both, not to mention our parents.”

I nodded. Dan was a good, solid man and I certainly wanted to stay married. We both loved my parents who were well into their sixties and were quite religious. We were both brought up to be good Catholics and, although we no longer went every Sunday, we still attended on special occasions and went to Confession and Holy Communion at Christmas and Easter.

“Are you suggesting that we talk about each others fantasies, Lisa?”

“Yes. They are, after all, only fantasies. Everybody has them and they do no harm. I saw you look around today in the store at some of the women. Did you fancy any of them?”

He looked a bit shamefaced.

“I liked that young girl on her phone.”

I smiled. I was glad he was being honest.

“She did look nice, although she was a bit plump and appeared to be with her father and mother.”

Dan was relaxing more now and confessed.

“I do like women who are a bit plump and even a little older. Her mother was pretty nice looking as well.”

I chuckled. This was the most candid conversation I had in years with my husband. He was relaxing and some very interesting things were coming out into the open.

“What about you, Lisa? I have told you my thoughts. What about yours?”

I had no intention of avoiding the issue. I had so many fantasies over the years and it would be a relief to finally share some of them with Dan.

“I liked the look of that man with the women, the one in the dark suit and yellow tie.”

“The old man with glasses and the white hair and beard?”

“Yes. He looked like escort bayan gaziantep a Head Master.”

Dan looked at me quizzically.

“Do you have schoolgirl fantasies, Lisa?”

It was my turn to blush.

“Yes, Dan, but as a grown up schoolgirl.”

He was intrigued.

“A sort of adult schoolgirl?”

“Yes, and I had to go to the Head Master’s office because I was a naughty girl.” I responded and blushed again. I hadn’t meant to explain quite this much.

Dan was starting to really enjoy himself and get into the spirit of the conversation.

“So you want to have an old man pull your panties down and spank your bare bottom…and you like it”

I nodded. The talk was making my pussy tingle.

Dan pushed the conversation further.

“That guy looked quite old. Is that what you liked, Lisa, that he was an older man, one close to your father’s age, possibly a dirty old man?

“Lots of women have fantasies about their fathers…and dirty old men, Dan. They seem safer than most wild young men.” I said more defensively than I intended.

“Fantasies are strange things, Love, but I suppose we can just enjoy them as much as we can in whatever form they take,” Dan nodded

“Yes we can, Dan, and we should.”

I felt better and started to think about ways we might make some of these newly acknowledged fantasies come true…after I climaxed for the first time in quite a while on Dan’s dick when he shot his semen into my pussy.


I just marveled at the change in Lisa in the weeks following our talk. We began to openly discuss our attraction, or lack thereof, to people we encountered on the street or in a store. We even spent an afternoon at the nearby park people watching to speculate about some of them.

“Does she shave her pussy?”

“How big is his cock?”

“Does she suck his cock and swallow?”

“That one could pull my panties down and spank me!”

“I bet she likes to eat pussy.”

“I’d love to bury my face in those big soft tits.”

The more we discussed such things, the more comfortable I grew with further exploring our fantasies. The added bonus was our sex lives grew in intensity as we found out more and more about the things we liked but kept hidden from each other throughout the years.

Lisa seemed please to realize I liked soft curves that came with a little extra weight. I was turned on that she not only liked being spanked but was open to fulfilling one of my fantasies of playing with another woman or even a couple.

Then she totally surprised me one day with a proposition I could hardly refuse.

“We need a vacation and I found the perfect place,” Lisa said one evening as we cuddled in front of the TV. “It’s only about a three hour drive from the city so we can make it a long weekend, go there on a Friday morning and come home on the following Monday.”

With that she got up and brought her laptop over to the sofa. After a moment, she opened a website and showed me what she found.

“It’s called The Country Cottage,” she said, “it is limited to only five adult couples as guests at a time. Everything is included in the price and it seems very private and idyllic.”

The cover page of the website showed a large manor house. Standing in front of the house were a mid fifties looking couple identified as the owners, Bob and Carol, and their adult children, Ted and Alice.

I could see Lisa’s interest in Bob immediately. He was about my height, a bit stouter with short cropped gray hair and a closely trimmed gray beard. Carol was a good six inches shorter, somewhat matronly looking with large breasts.

I smiled slightly paging through the remaining pictures showing various parts of the grounds and facilities, realizing Lisa based her selection in part on one of her ongoing fantasies. I had no problem with that at all. In fact, it kind of excited me.

When I got to the last picture on the website, my mouth dropped open and my cock twitched. I looked over at Lisa, who smiled impishly at me, before returning my gaze to the picture of the sign at the entrance to the place.

The Cottage Inn

Family Run For Family Fun

(Since 1832)

The Arrival


When Dan stopped the car in the gravel courtyard outside the old manor house, I gazed out of the window and my heart thumped. The Country Cottage fit in so well with the idyllic rural countryside through which we had just driven. When I thought of the chats that Dan and I had over the last few weeks, seeing the words Family Run For Family Fun made my tummy tingle. Of course, it may all be quite innocent but by now Dan and I both thought there might be more to it…and desperately hoped so.

We bayan gaziantep escort had hardly exited the car when a nice looking man in his fifties walked cross the gravel to greet us.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Kelly. We have been waiting for you to arrive. I am the owner Bob Davies. Don’t worry about your luggage, I will get someone to bring it in for you. Come in and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and meet my wife Carol.”

It was a lovely welcome and I could see that it pleased my husband. Bob Davies was a little stout but pleasant looking with short cropped gray hair and neat closely trimmed gray beard, exactly like the man in one of my fondest fantasies. He ushered us into the reception area where his wife Carol met us with a huge smile. She was so pleasant, with a warm maternal look about her.

I smiled to myself as I knew Dan would appreciate her ample breasts. His expression would be “Really motherly breasts”, one of his major fetishes, especially since I was not very well endowed in that way.

As we sat and relaxed, a young woman about thirty came in with a nice tray of steaming hot tea and a few biscuits. Carol introduced her daughter Alice who smiled shyly before she left.

Carol told us that Alice, as well as her brother Ted, were very caring, loving and helpful around the place. Ted was two years older than his sister and generally looked after the accounts and such of the Cottage.

Both Dan and I were really impressed. As Alice went up to our room to make sure everything was right for us, we spent a lovely half hour chatting with our hosts.

“Do you have many guests staying here at the moment, Mrs. Davies?” Dan asked

“Please call me Carol.” Carol laughed. “We are always very informal around here. The cottage is almost always full as some guests like yourselves without young children of their own come for long weekends or even extended stays.. We make sure that every need is catered for and this means that people come back time and time again. So yes, we will be complete filled up during your stay.”

“You say there are no children, Carol, but you advertise Family Fun?” I said picking up on that comment.

“Yes, Lisa, we do.” Bob chuckled ‘We encourage a more adult clientele as young children tend to be noisy and a bit disruptive. Quite often parents who are in their forties and fifties and sixties are accompanied by their married or adult children and their spouses. They have the freedom to do whatever they wish without any restriction whatsoever. It is a Family Fun establishment.”

“That sounds most intriguing, Bob, no restrictions whatsoever?” I laughed

“Our guests are usually professional people, Lisa, who want the freedom and privacy we offer without any problems or intrusions.” Carol added. “Usually they include business people of all kinds with some doctors and even a priest. Everyone wants security and privacy at times.”

I could see Dan looking at Carol with her very full blouse and imagining doing his ‘doctor fantasy’ with her, where he would have her in his examination room talking quite seriously…”Now then Mrs. Davies, just pull your top off for me so that I can check that your breasts are OK.”…Then adding something like…”My, my Mrs. Davies, they look and feel just fine, especially your big nipples. Have you always had such beautiful nipples?”…His ‘doctor fantasy’ could go on for a while with him asking all sorts of more and more intimate questions.

I felt my nipples stiffen against my bra when I looked down to see a small bulge in Dan’s pants as he ogled Carol’s sizable tits. All of this was exciting but we were still unsure how everything worked at the Cottage.

I was intrigued by her reference to “a priest” and queried it. She smiled and explained

“We have a Catholic priest with us at the moment Lisa. He and his wife are both in their sixties now and here with their grandchildren.”

“Isn’t that a contradiction, Carol? Catholic Priests don’t have wives and certainly not grandchildren?”

“It is a bit unusual I suppose,” Bob Davies laughed “From what I understand, Father John fell out with the orthodox Catholic church almost forty years ago over what is meant by chastity. At that time, he was a very popular young priest and many of his parishioners supported his views so he just broke away and formed his own parish and church. He has been a regular guest for years.”

“But it couldn’t then be a Catholic Church?”

“Perhaps not in the strictest sense but he follows all the Catholic doctrines and still has Confessions and Holy Communion. Over a hundred parishioners followed him at the time. Since then, his flock has grown to over three hundred very devout followers. He is a fascinating man, as you will see. You will like him. Everybody does.”

“What is his wife gaziantep bayan escort like?

“She is really lovely. Although she is sixty two now, I think, she is still so very attractive. She helps Father John with his parish duties and even gives Confession herself.”

“A woman giving Confession?” Dan chimed in.

“You men are all the same,” Carol Davies laughed. “Women are just as capable as men to dispense mercy and understanding and penance, perhaps even better in some cases. She always agreed with Father John’s beliefs. He, on the other hand, needed help so he appointed his Sister Rose as a Deacon.”

“So his wife is a nun?” I asked.

“She is a bit more than that but has a few novice nuns to help her. She is usually referred to as Mother Rose now. It is appropriate as she is so motherly.”

“But Mother Rose gives Confession to the parishioners?”

“Not only parishioners, Lisa. That is one difference to the normal church. She and Father John will give Confession to anyone in the ordinary public if they are asked. Usually all our guests take Confession at some time or other when they are here and they all say it is a wonderful, cathartic experience.”

I was astounded.

“Have you taken Confession, Carol? Are you Catholic?”

“No, I am not Catholic, Lisa,” Carol laughed, “but I regularly take Confession with both Father John and Sister Rose. It is wonderful to unload my sins and indiscretions, large and small. We have found that the secret of a good Confession is to tell everything and not to leave out any little secret.”

Bob Davies supported his wife.

“All the family likes going to Confession, Lisa. Carol and I, as well as our daughter Alice and our son Ted, sometimes go together when we feel we are guilty of joint sinning.”

The conversation had astonished Dan and me. It had also been quite arousing. I could see by his bulge it had affected Dan. It had certainly excited me. My panties were getting damp.

Just then Alice entered the room and spoke to her mother in a very quiet and respectful voice.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kelly’s bedroom is ready now, Mom.”

The way they looked at each other was palpably sensual. Nothing out of place was said or done, but I could almost feel the love…even lust…in her mother’s manner as she bent over and kissed her daughter on the forehead.

“Thank you, love. You can go and see to your brother’s needs now, if you like.”

The pleasure on Alice’s face was very plain as she giggled.

“Thanks, Mom.”

I looked at my husband staring at Alice and her mother, both of whom seemed momentarily oblivious of anyone else in the room. There was much more going on here than was apparent at first glance. I wondered what Dan was thinking and what we would discover during our stay.


For the most part, our drive to The Country Cottage was uneventful, other than getting lost a couple of times on the narrow winding back roads. The place sure was far out in the country. We stopped for lunch in a quaint little town before continuing on and finally found the entrance at the end of a long tree lined gravel lane.

My dick twitched a little as we passed the discrete sign announcing the turnoff, the same sign that got both of us so intrigued when Lisa first found out about this place. When we pulled to a stop and got out of the car, Lisa’s hand tightened slightly on my arm, a sharp intake of breath her only sound.

A stout man with short gray hair and a closely cropped gray beard approached us with a huge smile. I knew without looking that Lisa’s nipples were stiff and possibly her panties moist…the man coming out to greet us was the very embodiment of one of her dearest fantasies.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Kelly. We have been waiting for you to arrive. I am the owner Bob Davies. Don’t worry about your luggage, I will get someone to bring it in for you. Come in and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and meet my wife Carol.”

After handshakes all around, Lisa’s hand gripped mine tightly while we followed Bob into the house. Even before I leaned in to whisper in her ear, I knew she was excited…and aroused.

“Looks like just the right man to pull down your panties and smack your bare ass,” I said softly enough that only she could hear.

She responded with a low moan and weak smile as we entered the house to meet Bob’s wife, Carol.

I stopped momentarily at the doorway seeing Carol for the first time in person. I was immediately in…if not love…very much in lust. She was a matronly woman with short gray hair and large, luscious billowing breasts that I instinctively knew were topped with big brown aureoles and little finger tip sized nipples, the “really motherly breasts” of my dreams and memories.

To make matters even better, Carol was the touchy type, eschewing a welcoming handshake for a warm tight hug. I wondered if she felt my dick hardening as she crushed her soft tits against my chest.

We had barely been seated when a woman about the same age as Lisa and me came in with tea and biscuits, Bob and Carol’s daughter Alice it turned out who, from my perspective, inherited all the right traits from her mother with her large breasts and nice round ass.

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