The Coupon Book

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It was a month before my birthday and my wife Chris presented me with a festive red envelope upon which was written, “Happy birthday!”

Feeling honored I grinned expectantly and opened it to find a homemade coupon book.

The cover said, “The Twelve Jays Of Chris” – a pun on the holiday saying. To understand you just need to know that my wife always calls a BJ a Jay.

Paging through it there were a variety of cutely named jays: “An Arctic Jay” which I soon learned was a BJ with cooling menthol in her mouth.

The second was called “The Whipped Jay” which I later learned was a BJ with whipped cream and did not involve any leather straps.

Inside was also “The Spicy Jay”, “The Public Jay”, “The Surprise Jay” and a bunch of others.

She told me that the twelve jays would conclude on my birthday and would fulfill my deepest subconscious desires.

There’s something you should know about Chris, she loves giving pleasure more than she likes receiving it. Actually, she can’t have orgasms herself, but she’s content to provide lots of blowjobs and spreads her legs whenever I’m in the mood.

So what is it about human nature that we always want what we can’t have? Most guys would kill for a woman so ready to give blowjobs and so apt to fuck. My friend’s complain that they are undersexed. But I wanted to give my wife the big O. Somehow it made me feel less manly that I couldn’t.

In any case, with the coupon book, my curiosity was continually primed and every few days I received a new novel blowjob.

My favorite was the “Bugger Jay” when she wiggled her finger up my bung near the end. I loved it not just for the titillating sensations but for the latent homo eroticism too, not that I would admit that to Chris.

Yes, I’ve toyed with gay thoughts now and then, but her finger was as close to the real thing as I’d ever gotten. Generally, I just dismiss those random thoughts as soon as they bubble up.

The day of the big finale arrived and I showered and shaved to get myself ready. All day I wondered when it would happen and just how she would surprise me. I doubted there could be any new ways to receive a blowie at this point.

She tied me willingly to the bed for this one.

I had thought she was going to tie me down for the one called the “Tied Jay” but instead she frigged herself while blowing me. Her pussy had been right above my face allowing me to watch her fake an orgasm. She even fingered her ass. She timed it so we both “came” at the same time – a tie. It was a masterpiece of sexual theatre.

Anyway, for the “Surprise Jay” I was tied naked to the bed with a blindfold on.

My dick ached from being hard in anticipation. Chris danced around the room gaily, “You’re gonna like this one the most. In fact, you’ve been waiting for a jay like this ever since you knew what a dick was for.

Next, I felt her standing on the bed, still dancing, and making up tunes, “It’s going to be wild. It’s going to be new.”

She crouched while still dancing, lightly grazing her ripe pussy against my willing lips. The aroma was intoxicating. She teased me, “You’re going to have new sensations and scary feelings.”

Facing me, she sat on my dick, squeezing it between her buns, “But trust me. I know you better than you know yourself.”

My mysterious wife lifted one delicate foot, then dipped her big toe into my mouth. “Suck it! Pleasure my toe like I’ve sucked your cock these last eleven times. Suck it like it’s my cock.”

We’d never done that before, but, ok, why not? I sucked on her toe like sucking on a cock. My latent gayness welled up inside me. I swear, like a sexual version of The Grinch, my dick grew two sizes larger sucking that toe.

Chris giggled, getting up on her feet once again. She stood with one foot by my left ear and one Büyükesat Escort by my right.

She started narrating, “The way I’m standing my pussy is directly above your mouth. It’s a whole legs-length away but directly above it.

In fact, if I frig myself right now, when I cum, any lady cum I make will drop right in your mouth.” More sexual drama.

The thought of Chris having an orgasm and cuming in my mouth made my cock leap in anticipation of a climax. Such a shame it couldn’t happen for her.

“Would you like me to masturbate? Do you want me to drop cum into your mouth?” I nodded enthusiastically, playing along, holding my mouth wide open.

Chris pushed the envelope,”When my cum lands in your mouth you could pretend it’s your cum leaking from my pussy.”

That seemed more realistic and every bit as stimulating.

Then she taunted me, “My freshly fucked pussy could leak semen into your mouth. You need that don’t you?”

It’s a dream of mine to eat her after filling her with cum. But I’ve never remotely done anything to make it happen.

“Aaaw, but I’m sorry my dear husband, there’s no cum in my pussy, and if you were to put some in there it would spoil the jay.

Sadly, there are no creampies on the menu for you to eat tonight.”

I didn’t know Chris knew what a creampie was, but she must have done a lot of internet searching to come up with eleven unique ways to suck cock. Presumably she just ran across the term. Just her saying the word filled me with wanton hope.

She changed her tone to mock me michiefiously, “Are you disappointed that you won’t be eating fresh spunk tonight? Poor baby.” She tapped my lips with her finger as she enunciated those last two words.

She changed her tune to be more ironic, “Should we find a way to put it on the menu?” She ran her finger lightly around my lips before gently sticking just the tip inside momentarily. Spunk was another new vocabulary word for her.

By now, I’d guessed the surprise, I just knew it. She was going to snowball me. It was another secret fantasy of mine. “Yes!” I answered, “Feed me cum. I’m ready.”

I heard and felt her dance around quite a bit more. She danced airily from one side of the room to the other. She danced on the bed, off the bed, and back up on the bed again.

Finally, hovering above my chest, the dancing stopped. “Did you like licking my pussy just a few minutes ago? Do you like giving pleasure?”

“Yes! Yes! I love giving pleasure.” And yes I loved licking her snatch, I only wished I could lick her to completion. But in the meantime my secret was that I would like to kneel before a man and provide him pleasure – to completion.

“Did you like sucking cock?” I stopped daydreaming and came back to reality. She was blatantly alluding to the toe sucking.

I gave her the answer that she, as director of our libidinous play, was expecting, “Yes! I love sucking cock” Oh, little did she know. She meant her toe when she said ‘cock’ but I thought of the word literally. And the words I recited were secretly true. Someday I would suck a cock.

Knowing what she was doing, she baited me, “Did you like pretending that semen would drip into your mouth?”

“Yes! I want semen to drip into my mouth.” Again, she was clueless, because I really wanted that. Just not the imaginative way she described it.

She kept up her torment, “Are you ready for fresh spoooge to be on the menu?

I played along, “Yes! Feed me fresh cum. I’m more than ready.” But in reality, cum from her cunt, cum from her mouth, I didn’t care where it came from.

My cock was going to explode without being touched if I kept thinking about eating fresh spooge.

It was curious how she kept revealing new jargon. After five Elvankent Escort years with her I pretty much knew the extent of her vocabulary. So far she’d never used a word I didn’t know myself.

“Come on Chris! I’m begging you. I’m ready for the blowjob. I can’t wait any longer.”

Her next words were the turning point, “OK then. You heard him Jay. Start the blowjob.”

For just a second I was confused. Then the body I thought was Chris leaned forward inserting a hard cock into my mouth.

It was my secret desire, but that’s just it. It was a secret. At this moment my dear wife was watching and that made this NOT a secret.

I struggled against Jay, whoever that was, trying to expel the cock.

Chris moved so her mouth was near my ear, “I got you what you wanted. See? I told you the last jay would be scary. I told you I knew you better than you know yourself.”

I struggled to think of ways to deny what she already knew. With that hard cock in my mouth I could only shake my head to refuse it.

While I was stressed, in contrast her voice was so cheery, “You should relax and enjoy it. At this point it’s going to keep going to its logical conclusion so you might as well suck off our friend Jay here.”

I felt her arm reach around my head. Then his cock moved slightly as she must have jerked on Jay’s tasty cock.

I almost succumbed: if it was going to happen no matter what, I could always admit nothing and claim I never wanted it after the fact.

I did relax and I did start to enjoy it. Though thankfully she had no way of knowing how I felt about it.

Her whispering was soft and soothing, “You have my permission, my approval. You see, I’ve known for a long time. Since before we were married. And I love you.

I still love you even though your deepest desire is to suck a cock.”

How did she know? Now I doubted that she couldn’t know my secret thoughts. She was a fucking mind reader!

Jay pushed an inch or so of long dreamed of cock into me.

And Chris…she never stopped talking, “It hurt me the first time you said it. But you can’t control your subconscious thoughts any more than you can control what you say when you’re asleep.”

Her words slammed into my mind: I talk in my sleep? She’d never mentioned it.

The end of his luscious cock reached the back of my mouth.

Chris continued, “I’ve listened to you relate your stories and describe what you want. Always in little snippets. Rarely more than a sentence or two at a time. I was angry for a few years but I’ve had an epiphany.

After five years those fragments of dreams added up to create a whole picture. Odd that I had what none of my girlfriends had: a husband who shared his innermost thoughts.”

She kissed my cheek. Surely she felt his cock in my mouth through the flesh of my cheek.

“Honey, there’s no need to hide anymore. Go on. Suck Jay’s cock.”

His balls touched my chin lightly and her fingers stroked both my chin and his balls.

Then Jay withdrew most of his thickish tube from me. I toyed with the notion that I could suck it. I had permission.

But regardless of her words, would she think less of me after?

Her tone became more urgent, “You have desires. We all have desires. Women who say they don’t like porn get just as turned on as men. They just don’t know it because they don’t have a cock tell them.”

I had heard that before. It was an actual scientific study. When did she get so worldly? Where was she going with that train of thought?

Now she spoke matter of factly, “You’ve liked sucking cock ever since your first orgasm, even if you didn’t know it.”

Jay pressed back in again, stretching my lips.

Yet her monologue continued, “And when I listened Beşevler Escort to your little pornographic dreams night after night. Well I liked it even though I didn’t know it.

But now I do. I love your desire to suck cock, it turns me on just like every woman is turned on by porn.”

Jay pulled back. I wished I could see that wonderful cock sliding out of my mouth.

“So suck Jay’s cock.” She implored, “Suck it for me. Show me how you suck a cock now that you have your first chance.”

I wanted to suck it. I wanted it badly. I let my tongue massage the cockhead just a little. Subtly, so she couldn’t see it.

“You wanna know why I’m doing this? You see, a month ago I was listening to another one of your dreams of sucking cock. It was a particularly good one. Good enough to make me want to touch myself. But then, in your dream, you said you wanted a finger up your ass. I tried it on myself – and I had an orgasm. My first!”

Now that was a revelation! My dear cumless wife had had an orgasm. I needed to talk to her about it, but of course couldn’t with a cock plunging in and out.

“It’s already in your mouth. Suck it for Jay. Give him pleasure.”

I could speed this up. I liked it anyway. I’d already licked the crown. What difference would it make?

I tightened my lips and tentatively gave it a suck. Just one. She was behind me anyway. She couldn’t see such small movements.

Now I heard passion in her urgent words, “Give him pleasure like your dreams have been giving me pleasure this last month when I frig every night listening.”

Jay picked up the pace and I loved it. My cock even came back to life.

Her thoughts got sexier and sexier, “And when you’re done, when he cums in your mouth. I want you to share it with me. I’m gonna kiss you and I want you to snowball it back to me.

That’s another one of those words I learned from your dreams.

I learned everything I know about sex from your dreams. Every idea I got for a jay came from you. I just turned them around.”

My mouth betrayed me, both at night and right now. I was sucking with obvious slurping sounds. And Jay was making his own sounds, like he was enjoying what I was so clearly doing.

Chris moved around from my head to my straining taut-skinned cock.

“Do it to Jay just like I’m doing to you. Just copy me.”

So I sucked Jay more earnestly. I did to him exactly what she did to me.

The time it took was too short. He came in my mouth and a second later when Chris jammed her finger up my bum, I came in her mouth.

The man I’d never met or seen, Jay, pulled out and just walked out of the room.

Then Chris kissed me. She kissed me with Jay’s cum in my mouth. She kissed me with my cum in her mouth. And the two loads of cum mixed together to make one super load.

It was huge. It was slimy and warm. The slippery goo swished around over my gums, then back and forth between us.

Her tongue was coated in gunk – and so was mine.

The best part of it was how she furiously frigged her pussy and ass while we kissed.

When she came she stopped kissing me long enough to call out in her orgasmic delirium, I love you sucking cock it turns me on enough to cum.

Coming down from her climax, Chris caught her breath. Now speaking self-reflectively she said, “But the most important thing I learned about coming was that I can only do it with a finger up my ass.

My amazing wife kissed my forehead, untying the ropes, “So from now on you’re gonna suck lots of cock and we’re gonna stick lots of stuff up my ass.”

Author’s note:

If you liked my story please give it a good rating. Add it to your favorites to read later if you want. Follow me and you’ll see all my stuff.

I try but don’t always succeed in creating a good story. Please add comments so I know what I’m doing well and what to improve on. If you want to talk I’ll answer your friendly comments.

I often attempt to create tension in the main character’s motives. In turn, this often means that characters in the story have flaws and might not even be nice to each other all the time.

I really appreciate polite comments!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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