The Cum Dumpster

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Alice was a girlfriend, I saw a lot of potential in her. I had hoped she could one day be my Queen, my Wife, someone I could call my own and have kids with and live a normal basic life. I thought she would make a great mother one day. Neither of us had sex much in our private lives. I knew that she liked me a lot, I was always kind to her and she was a sweet innocent girl, she was always willing to do favors for me.

We had regular sex one day, it was good, but I knew her she was capable or more, little did I know she would one day become MY PERSONAL CUM DUMPSTER.

I always had a nasty mind, although I wanted her to be my Queen and Wife, another dirty side of me wanted to using her for my own pleasure. So one day I told her my idea of talking dirty to her and for her to role play with me, she agreed of course, it sounded hot to her and would spice up our sex life.

“I’m gonna turn you into my Personal Cum Dumpster.”

We had a lot of work ahead of us though, I had to train that mouth and throat of hers. That was my first mission, to make love inside of her mouth by facefucking and shooting throatpies down her Throat.

“Your fuckholes are mine, I’m gonna use them as I please.”

For months I stretched out her throat, throatfucking and facefucking it as best as I could and blowing load after load until my Cock felt number inside her mouth. It took about 2 months, but she had really loved the dirty talk and roleplaying, by now her throat was practically eating up my Cock. I was do deep in her throat, her Throat swallowed me whole with ease. I couldn’t believe it. I loved ramming my Cock up that sweet throat of hers, it was a Perfect FUCKHOLE now. Anytime I stuck my Cock in her Mouth, it was like I was possessed, forced to cum inside her throat. Throatpies shot down her throat with ease, with little resistance.

That filthy mouth of hers was not only able to swallow up my Cock, she would also take multiple Cum Loads deep inside, often times, I wouldn’t stop til her mouth was close to full and I’d tell her to swallow all of it. There was such little resistance now for my Cock to slide in and out of her throat, her nose would touch my navel. My Cock was a perfect fit for her throat, she got better and better, she could hold it in her for minutes at a time, as my Cock got bigger and harder, I did not want to pull out, I wanted to keep it slammed in there, until my Cock and my balls were pulsating. My Cock was steaming warm and pulsating, my Cock veins were rushing with blood and finally I was able to pull back out, and continued this routine until I could no longer hold it in. My CUM had nowhere to go as it streamlined through my Cock opening shooting ride down into her Throat, her head snapped back in response but I held onto her held as the Cum gushed down her throat. I would not let her go anywhere, this was BLISS, this was HEAVEN. A Big fat load bumrushing into her Throat with nowhere to go but orally inside her.

When she nearly ran out of air, her only way of getting air was to swallow the load while my Cock was still buried down her throat. She swallowed my Cock and the heap of Cum I had left insider her simultaneously. It felt amazing, as she swallowed, I could feeling her throat collapsing onto my Cock from every surrounding wall, it was narrowing. It felt so tight around my Cock, there was even less space to be occupied as the enormous cum load also took up space. I felt my Cock being crushed by this massive swallowed everything, My Cock and My CUM, as she gasped for air or rather gasped for my Cock and my CUM.

As I felt my Cock being swallowed whole into the shrinking abyss, I felt I would lose my Cock inside her mouth. I yanked my Cock and pulled her head back as hard as I could, it felt like time had froze, it was extremely difficult to pull out of her throat, my Cock was pulsating even harder and hotter, it wasn’t until I busted another hot load that I was able to pull out, as she was slobbering and gasping for air, large amounts of spit, drool, and Cum all mixed together was hanging from her lips and tongue. Even though, her face and throat had been severely abused, you could tell she wanted more, it was sustenance for her. Cum starving and ready for more abuse.

The problem was every time my Cock ever found its way into that Filthy Mouth of hers, it would be a Vicegrip as I pulled in and out and submerged my Cock deeper and harder and stronger into her Slutty Used Throat. I could not fathom of ever pulling out completely without Skull Fucking her Throat and Mouth to Absolute Oblivion.

I felt obligated to Unload my Dirty Load as Deep and Powerful as I could to properly reward her Precious Cum Dump Throat and Explode in Her Throat and Mouth.

Next was her pussy, it was still so tight, it gripped onto my Cock as I pulled in and out of her, it was a much different feeling than her Throat and Mouth were now. I feared for my Life though as I did not want to have kids now and a condom wouldn’t work for a Cum Dumpster.

We Beşiktaş escort went to the Doctor and got her Birth Control Pills and soon after I used and abused that pussy so much, it seemed like it was always sore and raging. It only took a month, but I had made it so loose just like her throat. Constantly, fucking her sweet pussy whenever I had a chance throughout the day, I had dumped so many of my fat loads insider her that month, I was scared the Birth Control Pills might not work. My plan worked to Perfection, she was a cock sucking, cum hungry little slut now. MY PERFECT LITTLE CUM DUMPSTER.

It was her idea to give me some nicknames as well. She had gotten used to calling me “Master” and “Daddy” as she felt like. It empowered me and made her feel submissive to me. I loved the idea and played along when she called me those names.

A few days later, she had been dressed in a G-String, her cheeks glistening, I had realized there was another FORBIDDEN Fuckhole. One that is made for things to come out or but not in. An Exit, not an Entrance, her ass was always her best body part, nice and plump and the perfect shape. But it wasn’t her ass or ass cheeks that aroused me the most.

It was HER ASSHOLE, this is the true Premium First Rate Hole I wanted to unleash my loads into. That day I told her, “Alice I want to make your Asshole my

fuckhole.” I had never been inside her SHITHOLE, her SHITBOX before and it turned me on so much I would have yet a new hole to drill my rock hard Cock into. We never used lube and I knew her asshole would be gripping tight, I might not even be able to fit inside her. I pulled her skimpy G-String to the side and I was salivating at the sight, that I unleashed the biggest glob of spit directly onto her asshole. It was oozing from her ass crack. I could not control myself any longer, I proceeded to stick my tongue out and tongue fuck this SHITHOLE, it had gotten so wet as my tongue pierced and my mouth slobbered all over her perfect tight little asshole.

Once her asshole was nice and moist, I proceeded to bury my Cock into her Final Fuckhole, it was truly tight, I was sure once I entered into it, I would not be able to pull out without losing my dick inside of her. As I tugged my Cock in and out of her, it gripped me tight, suffocating and swallowing up my Cock. I was uncertain if I’d ever be able to loosen her asshole like I did with her Throat and Pussy. My Cock was so hot and heated, it felt like it was gonna burst, my body temperature rose as I continued to pound and pound away, trying to give her every inch, while her tight asshole continued to tug and tug me deeper into an abyss. I wondered who would win this battle, my Cock or her asshole, it felt like I was losing, because I was definitely losing it.

It wasn’t until she said “DO IT. Make this your favorite CUM DUMP HOLE, this is the first of many you’ll BLOW INSIDE ME. I’m your CUM DUMPSTER, my cum hungry starving asshole deserves your cum inside it too.”

I gushed, I felt possessed all of a sudden, I felt like a MADMAN. My Cock buried deep into her asshole, I felt my Soul leaving me and into her, the HOT Steaming Cum Load that I had inside BURST AND EXPLODED deep into the barrels of HER GUTS and INSIDES. Because I could not pull out, I could only go DEEPER into her, I could feel her bowels, as my Biggest Cum Load to date moved from my testicles to the Depths of her insides.

“Master, my asshole feels so good with you inside me, I can feel you so good.” As her insides were being plastered, the load was so big, it opened her asshole up just enough for me to pull my Cock out of her. I couldn’t believe it, my Cock had destroyed her asshole and was able to make it out alive without being swallowed up whole.

“Master, why did you pull out, I was just about CUM so hard on your Cock, put it back inside me, we can CUM TOGETHER.”

By now, there was already so much CUM and juices swishing around in her asshole, it was extremely wet and lubed and my Cock had gotten even harder the more I had drilled into her Abyss of an asshole. It felt much looser already despite this being the first time trying anal, but it also felt better, it felt so good. I hammered my Cock insider her filthy asshole as hard and as fast as I could for about a minute, she loved every second of it.

“I’M CUMMING.” Her tongue leaked out from her mouth as if her spirit had fell out of her. At this point, her warm ass juices had sat on my Cock, so HOT and HEAVY, I thought surely I was empty already, but long behold another WARM, THICK GLOB of Cum shot out of swirling and mixing with her Cum juices. It was at this time that I had realized, this was the ONLY FUCKHOLE I ever wanted to dump my loads into again.

For a whole month, all I did was blow my every Load into her.

Alice had become more and more of a whore and a slut. She insisted I not only talk dirty to her but she truly believed in the words. That was who she was and what represented and what she Beşiktaş escort bayan now lived for. Nasty and filthier, asking for more and more out of me. With each passing FUCK we had and with each and every LOAD I had dropped inside her, she wanted more Loads out of me. I had become ADDICTED to her Holes, and I had become ADDICTED to dropping my LOADS into her filthy asshole.

BUT…She was a MONSTER, a MONSTER that I had created. Pure Absolute FILTH. If you looked up “FILTH” in the Dictionary, there was Alice’s name right next to it. So nasty and dirty, not even someone a Mother could love. Just a FUCK TOY, FUCKMEAT, just HOLES, 3 HOLES that were to be USED AND ABUSED constantly to give men pleasure. A big CUM RECEPTACLE. A big CUM DEPOSIT. This was Alice, this was who she WAS and IS. A CUM DUMP. A CUM DUMPSTER. A DIRTY SLUT BUCKET. MY CUM DUMP. MY PERSONAL FUCKTOY. MY PERSONAL CUM DUMP. All for my pleasure and use.

However, I knew my limitations in what I could give her, even though I plan to pound her Holes away for the ends of Eternity. Dumping every Load I could ever muster up for the rest of my Life, I knew deep down, she needed more. And more I would give her.

I decided to share MY CUM DUMPSTER, she was so great because of my influence, willing to do any nasty dirty deed I requested of her. I knew now that she could never be my Wife or conceive my kids, her FUCKHOLES and INSIDES were ruined and destroyed and rearranged. This was also why I had preferred to slam her asshole over any other fuckhole, it was perfect, better than fucking her face and throat, but also less of a chance of accidentally impregnating her from fucking her pussy. We had stopped using birth control pills, as I could not remember the last time I unloaded into her sweet pussy. It was always her ass.

To make her a PROPER CUM DUMPSTER, I had made a website and posted pics of Alice, anyone that was interested in fucking Alice could sign up, I would give them the information of when and where. It started off slow, but the comments in the Forum always said “sweet ass” or “I’d love to make her my slampiece, her asshole looks ruined already.” Nasty perverted and derogatory comments about Alice and her body and how her pussy and asshole had already looked so loose and destroyed. Especially her asshole, it was an abomination, although when not fucked, it looked a little bit puffy and deformed but as soon as you stuck anything inside there, it would start gaping, it would get so loose and puff out at you inviting you to come inside to the abyss that was her asshole.

I started her off with two guys first, then soon three, and so on. They would start by just fucking her mouth and pussy, then her asshole. As she grew in popularity, more and more people were signing up to make this CUM DUMPSTER happy. With each growing session, there were more and more Cocks for her cum hungry fuckholes to feed on. The more and more she was ruined, each fuckhole more ruined than before but also more efficient in sucking up every little drop of Cum that was willing to be dumped inside her. There were times when guys would blow their loads on her tits or her face or her ass, but it was clear THIS CUM DUMPSTER greatly preferred all her loads inside of her.

“Drain your balls deep into my hungry fuckholes.”

I sat back and watched, aroused that my Queen of a Cum Dumpster was also taking and pleasuring other men. Making her happy made me happy.

It was her DIRTY ASSHOLE that kept me mesmerized, it was so all I could think about every second of the day, so juicy and plump yet the insides are so wrecked and ruined already, just the way I love it and prefer it. It can be so hypnotizing to look at, it makes you want IT so bad, not her ass or asscheeks but the thing in between, THE ASSHOLE. It is so perfect and deserves my every load deep inside her guts and bowels where if any of it that doesn’t drip out, will sit inside her for a few days. When my Cock is not smashing her guts out, it delights me that my load(s) sit inside her. I am addicted to cumming into this CUM HUNGRY ASSHOLE, I can never seem to cum enough into it to satisfy and satiate it. The more ruined it is the better, it makes me want to unleash deeper and harder inside it and inside her.

My favorite thing to do is to grip her butt cheeks and go absolutely wild thrusting and pounding hard deep into her asshole and trying to hold back from cumming so fast, it drives me blissfully wild, her cum hungry hole taking every inch of my engorged cock as I pull her closer and harder. It drives me crazy knowing that I love driving my Cock into such a filthy depraved hole every chance I get.

I only pray others would want to spray and pump and dump their fine loads into it too, this fuckable Cum Dumpster deserves every load dropped inside her. Her slutty whore ass deserves YOUR CUM in her ass. As much as I loved to pound her throat and pussy, there is a chance I could blow my fat loads inside one of those fuckholes Escort beşiktaş instead, to me it is potentially a waste as I would much prefer to blow my load into her best hole as much as I can. I love it when she begs for the next Load while her SHITHOLE is gaping so wide open and puffing in and out waiting to be filled with Cock and more Cum.

Whenever I am empty, I can’t keep thinking the next time I’ll be able to fill this cum craving hole up again, hopefully better next time than the time before. It is my Mission to destroy her SHITBOX and ruin her INSIDES so that she can accomodate more Cum inside her guts and belly and make her into a better Cum Dumpster. It is indeed MY FAVORITE FUCKHOLE.

I loved seeing other guys unloading and pumping her guts full of cum through her asshole, I would watch them do it, then I would always join in last and pound her filthy asshole to oblivion while the other guys cum and her ass juices are squirming all around my Cock.

This is my Life now, about a year has passed, and I couldn’t tell you just how many Cocks have pulverized Alice’s 3 fuckholes, it has to be in the thousands. So many orgasms and Cum Loads have been dumped into her and continue to be dumped in her. It pains me to say this, but there are some days that I wish I had never trained her to become My Personal Cum Dumpster. She considers me her one true Master. I want to stop, but she is already beyond ruined, the old Alice is gone, the one I loved so much and considered marrying and having a family with.

She doesn’t even reply to Alice anymore. “Call me CUM DUMP. Call me CUM DUMPSTER. Your PERFECT LITTLE COCKSLUT. Your CUM DEPOSIT. Your CUM RECEPTACLE. Your FAVORITE FUCKHOLE. MASTER’s FUCKMEAT. MASTER’s One and Only SLAMPIECE.” These were her new names and nicknames. It sounded so degrading at times, but it also turned me on so much. It was simple. Just as she had become a perfect little Cum Dumpster, I had become ADDICTED to her fuckholes. I tried going a day without fucking her and it drove me mad. She begged and begged for me to use and abuse her.

The idea I could get her pregnant from just fucking her ass, in some ways I feared it, I had dumped so many loads, and so had many other men, deep inside her. I would “father” a child from such a filthy cum whore and anal slut. A child that wasn’t even mine. Another part of me was relieved that no matter how much I or any other man fucked her and blew our nasty loads inside her, she would never be able to have our bastardly kids. Who would ever want a “Cum Dumpster” for a Mother? However, this was not the case, the amount of times we her ass was fucked, her asshole was now nothing but a CUM RECEPTACLE, we were essentially breeding a bunch of nothing in her asshole and inside her guts.

Her insides and guts were so rearranged, it was no longer fit for bearing children, not even the best surgeons could ever think to fix it so that she could conceive children again. Alice had a wretched stench as well, her 3 fuckholes, smelled of dirty Cum, the many times she had been plastered and coated with Cum, her insides reeked of it. She was a walking Cum Dumpster after all. For some reason, this foul odor made us want Alice even more, it attracted us to her fuckholes even more. If the scent hit your nose, you automatically knew it was time to blow your loads for the day. It was like those filthy fuckholes called upon us, and told us where our Cocks belonged and exactly where we should dump our loads. Our Cum belonged inside her.

For me, it was her ass that I loved to blow and release my inner depravities of Cum into, I loved touching her guts and insides with my Cock. Her voice had evolved also, it was so convincing, and the nasty things that would come out her mouth would entice you to do the most wicked, evil things to her. She knew all the right buttons to push and the right words to say to breed inside her nasty guts. It was nearly impossible to turn her requests down.

Even the most responsible man, with a loving wife and kids and perfect family and the Perfect Life, once presented with the Cum Dumpster and her 3 fuckholes, no man could resist the urge of at least fucking her filthy holes and dropping at least one load inside her.

It was I who had created her, after fucking her thousands of times and blowing load after load, you would think I would be tired of it, but NO, I craved it more and more, it was a growing addiction with each pounding and each time I busted inside her. I was ADDICTED, I was addicted to fucking this dirty slut and her asshole, I craved it, it was now the only hole I ever wanted to release inside of.

“Yes master, please fuck my ass. I know its your favorite. Give you favorite CUM DUMPSTER her daily loads. My dirty asshole is craving your Cock and Cum. It wants it so so bad. Please Master, please come in my dirty ass. I want you to plant your seed in my ass so that I know a piece of you is sitting inside me all day. It makes me feel so good. I love it when you breed inside my ass. Fill me up with your Cum babies.”

“Break my asshole, treat my asshole like a pussy, make me pregnant with your Cum babies, I want to have them all. I can’t believe you’d fuck such a cumslut and breed inside her filthy asshole. But you love it daddy, don’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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