The Craftons

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The Craftons! A well off African American family living the American dream in their upscale neighborhood. However, like most families, they have secrets, dark secrets


This story contains incest, bisexuality, interracial sex and other taboos and deviancies. If you are in ANYWAY offended by any of these themes, do not even start reading! It will save you the trouble of flaming me in your ratings and comments.

Chapter 1

Carter and Caitlin Crafton lay head to toe on the couch in Carter’s third floor apartment. The late summer sun streamed in the old stained glass windows warming their naked bodies. The interplay of colored light and shadow added an ethereal quality to their lovemaking.

Languidly, Caitlin licked their comingled juices from her brother’s cock, reveling in the heady taste of that forbidden nectar. There was no hurry. Their frenetic lovemaking had temporarily sated that urgent need. Now was the time to savor the feel and taste of their bodies, to languish in the warmth of afterglow.

She loved how her twin’s acorn shaped head slid comfortably into her mouth and touched the back of her throat. The corners of her mouth ached slightly as she opened wide to accept him down her throat. Years of practice had taught her how to take all of his considerable length and girth into her mouth and throat. Until she dated her husband, Johnny Hampton, she foolishly thought all cocks were this large.

Carter French kissed his sister’s pussy, forcing his tongue deep in her flooded tunnel savoring the heady blend of their essence. He could feel the slipperiness of her pussy lips on his mouth as he tongue fucked her. He smiled as he felt their juices slip past his tongue and run down his chin and neck. He had come in her pussy twice and her mouth once in their morning of play. They always ended like this, laying head to toe, kissing, licking and cleaning each other. He savored the intimacy of these moments

This and similar scenes were repeated many times over the years. Their love for each other knew no bounds. Unlike most siblings, they never fought. Their closeness was the result of ambitious parents whom seeking to make a better life for the family, neglected their children during the formative years. Nannies provided supervision; the siblings supplied the love. The one stabilizing force in their lives was Halvatia Curry, the longtime cook/housekeeper.

At 22, carrying her brother’s baby, Caitlin hurriedly married John Hampton and moved into the coach house behind the Hyde Park home. She suspected her husband knew the baby was not his. She was sure he did not know it was her brother’s baby.

The main house was an old three story Victorian that Tom and June Crafton bought cheap and rehabbed. The first floor was a ballroom, foyer and kitchen. They left the large foyer intact. They split the enormous ballroom in two. The part adjacent to the kitchen became the dining room/breakfast area. The rear portion became the solarium with a large Jacuzzi. It fronted the newly installed Japanese garden with its pagoda.

The second floor had been the four bedroom family quarters. June Crafton turned it into two large bedrooms with a central living/sitting area between the bedrooms. Each bedroom had its own bathroom.

The third floor was Carter’s apartment. It was the old servants’ quarters. Originally, it was four small bedrooms with a kitchen and tiny bath. June turned it into an en suite large bedroom with game/media room. One feature of the apartment was a rear staircase so the servants could enter and leave the house without entering the main house. It started in the game room and let out between the back of the house and the coach house.

They upgraded but kept the old elevator with its ornate hand crafted wrought iron cage and its Tiffany glass ceiling and cage inserts.

The Crafton’s were not wealthy but comfortable. Judicious real estate investments provided a steady income.

“I’d better go! Mom and dad will be home soon!”

“Aww Caitlin, you know how much I miss doing this!”

“I know, little brother, but I’m an old married woman now. I have a husband and baby to look after!”

“How is our daughter?”

“She looks more and more like you each day!”

Carter slipped a finger in his twin’s swollen pussy lips. She grabbed his hand and held it tight.

“Stop it! I’m already sore from us fucking and sucking all morning! What if Johnny wants to fuck?”

“The way he smiles at me sometimes, I wonder if pussy is his thing!”

“You are so bad! I’ll have you know he takes good care of his homework! He may act effeminate but he knows how to lay pipe!”

“Has he figured out that your super wet pussy is really you full of my come?”

“No, Caitlin giggled, but he says he loves the way I taste!”

They laughed at her husband’s developing taste for her come-filled pussy.

They lost their virginity güvenilir bahis together. For four blissful years, their educated each other about sex. The curriculum was books, porn movies and a copy of the Kama Sutra. They thoroughly explored the many and varied positions. Their sexual knowledge had a lot of depth but its breadth was limited.

They shared a bedroom for most of their life. Then their mom had Caitlin move into the second floor bedroom of the newly remodeled house. When Caitlin protested, June admonished her saying that she and her brother were old enough to have their own rooms.

Caitlin was a petite Jada Picket Smith look alike. At 5′ 0″, she carried her 115 pounds in her wide full hips and the soft curve of her 34B breasts. Her skin was the color of dark chocolate with cream. Carter religiously kept her pussy shaved. He loved the smooth clean puffy look of her prominent labia.

She retrieved her denim shorts and shimmied them over her hips causing her breasts to sway gently. Caitlin was a fuller body version of her mother’s 5′ 2″; 105 pounds while Carter’s 6′ 2″ 210 pounds and dark chocolate complexion mirrored his father’s frame and skin save for his father’s prominent belly pooch.

“How serious do you think mom and dad’s problems are?”

The siblings were aware that June Crafton moved into Caitlin’s old bedroom shortly after Caitlin’s marriage.

“It’s serious, but the arguments have stopped since mom moved into your old room.”

Caitlin pulled the soft cotton of her oversized tee shirt over her head. She reached back and pulled her dreadlocks from under the shirt. She had them tinted so alternate strands were a reddish blond. She knelt between her brother’s legs and took his semi hard cock in her small brown hands. She stroked it slowly, her face a study in concentration.

“Hey, you said you were leaving!”

“I am, I am, she said peevishly, it’s just that when I’m worried, your cock is my pacifier!”

She leaned down and lovingly kissed the head of his dick while her brother stroked her head.

“Mom confided in me that she was seeing a doctor. She think she is in menopause!”

Caitlin held her brother’s dick in one hand and licked it from root to tip. Then let her tongue circle the helmet.

“Catlin, I have come three times today! You’ll be sucking a long time before I come again! And what the hell is…whatever you said?”

Caitlin shook her head at the ignorance of men about women’s issues. “She thinks she is going through the change of life. She told me her emotions are all over the place. She told me she goes from horny as a cat in heat to cold and dry.”

“Maybe that is why I don’t hear them pounding the sheets!”

“Well, you know dad is at least ten years older than mom. With his age and her problem, maybe sex is in the rearview mirror!”

“If that is true, then what did they fight about?”

“It’s a little strange to me also, but I have become her confidant! I think mom needs a no strings attached lover. She needs to have someone show her she is still sexy and fuckable.”

Caitlin eyed her brother speculatively.

“What about you, Carter?”

“What about me what?”

As intimate as the siblings were, as much as they shared, sometimes Caitlin could surprise the hell out of Carter.

“You could be mom’s lover!”

“Catty, you have absolutely lost your fucking mind! I am NOT going to fuck mom! That would be….”

“Incest?” Her full lips pulled back in a mischievous grin. “We have been fucking for years. We even have a baby together.”

Carter opened his mouth to protest. She raised one cocoa colored hand.

“You’re always talking about how much we look alike! If she is anything like me, she is a tiger in bed! Besides, it could save our family! Think about it! I had better go!”

Carter shook his head in bewilderment as his sister ran to the rear stairs and left.


Halvatia Curry eyed her friend and employer with concern. June Crafton had just returned from an appointment with her gynecologist. Her doctor told her she was in the early stages of menopause. However, it did not explain her periods of incredible sexual arousal.

“Here, Miss, I fixed some more of my tea fo’ ya’! Drink it down!”

Halvatia Curry, Miss Curry, was 62 years old, had eight kids, buried three husbands and was practitioner of obeah. Obeah was not a religion. There were no churches, no temples. It was a collection of beliefs. Practitioners believe they can channel the essence of the world for good or evil. It centered on potions, spells and talismans. In her small room off the kitchen, she kept the tools of her art.

For her beloved employer, she prepared a special tea. It was a blend of herbs that would ease her through this change. She was concerned that the Miss’ doctor was prescribing some kind of hormone treatment. She knew it was not necessary. Her potions would help her employer through her change. Also, she was not sure türkçe bahis how that would interact with her herbs. Her herbs were powerful drugs also.

June sipped quietly at the steaming hot cup of tea. It had a slight tang as it crossed her tongue. The aroma she inhaled was musky, heady stuff. It refreshed and soothed her. There were no misgivings about letting Miss Curry use her potions and herbs on her. She trusted Miss Curry implicitly. Her parents were killed when she was just an infant. Their will designated Miss Curry as her guardian. She was the only mother she ever knew. She was housekeeper, guardian and confidant.

“I guess it’s just as well. I mean, Tom has no interest in me whatsoever. Hell we even sleep in separate bedrooms now!”

“Men be about whatever it is that moves them. Dey don’t know themselves what it is. It’s women who see and know change.”

June sat back in her chair. Somewhere in that statement, there was a kernel of common sense.

“But what’s a woman to do! She wants to protect her family. But she has needs!”

“Honey, we all have needs. We all go through changes in life. Dem men, dey change. Dey don’t have a monthly so dey don’t see a physical change. But dey change. Some change and go back; others change and move forward.”

“The only change Tom is going through is not fucking me!”

Halvatia chuckled. “Miss, take it from an old woman who had three husbands and mo’ men than I can count. Fucking and love ain’t the same thing! You can fuck someone you don’t love. But loving someone you fuck adds spice to it, like the seasoning in my gumbo!”

June took a sip of her tea and looked at Miss Curry appraisingly. Here I am 45 years old and she still educating me. June had taken Miss Curry’s concoctions before. Sometimes they seemed to work.

“Is Carter home?”

“Yes, Miss he be up in his place!” He just done fucking his sister, Halvatia thought with a shake of her head. Dem children and Miss June gona be the death of me yet.

Chapter 2

The whine of the elevator pulled Carter from his nap. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and set up on his elbows. The pressure of a full bladder caused him to get up and pad barefoot to his bathroom in his boxers. As he relieved himself with the door open, he heard the elevator rattle to a stop on his floor. He tried to reach back and close the door but it was too far away.

At 45, June Crafton was antithesis of the stereotypical Black woman. She was not a big busted, big butt statuesque woman. She was petite Creole with tiny sensitive 32B breasts. Her skin color and her strawberry blond hair looked for the entire world like that female United States senator from Louisiana.

She was trying to process the advice her doctor had given her. They were discussing the side effects of her hormone replacement therapy. Initially her doctor told her the side effects had to be tolerated. She would only be on HRT for a short time. When June balked, her doctor moved around her desk and sat next to her patient. She advised her that while she could not prescribe it, marijuana might relieve the symptoms.

She was distracted as she made her way down the hall to her son’s room. The doctor had also said her hormone replacement therapy seemed to be going well despite her periods of almost intolerable sexual arousal. She said that happened in some women. Even now, her panties were soaked with her secretions. She wondered if Miss Curry’s tea has anything to do with it.

As she passed the open door of Carter’s bathroom, she froze. The commode was parallel to the bathroom door. She could see her son in profile. Her knees almost buckled as she saw the yellow stream spewing with the force of a fire hose from his dark Coke can size cock. It drooped fully 3″ from where his hand gripped it.

“Dammit, Carter, I have told you repeatedly to close this fucking bathroom door!”

“I’m sorry. Mom, but I thought I was home alone until I heard the elevator!” Carter felt an odd thrill as he noted that despite her rant, his mother’s eyes stayed glued to his cock. Thinking back to the conversation with Caitlin, he exaggerated shaking the last drops off before stuffing his cock back in his shorts.

Unconsciously, June Crafton licked her lips. Her eyes trailed up his lightly muscled body with the faint hint of a six-pack. She took in his broad shoulders, thick neck, neatly trimmed beard and gleaming shaved head. She felt her pussy juices gush and run down her leg. Lord, she thought, I hope this new lower dose HRT patch works better than the others do. I am chafed from being wet all of the time.

“Carter,” she said haltingly, her lips dry, her legs weak and trembling, “we need to talk about your marijuana smoking!”

Lord, you know it is bad when my 22 year old son turns me on. A frown played quickly across her mouth as she thought about Tom’s disinterest in her sexually. Had he found some young slut who would spread her legs at the drop of a hat? Or maybe güvenilir bahis siteleri the drop of a check, she thought.

“But mom the agreement was I could treat this as my place!” Carter added pointedly, “you all would respect my privacy!”

Her hands flapped uselessly in the air as she turned and walked across the hall into Carter’s media room. She was uncomfortably wet. She should have showered and changed before coming to her son’s room but she needed to ask him about marijuana.

“I know, I know! By the way, you need to do a better job of venting this room so the house doesn’t fill with that marijuana smell!”

Carter brushed past his mother as he entered the room. His nose twitched and his cock stiffened as the aroma of her arousal caught his nose.

“I’m sorry, mom! Caitlin stopped over and I forgot to open a window.”

June massaged her temples with her fingertips. Aspirin or nothing else helped these headaches. She walked toward the couch in her son’s room. Her doctor told her that the HRT patch would cause some discomfort as her body adjusted. She plopped down, uncaring that her above knee yellow print peasant skirt billowed and settled across her lower thighs.

“Do you have another joint?”

Carter ogled his mom’s slim legs. She was bare legged with open toed sandals on and no makeup. Her matching blouse draped slightly off the shoulder. Her slim build and flat chest made her look like a teenager. Her toenails and fingernails were done in a complimentary gold color.

“Uh, what?”

“A joint! A reefer! Something for the head! Do you have any?”

“Um, yea, hold on!”

Carter went to his small bookshelf. What the fuck, he thought. Mom chews on my ass about reefer smell than ask me for one. A lot of weird shit was going on around here. He removed Webster’s New World Dictionary and took out his stash: a large baggy and one large spiff.

“Mom, This primo weed! If you are not used to this stuff, it can knock you on you’re as…, uh butt!”

“Boy I was doing doobie before you were born! Now get that shit over here!”

Carter lit the J, inhaled deeply and offered it to his mother. She took it, inhaled and started coughing. Carter quickly strode over and patted her on the back. As she was bent double coughing, her blouse gaped open. Carter stared unabashedly at his mother’s tiny tits. Her nipples were prominent and seemed to be hard.

June’s eyes were red and watering as she took another deep toke and held it. When she exhaled only a little smoke came out.

“Just like riding a bicycle, she laughed, you never forget how!”

She offered her son the reefer. He took a deep toke, held it and offered her the J. Trooper that she was, June took another deep inhale, held it and then exhaled slowly. Half the joint was gone.

“More mom?”

She waved off the offered joint. The reefer had caused her arousal to change from an intense wetness to a warm glow suffusing her body but her incipient headache was gone. She had the relaxed otherness that reefer gave you. Your time sense slows. You become an observer of life. Your inhibitions are not gone but you have an altered sense of what is important.

She looked up at her son standing in front of her. She could see the bulge in his shorts. My lord, she thought, my baby is a full grown man. Her gaze fixed on his crotch. And he looks bigger than his daddy does. She reached out and rubbed her open palm up and down her son’s shorts.

“You’re bigger than your father!”

A part of Carter’s brain recoiled as his mother’s open palm rubbed up and down the outside of his boxers. The part influenced by the marijuana enjoyed the sensation of her warm hand. He stood stiff watching her hand slide across his hardening cock.

“Mom, you should stop!”

June eased her fingers through the slit and pulled her son’s cock out. It sprang out as though spring loaded and flopped down the front of his shorts. Her small hands could barely encompass it as she tugged gently. Hell, she thought, I can make a fist around Tom’s cock.

Fascinated, she watched a large thick glob of pre cum ooze from the enormous slit on Carter’s cock. She leaned forward, letting her tongue just touch the glistening droplet. She pulled back slowly, watching the droplet stretch wetly from the Carter’s slit to her tongue. It drooped obscenely, connecting a mother’s tongue to a son’s cock. It parted and she drew her tongue into her mouth, savoring the musky, salty taste. Sometimes Tom would let her do this. However, he was more about fucking than sucking. Not that that was bad thing, she thought. A good hard dick and a hard fuck were always good!

Carter groaned. He reached out and gripped his mom’s head in both hands. Their eyes locked. The fires of lust burned in each of their eyes. Carter pulled his mom’s head forward until her lips just touched the helmet. Fuck, my mother is kissing my cock! My mother! He moved his hips from side to side, smearing his pre come over his mom’s lips. It glistened wetly as if it were some new type of lip gloss.

June sensuously licked her lips, savoring the taste of Carter’s juices. It has been so long, she thought, so fucking long since I had a man’s sperm in my mouth.

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