The Doctor’s Treatment

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“Is that him?” the young nurse said to her colleague.

“I think so. God, he’s hot.”

“How come we can’t have doctors like that in our hospital?”

“Because life’s not that sweet.”

“Good morning,” said the dreamboat doctor to the two nurses behind the reception desk. His voice was deep, soothing, rich yet slightly rough round the edges in that way that made a girl tingle all over. “I’m here to see Hayley.”

“You must be Doctor Mullen,” said Nurse Flanagan, flashing a flirtatious smile his way.

“That’s right,” he said, his own smile returning hers politely, those beautiful dark eyes flicking from Nurse Flanagan to her colleague Nurse Rodgers and back again, both of them with that slightly far-off expression on their faces as they imagined him slowly taking off that well-cut suit, the navy tie and designer shirt.

“Ah, Doctor Mullen,” a loud, older female voice cut into the proceedings, shaking the strangely hypnotic hold this tall dark stranger had over the two reception nurses. “We’ve been expecting you. Good trip, I hope?”

“Fine, thank you… uh…?”

“Senior nurse Adovar,” she said, something of the Valkyrie about her. “Thank you girls,” she said to the more junior nurses, who blushed slightly at the old battle-axe’s words, “there’s plenty for you to do.”

“Nice meeting you,” Dr Mullen held up a palm of good-bye to the girls, who could only sigh dreamily in reply, shifting in their seats because of the slight dampness arising between their thighs.

“This way,” the senior nurse said, waggling her wide load as she led him away.

They were alone in the elevator as it creaked and juddered its way slowly up to the fifth floor. “They brought her in only yesterday,” she was saying as they slowly rose through the mammoth hospital building. “She’s made quite a name for herself already, I can assure you. Shocking. If she weren’t mentally ill…”

“I’m grateful to you for calling us in,” Mullen said. “She’s been missing nearly a week. God knows what she’s been doing in all that time.”

“How did she escape, anyway?”

“It seems there was a fire. I’m afraid the staff there didn’t have a very good procedure for coping with all the patients once they’d all been evacuated from the building.”

“Well, that could hardly have been your fault, Doctor, why they sent you to clear up their mess, I don’t know…”

The elevator came to the relevant floor, the doors opening at the sound of an electronic bell. Nurse Adovar led him out into the empty corridor, saying forthrightly: “Here we are – it’s just down here,” as they moved through into a high-security part of the hospital, not a regular ward by any stretch of the imagination.

“What sort of state is she in?” he asked as they progressed through a number of locked doors.

“Well, physically, she’s surprisingly good, I’d say. A little under-nourished, the odd bruise and scrape. There’s been no sexual interference, which is something of a miracle, a young girl on her own like that in this city. I guess she’s probably too much trouble for even a streetwalker to bother with.”

“She’s had a troubled time of it,” he said, almost defensively.

“Well, that doesn’t excuse behaviour like hers in my book. Well, here she is. Be careful, doctor, please. You don’t know what she’s like. She’s evil, that one. Evil.”

“I’ll be fine,” he insisted.

“Doctor, she’s the wickedest child I have ever laid eyes on. She’s evil, I’m telling you. Please be careful.”

He looked into the white, sterile padded cell and the pretty young girl inside didn’t quite reflect the nurse’s comments. Sitting quietly, her legs drawn up underneath her, her hands were motionless in her lap as she stared out of the thin window – the only opening onto the real world, just as slender as she was. A terribly pale, a petite, fragile creature in little more than a standard hospital smock. But he could see she was wearing handcuffs – regular police issue.

“Unlock the door, please,” he asked calmly.

He continued to watch through the tiny window in the door as the nurse found her keys and fumbled through the great collection of iron to search for the relevant item.

Though he could only see one side of her face, she did not look dangerous – quite the opposite, in fact – she was incredibly beautiful, even in the unflattering strip light, the only colour in the entire room her strawberry blonde hair tumbling down her back. But her whole appearance seemed haunted, gaunt, drained. Her skin so grey, her hair so bedraggled, dark rings under her doe eyes.

“Hayley,” the senior nurse said. “Hayley, this is Doctor Mullen. He’s going to try to help you.”

There was no sign of a response from the girl.

“She was sedated,” the senior nurse said. “It should have worn off by now, but you can never be certain with timing, huh?”

“Hello, Hayley,” Mullen said softly.

At the sound of his voice, the girl turned, quickly whipping her head round towards him. In a moment, her frighteningly pretty eyes connected with his, and he caught his breath, fighting güvenilir bahis to keep from displaying any reaction to either the nurse or the girl.

The senior nurse gestured for him to take a seat. He did so, in the lightweight wooden chair just around the table from the girl. Doctor Mullen was quite prepared for harsh behaviour – but he wasn’t prepared for this. The brief flash of her standard-issue white cotton panties as she parted her legs, without even losing the grip her elfin eyes held on his. As she placed one thumb innocently inside her mouth, the finger of her other hand devilishly snaked down her pale inner thigh.

“Hey Doc,” she said with a mischievous grin. “Why don’t you get rid of the bitch and come slide your cock inside me?”

“Hayley!” the nurse hissed. “How dare you – “

“It’s all right,” Doctor Mullen halted the nurse with a hand signal. Then calmly to Hayley: “How are you feeling, Hayley?”

It was so difficult keeping his eyes on the road as the little girl on the seat did what she was doing. The young girl’s impish smile told him in absolute silence that she knew he could see between her milky white thighs, see her panties. She flashed her beautiful eyes at him with some primitive form of satisfaction as she recognised the expression of mild surprise on his face, a response to her display.

“I’m feeling like some of your hard cock, Doc,” she said, as much to make Nurse Adovar react as him. ”Come on, Doc – you’re a real man. None of those fuckers in there were real men. Wouldn’t you like to fuck me?”

“No, Hayley,” he said, trying to keep a lid on things.

“Fuck you!” she screamed suddenly, surprisingly forcefully, looking up now, glaring into his eyes, full of rage.

It startled him a little, more than a little.

“She’s been nothing but trouble since the moment she got here,” the senior nurse explained, her incredible lack of sensitivity in speaking this way in front of the patient making Dr Mullen crease his brow in bewilderment.

The girl spat at the senior nurse – missing by some way, but clearly making her point. “Go suck off Satan, bitch,” she said, sounding peculiarly calm as she said it.

“We should have sent her straight up to the Hill,” despite her experience, her bullish demeanour, under the surface the senior nurse couldn’t take this kind of impertinence. “Soon as we got her, she should have gone straight up to the nut-house like the other freaks.”

“All right, all right,” Mullen said, “let’s try to keep things calm, huh?”

“So what’s this new treatment involve, anyway, doctor?” the senior nurse asked, averting her gaze from the obscene gestures the girl was making towards her.

“Well, it’s just something I’m trialling. Three years at Almeda didn’t do much for her, so I’m trying something different.”

He caught the girl’s eye, and smiled, trying to connect with her on some level. The girl stuck out her tongue at him childishly.

“Well, I guess that’s why you’ve got the reputation you have, Doctor. Most would have given up on a lost cause like this the moment they laid eyes on her.”

“Do you know where you are, Hayley?” he asked her, keeping his voice steady as steady could be, despite what the girl was up to.

“Do you wanna fuck me, Mister?” she replied, her voice sounding slightly slurred, the effects of the drugs still.

“Heavens!” the senior nurse gasped.

“I bet you would,” the girl said. “You know I have a real tight little pussy. I don’t let just anyone near it, you know. You’d love it.”

She pulled her little white cotton panties explicitly to one side to reveal the glistening pink petals of her vagina. Dr Mullen tried not to look, tried not to react, but It was difficult not to.

“She’s a wicked, wicked girl, doctor,” the nurse said, missing the outrageous display from where she was sitting. “You see? She’s not worth any special treatment. You should just lock her up and throw away the key.”

“Well, I think attitudes like that are going to do more harm than good,” he said, standing up with a disapproving glance in the direction of the senior nurse. “Have her taken out to my car, would you? I have some paper work needs filling out.”

“Well… if you’re absolutely sure, Doctor…” Nurse Adovar said in a manner that longed to be proved right, that craved being able to come back to him some day and say “I told you so.”

“And make sure she’s been to the bathroom, please,” he said before leaving the room. “It’s a pretty long drive.”


She hammered on the windows for about two or three miles, then realised it was doing no good. The shouting and screaming died out after five miles. It was getting a bit much, but he was prepared for this. She had a lot of anger in her system. But, after a while, she got tired of the display.

Once everything was quiet in the back of the large black sedan, he pressed the button to wind down the window between them.

“You done with all that?” he asked, looking at her in the mirror.

“Where the hell are you taking me?” she said, pouting sulkily but türkçe bahis somehow seductively. “Back to Almeda? I ain’t going back there. I’ll bite my veins open before you take me back there.”

“No, we’re not going to Almeda,” he said calmly, that soothing voice working on her well enough. “I thought I’d take you to get some food, and then maybe we’d take a trip.”

“What kind of trip? Who the hell are you? What kind of a doctor are you, anyway?”

“I’m here to help you, Hayley. Just think of me as a friend.”

“Are you gonna fuck me?” she asked. “I mean, now that you have me here, locked in and all.”

“No, ” he said.

“You can, you know. I’d let you.”

“That kind of thing wouldn’t really be appropriate.”

She made a face, at once making fun at him but also displaying all the signs of disappointment in his response.

“You’re kinda good-looking for a doctor,” she said, her voice softening. “You know, if you were to force yourself on me, maybe I wouldn’t fight too much.”

“You say that to all the guys?” he chuckled. Sounding her out.

“Just the cute ones. But there ain’t been any of those so far. Not that I’ve seen. I’ve got my standards. And you’re the first one I’ve met meets my standards.”

“I’m flattered.”

“I’m horny.”

“What kind of food do you like?”

“I like whipped cream. I like to spread it on my pussy so some handsome doctor can lick it off.”

He smiled and looked in the mirror again. She was sitting there with her legs spread again, and just like in the hospital, she had pulled the smock up to reveal those white cotton panties. Damn it. He looked away. This wasn’t going to help matters.

“It’s really hot in here, Doc,” she cooed, and a quick glimpse in the mirror revealed that she was stroking her inner thighs suggestively with both hands.

“You want the air-con higher?” he asked, not looking in the mirror, trying not to think about what she was doing back there, willing his erection to subside. It wasn’t right.

“Oh, Doc… You know what I need? Your cock… I need it inside me… Right here. I’m so hot for you…”

The words of the senior nurse echoed in his mind. She’s a wicked, wicked girl.

He could smell her – she had no perfume on, his own cologne had long since worn off. And in that confined space, he could detect a slight trace of the girl’s arousal. All a little much. Slightly regretfully, he flicked the switch and the darkened window slid up between them, sealing each off in their own little capsule.

It was a long drive – a very long drive – but actually, Hayley coped with it well. For the great majority of the way, he was able to drive with the partition removed between them. They stopped for food – drive through – and continued onwards in through the night. She didn’t demand for him to let her out any more, didn’t demand to use the bathroom.

Apart from provocative talk that veered away from flirtation towards pornography on occasion, she almost seemed like the model passenger. Partly, it was because he was taking her away from that place, away from the unsympathetic nurse Adovar, and that he repeatedly denied he was taking her back to the formidable Almeda mental hospital. Partly, it was because the vast concoction of drugs that had been given to her was beginning to wear off. But, he hoped that partly she was responding to him as a person, and his calm, caring approach to her.

She stopped trying to taunt him with impromptu sex shows, she toned down her foul language, she settled down and as the clock drew on towards midnight, she even drifted off to sleep on the comfortable back seat.


When the car came to a halt, the engine fell silent, the vibrations in the vehicle ceased, the girl was shaken from the longest sleep she’d had in quite a while. Waking, she was disorientated, forgetting for a moment where she was.

The door opened, and there was the handsome doctor – Doctor Mullen – who had taken her from the clutches of the terrible Nurse Adovar. Wherever he took her now – even back to Almeda – it couldn’t be worse than spending time with that woman.

“Hi,” he said with a warm smile that made her feel strange. No one really smiled at her since before she could remember. And this man’s smile was so full of apparently sincere kindness and caring that it actually brought a tear to her eye.

“Where are we?” she asked, brushing away the moisture from her eyes, her pride unwilling to admit weakness.

“Take a look,” he stepped back, still holding the door open, to reveal the most breathtaking picture she had ever seen.

Framed in the car doorway was the most amazing image that had ever passed onto her retinas: dominated by an exquisite expanse of calm blue water, a pretty little wooden house perched just above the lakeshore, broad green trees hanging overhead. A little way across the lake, a small island contained a harbour-like area in front of the house, covered in trees like everywhere else she could see, stretching back from the far side of the lake and the distant blue mountains.

“Here,” Dr Mullen güvenilir bahis siteleri offered his hand to her, helping her from the vehicle.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said in barely more than a whisper.

For a while, she just stood there, completely taken aback by the incredible beauty around her. Everywhere she looked was like the most stunning painting. Everywhere she turned, she was looking at a masterpiece. The colours so vivid, the gentle breeze so fragrant, the sun blissfully warm upon her.

“What are we doing here?” she asked quietly, fearful of the answer. She wanted to stay. Never wanted to leave. Now that she’d seen it, it would remain burned in her memory. If she was taken back now, she would escape. In a fraction of a second, she made the decision: she would escape and come here. This was where she was meant to be.

“We’re staying here,” he said, and at first she could not believe what he said. “Down there in that cabin.”

Looking into his, her eyes widened – could it be true? She could stay here? He wasn’t taking her away?

“Why?” she asked, suddenly quite meek compared to the way she’d been when he’d collected her.

He smiled again. “It’s something new I’m trying,” he said. “Something that I should have done a long time ago.”

“Are you going to lock me up?” Even being locked up in a place like this would be better than anything she’d known since time immemorial.

“No, I’m not,” he said, surprising her yet again. Seeing her bewildered look, he explained: “There’d be no point in you escaping, Hayley. The only thing it would achieve would be getting you locked up, perhaps taken away from here to another terrible place. You’re free here – there’s enough food in the kitchen to have whatever you like, you can sun bathe, swim, read. Whatever you like.”

“It’s so beautiful,” she said, a tear trickling down her cheek. “Why are you doing this for me?”

“Because it’s my last chance,” he said cryptically, and gently wiped away the tear from her face with a handkerchief.


And she was free: he was right in that. He showed her around, took her through the wonderful little cabin letting her know where everything was, doing everything to make her feel at home, and in the guest bedroom – where she was to sleep – there was a whole wardrobe full of clothes for her to wear.

He left her to rummage through the clothes and find something to replace the hospital threads, and as she did so she could hear him making noises in the kitchen, fixing breakfast.

There was quite a range of things to wear – in a chest of drawers as well as the wardrobe. It even fit pretty well – a little baggy here and there but as good a fit as you could hope for. For a moment, she wondered who it had belonged to – it must have belonged to someone. Someone had picked them out, and not a man like the doctor. There was even some sexy underwear buried in the underwear drawer, and she held up some little lacy items with plans of seduction whirling around her mind.

But even the tingling arousal stirring within her was dispelled as the wonderful smell of bacon reached her nose. God, that smelled good. Her stomach grumbled – so hungry. Quickly, she tore off the hospital smock and almost threw on a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of white cotton socks before heading back out to the main part of the cabin.

“There you go!” he smiled as he saw her in the new clothes. “Isn’t that better already?”

“Much better,” she said, returning his smile but a little shakily – she wasn’t used to the expression. “But you did like looking at me in that thin hospital shirt, Doc – maybe I’ll put it on for you later, huh?”

He smiled, treating what she said as a joke. “Hungry?” he asked, changing the subject.

“I could eat a horse,” she said, seeming to respond well to his trust.

They ate breakfast out on the deck overlooking the lake – the most beautiful setting for any meal she’d ever had. She ate her entire plate of bacon and eggs and pancakes, and half of his, too. It tasted so good – such a contrast to the thin porridge and overcooked vegetables that had been her staple for as long as was.

“Anyone else live around here?” she asked as she ate, not worried about speaking with her mouth full.

“Not for many miles,” he said.

She smiled. “So, just you and me, huh?”

“That’s right.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No,” his answer a little awkward. Not liking where she was going, perhaps.

“You can have me,” she offered, serious. “It’s just you and me here – who’s gonna know?”

He smiled again, shaking his head. “I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

“Appropriate schmappropriate,” she pouted. “You have needs – I definitely have needs.”

“Your primary need right now is to get the drugs you’ve been on out of your system,” he said, getting up to clear away the breakfast things.

Later, as he sat back with a novel, Hayley came out dressed in a bright orange bikini swimsuit, and he had to admit she looked so very tempting. That flat stomach, her small but pert breasts, her graceful legs and beaming smile – quite took his breath away. Even in the few hours they’d been there – and the full meal helped – a distinct touch of colour had returned to her complexion, and she was looking so much healthier.

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