The Couple Ch. 01

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Big Tits

An erotic exchange between lovers.

Part One: The Seduction


It’s the middle of the work day and you’re up to your elbows in it when there’s a knock at your door. Puzzled because you’ve no meetings scheduled, you rise and head to see who it is, running a hand over your slightly tousled hair as you go. Pulling open the door, the blinds over the window rattling softly as it swings in, revealing a delivery man in a blue jumpsuit with a large, obviously fake birthday cake on a cart. He consults his clipboard then looks up at you, cracking his gum…

“You Armando?” he asks.

Your eyes are glued to the cake, utterly confused. “Uh, yeah,” you stammer. “I’m Armando, but what the hell is this?”

“Hey, I don’t ask questions, I just deliver.”

He motions you aside and pushes the monstrous cake into the room, its blue and yellow icing spelling out in script “SURPRISE!” The delivery man hands out his clipboard for you to sign and, eyes still on the cake, you do so, scrawling quickly in the general vicinity of the line. The delivery guy leaves and you close the door after him, looking at this huge plastic cake sitting in the center of your office.

You cross your arms over your chest and head back to your desk, leaning against the front of it, just waiting, because you know there’s got to be more to this than just a huge plastic cake. You glance over at your door and window, making sure the blinds are drawn and the door is locked. It is then you hear a click followed by the soft sounds of sultry jazz emanating from the cake. A half smile crosses your face as you watch two hands push up and the top tier. Slowly a head topped with black hair emerges, followed by dark eyes, a cute slightly upturned little nose, and wide luscious lips.

I stand with my hands resting on my scantly clad hips and say,

“Surprise, Armando!”


Beyond the smile, you watch as my eyes travel up and down your body…taking in the beauty of the young woman that stands before me, admiring the gentle curve that rises from your hips to your breasts. I marvel at the graceful line of your neck, your pouty lips, eventually coming to rest on your eyes. Not a word is said, yet you know exactly how surprised and pleased I am to receive this gift.

I step forward and offer you my hand to assist you down from the cake. You step out and stand before me; I look down into those dark eyes and slowly, softly speak your name.


I search your face and you look down in a submissive way, and then back up with a shy innocent smile. Your face is so angelic I am breathless. I look to your lips, then back to your eyes, as if asking permission to kiss them. The answer is my image as it is reflected in the dark pool of your eyes and I know it is alright. Tipping my head slightly, I lean in and kiss you. Our lips meet lightly at first…barely brushing. The kiss deepens as the joy of finally being together is realized.

I start to ask how you came to be here, in my office, in my arms. But you raise your hand and place a finger to my lips…

“Shhhhhh… Armando… Shhhh. Let it be and accept this for what it is.”

I smile broadly and pull you into my arms…holding you tightly to me. The embrace is long and warm…I can feel your heart beating, as you can feel mine. We cling to one another; if anything to reassure that we are indeed together. Then we dance to the music of Norah Jones, softly humming the melody to one another.

After a long while we step apart. I shake my head as I look down at your scantly clad body. “Dear Cat…you’ll catch a cold dressed like that.”

I turn around and pull my black leather jacket off the coat stand and wrap it about your shoulders. You turn into the coat and press your back against me. I burry my nose in your hair… inhaling your scent and whisper…

“Are you hungry for something my dear after such a long journey?”


“Mmmmmmm…” I smile as I turn to face you, pulling the leather tighter around myself, covering the skimpy, spangled silver dress that stopped just below the delta of my thighs…

“I could be hungry for something, yes.”

You smile as your eyes make another slow circuit of me. Taking in my long, svelte legs peeking out from beneath the hem of your jacket made absolutely delicious looking by the high stiletto heals that I wear. Pushing back the edges of your sports coat, you put your hands in your pants pockets…

“How hungry are you, dear?” …tipping your head to the side as you await my answer.

Slowly my own eyes travel up and down, hooded beneath thick lashes, and you see a sparkle in the dark orbs. “Oh, I’m very hungry, I think… Yes… very hungry. What did you have in mind, Armando?”

You lean back against your desk and pretend to ponder as I turn away and begin to nib around your office, peeking into every nook and cranny in my curiosity. I bend to take güvenilir bahis a look at something on a low shelf, and the hems of my dress and your coat inch up, revealing the first subtle curves of my firm little bum. I hear a soft sound come from you as you shift, and feel the heat of your gaze on my ass. You speak in a low, husky voice,

“Oh I know what I want now Catalina!”

I turn to face you again, dwarfed by your coat, looking so delicate as I begin to move across the office space towards you. I reach you, standing toe to toe with you and I nudge your legs until they part, letting me push even closer between them. Standing pressed against you, the heat of my body seeping through the fabric of your suit. I tilt my head back to look up at you, saying softly,

“Whatever sounds good to you, Arman.”

Your hands come up and rest on my hips through the leather of your jacket, but you become frustrated with the barrier. Dipping down, sliding your hands up under the edge of your coat until your fingertips graze the silky material of my dress as it hugs my hips. Your strong hands pull my body tighter into the v of your thighs, pressing me against yourself as you reply,

“I think a peach sounds delicious right about now.”


Seeing a seductive smile break over your face I lift you up and turn around to set you on the desktop. Licking my lips I lean in and tenderly kiss yours. Pulling back slightly…the moist flesh full of your scent…I inhale deeply. My tongue barely parting your lips, I slowly slide it one way, then back again.  And with each pass…I press it a little deeper between your lips. My hot mouth covers over yours…full on and firmly as I slither my way into you. Your taste is sweet nectar to me and my eyes close in the delight of it. Kissing deeply…I slide my hands down off your hips and caress the outsides of your thighs. Reaching down under your knees I pull up and outwards…moving to stand between your now open legs.

Eventually breaking the kiss…I lock my eyes on yours and slowly drop to my knees. You lean back on your elbows and wiggle your sexy bottom closer to the edge of the desk. I take hold of your hips to assist you…pressing hard against your flesh. I move my head from one side to the other…placing wet kisses on the insides of your knees. Slowly, inch by inch…my kisses move up your sexy thighs.

The scent and moist traces of your desire are most evident…I am mesmerized by your beauty. With my face between your thighs I gaze up at you, wanting you to see the pleasure this gives me.

All the while my fingertips caress the outer lines of your thighs…and start to tug down on the edges of your lacey panties. Ever so slowly…I pull them lower. At a point where the wet fabric is merely an inch from your creamy sex…I lean forward and grab hold of them with my teeth. Pulling at them…drawing them down your silky thighs and over your knees. You lift up one leg and pull your foot out of the dainty article. Reaching up I grasp your ankle, flicking out my tongue I trace a wet trail up the backside of your calf. Releasing your foot my hands drop to your knees…drawing your legs down…then apart.

My kisses are more firm…moving up the inside of your thighs…one, then the other. Fingers kneading your flesh…I draw my tongue along the line where your thigh meets your hip…up one side, then down the other. And with each pass I slide my hot wet wiggling tongue closer and closer to your dripping pussy.

Pausing here…I look up to be sure you are watching me. And when I know I have your full attention…I lean lower…with my eyes locked on yours…and draw the tip of my tongue upwards along the slick folds of your pouting lips. Just barely brushing them I watch your reaction. Breathing out heavily, my hot breath bathes you. Like a flow of electricity, my touch sends shivers thru your body. Your eyes close part way and your head leans back.

As I had done with the kiss earlier, my tongue spreads your pussy open a little bit more with each stroke. Pressing my lips fully against your quivering sex and with one slow deliberate motion I drive my tongue into you. Your juices flow freely …coating my chin and your anus. I hold you firmly by the hips, and draw up my tongue and flick it across your hardened clit. Your body reacts and bucks upwards as a deep moan escapes your lips.

Moving it to and fro…my tongue is rigid as it presses into your pussy. Alternating between flicking and sucking my mouth covers your sex. Your hips undulate in rhythm to my lashing. The muscles in your legs flex and tighten…my tongue diving harder and faster into your wet little pussy.

You taste so sweet to me. Sucking your cunt, I relish every drop of your creamy nectar. I feel you begin to spasm as you draw closer to orgasm. My lips wrap about your hard clit and begin to suck on it like a straw. And at that very moment I reach up and slide türkçe bahis a finger into your aching pussy. First one, then two press into you…moving rapidly in and out…finger fucking it hard. My lips suck relentlessly on your clit as the orgasm washes over you.


My head thrown back, legs weak and trembling, I half lay over the desk, panting fast breaths in and out of my straining lungs. My heart beats hard in the soft spot below my neck, and it throbs in my ears… The haze clears as I feel your tongue still lapping slowly at my pulsing pussy, taking up every drop of my sweet cream. My hips jerk slightly as your tongue touches the tip of my clit, the flesh still too sensitive to bear it. I chuckle huskily as you look up at me from your crouched position between my legs and say…

“Did you enjoy your peach, Armando?”

I watch as you smile devilishly and stand, grabbing my hips just a bit roughly and pressing your hard bulge against my pussy, your steel like arms holding my body to yours. You grind against me, replying…

“Mmmmm…what do you think? After all, it was a very tasty peach…”

I laugh and feel your hand dip down between my thighs, pushing your finger into my pussy. I whimper in pleasure, and my eyes widen slightly as you remove it, dripping with my juices, and hold it to my lips…

“In fact, Cat, it was such a tasty treat that I feel bad keeping it all to myself. Want a taste?”

I lean forward, with eyes still focused on you as my mouth opens slowly engulfing your finger. My lips close around the digit, tongue presses like wet satin against you as I firmly suck all my cream off your finger.

“MMMMmmmm… You’re right, Armando. A very sweet peach indeed.”

You laugh softly, reaching up and pulling the jacket off my shoulders, tossing it away.

“You’re not cold anymore, are you dear one?” I shake my head, reaching down for the hem of my dress and pulling it slowly up my body.

“Not at all, Armando…in fact, I’m rather hot.” The dress comes up and off, flying away the same path as the jacket.

Laughing softly as I sit before you, my bare little ass on the edge of your desk, nipples hard upon pert breasts. I shake my hair back, letting it flow down behind me like black silk, I loop my arms around your neck, and slide one foot up your calf.

“It’s hardly fair though,” I say with a pout, “that I’m all naked and you’ve still got your tie on, for goodness’ sake!”

“Well, that can be remedied dear one” you say with a laugh.

Eagerly, my hands reach for your tie, loosening it and pulling it over your head, tossing it away to lay with the other discarded clothes. My fingertips race over your buttons, opening them quickly and revealing your hair covered chest. Distracted from my task and with approving pleased sounds bubbling up from within me, I drive my fingers into your chest and comb through it.

I lean forward, pressing a hot moist kiss to your collarbone. My hands sift down and reach your belt. Beneath their deft ministrations it flips open, followed by the button of your pants, and then your fly. I look up at you and laugh softly as my hand disappears into the opening I made.

“Well well well… What do we have here?”


What you find is a very hard cock which jerks somewhat when you touch it, and a deep moan rumbles in my chest.

“Oh yes Cat…mmmmm that’s for you. Can you feel how hard it is for you baby?”

You smile and tug me closer to you…

“Yes I can Arman…and I want it now!”

Saying this, we remove the rest of my clothing and toss it in the pile.

You wrap your legs around my thighs and you use your well muscled extremities to pull me closer. My cock in eager anticipation heads directly for your well oiled pussy. I pause as the bulging head begins to press against your pouty petals and we look deeply into one another’s eyes. There is such a look of devotion and desire passing between us, we utter not a word.

Your eyes close somewhat as I press myself into you. Slowly I burry my cock into you until my balls slap against your ass. So wet and hot…your pussy sucks my raging manhood right in. You feel it press against your g-spot and a shiver of erotic electricity courses through your body. You moan and close your eyes tightly drawing your legs in tight to hold me in that position. You rock your hips slightly to increase the sensation and you begin to shudder.

Our lips find each others and we kiss deeply… passing precious air between us…our souls mingling. We moan into one another’s mouths in a guttural cry of lust. Your legs release me and I begin to pump my cock in and out rapidly. I pull it out so just the tip remains nestled in the engorged folds…then ram it back in hard and deep. We break the kiss lest we pass out from lack of oxygen, gasping hard to retain consciousness as the waves of pleasure wash over us. You can feel my cock swell even güvenilir bahis siteleri larger as my balls spasm with the impending orgasm.

“Yes…mmmmmmmmm oh yes Cat…you are soooooo good…baby…mmmmmmmm I’m so close baby… … ummmmmahhhh… …”


“OH yes, ARMANDO!”

My voice is ragged, broken as I buck my hips up into yours,

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

My nails tear down your back as I lift into you, raising my hips to the thrusts of your cock deep inside my sopping, sloppy pussy. I semi-recline on the desk, the motion tensing my lower stomach which causes my pussy to clench like a fist about your cock, and you shudder with the added tightness the motion gives to my already snug cunt.

Abruptly, you pull completely out of me, answering my cry of dismay with your hands on me, pulling me up to stand before the desk, spinning me around and pushing me down again, your hand between my shoulder blades so I lay belly-down over the desk. You nudge my legs apart with yours and move between my thighs, guiding your aching cock back into my welcoming pussy. You watch yourself thrust in and out of me. How you move with slow precision, long liquid strokes that push and pull your hot throbbing flesh in and out of my swollen dark pink lips. They suck at your cock, trying to draw you in as I squirm and whimper with need. My hands pressed flat to the glossy surface of your desk as I rise to my tip toes, arching back at you. Your words come to me, husky and dark…

“You like me fucking you, don’t you? God it’s so hot, watching my cock ram in and out of that sweet little pussy… Your lips keep pulling at me, like they don’t want me to leave…”

Your words are punctuated by your thrusting hips.

“Do you need me, Catalina? Need me to fuck you senseless? Say it…”

Your hand wraps tight in my hair as you ease the motion of your hips. Your cock glides achingly slow in and out of my pussy. Ready to scream for want of you, that elusive orgasms hovering just out of reach, I reply brokenly, the sweat rolling down my back,

“Yes, yes yes! I need you, Arman, I need you to fuck my aching pussy, fuck me senseless… Oh, God, please!”

Your thrusts become erratic now, rough and hard and fast, driving us both closer and closer and closer to the peak.


Moving my hips forward and back driving my cock deeply into you. Pulling you upwards, causing your back to arch, I release one hands hold from your hair and cup it over your soft breast. Tweaking the nipple between my fingers… pulling on it just as my cock reaches its deepest penetration.

“Oh yes Catalina…I’m going to fuck you…mmmmm yes gonna fuck that sweet pussy of yours.”

I hear you moan loudly in reply and I vary the speed at which my cock is pounding into you. At one point…I stop just as I pull out … and grab my throbbing tool to move it up and down along your wet folds. I press the swollen head against your clit, then drive back into you hard and deep.

Your moans turn to screams of pleasure as I hammer at your cunt. I pull even harder on your hair and lean over to growl to your ear…

“Mmmmmmm and you like it rough too don’t you my little fuck toy?”

You stammer that you do…and then beg me to fuck you harder…to never stop. This said I release your breast and slap the flat of my hand hard on your upper hip. My strong fingers kneed the flesh, my moans grow more urgent as the impact of this drives home. I realize that I’m a mere heartbeat away from an earth shattering orgasm and reluctantly I pull free.

Turning you over once again, grabbing your ankles and pulling your legs upwards. Stepping in I press my man flesh against your very swollen lips and look up at you. Your flushed angelic face is twisted in such a look of concentration I press my cock in slowly and instruct you to touch your clit.

Eagerly you comply… sliding your shaking hand down over your breast, pausing briefly to tug at your nipple… then down over your stomach. Your fingers slip past your pussy to feel my balls as they ram against your wet ass, working their way eventually to your hard protruding clit.

I look down at you and groan. The sight of you playing with yourself drives me absolutely crazy… and I ram myself into you with the fury of a madman. I arch my head back straining to hold off the white light. The edges of my vision begin to blur, the only thing I see is your beautiful face. Hearing you pant in short gasps as you draw inevitably closer to climax.

Your legs are propped up on my shoulders… my hands caressing your thighs. I’m concentrating with equal fervor to assure that we reach the ultimate high at the same moment.



I can feel my climax surging closer and closer, burning up my thighs, tensing the muscles in their wake until my body is drawn tight as a bow string. My cunt is clenched around your cock like a miser’s fist around his gold. My breath grows ragged, turning into whimpering pants that keep time with your thrusts until I scream as the orgasm envelopes me. Your voice comes to me,

“Yes, baby, yes… Cum for me… cum for me now…”

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