The Double-Daddy Dare

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I awoke to a firm slap on my ass.

“Wake up, Milo. You’re a fucking man!” My father shout-whispered into my ear.

I rolled onto one side and covered my face with a pillow. “Makes no difference,” I said to him.

“Makes a difference to us,” he assured me. He slapped me on the ass again and left the room. Adonis was my father’s husband for twenty-five years, and was the one I called ‘Daddy’ to not confuse him with my actual dad.

I slid out of bed and slipped on a silk robe. Downstairs, the two of them were waiting for me at the table.

“Look at this piece of shit! Descending the stairs like some prince,” Adonis nodded at me. He slapped Dad on the back and they both smiled.

“I’m not a prince,” I told them. “And I’m not having cake for breakfast.”

“Cake for breakfast?” Dad laughed. “You think Daddy would let you have cake for breakfast?”

Adonis was a health machine. Beneath his smooth skin, he rippled with titanic muscles, and hoped I could amount to his stature one day. “Almost there,” Dad always said. And I was closer than ever. I wouldn’t have that sullied with breakfast cakes.

“Are you fucking nuts?” Daddy asked with enough rhetoric.

“Not today, but you two might,” I flashed a grin and picked an apple from the fridge.

“That’s my boy,” Adonis said, laughing. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

“But if the doctor’s cute, screw the fruit,” I added.

“Who’s better at screwing fruits than I?”


“No, no, no. He’s the best at being screwed BY fruits.”

With that, I spit a chunk of apple from my mouth and onto the table.

“Swallow, you dolt. Oh, and are we still having our gym day today?” Daddy asked.

“Yep. I have nothing better to do,” I assured him.

I shouldn’t, and couldn’t, miss a gym day with Don. I was almost as big and as handsome as he was, and I didn’t even come out of his balls. Dad was less sporty, and much less vocal, but probably two-fold as intelligent as Don. When Daddy lifted, Dad painted. When Daddy watched Game of Thrones, Dad read Game of Thrones, and so on.

But opposites attract. And here I am. Though not because opposites attract, since I’m not one of THOSE kids.

I returned upstairs and packed my gym bag as Daddy waited for me. I heard them whispering to each other from my bedroom but I couldn’t make out what they were talking about. When I was done, I climbed back down, but they were nowhere to be seen or heard.

I looked around the house a bit, and yelled their names with no reply. We did have a massive house, but not so big as to not hear each other yelling from a distance. So I gave up and left from the front door, hoping they’d realize eventually that I was gone.

To my overwhelming surprise, they were waiting for me outside.

“Are you both insane?” I yelled when I saw what stood behind their bodies. A titanic Hummer, black and matte as midnight, looming over us all.

“We are the most competent nut-fuckers, wouldn’t you think?” Daddy asked.

“I don’t need this, though!”

“But you deserve it,” Dad told me.

Adonis threw me the keys and told me I’d be driving to the gym. Jesus, I’m going to look like such a fucking bad ass. I hugged them both as tightly as I could and kissed them. I said good-bye to Dad as Don and I hopped in the brand new rig.

On the way to the gym, I noticed Daddy eyeing and observing me. After a time he asked,

“So does it drive well?”

“Phenomenal!” I replied. “Look at me, don’t I look so hot driving this?”

“Of course you do,” he said, with a pinch of probably unintentional calmness. It wasn’t a weird question, not in our world at least

The gym couldn’t have been emptier on my birthday. Even the DILF that worked at the counter every weekend wasn’t there. And he was the only candy I wouldn’t mind sucking on within the confines of a gym.

But besides that, the gym was better when it was empty. Daddy and I had more space to work out together. So we got right to it.

When I was done my cardio, I sprung to the weights to do lift with Don. While he was lifting, I did some squats with twenties, and incorrectly today, as it seemed.

“Your back isn’t straight, you’re cheating,” Adonis reminded me. “The less you lean forward, the harder it is. Straighten yourself, boy.” He dropped his plates and walked over to me.

“Squat,” he demanded, with notable aggression.

Slowly, I lowered my ass to the ground as he kept his palm on my spine.

“Lower,” he said.

So I dropped a little lower.

“Lower,” he repeated.

So I dropped a little more.

“Too low,” he said, as he placed his hand on my ass cheeks and lifted me an inch. A trickle of sweat leaked from my brow and onto the mat.

“Perfect, now lift,” he guided me, despite my being able to raise myself.

My cock stirred in my shorts for a brief moment. I tried to suppress it but I didn’t think it mattered. Even in the even that Daddy noticed, he’d probably just say “Boys will be boys,” or something along those lines.

He güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri let go of my ass and slapped it. “Good boy,” he said.

Was it me, or was Daddy getting progressively more aggressive? I mean, not that it mattered to me too much, I kind of dug it.

But I couldn’t exactly be sure if he was just being Don, of he was being sexual. I sort of had a thing for him, for a few months, but he’s my dad, just as much as Dad is, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was thinking of him the wrong way. I’d always assumed that it was because the two of them were very open about sex. They started to walk around naked in the house, free as savage men, when I turned seventeen. Of course I didn’t say anything, even when they started to loudly fuck by the pool for the neighbors to hear.

They both knew I was gay at the time.

But here I was, batting my eyes at his rippling bicep muscles and glistening body whenever I could. At one point, as our lifts were in sync, he caught me staring at him, and when he did, he smiled menacingly and left for the locker rooms.

What the fuck was I thinking? I couldn’t be attracted to my dad, not again. I wasn’t making enough effort to repress my feelings for him, and I was almost positive that he caught on. This wasn’t right, I needed to clear my head,

I dropped the weights and headed to the lockers. As I walked in, I saw a cloud of steam swimming in the air from the shower stall Don was singing in.

“Elope with me Ms. Private and we’ll sail around the world,” he sang. “I will be your Ferdinand and you my wayward girl…”

“Dad?” I shouted into nothing. What if it wasn’t him?

The curtains jerked open and Adonis stood there, continuing his performance. I couldn’t help but smile because he was a really good singer. A really good singer. He stepped closer to me and I could feel his voice in my chest,

“San Francisco’s calling us the Giants and Mets will play…”

He put one hand on my right hip.

“Piazza, New York Catcher, are you straight or are you gay?”

He put another hand on my left and leaned a little closer. I could feel his warmth and breath. My mind was racing, my eyes were wandering. My cock was rising.

Above all, HIS cock was rising.

The fog no longer betrayed a view of his manhood. He leaned a little closer and kissed my lips. For a moment, he sucked my upper lip with his body against me as I calculated my reactions.

I want him. I want all of him, his chest, his face, his lips, his thighs, his cock. But I’m not fucking in a locker room. I placed a hand on his chest and kissed the black shadow around his cheeks and mouth.

“Let me shower,” I told him. “And we’ll go home.”

A worried look crossed his face. He furrowed his brows and pouted. “I understand,” he said.

“What?” I asked, “No, no, I want you, I want you,” I smiled and kissed him again, to reassure him, and grabbed his hand. I lead him back to the shower and undressed slowly before going in, taking off my shirt, then my shorts, and then my shoes and socks. When it was time to take off my briefs, I grabbed my hard cock from the fabric and stroked it softly.

“Save it, boy,” he said, water dripping down and around his square jaw.

“I want Daddy to take it off,” I said, smiling menacingly. “But he’s all wet.”

He laughed loudly. “Fuck that.” He walked to me grabbed my package. “I can get you wet all I want.”

He removed my briefs with a single swipe. My seven-incher sprung from the material straight up and throbbing before him, and I pushed him into the shower. He made the effort to get our manhoods pressing up against each other. His was thicker, and veinier, and a little longer; a nice eight, I’d say. A trail of coarse hair ran from his cock and up his abdomen to a competitively hairy chest, living up to his name. He was so fucking edible right then I almost came on his thigh. I was preparing an impressive cumshot, but I just couldn’t do it.

He made a move to kiss me but I made a one-eighty and pushed him out of the shower, taking the cloth at the same time. He was moving on me really fucking fast and that casually irritated me. It’s like he knew that I’ve always had the desire to fuck him. I mean, I rarely refrained from hiding my desire, at least to myself, in the sense that would sneak into the clothes hamper to get a whiff of his underwear.

Sometimes, I’d wear Don’s after he came from the gym, and cum in them as I smelled Dad’s. And I knew the whole time it was wrong and probably perverted, but fuck me if it didn’t make me feel good.

“I’m going to cum, I just can’t do this right now, Daddy.”

He understood, however, that my intentions weren’t bad. The best things take time, and I wanted this to be the best thing.

I fervently cleansed myself as he dried off his back and chest, and found himself a clean pair of clothes in his bag. When he was dressed, I turned off the tap and dried myself off.

Coincidentally or not, both of us went Commando in the Hummer.

When we stopped at güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri an intersection, I placed a hand on his crotch, but he quickly took it off.

“Both hands on the wheel,” he told me.

“We’re at a stop,” I rolled my eyes.

“No we’re not, and don’t roll your eyes at me, Milo.”

The light ahead blinked green and the car behind me honked. I pressed the gas and remembered that he was still my father, despite what happened at the gym.

The rest of the ride home Don looked outside and stayed quiet, while I thought of what might happen when we returned.

When we returned, Dad was reading in the solar, on the bed by one of the windows. He was wearing a silk robe still.

“So is it a nice car?” He stood and asked, smiling. “I drove it myself, it’s a monster!”

“Jesus Christ, it’s phenomenal. I can’t say thank you more than I can.”

“You don’t need to, I know you are.” His muscular arms beneath the silk tightened around me, and I could feel his junk touching my thigh. He let go and sat on the bed, and continued reading.

Adonis trailed in behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Gym was good,” he told dad, smiling, and walked into the kitchen. Something was queer about his behavior, naturally. He’d instigated a sexual relationship with his own son, and now he was thinking things over.

I crawled the stairs to my room and placed my bag on the floor. I was still running the whole scenario through my head. It felt so wrong, and I wasn’t sure if Don would tell dad. I jumped on my bed and napped for a little while.

I awoke to a firm slap on my ass.

Don whispered, “Come downstairs.” He left the room and ushered me back into the solar, where dad was laying down. His silk robe slightly open, exposing a juicy thigh.

“Come, lie down.”

I totally thought he was going to fuck me right then and I was just so overwhelmed… Don came and sat with us,

“We want to do something for your birthday,” he said.

Fuck me, I thought.

“But we don’t know what to do.”

Fuck me. “We can just rent movies,” I suggested. “And eat.”

“Sounds good to me,” Don said.

“Same here,” Dad added. “What movies, though?”

“Love me some Tarantino,” I laughed.

“Give me your keys,” Dad said, “I’ll go to the store and get some snacks.”

“Remember, Chris, your son is eighteen now,” Don giggled, “Maybe you should pick him up a nudie flick or something while you’re at it.”

Dad laughed, “It’s up to him.”

“Get me some good man-on-man teacher shit,” I told him.

They both bursted into laughter as Dad walked out of the door. When he was safely outside, I turned to Don and immediately asked,

“Does he want to fuck me, too?”

He laughed even louder and laid down on his back. He grabbed me by the hips and placed me on his lap. “That’s only if you want to fuck him back, and he guessed that when you started to cum in our briefs.” He pulled my face down and kissed me as he thrust his pelvis against my own. I couldn’t help but laugh and start to thrust back, and kiss him even more passionately. Our chests and thighs rubbing against each other as I run my fingers through his pitch black hair. I could feel his erect manhood throbbing beneath his belt buckle, just ready to penetrate something.

“Do you both love me like that?” I asked.

“Yes, yes we do, Milo. You’re a beautiful boy, and we thought you were well grown up and mature, especially now that you’re legal. It was a big risk to take, but we both knew it was okay.”

“So you both planned to fuck me?”

“When you say it like that… When we realized you had an attraction to men, let alone us, like we’d both had with our own fathers, we thought that it may be healthy to get those out. We lived as kids hiding our attraction from our fathers, and the repression damaged us a bit. I was a horndog as a kid, and when I got to your age, all I did was cum to the thought of my dad’s dick inside of me. One night, he got drunk and I told him I had feelings for him. Soon after, he made me suck his dick. I bent to the task without reluctance since I was so desperate for daddy cock, and after he came down my throat I realized that I’d taken advantage of him and we immediately both felt guilty. I asked him again when he was sober if he remembered what happened and he said yes, and that he didn’t mind so much. I sucked his dick a few times after, and around the third time he had his cock in my mouth he weeped with joy. He’d never been able to manifest his sexual attraction for men until he had sex with me, and I felt like a huge load was taken off of my back. If you don’t try, you never know. We were both much happier men afterwards”

“But if I had said ‘no’?” I aksed him, “Like, Don, you kissed me. What if I wasn’t so sexually interested in you, and you just made a move. That could have broken our relationship forever.”

“But see, I did nothing until I was sure. I told you, we found patches of drying semen in our laundered underwear and both of us usually wipe ourselves güvenilir bahis şirketleri after we fuck,” he laughed hysterically. “I would have done nothing otherwise.” He kissed me again, and we loved each other for a few minutes until Dad came back with the movies.

When he returned, he found me between his legs with my head resting on his stomach. We both smiled at him when he entered.

He held up a bag of chips for us, “Chips,” he said, and held up DVD, “And Daddy Hunt III. The guy told me Daddy Hunt I and II aren’t nearly as good.” He placed the items on the table and walked towards us. “I see you two have comforted each other while I was gone.” He kissed us both on the foreheads.

“Sorry,” Dad apologized, “I couldn’t find anything with teachers. I took the closest thing I could find.”

“No teachers?” Don asked, “What kind of triple-x place has nothing to do with teachers?”

“It’s okay,” I added. “Daddies are what I was getting at anyways.”

“Oh yeah?” Dad raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Yeah,” Don answered for me. “Your son is a DILF-lover.” And to my surprise he planted a kiss on my lips and smacked my ass.

“Don’t be so aggressive,” Chris told him, laying down on the bed.

Don rolled over and kissed him for a bit as I watched from between his legs.

“So what are we watching first?” Dad interrupted his own kissing.

“I don’t know about Milo,” Don said. “But I’m in the mood for Daddy Hunt III,”

“Yeah, why not?” I said, and stood to place the DVD in the player. The cover had a muscular DILF in tight boxers crossing his arms.

I sat back down between my dads comfortably and watched.

The movie opened with a shirtless, hairy Dad in briefs storming into his sons room about a test score or something. He yelled at the boy and ripped the sheets off of him, revealing the firm ass beneath it. Don grabbed his package when he saw it. He leaned to me and whispered in my ear, “Kiss your dad, too.”

So I leaned over to dad and sucked his lips for a moment or two as the Dad on screen stripped his son down to bare skin. Don pressed his cock against my jeans as I slowly unbuckled Dad’s.

“Yes you’re good, aren’t you, boy?” I heard the Dad on screen yell to his son. I pulled Dad’s jeans over his knees and stroked his penis over the fabric of his underwear. We all started to spontaneously undress ourselves until the three of us were lying down ass-naked beside each other. Dad’s cock looked exactly like mine in so many ways, it was incredible. It was obvious that I came from those balls.

I stroked Dad’s thick cock as Daddy pressed his manhood against my asshole. Both were hairy and veiny and throbbing. Don asked me if I was a virgin as the faux-virgin on TV was being pounded by his faux-father. I asked him if he remembered Daniel, the guy I’d been seeing for a few months, and he said he did. I told him that I let him fuck me once or twice.

“So you’re ready if… we progress?” He asked.

“Sure, why not.” I slid down to put my mouth around dad’s cock. His head shot back when I tongued the purple head of his penis. Blood was rushing to it like it was none of my business as I licked the shaft and shoved the monster in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I had both my fathers’ penises at my disposal. I was so ready to be drenched in daddy jizz.

Don placed himself on me and I arched my back to put my ass in the air, showing him that I was ready to be pounded.

“Wait,” he said quickly, “Lube.” And left as quickly as he returned with a bottle of water-based lubricant. He squirted some on his cock and a little in my asshole. As he stroked his manhood, he prepared my ass with his finger.

I got onto my knees and pulled Dad up with me. I wanted our cocks to touch.

“Thrust, dad, just like this.” I demonstrated by placing my penis on his own and thrusting. I was in ecstasy, to experience the feeling of having my father’s penis touching my own. Skin on skin. Like a close father and son. Both of our foreskins pulled back as we humped each other and kissed. Soon enough, I was on my stomach on dad’s chest, while Adonis slowly entered me with his manhood.

I tinge of pain struck me as I bit my knuckle. But soon I was in an even greater ecstasy. His cock slid in and out of me slowly with his warm, firm hand on my shoulder. “Oh Daddy, yes like that,” I moaned to him, though with most of my attention still on Chris. I continued to kiss him and stroke him as Don’s pace increased. The faster he fucked me, the harder I stroked Dad.

“Son, oh, you’re so good at this,” he told me.

With every thrust, I felt Daddy’s cock at my prostate. I could have kept it there forever if it were up to me. Back on screen, the boy was being tied up to the bed, naked by arms and legs, as his Daddy edged him.

“Do that to me, guys,” I asked of them. “Tie me up like that.”

Without so much as a breath, Don ran up to their room and returned with four sets of cuffs. “Your dad and I aren’t exactly vanilla,” he assured me. “And are you sure you want to do this? This isn’t exactly something most people do.”

“You would be surprised,” I told him, grinning. “Now tie me the fuck up.”

He obeyed and each hand and foot to each bed post. My cock still hard as ever, standing and throbbing as he placed me. I was so close to ejaculating and I just couldn’t help myself.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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