The Cruise Ch. 02

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I couldn’t believe how nice it was. I pulled it out of the box and held it up in front of me. It felt like silk against my skin, but it had stretch to the material. It was white with what looked to be hand painted orchids and leaves along the right side that wrapped around the back and down the back. It was a tube dress, which meant it had no sleeves, just one long tube of this elegant sexy fabric.

I slid it on. It felt amazing against my skin. I slid it up over my tits, it was tight but just tight enough to stay up. The hem was about mid calf and it had a slit along the left side that went all the way up my thigh. The painted design went just above my ass and made its way down over one of my ass cheeks. The fabric was lustrous and as I admired myself in the mirror I noticed that you could see the shadow highlighting the crack of my ass through the material. It revealed just enough to show I was wearing no panties underneath. It was absolutely gorgeous and I felt so sexy in it.

As I started to close the box, I noticed a small package inside. I opened it and found a jewelry set. Again, it was perfect, a white velvet chocker with a drop pearl attachment. There were small silver chains hanging from either side of the pearl with crystals and beads, it looked very Victorian. There was a set of earring as well, long, dangly pearl chandelier type that matched the necklace. I have to say, he has very good taste. I ran my fingers through my hair and threw it up in one of those messy styles. I had to get into my carry on so I could keep it up. It looked sexier with my hair up, to show off my long neck with the earrings and choker.

I looked a few more times to make sure everything was in place before leaving the bathroom. I stepped out and slowly made my way down the aisle. I felt as if every eye in the place was on me. The flight attendant was busy with a passenger and as she turned to look my way, she looked as if she had lost her breath. She put a hand over her heart and mouthed…”wow”. I was blushing. I had to pass her and as I did she rubbed against me, grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear, “delicious” I blushed again and giggled.

As I passed her I noticed Elliot stand and look at me. He put both of his hands on the seat and grinned widely. He stepped into the aisle as I approached him he reached for my hands and held them out in front of me. He looked me up and down and then twirled me around in the aisle, slowly. Then he turned me to face him again, “Even better than I had imagined.” He said and kissed my cheek. He made his way back to his seat and sat down.

“I need my carry on so that I can do something with my hair” I told him as I held it up. “Don’t you think it would look good up, with this outfit?”

“Oh yeah,” he said

I leaned in right in front of him and reached for the overhead compartment. I fumbled around in it for a few moments and pretended to loose my balance. I almost fell right on top of him, catching myself on the back of his seat with both hands on either side of his head. He caught me with his hands right on my waist. He was staring right at my tits and I felt them getting hard. He lifted his head and rubbed his face against my breasts, I felt his hands sliding up and down my sides, over my hips, around to my ass. He had his eyes closed and was smiling. He was enjoying the feel of the material against me and I was enjoying it as well.

I stood up quickly, and grabbed my bad. I closed the overhead and sat down next to him. He turned his head to me and shook his head, “Hmmmmm, ” he sighed heavily. “Mmm, mmm, mmm, just incredible.”

I just grinned and began to fumble around in my bag. I grabbed my mirror and a few clips. I pulled my hair up and gathered it with the clips in one of my “just fucked hair dos” as I like bahis firmaları to call it. I pulled out a few little wisps of hair around my face. “There,” I said, “you like?”

“I love.” He whispered.

We sat there for a few moments and before too long they were instructing us that it was time to land. Where had the time gone? It was quite a trip. And we were ready to start our adventure…again.

As our plane came down, we waited for the other passengers to exit before getting our things together. We headed for the door and once again there was our flight attendant. “I hope you had a pleasant flight and I look forward to servicing, I mean serving you again soon” she said with a smile. I gave her a quick hug and peck on the cheek.

” I think it is only fair to repay a favor.” I teased her.

She grinned wide and motioned for us to leave. “I can only hope.” She said. We walked through the door and out towards the terminal. Quite a memorable trip so far I thought to myself.

We walked to the baggage claim and waited for our luggage. Elliot motioned to a young guy who was standing there. He walked our way. Elliot walked over to meet him and they spoke for a moment and the guy walked away. A little while later a man came towards us with a small cart. Once again Elliot spoke with him and the guy loaded our bags onto the cart. He wheeled it out in front of us and said, “Please follow me.”

We walked behind him as he wheeled the cart towards the doors. The doors opened and there was a white limo parked at the curb, door opened with the driver standing at attention behind it. Elliot held my hand, helping me inside then he slid in next to me. The door was closed as the bags were loaded in the trunk. There was another bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. I felt like I was dreaming. I had never been so spoiled, so pampered. I began to sniffle a bit. A tear ran down my cheek.

“Baby, is everything ok?” Elliot questioned me.

“Perfect.” I whispered. And pouted at him a bit.

“Oh, come here sweetie.” He said and gave me a firm hug. “Please don’t cry babe, this is all for you, I want you to feel like the princess you are. Please just let me treasure you.”

“I’m just not used to it.” I told him. “I somehow feel like I don’t deserve it, like you will find out that I am not who you think I am and feel like you have made a huge mistake.” I was beginning to ramble.

“Shhhhhh…drink this.” He said and handed me a glass of champagne. “Drink the whole thing, straight down and don’t stop, trust me.” I did as he said. It was quite bubbly and made my eyes water. As soon as I had finished downing the drink I let out a huge burp! I raised my hand to my mouth, pretty embarrassed.

“Ok, that’s it!” He said “I could never date anyone that can let out a sound like that!” And he began to laugh, we began to laugh. It was definitely an icebreaker. I felt more relaxed again. We drove to the hotel and were treated like royalty. Everything was done for us. Doors opened, buttons pushed, bags handled. We were taken to our room and as the door was opened, I once again, felt a little weak.

It must have been the nicest room in the hotel! It was beautiful! It was a huge open suite with a sitting area and sunken tub right in the middle of the room. There was a wonderful view, flowers filled the room, the best of everything and there was nothing more we could have asked for. I don’t think I would ever want to leave. I just stood there taking it all in as Elliot talked to the people around us. The bags were in the people left and the door was closed.

“Well…what do you think?” Elliot asked.

I ran into his arms and threw myself at him. I kissed him and he grabbed me, sweeping me up into his arms and carried me over to the bed. We fell into kaçak iddaa the bed, never letting go of each other. We kissed and touched and felt all over each other. I reached for his shirt and ripped it open I wanted to feel his skin. I kissed his neck and bit him. I worked my way down to his chest and sucked at his nipples.

I fumbled for his belt and then his zipper. I continued to lick and suck and kiss at his chest as I managed to get his pants opened. I sat up on my knees and slid the dress up over my head and reached down to slide his pants down. I grabbed his arms and raised them up over his head and left them there. I wanted him to just lie there, just let me take advantage of him. I lay down on top of him and kissed his mouth, my tongue exploring his. I rubbed my hands all over his body, as I tasted him. I moved slowly with my tongue and hands down to his crotch. His cock was so hard. I licked all around his thighs and tickled around his balls. Then I took his dick in my mouth, no hands and began to suckle it. Slowly I worked the length of it into my wet mouth. I sucked slowly and softly, getting every inch of it. Then I put his balls in my hand as I massaged them. I grabbed his shaft with my hand and began to suck it deeper and deeper, feeling it fill my throat, once I had it buried in my throat I began to swallow and use my tongue to massage his cock.

He moaned deeply, “Oh God…that is so good.” He was panting. He sucked his breath in deeply and then let it out with a deep moan. “Mmmmmm”

I used both hands to massage his balls and stroke his cock. I managed to stop working his cock long enough to suck his balls into my mouth, he tasted so good, just as I had remembered. I continued sucking his huge cock lovingly as I slowly worked my fingers back between his ass. I massaged his asshole slowly and he moaned a bit louder, “oh yes, that’s good” he said.

I made my way down between his legs and spread them farther apart so that I could have better access. I sucked at his balls again and licked from right under his balls back to his asshole. I slowly slid my tongue in as I continued stroking his hard cock. I slid my tongue in as far as I could when I felt him grab his legs and hold them up. Mmmm, that was perfect. I could have easy access to all of it. I spread his ass cheeks wide and began to eat his asshole. I rammed my tongue in and sucked at it. I worked my tongue up and down, to his ass, to his balls.

I licked a finger to lubricate it and began to work it into his tight asshole as I continued licking and teasing it. I slid it in slowly and started to finger him as I slowly made my way back up to his cock. I rammed it deep into my throat surprising him. “Ahhhh! Oh Yes!!!!” He screamed out loud. “Oh SHIT! YES!” I kept deep throating his cock as I fucked his ass with my finger. I had my finger deep in his ass, massaging his prostate, sucking his dick deeply and passionately. I wanted this to be the best blowjob ever! I wanted him to think I was the best he had ever had. I was lost in him. My mouth was making love to his cock and I was so wet! I wanted him so badly; I wanted him to be into me, I wanted him to love me.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!” He was screaming. “OH BABY!” “I, I, I’m gonna cummmm…oh God!” He started to jerk and buck under me as he made my finger fuck his ass deeply. He was fucking my face with his cock, ramming it deeper and deeper. I started to gag as I felt his cum shoot from his cock and down my throat. “AHHHHH…OHHHHH BABY! DAMN IT! Fuck yessssssssssssssss!” He was cumming. It was filling my throat and mouth. There was so much that it ran from the sides of my lips. I slid my finger from his ass slowly and he lowered his legs down onto the bed, knees up bucking his hips up into my face. I shoved his cock into my mouth and kaçak bahis sucked it, getting every drop.

I felt his body go limp as he stretched his legs straight out and he threw his arms up to his face, covering it. He shook his head and took a deep breath and then threw his hands back down, slamming them hard onto the bed. “MY God woman! I don’t know where you learned all that, but damn, whew…that was the best fucking blowjob I have ever had, ever, unbelievable!” He just lay there, spread eagle on his back completely drained. I was proud of myself.

“Oh that?’ I said innocently. “Aw shucks, it was nothing.” I teased him.

“Come here you” he said and reached out to me. I crawled up to him and threw myself on top of him. Causing him to gasp. I laughed and kissed his neck. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. I started to rub my pussy against him and pinched his nipple hard as I jumped up quickly.

“Come on you, don’t think about taking a nap or resting or any of that!” I shouted, pulling at his hands. “Show me the town! I have never been to Miami; do I have to go all by myself? Hard telling what I might get myself into, all alone.”

“I’m up, I’m up” he said jumping up to his feet. He quickly sat back down. “Oh shit, head rush!” He said. I walked over, put his head against my breasts and massaged the back of his head, running my fingers through his hair. “Mmmmm, that’s good, is there anything you can’t do?” He asked.

“Well I guess we will just have to find out won’t we?” I teased “but I can always learn anything, anything your little heart desires, I’m all yours.” I threw my arms straight out to my sides standing there naked with only my shoes, choker and earrings on.

I turned around, walked over to the dress laying on the floor and bent over to pick it up. I purposely spread my legs open and put my ass high in the air right in front of his face. I leaned over and looked at him from between my legs and smiled.

“Mm, mmm, mmm…that might just be a little dangerous.” He told me

“I’m not worried, I’m ready…whatever, wherever, whenever lover. Fuck me, suck me, bite me, eat me…oooohhhh…you have me completely.” I told him through my clenched teeth. I was feeling wild and uninhibited. I was ready for anything and I couldn’t wait. I dropped to my knees and crawled over to him, staring into his eyes. I reached the side of the bed and turned my ass to him. I lowered my head and upper body and grabbed my ass cheeks spreading them apart. I slapped my ass hard, several times and then rubbed them.

He reached down and slapped me. He spanked my ass harder and harder. He kneaded my ass cheeks, fondling them. He used one hand to spread them open a little and slapped my vulnerable asshole hard. He slapped at it several times and I could feel it start to tingle and burn. Then he bit my ass cheek hard. He rubbed them both, spreading them and then squeezing them closed. He slid his finger between my cheeks and rubbed my hole gently. He spread my cheeks open again and then I felt him slap at my pussy.

I raised my ass higher in the air, spreading my legs farther apart. He spanked my asshole and cunt hard, and then rubbed them. He did this for quite some time and then stopped. He stood got up and stood in front of me. He raised my head and slapped my face with his dick. “You are a naughty, naughty girl.” He said. “I think I will have to take care of you later tonight.” I just looked up at him and nodded. I wanted him to punish me. I don’t know what came over me but I wanted to feel him hurt me.

I wanted to be pinched and bit and slapped. I wanted him to make me submissive, tie me up, blindfold me, and tell me what to do. I was so hot for him and wanted him to use me however he wanted; however he had fantasized. There were things I wanted to try that I had never been comfortable enough to do until now and I was very excited. I think this is what he wanted as well. We were playing into each others dreams and it was only the beginning.

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