The End of Virginity

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I lay on my bed staring blankly up at the ceiling. It was a boring Friday evening after a week of monotonous grocery store work, which kept my single Mom a little less worried about my uncertain future.

My Mom’s worries were nothing compared to the worries I had about my love life. Being 19 and a virgin in a sex crazed world does nothing for a man’s self esteem.

My Mom was the closest thing I had to a constant female connection. I had tried dating girls before, no relationships were ever fruitful or even long lasting. Mom’s only relationship had lasted 3 years, from which I came. The man I had never met and we never talked of him. They never got married either.

So once again, I was alone on a Friday evening, except for my Mom. She called me to dinner and we sat down at the table as we had done ever since I could sit for myself.

As I sat opposite her, I couldn’t help think, as I often do, that my mother was an undoubtedly sexually attractive woman, even to me. Her brunette hair was flat, straight and fell just past her shoulders like a foxy young woman’s would who spent hours concentrating on getting it looking good. Her eyes were magnetizing. They were green and bright. A lot of people I saw talk to my mother would stare deeply into her eyes, like I often did inadvertently. She was slim and made sure her figure was always trim. She wore fashionable clothes whenever I saw her and she looked great, even her pajamas had an eye catching sexuality to them.

Dinner was finished and I joined her in the living roof for some television. We both sat on the sofa with a space between us. After a few minutes of an unentertaining current affairs program, she switched the TV off and turned around to face me. I was surprised and asked her what she was up to.

“There’s something I want to talk to you about, darling” she said.

“Sure Mom, what’s up?” I returned.

“Well, I’m just innocently wondering, how’s your sex life?” she said, comfortably.

“No luck yet..” I said, surprised that she’d ask such a thing.

“I hope you don’t think I’m prying, I just don’t get to communicate about sex with anyone else”

“That’s okay, I don’t either really” I confessed.

“Perhaps we should have a chat about it sometimes, if you’d feel comfortable” she offered.

“Yeah sure I’d feel comfortable, it’s just I don’t have much to share” I said, a little depressingly.

“Oh honey, we don’t have to talk about experiences” she said consolingly.

“What else is there to talk about?” I asked her.

“Plenty. We could just talk about the whole idea of it” she said excitedly, as if she was trying to convince me.

“Sure, I like sex. I mean talking about it.” I said, blushing.

“Wonderful” she concluded, switching the TV back on.

“I’m going to my room” I stammered.


I rose and left the room with my mind in a whirl. What was Mom trying to discuss sex with me for? I went to my bedroom and lay on my bed trying to work out an answer. Then it came to me. Mom and sex. She was a beautiful woman, I was a virgin. The wonderful concept had been brewing within my sordid mind for years and this was a breakthrough.

I imagined my Mom sauntering around the house in just her panties. Her perfect tits slightly bouncing with every step she took. She’d walk over to me and kiss me passionately on the lips and with her hand she’d reach down and rub the palm of her hand up and down against my pants, with my huge erection twitching away underneath the layers of fabric.

My eyes flashed open as I heard the object of my fantasy walking down the hall. I looked out my bedroom door and saw her walk past wearing a bra and jeans. She was going to have a shower.

I was already aroused from my vivid fantasizing and although it was just a bra, it was less than I usually see her wearing. I was hot and horny! I sprang off my bed and tiptoed down the hall to the bathroom door. “My Mom would be getting naked right now!” I thought. I couldn’t help myself. I got down on all fours and placed my ear on the carpet so my eyes could see through the bottom of the door. All I could see were her sexy feet getting into the shower. Disappointedly, I got back up and leaned against demetevler escort the door frame. I went back to lying on my bed and continued my fantasizing.

A few minutes later I heard her turn the water off. I got back up, hoping for a better view of my Mom. I knew it was pointless but my excited frame of mind clouded my judgement and I resumed my position outside the bathroom door. At first, all I saw were her feet. Wanting more, I stayed there looking through the bottom of the door. She was in front of the mirror for a few minutes.

Soon, a ripple of ecstasy rushed through me as my mom bent down to wipe up some excess water. I could see her beautiful vagina. It was clean shaved and perfect. I saw her pussy lips, I saw her clit, I saw everything. Soon after bending down, she got back up and so did I. I jumped up and wiped the sweat from my forehead. My heart was pounding in my chest and the same pounding was at my crotch, only much more enjoyable. I was rock hard at that moment and my pants were sticking wildly out like my erection was a tent support.

I soon heard the sound of clothes sliding over smooth skin and I raced back to my bed. She emerged wearing a silk gown over a pair of purple lace panties and bra. I thought she was going to her room or to watch TV, but she stopped at my room and looked in. I looked back at her and for a few seconds, we just stared at each other. For a few more seconds, her eyes were directed towards the crotch of my pants, which was obviously straining to keep something down inside. I sprang up so I was sitting to try and disguise the monstrous bulge in my pants, caused by the same woman who was staring. At least she didn’t know that.

She slowly walked into my room and sat down on my bed.

“Now would be a good time to have a nice chat about sex, seeing you’re so excited” Mom said, boldly.

“Err, what?” I released eventually.

“Your penis, son. It’s very obvious you know” she said jokingly.

“Yes well it just does that sometimes, sorry” I said, shyly.

“It’s fine, I’m a woman and I really don’t mind” she said, beaming a smile at me. “So, I think sex is such a natural act of love between two people, it really shouldn’t be so hidden all the time”

“Have you watched TV lately?” I joked with her, trying to hide my awkwardness.

“Oh” she giggled “You have a point! But I don’t like looking at breasts all day, like some”

I blushed and couldn’t reply.

A few seconds of silence passed and I thought she was expecting an answer, when suddenly she shrugged out of the gown she was wearing, revealing her body to me.

“Son, what do you think of my breasts, how do they compare to the women on TV?” she asked, confidently.

I looked down at her chest and saw the size of her tits and how perfectly they sat inside her bra. Her whole body had no sign of imperfections. Her skin was smooth, tanned and utterly faultless.

Feeding off her confidence, I replied “Yours are great compared to theirs. Really Mom, they’re very nice.”

“Thanks, I suppose you’re wondering why I’m asking”

“Yeah, a little curious” I said. “I wont lie to you, son. I crave anything sex related. I haven’t had a man since your father. I guess I’m just very horny” she explained.

I understood.

“I’m horny too Mom, you’re still one up on me. I’ve never had a woman” I said.

“True. Honey, I think we’re going to have to do something about that” she alluded.

“What do you mean?” I asked, very intent on understanding her meaning.

“I’m a woman and you’ve never had one, we’re both horny and we live alone together, do you get it yet?” she said.

Understanding, but still not one hindered percent sure if we both had the same thing in mind, I continued to play innocent “Umm, not really, I’m not sure” I was still nervous and shaky from such a statement and its implications.

“What I’m saying is, we could fulfill each others’ desires, and there’d be no one to let our little secret out, it’d be just you and me.”

I remained silent.

“Son, I mean we could pleasure each other, sexually. I’d really enjoy that. I just hope you’re not freaked out by this. It’s fine if you say escort demetevler no.”

“You mean have sex together?” I asked innocently.

“Yes. That’s what I mean” she said, with a sigh of relief.

I smiled understandingly. My innocent act was gone and replaced with a deep arousal and excitement at the prospect.

“Wait, don’t answer yet” she said suddenly. “Sleep on it first, tell me tomorrow if you agree or not.”

With this, she got up, lightly kissed me on the lips and left the room. I sat there stunned for minutes. The conversation was whirling around in my head. The offer from my mother was so amazing and unexpected. I already knew I was going to say yes. My penis tingled from anticipation already. I jumped under my sheets and fell asleep slowly.

The next morning I woke up and believed what had happened was only a dream. I slowly made my way to breakfast. Cautiously I watched my mother, trying to find out if it was true.

“Morning, did you sleep well?” she asked.

“Yes, fairly well” I said shakily.

“So, have you thought more about my idea?”

Woohoo! It wasn’t a dream! I thought to my self.

“Yes mom, I have” I said, chirpily all of sudden.

She was smiling. “So, what have you decided?”

“We should do it, the idea sounds amazing” I answered happily.

“Great! You know, I thought I’d freaked you out a little last night but it seems you were just surprised with the whole idea” she said.

“Yeah I sure was surprised, I still am. I thought it was a dream!” I said.

“No honey, it’s real and I’m excited about it!” she exclaimed.

I shared her enthusiasm. “A fantasy come true” I thought to myself.

We both sat down and devoured our breakfasts.

“So, when should we start?” I asked, eagerly.

“Whenever you feel like it” she said. “But we should do it right, I should ease you in to it. Come, sit on the couch with me.”

We both got up and sat down on the couch. We sat close and there was no space between us anymore. I was sitting a little uncomfortably, not knowing what to expect. After a few seconds, she leaned her head closer to mine and sweetly kissed my cheek. I turned to face her. She leaned forward once again and lightly kissed me on the lips. An erotic shiver surged up my back. This was fantastic and it could only get better. She kissed me again, and again on the lips, ever so lightly.

We were both soon getting into the swing and I felt comfortable enough to lightly kiss her the same way. She moved her arms around my neck and applied a little pressure to the back of my head. Our lips were pressed together and soon her moist lips opened up to slowly swirl her tongue against mine. It was getting intense and my hardened erection was stiff within my pants. My tongue began to massage its way around her tongue, feeling her warm wet tongue against mine was working up a sweat on my body.

Her hands were ruffling the hair on the back of my head passionately and I took this as a sign to advance. I raised one of my hands which had just been lying flat in front of me and placed it on the side of her body. I moved my other arm around her. My hand at her side moved inward and was reaching for her left breast. I cupped the bottom of it and moved it upward and squeezed gently. I heard a small moan come from her as I did this, I opened my eyes and saw her beautiful face up close. Her eyelids were lightly closed and I observed her skin and facial features. Her skin was perfect and she had a great complexion, like the rest of her body. In my mind, she was the perfect woman and I had the pleasure of being intimate with her. Soon after, she slowly backed her lips away from mine with her eyes still closed. She opened them slowly and smiled a blissful smile.

“I knew this was a good idea” she said, joyfully.

She began to move her hands slowly to my hips and reach under my shirt to take it off. She slid it upwards revealing my body to her to which she smiled again. She took my shirt off completely and began planting warm moist kisses on my neck and chest. I was extremely aroused and was slowly moving my hips. She noticed and looked down at where the bulge lay hidden in my pants. demetevler escort bayan She ran her hands down the side of my chest and down to the top of my pants. She slid her fingers inside and around to the side of them and slowly pulled them downwards. My hard penis sprang free from my pants but I was still in my boxer shorts.

She massaged her hands around my crotch area, my erection was throbbing underneath the thin layer of clothing. I could sense her hands as they moved back upwards to the top of my boxer shorts. She repeated the same act of removing them and soon my penis was free from them and stiffer than ever. My mom looked at my penis for a couple of seconds and resumed moving her hands around my crotch area, between my thighs, along the bottom of my scrotum and then with one finger, she slowly moved it upwards along my hard shaft. My large hard erection twitched a number of times as she slid her finger up it.

I was extremely aroused. I reached down and with both hands cupped my mother’s breasts. I squeezed and rubbed and it excited me even more. I threw my head back and bucked my hips. She looked as though she was retreating for a few horrid seconds but I realized she was reaching down to take her dress off over her head. She did this, revealing her fantastic sexy body for me to marvel at.

My penis twitched once again and I was struggling to not grab my penis and start masturbating in front of my mother, who was the cause of my erection and arousal. She continued her tease me and reached back to undo her bra strap. She undid them and moved her shoulders to let the straps glide down her arms and off her body. Her breasts were perfect. Her nipples were erect and her breasts were medium sized and in great condition. They didn’t hang down at all and her nipples pointed at me at a 90 degree angle.

I raised my arm to cup her now naked breasts, but she had something else in mind.

“Another time honey, I’m going to pleasure you first” she explained to me.

I yielded to her comment and lay back down against the arm of the couch. She lowered her head down towards my stomach and kissed just above my pubic hair. As she was doing this, her hands came up and clasped onto my erection. She directed her tongue down to my inner thighs and began to gently suck and lick my scrotum. Now she began to very slowly and carefully slid her hand up and down my shaft. I was in heaven and I knew I couldn’t last long before my sperm was expelled and the body rocking orgasm shuddered throughout me, because of my mother.

I could feel her warm breath around my penis, her head was close to it. Continuing to stroke, she lowered her head towards the tip of my penis. Her tongue touched the tip and I felt a surge of erotic energy spread to the area. She licked around the head of my erection and I felt her lips close around my throbbing head. It felt warm and wet and she drove my shaft down deeper into the recess of her throat. Her tongue was slowly and erotically moving as my penis slid in and out of her mouth.

After half a minute of this her tongue action increased and I felt myself slipping closer to the inevitable orgasm. My thrusts grew more intense as her tongue and mouth worked. She could tell I was close and she was moving away from my cock. Deeper and deeper I thrust my penis into her throat.

I was there. The orgasm hit my body like no other, my warm wet sperm quickly raced from my scrotum up my shaft and deep into the back of my mother’s eager throat. Wave after wave of sperm spurt into her throat. She stopped moving her head and concentrating on keeping her mouth attached to my penis as my hips thrust wildly. The orgasm subsided and I regained my consciousness.

Mom slowly moved her head off my penis, sucking with her lips and flicking her tongue around as she drew back. She wanted every bit of sperm I had, and she got it. I watched her face, she swallowed my warm salty load down and enjoyed it. Her eyes moved up my body slowly and pierced mine. She smiled.

“I could tell you loved that, son” she joked.

“No doubt, you were awesome” I complimented her, I knew not what else to say.

“Next time, I think I want that cock deep inside my tight pussy” she said, boldly.

A little shocked, I nodded, smiled, and kissed her on the cheek.

She said she was off to have a shower and left the room. I sat there, amazed at what had happened and so eager and excited about our next time. I rose and went to my room, fell on my bed and waited for my Mom to finish in the shower.

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