The Divorcee

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*Author’s Note: This is erotic fantasy. It involves sexual situations between consenting adults, all of whom are over 18 years of age. Since it is fantasy and it’s my fantasy, I presume a world free of STDs. I hope you enjoy the story; if not, such is life. Comments are always appreciated.


Bonnie was depressed. At 26, her husband of six months had just dumped her without any warning, having divorce papers served on her for irreconcilable differences. He wouldn’t even talk to her so that she could ask him what the problem was. This afternoon she had to appear in court in front of a judge or risk default judgement against her. Perhaps if she asked the judge why she was being divorced against her will, he would order her husband to explain and stop it.

As she dressed after showering, pulling on one of her interminable shapeless dresses, she looked into the mirror as she applied her bright-red lipstick, then some sparkling blue coloring on her eyelids to match her own pale blue eyes. She then quickly brushed her short, dirty-blonde hair. Hefting her huge, DD breasts, she made her bra comfortable, then picked up her purse and left the now-empty apartment, nothing left to even remind her that she had been married.

Not feeling as though she needed an attorney, Bonnie sat by herself at a table, while Jimmy, her husband, sat with his attorney at another table. When the judge entered and was announced by the court clerk, she pushed to her feet as ordered, then sat once again after the judge had seated herself. The proceedings were called to order and the judge asked Jimmy’s attorney to state his case.

“Your Honor, my client feels that he is deprived of the pleasure of marital privilege because of his wife’s morbid obesity,” the attorney said after getting to his feet. “Accordingly, he respectfully petitions the court for the right to divorce.”

“And in what way does your client’s wife’s size deprive him of the pleasure of marital privilege?” the judge asked.

“Your Honor, without intending to inflict any more emotional damage on Mrs. Greeley, my client claims to be unable to get or maintain an erection because of the disgust he feels when he sees his wife.”

“You client has been married for just six months,” the judge observed. “Did Mrs. Greeley suddenly put on a lot of weight after they married?”

“Well, no, Your Honor,” the attorney replied.

“Mrs. Greeley, you have no attorney?” the judge asked.

“N-no, Your Honor,” Bonnie said, struggling to her feet.

“Mrs. Greeley, was your weight substantially different when you married Mr. Greeley?” the judge asked.

“No, Your Honor,” Bonnie replied. “I’ve been around 180lbs for as long as I can remember.”

“And did Mr. Greeley seem to have any problem…performing his husbandly rights?” the judge asked.

“No, Your Honor,” Bonnie replied, flushing. “He was always hornier than all get out. His cock isn’t all that big, but he’d stick it in me two, three times a day, and he wasn’t all that particular about where he stuck it, though he seemed to prefer my mouth and ass.”

“I see,” the judge said, visibly blanching and looking over at Jimmy, whose head was down, though his flaming cheeks could be seen. “And did you ever deny him sexual access to yourself, a headache, not in the mood, anything?”

“No, Your Honor,” Bonnie replied, shaking her head. “I was always happy to let him do whatever he wanted. Why, the night before he left, he fucked me and make me suck him off when he was ready to cum. I don’t understand why he wants a divorce.”

“Mr. Swanson, unless your client has some definitive proof that he is unable to perform…” the judge said to Jimmy’s attorney.

“In any event, Your Honor, my client now regrets having married Mrs. Greeley and feels nothing but utter revulsion at the idea of being in the same room with her. His feeling are quite irreconcilable.”

“I find myself constrained by the law,” the judge said, exasperation clear on her face and in her voice. “Irreconcilable differences is such a broad, undefined term, that pretty much anything could be construed to cause such. While I have my own personal feelings of disgust towards the manner in which Mr. Greeley is abusing the law, I am bound by that law. Therefore, the petition for divorce is granted. And I’d like to add, Mrs. Greeley, you’re probably better off without him.”

Returning home after all of the papers had been signed, Bonnie undressed, then grabbed a box of Hostess Twinkies from the refrigerator and went to sit at the computer, logging on to one of the divorce chat groups that she had found after being served with the divorce papers. Sighing, she started a new thread, Just Dumped, What To Do?, where she explained that she had just been dumped and divorced and was depressed and didn’t know what to do. To her surprise, there was a response just a couple of minutes later. Go on a singles cruise, darling. Get laid. Just fuck that loser Bostancı Escort who dumped you right out of your system. Check out singlescruises. It worked for me.

Bonnie sat there distraught, destroying the box of Twinkies, seeing another half dozen comments come in, all expressing agreement with the first poster, that the best way to get over a bad relationship was to get laid until you’re over it.

Thinking about everything, Bonnie had to admit that one of the reasons that she had married Jimmy was because he was interested in sex with her, right from the first date, asking her to suck his cock as soon as she got into his pickup truck, which she did. He had then driven to some country lane and pulled over, taking her into the back of the pickup and fucking her under the stars, which she had thought so romantic. It hadn’t felt like much, she used bigger carrots and cucumbers on herself all the time, but it was the idea that someone finally wanted her that way. Jimmy had always been ready for sex, even though his cock wasn’t very big. It sometimes drove her crazy, thinking about sex. Luckily, carrots and cucumbers weren’t expensive, she thought, then laughed.

The next thing she knew, she was checking out the website. They offered a range of cruises for singles, the obvious lure being the chance to meet someone. But Bonnie didn’t want to necessarily meet someone, she wanted to get laid without any complications. She was over the whole relationship thing, as far as she was concerned. She’d learned her lesson with Jimmy.

As she scrolled down, she saw a link to XXX Singles Cruise and clicked on it. Her eyes grew wide as she read the description, amazed that they were allowed to advertise such a thing so blatantly. A XXX cruise for those singles looking for the sexual adventure of a lifetime. No holds barred, though No remains No. Clothing required in the dining room. The next thing she knew, Bonnie had signed up for a 3-day XXX Singles Cruise that was leaving in just ten days.

Bonnie felt funny with only one small bag as she waited in line to check in for the cruise, many of the people in line having three, four, even five large bags with them. Used to it, she was nonetheless aware of the looks other people sent her way. She also noticed that there seemed to be more men in line than women, which was slightly reassuring. Her cabin was small, especially for her, not facing the water, with just a small bed, a dresser, a table and chair, and a small bathroom where there was a mirror over the sink. There were hooks on the wall for hanging things.

After attending the obligatory orientation lecture from one of the crew, she decided to explore the ship a bit as they got underway. Even though she had read the promotional material, she was still surprised at the number of shops, all located in the same arcade-type area. The dining area seemed vast, tables as far as the eye could see. There were several swimming pools and there were already nude and semi-nude people laying around them on chaise lounge chairs. Once she had ascertained that she knew where her cabin was in relation to the dining area and the nearest swimming pool, she returned to her cabin, nervous, but determined.

Bonnie had decided that since clothing was only required in the dining area, that she was only going to be dressed in the dining area; therefore, she had brought with her only three of her shapeless muumuus, her toiletries, her Kindle, and no underwear, no bras, no bathing suit of any kind. Even as determined as she was to be brave, she still attempted to wrap one of the bath towels around her waist as she left her cabin to go to the nearest swimming pool, only it wouldn’t fit around her waist, not even diagonally, so she had to settle for carrying it draped over her arm, her huge DD breasts swaying on her chest, her big stomach drooping down, practically covering her pussy above her massive thighs. She had been careful to shave very thoroughly before leaving her house, so her pussy was as smooth as the day she was born, the deep furrow separating her fat outer lips clearly visible beneath her sagging stomach, her long inner lips hanging down between them beneath her fat bulging clit.

It was all that she could do not to flush at some of the looks she got as she made her way to the swimming pool, a couple of people making exaggerated efforts to get out of her way as they passed going in the opposite direction. Arriving at the swimming pool, she found a vacant chaise lounge chair and spread her towel on it, then sat down. Because of her size, it was very uncomfortable for her to sit with her legs straight out in front of her. She found it more comfortable to have her knees bent with her feet flat on the chaise lounge chair’s pad. As fat as her thighs were, she knew from practicing at home in front of the mirror that anyone looking at her would still be able to see the long inner lips of her pussy sticking out and her big fat clit. Her large Kadıköy Escort sunglasses made it possible for her to ‘hide’ as she leaned back, her Kindle in hand, easily looking around without anyone knowing to see the people who were staring at her.

“Ma’am, perhaps you’d like some sunscreen?” one of the attendants said, holding out a bottle of Coppertone. “You have very white skin and you’ll very quickly burn. That would ruin the whole trip for you.”

“Thank you,” Bonnie said, taking the bottle of sunscreen. “I should have thought of that.”

“A lot of people who come from places where tanning isn’t a normal thing to do don’t think of it,” the attendant assured her.

Laying her Kindle down, Bonnie sat up to apply the sunscreen, placing her feet on the ground on either side of the chaise lounge chair.

“Would you like some assistance with that?” a deep, mellifluous voice with a lilting accent said.

Looking up, Bonnie needed to shade her eyes because the sun was behind the tall black man standing next to her chaise lounge chair, the bulge in his tight Speedo bikini impossible to miss.

“It would be my pleasure,” he said, dropping down to one knee and smiling at her, his dark sunglasses hiding his eyes, as were hers. “A lady should always have assistance for such things, don’t you think?” he asked, holding out his hand. “I’m Jerome. I’m from Jamaica.”

“That…that’s very kind of you, Jerome,” Bonnie replied, smiling as she handed him the bottle of sunscreen and leaned back.

“A big sexy woman like you has more to burn than one of those skinny things,” he said as he began with one foot and worked his way up to her knee.

Even with her legs spread as they were, Jerome still had to force his hand between her very upper thighs, the edge of his hand rubbing against her pussy before he stood up and moved around to the other side and knelt down. Bonnie knew that her face had to be flaming, but hoped that it would be attributed to the sun. Her pussy had flooded with juices when he had rubbed against it with his hand.

“Is this your first cruise?” Jerome asked as he worked the sunscreen up her other leg.

“Y-yes,” Bonnie replied as he started on her thigh, once again pushing his hand between them, this time blatantly rubbing her pussy before withdrawing his hand, a big white smile splitting his ebony face.

“I like to come once a month,” Jerome said, moving so that he could apply the sunscreen to her arm.

“Y-you must really enjoy it,” Bonnie said as his hands worked up to her shoulder.

“It’s a good way to meet interesting people, especially sexy ladies who are looking to have a good time,” Jerome said as he knelt on her other side and began on her arm.

“I need a good time,” Bonnie said with a sigh.

“Life’s been tough, huh?” Jerome asked as his hands spread the sunscreen on her shoulder.

“I’d rather not talk about it,” Bonnie replied.

“That’s cool,” Jerome said, putting some sunscreen into the palm of his hand and then rubbing his hands together. “Maybe I could help you to have a good time,” he suggested at the same time that he covered her huge breasts with his hands, spreading the sunscreen, kneading them, his fingers finding her big pale nipples and pinching them. “What do you think of that idea?” he asked, moving down from her breasts to her big stomach, spreading the sunscreen, one hand pushing down between her legs to her pussy, a finger rubbing her big fat clit.

“Tha-that would be nice,” Bonnie gasped, a tremor rippling through her body as she had an orgasm.

“What cabin are you in?” Jerome asked, slipping his finger into her.

“123C,” Bonnie gasped, glancing around to see if anyone noticed.

“I’ll find you after dinner,” Jerome said, removing his hand and leaning back, a big smile on his face. “We’ll have a good time.”

Bonnie knew that she had a shit-eating grin on her face when Jerome left, bringing her feet back up onto the chaise lounge chair, her Kindle in hand, but not seeing anything on the screen. She hadn’t been aboard an hour and she had already been groped publicly by a black man who made it very clear that he wanted to do a lot more than that. She had never been with a black man, hadn’t ever really given it any thought, though she had heard the stories. Reminding herself that nothing mattered on this cruise except getting good and laid, she tried to focus on her book, but finally gave it up as a lost cause and just lay back watching the other people.

Bonnie would have been upset at dinner, sitting at a table with seven other people, none of whom said more than hello to her, if it weren’t for the incredible buffet. If there was one thing that Bonnie loved as much as sex, it was food. She stuffed herself with both hands, making three trips to the dessert table before finally collapsing back in her chair, stuffed, even for her. Waddling away from the table, she made her way to the upper deck, leaning on the railing, watching the full Göztepe Escort moon reflected on the water, sighing contentedly.

“It is a romantic view, is it not,” Jerome’s deep, mellifluous voice said out of the night.

“It is very beautiful,” Bonnie said, turning to smile at him, then noticed that there were two other men with him.

“When I told my friends about you, they were jealous and insisted on meeting you, too,” Jerome explained. “I hope that you don’t mind. This is Henry,” a bit taller than Jerome, “and this is Daryl,” a shorter, very fat man. “They are friends of mine from Jamaica.”

“H-hello,” Bonnie said, flustered, shaking hands with each of them.

“If your cabin is 123C, I think that it would be too small for all of us,” Jerome said, smiling.

“I-I’m sure you’re right,” Bonnie said.

“But this is a nice spot,” Jerome said. “We have chaise lounge chairs, the full moon on the water, what could be better? And we’re not in the dining area anymore, are we?” he asked, reaching down and grabbing Bonnie’s muumuu and slowly lifting it.

“R-right here?” Bonnie asked, her eyes wide as she raised her arms so that he could pull her muumuu off over her head, leaving her naked in the moonlight.

“Why not?” Jerome said, filling his hands with her huge breasts, pinching her big nipples until she gasped from the pain.

“Nothing like doing it out under the stars,” Henry said, appearing at her side naked, his big black cock sticking out in front of him as he grabbed one of her huge breasts.

“A-all three of you?” Bonnie gasped. “I-I’ve never…”

“You’ll do fine,” Henry assured her, taking her hand and guiding it to his cock.

“We’ve done this lots of times,” Daryl said, approaching from the other side, his cock even bigger. “We’ll make you happy,” he said, guiding her other hand to his cock as he grabbed her other breast, leaning over and sucking on her big pale nipple.

“Why don’t you get on your knees?” Jerome suggested as he stepped back and quickly undressed, fisting his big cock. “Suck on us a bit,” he said.

“Oh, my!” Bonnie said, feeling her face hot as she sank to her knees, not relinquishing her grip on either of the cocks.

“Here you go, suck on this,” Jerome said, sticking his cock in her face.

Bonnie opened her mouth, her hands filled with cock, and moaned as Jerome slid his cock onto her extended tongue and into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Bonnie moaned as he fucked her mouth, jacking the other two cocks at the same time.

“Now me,” Henry said after a couple of minutes, Bonnie gasping for breath as she let Jerome’s cock slip from her mouth and turned to take Henry’s in, releasing her grip on his cock and grabbing Jerome’s, Daryl insisting on his turn after a couple of minutes, too.

“Here’s let’s take this over to one of the chaise lounge chairs,” Jerome suggested as Bonnie gasped for air after sucking on Daryl’s impossibly big cock for a minute or so.

Struggling to her feet with the help of Jerome and Henry, Bonnie waddled over to where the chaise lounge chairs were and sat down, laying back as they lifted her big legs, spreading them apart to reveal her fat pussy spread open, her long inner lips hanging down beneath her big fat clit.

“You want me to fuck this pussy?” Jerome asked as Henry and Daryl held her legs while he slapped her pussy with his big cock.

“Yes, yes,” Bonnie panted, struggling to push up onto her elbows to watch as Jerome’s big black cock pushed into her pussy.

“This is one hungry pussy,” Jerome commented as he slammed his cock in and out of her.

Bonnie couldn’t believe that she was being fucked by a strange black man out in the open, unable to move as her big fat legs were held up and apart. When Jerome pulled his cock from her pussy after fucking her for several minutes, she saw that a small crowd had gathered, watching as she got fucked. Then her view of the spectators was blocked when Henry replaced Jerome, plunging his cock into her as Jerome took her leg, jacking his glistening cock until it exploded and cum shot onto her face.

Opening her mouth and extending her tongue, she tried to catch the cum shooting from his cock, finally moaning in delight as he lowered it into her mouth, still oozing cum, the taste of her pussy all over it as she sucked him off while Henry continued to fuck her.

Then Daryl replaced Henry after several minutes, his huge cock filling her like nothing had ever done, bigger than any carrot or cucumber that she had ever used, sending her into paroxysms of orgasm as Henry furiously jacked himself, finally exploding and shooting cum all over her huge breasts before sticking his cock into her mouth so that she could finish sucking him off.

Bonnie was on cloud nine, getting fucked as she had only dreamed about, Daryl’s huge cock pounding her pussy. She was gasping for breath when she felt his cock seem to get even bigger inside of her, then she felt it pulsing and realized that he was cumming, filling her pussy as he drained his balls into her. When he finally stepped back, Bonnie could see that there were more than a dozen people standing and watching. She could feel the cum leaking from her pussy and sliding down over her rosebud.

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