The Dream

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One morning about a month ago, Barbara confessed to her husband, Bill, that she’d had a sexy dream. At first she wouldn’t give him any details beyond admitting that as she awoke she’d had an orgasm. He bugged her for several days to tell him about the dream.

Finally, she gave him a cryptic tease rather than a summary. In the dream, she said, “You ordered me to bend over for you every time you came home from work. It was a part of your training of my ass.” She wouldn’t elaborate. His cock stiffened as he imagined what she must have been experiencing in her dream.

Bill thought about Barbara’s dream over the next few days. They’d teased about training Barbara’s ass in the past; apparently the thought had struck home with her. This led to the obvious conclusion- he should train Barbara’s ass. Bill mentioned his thoughts and conclusion to Barbara and she just smiled. He said that he needed a few days to get some supplies but that she should anticipate that her ass would be “in training” by the end of that week. His cock found its way into Barbara’s ass that night and they both were very hot as Bill professed his desire to fuck this way regularly.

Bill did some shopping on the Internet and ordered some dildos and an inflatable wedge-shaped cushion. It looked like it would place Barbara’s ass in a great position for access by dildos and for his cock. Expedited shipping assured that the order would arrive in two days. When the wedge arrived he inflated it and hid it in a closet. From his purchases and their sex toy collection Bill selected three dildos in different sizes and secreted them under the love seat in their family room along with a pump style jar of lube.

As he left for work on Friday morning he told Barbara that her anal training was to start that evening at 7PM. He said, “It will be a ten day program of daily sessions with several dildos. When I get home tonight and every night for the next ten days you should be wearing a loose skirt that I can push up to your waist and no panties. As soon as I come in, I’ll expect you to bend over the back of the love seat.” He concluded by saying, “We’ll complete the program on the day before our vacation; my cock will be in your newly trained ass every day that we’re away.”

Bill added, “We also need to think beyond the dildos. We both should start thinking of your ass as a sexual organ. We need to wake up your ass and tease each other’s minds. The mental aspect of your training- and mine, is more important than the physical. Think about that today and give me any suggestions you might have.”

That evening Barbara was bent over the back of the love seat as Bill entered the room. Her short skirt barely covered her ass and her legs and ass looked fantastic atop 3 inch heels. The skirt was rapidly pushed out of the way. After rubbing her ass cheeks a little, Bill’s index finger ran up and down the crack of her ass and she shivered. He said, “I’ve been thinking about playing with your ass all day.”

Barbara said, “I’ve been excited all week.” As Barbara spoke he lubed his finger and transferred the lube to the outside of her ass. His finger teased her anus for half a minute and then insinuated itself into her. Barbara moaned and pushed back against his hand.

Over the next few minutes Bill applied more lube and inserted a six inch dildo. It slipped in easily and after a few thrusts he decided a larger size was needed to make its presence felt both physically and psychologically. He’d been too modest in his expectations of his wife’s ass.

His next selection was a six inch silicon butt plug style that gradually widened to about 1.5 inches and then narrowed again toward its base. The shape wasn’t as pronounced as a true butt plug but as he thrust it in and out of his wife’s ass the swell in the dildo’s diameter seemed to stretch her ass just enough to cause a moan on each inward thrust and on each withdrawal. Barbara’s soft noises made Bill’s cock throb since he knew that his actions were escort bursa giving her pleasure.

In a soft voice she said, “Oh… that feels good. I could get used to this training.”

He said, “Don’t expect every session to be like this. Tomorrow you’ll be wearing a larger plug for an hour or so. Then, on the third night, I may just tease your ass; then we’ll repeat the sequence every three days.” He continued, “Fucking your ass with this dildo is getting me very excited. I’m going to enjoy your training too. As much as I want to fuck your ass right now, I’ve decided that I’m going to hold off until after your whole training program is finished. I think it’ll make our vacation even better.”

Barbara groaned, wiggled her ass and pushed back against his hand. “Deny yourself if you want, “she said, “My ass will be waiting.”

After a few minutes, Bill bought a hand up under Barbara and used his fingers to tease her clit. After a few more inward thrusts, Barbara lost all control as a huge orgasm swept through her.

Barbara panted, “Enough…enough; please take it out- I can’t take anymore.”

Bill slipped the dildo out, and said, “I think that completes your first training session. Tomorrow you’ll wear a plug in your ass as we prepare and eat dinner. Then you’ll have the rest of the evening off.”

He wiped the excess lube off of Barbara’s ass and she rose off the love seat. Barbara moved close to Bill and reached for his belt. She said, “Get these pants off. I have a message for your cock.” He rapidly stripped off his pants and briefs and stood with his cock standing out like a flagpole. Barbara began to fondle and tease his cock and balls. In her sexiest voice she then said, “Thank you for my lesson. My ass is done for the night but my pussy is very ready.”

After a few minutes of sensuous touching it felt like his cock was going to explode. Barbara could feel his tension and said, “I think my instructor’s cock had better slide into my pussy before it soils the floor.”

She led him into the bedroom where she had earlier taken off the bedspread. She positioned herself on the bed with her legs spread. He lowered himself on top of her and easily buried his cock in her soft, wet pussy. He pounded into her- anxious to cum as soon as possible.

It didn’t take long. As he caught his breath, Barbara teased him by saying, “My ass is much tighter. If you cum so quickly in my pussy, you won’t even make it all the way into my ass. Perhaps it’s your cock that needs training.”

Bill replied, “I just need to be drained more regularly. Your training should help with that as well.”

Bill asked Barbara if she had any suggestions to re-orient their thinking about her ass. Barbara replied, “I think I’ll keep my ideas to myself and surprise you.”

He replied, “That sounds great. I think I’ll have some surprises for you, too”

For the balance of the 10 days, the dildo training went as planned. Unless Bill directed otherwise, each evening started with Barbara bent over the love seat. Sometimes they moved to the bed and used the inflatable wedge.

Bill was diligent in giving Barbara a training session each and every day- even when they had business commitments that made it tough to schedule the training. On the first and third days of their training regimen he would use his free hand on Barbara’s pussy if needed to bring her off as a dildo plundered her ass. After using the training as foreplay, he’d fuck her pussy and cum there. He used several dildos for these sessions- all with slightly different sizes and shapes.

The agenda for the middle day was variable. Usually it involved what Bill called “passive stretching” and didn’t involve sexual excitement beyond the arousal they both got from his lubing and slowly inserting one of the largest silicon cocks in Barbara’s ass, looking at the clock and announcing the time that he’d be removing it. Barbara would shudder and wince a little with the insertion but bursa otele gelen escort otherwise seemed to silently enjoy wearing the dildo during dinner.

He’d watch as she sat down and get a small thrill when she’d react as the dildo was pushed in by the chair. It was usually hard to tell if the movement caused arousal or discomfort but Barbara would sometimes feign exaggerated arousal as a tease for him- grinding her ass on the chair and saying something like, “This feels so good; if your cock isn’t this big, I may just want this toy for our vacation.”

On the first Monday of the training period Barbara and Bill went to their respective jobs as usual. At about 2PM Bill received a text on his phone telling him to check his personal email. He found a note from Barbara saying, “I think you know what “Spanx” underwear is; if not, it’s a brand known for tight, figure control, stretchy women’s panties and other garments. The tightness is the key since they’re sold for slimming one’s figure.

“I wore a pair of their long legged panties to work today. Just before going to lunch with some women in the office I went to the ladies room, applied lube to a modestly sized dildo and stuck it in my ass. I then pulled my tight panties up to hold it in place. (I tried it yesterday at home so I knew it would work).

“We walked two blocks to the restaurant. The dildo was uncomfortable but it certainly made me think about my ass and how it’s to be thought of as my new pussy. Isn’t that how you want me to think of it? I now have two pussies for our pleasure.

“I hope this note has made you think about my new pussy in the middle of your boring office day. Are you hard? If not, let me tell you what happened when we got back to the office after lunch. I had planned to remove the dildo as soon as we returned but my boss cornered me and wanted to talk. I had to sit in his office for 30 minutes having a business discussion while the dildo was constantly distracting me. Finally, when he was done I went to the restroom.

“As I had planned, I played with the dildo- fucking my ass with it. I teased my pussy and got very aroused. In a few minutes I was going crazy. I had to stop twice as other women came in to the restroom; it was very frustrating. I climaxed thinking about writing this note to you. I’m pretty sure you’re hard now.”

Bill replied by email, “I’m hard and very impressed with my sexy wife’s horny imagination. A wife with two pussies- one that gets super wet and one that’s extra tight; that’s got to be everyman’s dream.”

Bill wanted to introduce some new ideas so one morning he said, “I want you to shower just before I get home. Turn out the lights and light some candles in the bedroom. Put on just your silk robe and position yourself on the bed over the wedge so your ass is nicely presented for my attention when I get home.” Barbara followed his instructions.

That evening Bill removed his clothes as he entered the bedroom. He flipped Barbara’s robe up to her waist, spread her legs and massaged Barbara’s ass and thighs. He then used their Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator at a low speed all over her ass cheeks and legs. Placing his hand on the vibrating head rather than the handle, he extended two fingers and slowly ran them up and down the crack of Barbara’s ass.

Barbara groaned with pleasure as the vibrations were transmitted through his fingers to her most sensitive area. He increased the speed of the massager and continued to use his fingers as an extension of the vibrator to play with Barbara’s inner thighs and pussy lips. As his vibrating hand moved between her thighs, Bill used the forefinger on his other hand to tease Barbara’s anus.

He leaned over her and dropped some saliva above her anus which served as lube for his finger. This changed the sensations Barbara was feeling and her arousal increased noticeably. Bill took this opportunity to bend over further and tease her anal bursa sınırsız escort opening with the tip of his tongue. Barbara groaned and pushed up to increase the contact.

Barbara’s positive reaction to Bill’s mouth prompted him to put the vibrator aside and move himself between Barbara’s spread legs. Using his hands to spread her ass cheeks, Bill applied his tongue to Barbara’s ass- teasing it in every manner he could. Barbara gasped and excitedly rotated her hips against Bill’s face. Bill repositioned himself so he could bring one hand around to reach Barbara’s pussy. That hand worked her pussy while his tongue toyed with her ass. Within a minute her ass was rising off the wedge and she was consumed by a violent orgasm.

After Barbara recovered, her mouth descended on Bill’s cock. As she gave him pleasure she whispered, “I never would have thought I’d let you rim me but it was it was great.” Bill was surprised that she knew the term “rim” but decided it had just become a recurring part of their sex life. Barbara slowly and lovingly brought Bill to a huge cum.

On another morning, Bill handed Barbara a small box of latex “finger cots” he’d bought. He explained, “Just before you expect me home I want you to lube your ass for me. Use one of these so you don’t hurt yourself with your long fingernails. Put in lots of lube. You know how I love it when your pussy’s really wet. The thought of you preparing your ass for me is very sexy. I hope you find it arousing, too.” She did.

From that evening on, Barbara lubed her ass each day just before Tom arrived home. A few days later she confessed, “I get really turned on when I lube my ass for you; it’s deliciously perverted. Of course, if I’m horny I play with my ass much more than necessary to get it slick for you. I like to think of it as waking it up and getting it aroused for you.”

Barbara teased Bill frequently during the training period- taunting him to think about her ‘second pussy’, elevated by the wedge, squeezing his cock. “Perhaps I’ll call it my ‘new kitten’; then if I’m talking to you from the office I can tell you about my little kitten without embarrassing myself. Of course, our training will make it grow into a full pussy.”

Bill received emails after lunch on several days. In one Barbara said, “Instead of going out to lunch today I enjoyed playing with my new kitten.” On another day, he received a text saying, “New kitten is insatiable” and later another that said, “New kitten purring” On a couple of occasions, she encouraged him to visualize her bent over a couch or chair in their hotel- or even over the hotel’s balcony furniture- fucking her ass while he grabbed her hips. She teased, “I think you’re definitely going to enjoy having a wife with two pussies.”

Those images were in his mind off and on every day. While her pussy felt deliciously sensuous, he couldn’t wait to be squeezed tightly by her ass. His anticipation was doubled when Barbara pronounced that, “Of course, my ‘old pussy’ will be off limits during our vacation; my new pussy will need your undivided attention.”

Needless to say, they had a great vacation. As they were packing, Barbara said, “I feel too old for thong underwear but I wanted to display my ass for you while we’re away. I bought some new panties that have a ruched seam up the back; they really emphasize the curves of my ass. I’m also packing the tightest, silkiest panties I had in my closet. I think you’ll like every pair.”

For the first few days Bill was eagerly penetrating Barbara’s ass twice a day. As foreplay on most days Bill would rim Barbara right after her shower when she felt fresh and clean. This inevitably led to his cock penetrating her ass. With some lube, he’d push himself in without much trouble and Barbara would immediately take pleasure from the intrusion. They’d either both cum with him in her ass or since he couldn’t last too long, he’d bring her off with his fingers after he’d cum. Later the same day he’d either use more lube or slowly insinuate himself in with just some spittle as lube. They both found his almost forcing himself in “dry” to be very hot.

By the last two days of the week, Barbara had to use her talented fingers and mouth on Bill’s cock to get it hard but they’d then had a marathon of anal each evening.

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