The Day Ch. 4

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The Day: Our Story Continues

This is a continuation of the original 3-part story The Day. I truly appreciate all the comments submitted by you the readers. It is for your entertainment that I write, and it is because of your comments that I continue to write. Hopefully, you will enjoy this story. If you do then you may enjoy some of the other selections I have submitted. Please take a look.


I looked out over the audience at the rows of faces. Some were expectant while others had a look of mild boredom; clearly the bored ones had no idea what our presentation concerned. With a rap of my gavel all eyes turned toward me and I began; “Hello and good evening. We’re so pleased you have joined us tonight. When last we spoke I told you the story of how Linda introduced me into her other existence; an existence beyond the realm of anything I would have ever thought possible. A world filled with multiple-partner sexual promiscuity, deviance, and incest. ——- Just a moment please. ——– I guess that lady doesn’t want to hear about sexual promiscuity. Are there any others who feel they should leave? Good.” I paused, and again carefully scanned the faces in the crowd. After a moment I continued; “Of those who have decided to remain its a pleasure to see familiar faces, but its particularly pleasurable to the large number of new faces. For the benefit of the new people let me make a few introductions. On my right is Linda, my wife. To her right is our oldest child, Tony and his wife Silvia. On my left is our daughter Keri and her fiancé, Walter. These people have important roles in the adventure you have come to hear.”

“Every entity has secrets. Every person, business, church, and family has secrets. Think back to the secrets Linda, and the kids revealed to me. By opening the door they revealed their inner selves with the goal to enlighten me, but with the risk of losing me. Secrets are scary things, and it is because of secrets we have a reason to make this presentation.” I paused to let the import of my words sink into the listeners’ minds; paused to allow acceptance that they, and everyone around them held secrets.

“The story I’m here to relate happened roughly five years ago. In the interval between our first story and this story several things changed.” Linda tugged on my sleeve. “Excuse me.” I bent down to place my ear next to Linda’s mouth. “Now! You think this is the time? Okay, its your call.” I returned to face the audience; “Sorry for the interruption. Before I continue the narration, Linda has a few comments she wishes to make.”


I had visited the bar a couple of times, and had a pretty good buzz going on, but this was my story too. A little unsteady on my feet I rose to the podium; “Good evening. For the benefit of you who don’t know me, I like to fuck. I like hard, pounding, deep-dick fucking, and it doesn’t matter if my partner, or partners, is male, female, or even human. Some of my best ever fucks were with dogs. Jim alluded to the secrets I revealed in our previous tale, but what he didn’t tell you is why those secrets existed. What happened with Jim was entirely my fault. From the very first he looked at me as a sexual innocent, and for some unexplained reason I never told him different. I never told him that I fucked anyone or anything on a regular basis. That tiny omission, because I wasn’t willing to give up either Jim or my other lifestyle, meant I had to live a double life; for Jim I was Miss Goody Two-shoes, but I revealed my true self to my non-Jim friends and my children. To them I was a sluttish cock sucking, pussy licking, human-fucking, and animal-fucking machine. I remain all those things. What changed is Jim now knows what I am; he knows everything about me, and remains by my side.


As I sat there listening to Linda I began to think about all that happened between what we refer to as “The Day,” and our current story. Our family underwent many growth changes above and beyond the revelations of Linda, Tony, and Keri. During the time interval the kids completed their degrees, found employment in nearby communities, and in an interesting twist of timing they announced, within two weeks of each other, their plans to marry. The last part made for some very happy and exciting times, but a cloud loomed over the upcoming nuptials; how to tell Robert and Silvia the true nature of our family relationship. Neither Tony nor Keri had any idea of their respective fiancé’s attitude about incest. Nor did they have any feel as to whether our secret was safe should we reveal it, and then discover they could not accept our way of life. We weren’t afraid of the law, but many of our business associates were very straight laced; you see where I’m going. After much discussion we came up with a plan to introduce them to the real family; a plan to bring them into the inner circle.


Can you imagine, even have the remotest idea, of how scared I was to tell Robert that I regularly fucked my father, mother, and brother? Fucking güvenilir bahis others, alone or in groups, was understood and accepted between Robert and I. Never once did I ever attempt to pass myself off as a virgin, or that I was sexually true to only one. Both of us believe monogamy is a stupid concept We frequently slipped into our friends’ beds, but there’s a big conceptual difference in the minds of some, between fucking a friend’s husband and fucking your mother’s husband; sometimes called Daddy.

Speaking of your mother’s husband, I have to pause and tell you about Daddy. He’s my father, my friend, my advisor, and continues as one of the best fucks I have ever known; he didn’t get that title just because he’s my dad. No, he earned the title by the way he makes me feel. Daddy takes the time to arouse a woman. He strokes her skin, and stokes the fire within before he plunges his cock into her. A woman, or for that matter anyone, who is fucked by my father is well fucked, and they know it. Let me give you an example; last week is good one.

Mom was out of town for a few days so I knew Daddy was likely a little lonely, and probably very horny. Daddy’s car was home when I arrived, so as is my normal practice I came in through the back door, and began to look for him. As I stood in the kitchen I could hear sounds coming from the family room; sounds that as I neared became more refined into the identifiable moans of a woman in the throes of sexual pleasure (getting the shit fucked out of her). Louder and louder she moaned with an emphasis you find only in fuck films. I peeked in the door and sure enough there on the 52-inch screen was a beautiful blond, her fake rack of boobs standing out proudly, with her cunt impaled on some “only in porno” guy’s twelve-inch cock, while a Great Dane reamed her ass with strokes achievable only by a dog hunching to near to climax, but the most interesting scene was of Daddy sitting naked in his easy chair stroking his magnificent piece of hard, throbbing, man meat.

The door into the family room was to the side and slightly back of Daddy’s chair so I couldn’t see his face, but the varied pace of his hand stroking up and down his cock, demonstrated he was playing the sensations trying to prolong the pleasure he had created for himself.

“That’s right Keri, ride that cock. Up and down bitch, put your ass up there for that furry animal. Do you like him sliding his cock into your ass?”

I didn’t know Daddy wanted to see me do things like that, but my parents taught me to think fast on my feet, so I was prepared to play his game; “Yes, Daddy. Magnum’s cock feels soooooo good moving in and out of my asshole. I really like the tickle as his hair rubs my butt. Oh, Daddy, what I like most are the twelve inches of your rock-hard cock sliding along my cunt walls, and the pounding you are giving my clit.” The man almost jumped through the roof at the sound of my voice, but when he saw it was me he calmed.

“Hi, Baby. You here for something in particular, or did you just want to see what your old man does when Mom’s away?”

As he spoke I toyed with the buttons on my blouse, and when he finished I looked him with a pout on my face and answered; “Mom asked me to check on you, so I came to see if you needed someplace to stick your dick. But, I see you have it well in hand so I think I’ll go home.”

“Ya, right. You came looking for cock and you know it. Stop farting around and let me see you dance your way out of those clothes.” With that he grabbed his remote, turned the movie off, turned the stereo on, and located a song with a sultry Latin beat.

The rhythm of the song took hold of my body, and I began to weave back and forth. My hips seemed to have control of themselves, and while they moved in a sensuous pattern that matched the beat, my fingers slowly undid the blouse buttons one at a time until the halves hung open and free. The beat took hold of my upper body, and the movements caused the blouse halves to sway freely to reveal I wore no bra. My breasts with their turgid nipples were briefly exposed as the cloth flew one way, and then the other. My hands lightly caressed the firm tit mounds, and I tweaked the erect nipples with my fingertips. In harmony with the beat my hands moved from my tits to the snap and zipper of my skirt, and when those were undone the cloth writhed its way to the floor. Underneath I wore nothing other than a bright purple G-string cut so low and thin it was obvious very little or no pubic hair covered my little meowing pussy. It was saying; “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me Daddy, I need you so much. I need you to put your long cock into my tight, wet pussy.”

Daddy watched me dance, but it was not long before he neared and drew me into his embrace. In the grasp of his long arms he was able to grab a tit and a piece of ass, and as he pressed close to my body his tongue forced entry into my mouth to explore terrain he knew so well; he knew it as if it was his own. Hands, rough from a lifetime of hard work, gently stroked and caressed türkçe bahis my back and ass cheeks, and then he lingually caressed my face before slithering down my neck toward the sensitive points on the ends of my tits; points, or maybe the more descriptive phrase of throbbing pieces of nipple flesh. Points so aroused the slightest touch sent vibrations to my toes. Points so aroused that when Daddy stepped back, took them in his fingers and twisted, my insides exploded with pleasure; pleasure so profound I fell to the floor unaware his erect cock was aligned to a portal of entry into my body, not to my pussy, but rather to my asshole.


I don’t know what came over me. Keri likes, and I have frequently put my cock into her ass, but I don’t know why it ever entered my mind to attempt a forced entry with a non-lubed dick. No matter, I tried it, she jumped, then looked back at me and said ominously; “Daddy, I love your cock in my ass, but if you ever try that again it will be the last time you have any of me. You want to dry-fuck an asshole then get yourself a whore or a fag. Do I make myself very clear?” She then softened her voice; “I’m still horny. If you want to slide that hard cock of yours into my pussy I’m receptive to the idea.”

In that brief exchange of words Keri told me my fate if I didn’t change my ways, and at the same time invited me into paradise. I paused only long enough to check my aim then shoved every millimeter of my pulsating prick into her wet, dripping, clasping cunt. The sensations, as usual, were intense and thrilling. Back and forth I directed my hips, pushing in and then withdrawing my rigid rod from the hot folds of Keri’s vaginal mucosa; constant, and intense movement that brought me closer and closer to an ejaculatory climax. Faster and harder I pushed, and as I neared the ultimate end I heard a screaming shout: “F U C K M E D A D D Y! Oh God I’m cumming so fucking hard!” That was all I needed to push me over the edge into sexual bliss.


When my dad fucks someone they receive the best, and that was part of my problem; I was in love with Robert, but I also loved my family, and I wanted them both in every way. In other words, as the expression goes, I wanted to have my cake and to eat it too. Robert was tender, sensitive, creative, and a marvelous fuck; all in all a great guy, but not so great that I would give up Dad, Mom, and Tony.

Tony loved Silvia in a similar way, and as you might suspect we shared a similar problem. He and I discussed the topic several times without any resolution, and then we took it to our parents. Dad and Mom listened intently, and asked a few general questions, but Mom asked the quintessential questions; “Kids, first off are you absolutely sure Bob and Silvia are THE ONE? Do you want them as your mate? If the answer to those questions is yes then I see the issue as pretty simple with three options; 1) if you want them without their knowing about us then you tell them nothing, but that is very risky and ends up much like I was with your father; 2) if you want them as a part of us then you must tell them everything; 3) third choice is let them go. Often times in relationships, letting go, as painful as it may seem, is the best course of action for everyone. Some other options may exist, but that pretty much sums it up. Option one means you live a lie; not a course I recommend. Option three you allow the person you love to find their own way in life without you and without explanation. Option two is the only way to have it all you say you want.”

Mom very succinctly struck to the crux of the problem. I answered first; “For me number two is the only option. I want him all the way or not at all. I won’t live a lie, and I’m not giving up my relationship with all of you. What I’m unclear about is how to tell him.”

“I agree.” Tony said. “It’s very easy to know the path, but the solution is much more difficult.”

“Do you remember how we told your father?”

Dad quickly jumped in; “Linda, I don’t think any of us will ever forget that day, but you can’t subject Robert and Silvia to something like that. They don’t have a vested interest like I did.”

“Mom, what we did to Dad was very harsh. I want let that happen to Silvia.” Tony said while he looked directly at Mom with a certain level of threat behind his words. I saw Mom’s eyes flash in shock at the way Tony spoke, but then a relaxed look came over her face.

“Okay, I get your point, and maybe that would be too strong, but what about something similar to expose them to the true us? What about a party, and they’re the guests of honor.”

Dad spoke up; “Before we go any further there is a basic point we have to look at. This thought process started because there’s doubt as to Robert’s and Silvia’s reaction. If we’re that unsure, why do you think they will accept us at a party as opposed to just telling them? Do you think lots of people around will make the difference? On this subject I don’t think so; its too volatile.”

“I don’t have güvenilir bahis siteleri anyway to validate my position, but I think Robert will accept us; it’s just a question of how to present it.” Tony said the same about Silvia, but there was a great deal of hesitancy in his voice; he wasn’t as confident as his words. With an agreement in hand we began to plan the party. Over the course of the next few days discussion went back and forth until we decided on a theme, and how exactly to present the issue to our future relatives. It was not just a party, but a costume pool party with many of our other world friends. As with any party we would have food, drink, and booze. The differences would include a small floorshow and hopefully a large amount of communal and family fucking..


If you looked at Silvia you would say she was totally innocent, but looks and actualities are not always the same. Behind that beautiful, sweet, innocent exterior was a very aggressive and frequently daring individual. In our time together we undertook many intrepid adventures, both sexual and non-sexual. We talked about most everything you can imagine, but never once did I hear her utter the word incest. Of course neither did I, so I had no reason to question her position.

Unlike many engaged couples, we chose not to live together. It wasn’t that we opposed the idea, but we enjoyed the dating aspect of our relationship; there was time enough in the next fifty years to live together. On Friday night before the party I stayed at her apartment, and as is my custom I arose early for a run. On my return I looked in on her to see a vision of lovliness. She had kicked the covers off her body to reveal a gorgeous adult woman. All 5’2” of her was without compare. Natural auburn hair as verified by the narrow vertical strip of hair directly above, and in line with her pussy lips, wonderful, full, firm, b-cup tits topped with large areolas and ½” nipples, that due to the chill in the air, were standing hard and stiff. What you could not see were the brilliant green eyes, and features that are unseen such as compassion, joy, a sense of humor, and a probing mind. She was wonderful in every way, and I was about to put all that at risk.

There was much work to do at Mother’s, and I didn’t want to wake Silvia so I left her a note; Hi, sweetheart. I love you. You looked so sweet and peaceful lying there I didn’t have the heart to wake you. See you at their house tonight at 6. Love, Tony PS: Your costumes for tonight is on top of the dresser; wear nothing else. On the dresser was a single black blindfold type mask with the name Mata Hari done in tiny gold glitter. SILVIA:

I couldn’t put my finger on anything, but there was always an undercurrent in Tony’s family. Probably just my imagination, but little looks and innuendo suggested there was something more than what they showed on the surface. Those types of things are not unusual in any family, but I was practically family, yet was not considered a full partner into the inner sanctum. It bothered me a little, but I figured whatever it was would either go away, or they would inform me in due course.

The party tonight was to honor Robert and I, but as I looked at my “costume” I knew this was not a normal party. Since when are you supposed to walk around naked in front of your future in-laws and their friends? I had prepared myself for some strangeness. All families have their quirks, but none of my mental groundwork had included the idea of family nakedness. Tony said wear only what is on the dresser, and since he removed everything from the dresser’s top there was no doubt the only clothing there was the mask.

The day passed slowly, I’m sure because of my worry over my attire, or lack of attire for the evening to come. While I was worried I also found myself very aroused and horny. My pussy was wet all day from the thought of attending a naked masked ball. The thought of having unknown people view my body was very stimulating to my libido. Also was the idea that naked parties usually evolve into something more; the fact I would have a very prominent role in that something more somehow skipped my mental processing unit.


Just like Silvia I was a bit shocked at the costume Keri expected me to wear. I don’t know about you, but walking naked around other naked people tends, at least at first, to make my dick hard. I knew Keri’s family was close, but by my family’s dress code the attire for tonight was too close. However, I was in love with her, and willing to do anything she asked to remain a part of her life.

The first big challenge of the evening came when I had to get from my apartment door to the car, and then from the car to Keri’s. For the sake of public propriety I disobeyed instructions and wore a raincoat for that changeover. It’s just as well; everyone else did. A masked lady, I presumed was Linda, greeted me at the door, and from the moment I walked in my cock was pointed at my nose.. I kept saying to myself this was okay, this was expected, you don’t go to a naked party and stay flaccid. No matter how much I said the words it didn’t change my embarrassment level at all. The fact I had a hard-on from looking at my future mother-in-laws’ tits was disturbing.

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