The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 03

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All the characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


The Delaneys all slept deeply and late. The sun was well up as they stirred to the exquisite aroma of Suzanne’s bacon and eggs wafting around their holiday cabin.

Their dad wanted to go fishing, Mike never got into it and his sisters wouldn’t even think of it. Suzanne agreed to accompany him, explaining that she liked reading her book in the open air anyway.

After breakfast the three siblings wandered towards ‘their’ river again, this time heading for the bottom of the rapids to have a river bath. They’d brought shampoo. It was a tradition that started one summer when the boiler wouldn’t work.

This time they were in regular bathers, Mike in board shorts, Lizzie a black bikini and Sammie her orange one-piece. It was a little too small for her, so it rode up inside her as she walked.

“Hey this is great. It’s like my suit is fingering me as I walk!”

When they reached the rapids, Sammie said “Hey. You know that naughty thing I like? I’m gonna do it now.”

With that she pushed her hips forwards and her little cameltoe erupted in pee, pushing out in an arc at first then streaking down her thighs and calves to splash in the earth at her feet.

“Oooh, I like that. Lizzie you gotta try. Before you get your suit wet. It’s better before.”

Lizzie wasn’t ready to go, but Mike assured her when she was ready he’d give her his lap to sit on… Sammie loved the idea too and offered her next piss to him too.

They reached the rapids and saw their parents had already arrived there and were sitting with their backs to the approaching trio. A little disappointed that any sexy games were now thwarted, they trudged on until Mike stopped them, whispering intently “Stop! Wait. Look, mum’s topless!”

She was and was running her hands over her fantastic D-cup breasts provocatively. They couldn’t hear clearly but it sounded like “You want some” or something similar.

Their father moved in front of her and dropped his pants. Suzanne giggled and leaned back on her outstretched arms as Paul manoeuvred his length into her mouth.

The three siblings sneaked closer and slightly to the side, where deep grass served to both hide them and improve the angle of their view.

Their father’s cock was indeed long, and now hard. Suzanne was sliding her mouth along most of its length as he fed it to her. After a minute or two she gagged and withdrew.

“I never could take it all in my mouth…”

“Give me your cunt then!”

The siblings gasped incredulously. They had never heard their father swear like that.

They watched as their mother turned güvenilir bahis onto all fours and peeled back her bikini bottoms to her knees. Paul kneeled behind her and lunged, making her scream with erotic shock. Her ample breasts dangled down and swayed back and forth as her husband thrust into her. Her children could only watch in fascination for the minutes it took for their parents to reach climax.

Suzanne came first, mewing and squeaking as Paul’s cock split her pussy apart. A minute later, Paul began to moan and pushed forwards, holding there as his climax began, to intensify the pleasure. As his balls tightened, Suzanne looked up and a stray gust of wind pushed aside the long grass her children were hiding in to watch. She saw them.

“Paul. PAUL!” He was lost in orgasm and couldn’t have stopped if he tried.

Seconds later, Suzanne spoke again, still looking at the spot she’d seen her children who had now flattened themselves to the ground, looking fearfully at each other.



“The kids are here. They saw.” She threw herself back into her bikini.


“Over there.”

Paul hitched up his shorts, stood, and walked towards the spot. They were no longer there, and he told his wife she’d imagined it.

Back at the cabin at lunchtime, Suzanne thought the incessant cheerful banter was an attempt to pretend nothing had happened. In the intervening hours she had become less sure that she’d seen them, so maybe she was just imagining it?

The sandwiches eaten, Paul announced he was going back to fishing. Suzanne wanted to sit around and relax, while the two girls had gone to the bend in the river to swim. Mike had a headache and stayed to rest.

Dozing lightly, an annoying buzz dogged him but as the painkillers took effect, Mike stood and went for water. He saw his mother had been drinking, quite fast by the looks of it as she’d quickly become tipsy.

She just had to know: “Mike. You’re old enough for me to be straight with you. Me and dad, er, had some fun together by the river. But you know, don’t you? You and the girls watched, right?”

“Um, I, er…”

“Oh come on Mike. I know about the hole in the shower wall. I know you watch me in there. And your sisters. But I’m worried what Sammie might be thinking. She’s not nearly as grown up as you two.”

“You don’t need to fret about her, mum. She’s more mature every day. OK. I’m sorry, yes we watched.”

“Level with me son. Why did you do that?”

“It was an accident. We were going to shampoo in the rapids like we used to whenever the boiler didn’t work. That’s where you and dad were though and by the time… wait. You knew türkçe bahis about the peephole?”

“Yes. Oh honey, at first I didn’t know what to do but I thought of it as a kind of anatomy lesson for you kids.”

“Mum, do you remember the night before last? What you did?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“So you put on a show for me?”

“Yes, I knew you were watching and it turned me on. By the way, I also know you watched your sisters peeing on the drive up, and what it did to you for the rest of the day. That’s what gave me the idea.”

Mike tried to take it in. He looked at her grinning face as she took another draught from her glass, then she walked over and got another. When she returned, Mike had resolved to have some fun with is mother.


“Yes honey?”

“I’d love it if you gave me another show. Here, now.”

Suzanne gulped down another swallow and saw her son’s lust burning in his eyes. She responded: “I’d love that too. But Mike…you can only look and not touch OK?”

“Of course. OK.”

Holding her eyes on his, Suzanne pulled the T-shirt over her head. Her tits jiggled back into place as her bikini top caught their weight. “Mike?”

“Yes mum?”

“I didn’t mean you couldn’t touch yourself. I like to watch too.”

With that she untied the bikini top and let it fall. So firm were her large breasts that even unrestrained, they did not hang much lower than when inside her bra.

“Go ahead honey. I want to see you too.”

Mike pulled down his shorts and boxers just as his mother stepped out of her bikini bottoms. She luxuriated backwards, opening her legs wide for his viewing pleasure. Mike gripped his shaft and pulled gently, his foreskin slipping easily over his head with the precum his mother had already produced in him. Suzanne began rubbing her clit, using one hand to open her petal allowing him to see the tunnel that brought him into the world. She dipped one, then two fingers inside and used the slick juice to lubricate her swollen clitoris.

All the while her eyes were glued to her son’s, watching intently as his face began to contort in his growing ecstasy. It was better than she’d dreamed. She began panting and moaning softly, and she wanted more.

“Ooh, Mike honey. I’ve got so horny thinking about you guys watching us.”

She produced a small vibrator from somewhere and flicked the switch. There was that buzzing again. Suzanne had been masturbating with it while her son was dozing. She resumed her self-pleasure and quickly got intensely aroused. Mike watched his mother’s contorted face as the little toy disappeared in her hot box then reappeared, lubed up to stimulate her clit again. güvenilir bahis siteleri

“Your dad’s a great lover but I always seem to want more. Come lick my tits. Please?”

She didn’t need the ‘please’, Mike shuffled over and let go his cock while he fondled and licked his mother’s breasts. He tweaked and pulled the nipples, her facial expressions guiding his education about what she liked. The drinks made her lose her boundaries, and she reached her arms out and pulled her son on top of her, his cock resting briefly at her sopping opening. He looked into her eyes questioningly, and she simply said; “Do it.”

Mike pushed forwards as his mother raised her hips to meet him and he slid in all the way up to his balls. She was molten lava inside. Suzanne’s hands on his buttocks guided her virgin son in speed, length, direction of thrust; and in minutes they had synchronised their hip movements in an erotic love dance that had only one finale.

Suzanne’s mind replayed her memory of two nights ago, when her husband had unwittingly interrupted her wanton display for her son. After making sure he got a good view of her pissing pussy, she’d begun self-pleasure hoping he’d be jerking to her. Then her mind flashed to her husband cumming inside her while all three of her children watched. She wondered if it excited them, knew it would have, and that got her hotter still.

Mike’s mind was not so full of thoughts – he had only one thought: He was fucking. At last he was fucking a woman. It didn’t matter that she was his mother. He didn’t care. She was as beautiful as anybody he’d seen, and had always been his chief sexual fantasy, since he was young. And here he was, squelching inside her, his rock-hard cock getting ready to spew gobs into her womb. The womb that carried him and his sisters.

Mike lifted himself on his arms. The sight of his mother’s fantastic tits jiggling with their movements, and of his cock disappearing in her lightly-thatched pussy, overcame his senses and his semen began its journey.

When it exploded he held himself hard inside his mother’s cunt and lost himself in his rapture. He spurted hard and long, like a knotted rope being dragged through his cock, his arse puckering at each spasm, until at last he’d emptied inside his mother and could spurt no more.

Suzanne took her son’s thrusts eagerly and lovingly, feeling his eruption deep inside her, flicking her into a tight orgasm of her own. As it passed, she held her son inside her while his cock twitched and jerked in the throes of his afterglow.

“Oh mum. That was better than my wildest dreams. Oh shit. Sooo good.”

Suzanne laughed under him and the movement caused her son’s cock to slip out. She slapped his butt and lifted her hips encouraging him off her. He complied, kissing each nipple and then her lips as he did, and they dressed themselves.

They hadn’t noticed a pair of eyes watching them.

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