The Discovering Pt. 01

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Note to readers: This is my first attempt at erotica, and I would welcome feedback. I plan 3 chapters, this, a second one involving just girls, and a final one where the family comes together (pun intended!). More or less perhaps depending on comments. Hope you enjoy it!


“YES!” Stacey Miller thought as she woke up in her bedroom that weekend.

“Finally, Saturday morning” she thought. “At last we can start my Discovering!”

What had excited Stacey so was the prospect of embarking on a Miller family tradition that every Miller child went through on their 18th birthdays. The Millers belonged to a sect called the “Discoverers”. One of their beliefs was that no child should engage in any sexual activity before their 18th birthday – meaning no sexual activity at all, including masturbation. The children were then initiated into sex by members of their family, the belief being that this was the most loving and least traumatic way for anyone to be educated in sex.

Stacey heard a knock on the door, and her mother’s voice.

“Stacey, is it OK for me to come in?”

“Sure Mom” Stacey replied. “The door’s not locked”

Stacey’s mother Amanda walked into the room. Amanda was 35 years old, a brunette with a curvaceous body, which was still firm in all the right places. She had an oval face, big brown eyes and full lips, with straight hair cut with bangs that fell just past her shoulders, 36D breasts, and a lower half, that while could be considered ample, was by no means flabby, thanks to regular workouts at the gym. She was wearing a simple white nightdress, loosely tied at the front.

Stacey on the other hand was quite the opposite from her mother, except for her hair colour, which was also dark brown. Stacey was slim and athletically built. Short cropped hair, small breasts, and a pert bottom, with long legs that looked great in jeans and heels! She was in her normal bedtime attire of a loose T shirt and panties.

“Good morning, my baby girl” said Amanda. “Are we a bit excited about our Discovering today?”

Stacey replied “Gosh Mom, you don’t know how hot I feel…It’s been so hard not to do anything the last few months. I’ve been having dreams, and all sorts of feelings. I can’t wait for you and Dad to let me start.”

Amanda chuckled “I know exactly how you feel Darling. I felt exactly the same coming up to my Discovering. I used to wake up every morning with a wet pussy. Your grandma had a heck of a job stopping me from having my first come before my birthday!”

Amanda came over to the bed and sat down next to Stacey. “But just look at you Baby…you look ripe and you look ready, and you are so beautiful”

“Really Mom?” responded Stacey. “But I feel so small compared to you. Look at my boobs…they’re tiny!”

“There’s nothing wrong with your breasts young lady. It’s not about the size; it’s about how sensitive they are. And all of us Miller women are sensitive I can assure you” Amanda said.

“How do you know Ma?” Stacey answered. “Maybe I’m different?”

“Hmmph!” was Amanda’s reply. “Well let’s just see, and stop this silly conversation once and for all!”

To Stacey’s delight, Amanda started to unlace the front of her nightdress, and her breasts started to come into view. As Amanda was bending over Stacey, her breasts hung down a little, falling into the nightdress. Stacey could see the aureoles, which were light brown, and a nice size, and Amanda’s nipples, which were still not erect. Amanda completely unlaced the nightdress which fell open to the waist.

As if by instinct, Stacey reached into her mother’s blouse and cupped the large breasts. She marveled at the soft silky feel of the skin. As she stroked the aureoles and nipples she could both see and feel the nipples erect. She gently stroked them with her escort forumları fingers, pulling gently on them, and they quickly grew to the size of the last joint of her little finger.

“Ahhhh” Amanda crooned. “You’re a natural, sweetie…you see how sensitive my titties are? You see how quickly my nipples grew for you? Now, let’s see what yours do.”

Amanda leaned over and pulled Stacey’s T shirt up over her head, exposing her petite 34B breasts. They were shaped like mangoes, perky, with her pink nipples pointing up. “Now, let me show you another way to provide some stimulation” she said.

Amanda bent over her daughter and slowly sucked the entire aureole and nipple of her left breast into her mouth. She gently flicked the nipple with her tongue and immediately felt the result, as it stiffened into the size and texture almost of a pencil eraser.

“OOOH MUM” groaned Stacey. “Mmmmm….that’s amazing”

“Wait” said Amanda, and transferred her attention to the other breast, while at the same time taking the nipple of the left breast between her thumb and index finger and stroking it firmly.

“Huh, Huh, Huh….Mommmm…” Stacey felt that she could hardly breathe. She had never felt sensations like this before. “Mummy….don’t…it’s so good…uhhh”

A sweet musky smell filled the air. Amanda stopped her sucking and looked up. “Are you starting to get wet, Stacey dear?” she asked. She continued to stroke Stacey’s nipple with her left hand.

“Mum…I don’t know…I think so…I never” groaned Stacey, overcome by the feelings going through her body. For the first time in her life she started to feel a sweet pressure deep inside of her, growing with every stroke and twirl of her Mum’s fingers on her breasts.

“Well, let Mommy have a look” Amanda said. “Lift your bottom for me, while I take your panties off”

Stacey obediently lifted her hips while her mother drew her panties down, and cast them aside.

“Open for me, sweetie, let me see” Amanda instructed.

Stacey let her knees drop apart, exposing her 18 year old pussy to her mother. Amanda could see that the girl was very aroused. While Stacey had not shaved, her pubic hair was sparse, and hid nothing. Amanda could see Stacey’s pussy was flushed, her outer lips parted, and could see a trickle of juice coming out of her vagina. Amanda could also see that Stacey was blessed with another Miller girl characteristic: a large clitoris, which at the moment was peeking out of it’s hood.

“Looks like there’s nothing wrong with your sensitivity young lady!” Amanda smiled. “Now just to prove it, tell me how this feels.” Amanda reached down and softly retracted the hood of Stacey’s clit, so that the head of it was completely exposed. She then scooped up some of Stacey’s pussy juice with the middle finger of her other hand and stroked the head of Stacey’s clit in a circular motion.

“OOOHHHHH!” Stacey’s hips almost bucked off the bed as the sensations hit her. “MUM, MUM, MUM” she screamed. “OH GOD…” Stacey felt the pressure now building almost to bursting point. Juice was flowing from her pussy in a continuous stream.

Amanda stopped.

“Right! That’s enough for this morning! Time for a shower, and then we’ll get the preparations for tonight’s party sorted out.”

Stacey felt like screaming. She knew her mother was right, and years of training meant that she could not gratify herself. She gradually came to her senses, quivering with the new feelings going through her, and now as hungry as a hunter for the events to come in the evening.

Amanda walked back into her bedroom where her husband Robert was lying in their bed.

Robert eyed his wife. He noticed her nightgown was open, and the flush on her face.

“So is our little princess ready for this evening? I heard gaziantep escort forum quite a lot of noise coming from her bedroom”

Amanda said nothing initially. She let her nightgown drop down to her ankles, and Robert could see the wetness running down her thighs from her shaved pussy.

“Robert…she’s as ready as could be, and right now, so am I” she answered.

Robert grinned. “Looks like your morning call was more than you expected! You know what to do my dear fuck buddy!”

Amanda groaned. She knew and loved what was going to come now. Her already wet pussy got even wetter, and her clit felt as hard as a rock. She walked over to the bed, and got onto it on her hands and knees. She then put her shoulders down on the sheets and lifted her bottom high up into the air.

Robert was already naked, and his 7″ cock standing to attention. He walked behind his wife, bent over and inhaled the musky smells coming from her pussy.

“We are well primed this morning, aren’t we darling” he laughed. Amanda responded with a muffled groan, and pushed her bottom towards his face.

Robert accepted the invitation. He leaned forward and licked the pink clitoris that had now grown well out of its hood.

“Ahhh….mmmmf….yes baby, more, please” came the response.

Robert put his hands on Amanda’s butt cheeks and spread them. He then starting licking from clit to asshole.

“Ohhh…ohhh..yes…yes…mmmf” Amanda was in heaven. She could see sparks every time Roberts tongue passed over her clit, and the sensation of the soft wetness on her asshole made her cream. She started to get the warm melting feeling and pulsations in her cunt that told her that an orgasm was not far away. She turned her head to the side, lifted her bottom higher and cooed “Don’t stop baby…please…put it in a little for me…”

Robert pressed his tongue to Amanda’s rosebud, which yielded enough for the tip to pass in.

“Yesssss…..pleeeease baby…like that”. The pulsations got stronger, and her insides started to tense. “Clit please, baby, rub my clit”.

Robert reached down, and with two fingers on one hand pushed back Amanda’s clitoral hood. He slid two fingers of the other hand into Amanda’s pussy to lubricate them, and then started to gently squeeze the head of her clitoris.

“BABYYYY YES…COMING, COMING, COMING”. The pulsations intensified into waves, and Amanda came. As usual, she squirted a little when she did, and Robert felt the liquid shoot into the palm of the hand that was manipulating her clit.

“My turn now baby” He said. “Where do you want it?” As the words left his mouth he noticed the door open, and his daughter walked in with a towel wrapped around her.

Stacey looked at the scene in front her and said “I knew Mom needed something after this morning. Are you going to fuck her, Dad? What did you mean, where do you want it?”

Robert and Amanda exchanged glances, and Robert replied. ” Well, it is the day of your Discovering after all, so there’s no harm in you getting some advance lessons! Stacey darling, I was asking your mother if she wanted my cock in her vagina or in her bottom, that’s all.”

“In her bottom?” Stacey mused. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Not if it is done right. We will teach you that tomorrow, on the second day of Discovering. But if you like, I can show you how it’s done with your Mum today.”

Stacey nodded. “Yes, it would be great to get a head start before tomorrow…at least to see.”

Robert placed the head of his uncircumcised penis at the entrance to Amanda’s pussy. “First I need to make sure my cock is well lubricated Stacey dear, that really helps make it pleasurable.”

He slowly slid his penis into his wife’s wet and waiting pussy. He could feel the texture of her vagina on his cockhead, gaziantep escort forumları as the skin on his glans was pushed back by the tightness of her cunt, exposing the head of his penis.

“Mmmmm, baby, you feel extra big today” sighed Amanda. “Don’t stop, baby, bottom out”

Robert knew exactly what his fuck buddy wanted. He continued to push until he felt his glans bump against his wife’s cervix. He always found it extremely arousing to picture the head of his cock rubbing against the pink mouth of her womb.

“Like that, sweetheart? That what you want?” Not waiting for an answer he grabbed Amanda’s hips and started to rhythmically fuck Amanda’s pussy. On each out-stroke he almost came out of her pussy, until just the head was left in, and each in-stroke went deep, all the way to her cervix.

“God Robert…yes, fuck me, Fuuuuck me, deep”. Amanda felt her second orgasm building as the fat cock in her pussy plowed in and out. She moved her bottom in small circles, loving the feeling of her husband’s dick in her cunt, and rubbing on her clit. Amanda always lubricated profusely, and now her pussy cream was flowing big time. The room started to smell of sex, an aphrodisiacal combination of pussy juice, pre cum and sweat.

“Time for the bottom now baby” Robert murmured, and withdrew from the warm wet pussy that he had been fucking.

He moved his hands down from Amanda’s hips to her buttocks, and spread them wide, eliciting a groan from the fully aroused woman in front of him. He placed the head of his dick at her anus and started to press.

“Uhh, uhhh, yes, a bit harder now, yes…it’s going in, give me that cock up my ass now” came the grunts from Amanda, as her asshole expanded to accommodate the helmet of Robert’s cock. She felt the familiar feelings associated with anal sex, the slight pain as her anal ring yielded, the feeling of fullness, almost like needing to take a shit as the seven inches of gristle made their way up into her rectum.

“Ohhh Robert, that is so, so, GOOD” she wailed as he started to move in and out, again fucking her deep, with his balls swinging against her pussy as he thrust.

Robert heard a small voice. “Daddy…can I feel?” He heard his daughter say.

“OK Stacey, but you can’t touch yourself until this evening. You know that” Robert grunted.

“I know Daddy. Promise I won’t” Stacey said.

As Robert fucked his wife’s backside he felt his daughter reach between his legs, and start to play with his balls.

“They’re so heavy Daddy” he heard his Daughter say.

“Yes sweetie, they are full of sperm. You’ll have your chance to try tomorrow. But now Daddy needs to come!”

Robert fucked faster, sweating slightly at the effort. The hand left his scrotum, to be replaced by Stacey’s tongue, as she licked his balls every time he moved his pelvis back.

“Robert….I’m almost there baby!” gasped Amanda. She felt the contractions of her pussy start to get closer and closer as a giant orgasm approached. “Fill my bum with your sperm, honey, please, please, NOW”

“Go Daddy! Don’t hold back, give Mom what she needs” came the encouragement from Stacey. She stopped licking his balls, pressed her mouth to his buttocks and used the tip of her tongue against his asshole.

“OH DAMN STACEY!” Robert shouted. “DON’T STOP…HERE IT COMES!” The sensations of his wife’s anal sphincter clenched around his cock, and his daughter’s tongue against his ass were too much for Robert to withstand. He felt his balls retract, felt the pressure against the base of his cock grow. His cock head swelled almost to bursting and then spurted four times deep into Amanda’s rectum.

“That’s it baby, give it to me, I can feel it, I AM CUUUUUUMMMMING!” moaned Amanda. The warmness in her gut was enough to take her over the edge, her pussy spasming uncontrollably and shooting warm juice out onto the bed.

Stacey looked awestruck as her parents collapsed on the bed. If that was what her Discovering was going to be like, then she couldn’t wait.

Coming soon – Chapter 2 – The Discovering Day One, the girls start the party

Stacey’s Discovering starts in earnest with an initiation from the girls in the family

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